My Cellulite Mistress Ch. 06

Voyeur Sex


It had been a couple of weeks since Rick tore my ass apart. Tonya met with him a few times since then but I was not involved. I think Tonya was a little jealous of the attention that he gave me. I have been wearing my catheter and cock cage since that night and had not cum again.

One evening after dinner Tonya talked to me about her childhood friend Denise. Denice was Tonya’s age and had been a widow for the past two years since her husband had died of lung cancer.

I had met Denise many times when she came over to visit with Tonya. They both laughed a lot and I could tell that my wife really loved her.

Denise was not a pretty woman. She was fatter than Tonya and not in a shapely way. Despite her huge size she had a small flat ass. Her stomach was huge, and it spilled into the front of her pants. This created the largest camel toe that I had ever seen. Larger than her ass! Whereas Tonya’s flesh was firm and bulging at the seams, Denise’s flesh was flabby and soft. She was not round and curvy like my wife but droopy. She had tons of varicose veins all over her legs and a mustache that was hard not to notice! Probably her least revulsive feature was her tits. They were just massive, and I could not take my eyes off them when she was around.

“Denise has not had sex or touched a man in over three years.” Tonya told me, “Since her husband got the cancer, she took care of him and has not been able to meet a man after he passed. I know that she does not look attractive. It is too bad that men can’t see past her looks and discover how good hearted she is, as you do with me. I know that she is lonely and needs some tenderness and affection.”

“That’s a shame.” I replied, I know that she must be a good woman since she is your best friend.”

“I think that you can help out.” Tonya told me, “She thinks that you are awesome and good looking. I was thinking of loaning you out to her when I have my sessions with Rick.

I was shocked and somewhat appalled. Denise is quite repulsive there is nothing attractive about her. However, I was committed to my wife, so I agreed with an, “Off course!”

“Great!” Tonya exclaimed, “That’s settled.”

She hugged me and gave me a big juicy kiss. I just melted into her folds of firm flesh and enjoyed her warmth. I could feel my cock trying to get hard in its cage but to no avail.

I will be meeting with Rick this evening, so why don’t you shower and dress as a man and drive over to her place to keep her company.

“I was hoping to get a little loving from you.” I said, “It has been a few weeks since I have been released from my cage. I miss you!

“Oh, that’s so sweet baby!” Tonya replied, “I want you horny and virile for Denise so not now. Now go shower and dress as a man.”

“I will kill you if you don’t perform for Denise like you do with me!” Tonya warned me as she released me from my cage and took out the catheter.

I quickly showered and dressed in my clothes including my male Joe Boxer underwear which I had not worn in months. I missed not wearing my panties.

Tonya gave me a big warm hug as I left and said, “Take good care of Denise! She needs it.”

Fifteen minutes later I rang the doorbell on Denise’s run-down house. She answered the door in a dark red baby doll.

“Tonya said that I have you all night!” She said in glee as I entered, “You are all mine and I am going to make good use of you!”

I was revolted, and a deep shame burned in the pit of my stomach, but two weeks of no sex were having their affect on me and I got hard.

Denise hugged me hard ankara yeni escort and kissed me with a passion that I have not experienced since I first met Tonya. Her gut was so big that I could not feel her legs against mine as she hugged and frenched me. I was worried what I was going to do about her huge panus. It just hung there in wrinkled folds of skin.

In no time Denise had me dragged over to the sofa where she pushed me down and laid on top of me just covering my face in kisses. Her fat stomach and huge tits spilled out of the red baby doll and covered me in their weight. It felt warm and embracing.

Denise sat up on me and removed the baby doll. Now I could see all her body for the first time. He hair was cut short, it was kinky and greying. Her face was not bad looking except for her mustache. Her skin was very black. Her tits were HUGE and hung very low! The skin was all wrinkled, with the wrinkles running up and down her tits to almost the bottom where their pendulous weight kept them filled in. Her nipples were huge and black, as large as coasters! She had sparse black hairs growing around her nipples! Her stomach was enormous and even though she was sitting on my crotch it hung down on to me and covered all my abdomen and part of my chest. It spilled over both sides of my torso! Her legs were not as fat as the rest of her, but they were covered in varicose veins. I could not see her crotch because her gigantic stomach was hiding it from view.

Denise got off me and made me strip. I could see the hunger in her eyes as she watched me. Once I was naked, she attacked me again. This time she dragged me down the hall into her bedroom. Once again, I found myself on my back with all her girth on top of me. She only stopped attacking my face with kisses when she sat up inserting my hard cock into her wet swampy folds. Her gut and tits were so huge she had to sit up strait or my cock would not reach her gash.

Denise came almost immediately stating how much she needed it. She kept riding me and in just a few more minutes we both came together. I needed that relief after having been in the cage for over two weeks. My cock started to soften. I could see the look of disappointment in Denise’s eyes.

“Why don’t you eat me Denise stated.” As I felt my now soft cock exit her folds.

Without even waiting for my answer Denise just crawled around and plopped her swampy cum loaded crotch on my face. “Tonya told me that you love eating her after you fill her! So here you go!” She exclaimed.

I could now see and feel how hairy she was. She had the thickest kinkiest bush imaginable and it was all wet with her juices. Her curls scratched my cheeks as she ground into me and I could feel that even the insides of her thighs were covered in kinky hair. I felt it on my ears! I just kind of wiggled my face and my tongue in order to get through her jungle and into her gash. She smelled ripe! I could feel her panus covering my chest as I got to work. She was swamped with slimy ejaculate. I could taste my cum too. I just licked through her folds and swallowed everything down. Her smell, kinky black hair and the weight of her gut on my chest grossed me out, but I was doing Tonya a favor, so I felt a sense of pride and duty even though I burned in humiliating shame and wondered how I had gotten myself into this mess!

In just a few minutes Denise clamped her thighs tightly around my head and came real hard. I swallowed quite a bit more of her slimy secretions and then a large glob of my cum came out too and I swallowed it down yenimahalle escort savoring the taste. After her convulsions stopped Denise just kept rubbing her hairy gash onto my lips letting me know that she was not satiated yet. I worked my face up a bit and grabbed her huge clit between my teeth. I started sucking on it, licking the end and grazing it with my teeth just a little. In less than a minute Denise came again even harder than the first time. I kept working her clit and she came two more times. Denise then collapsed on my body just holding me tight.

She rested on me like that for about 5 minutes smothering me. It was not uncomfortable. I enjoyed her weight and warmth on me. Once she had recovered, she got up releasing me. She put her baby doll back on and told me to open a couple of beers from the fridge.

While opening them she came out of the bedroom and plopped down on the couch patting it making it clear that she wanted me to sit next to her. I handed her a beer, took a large swallow from mine and sat down next to her. There was about six inches separating us and Denise put her arm around me pulling me tightly against her.

“You did great sweetie!” She told me, “That was the first time in over three years that I have touched a man. I can’t wait to sleep with you tonight and to just snuggle.”

Denise hugged me tightly and suggested we watch a movie. I quickly agreed thinking that it would stop me from being the center of her attention.

She put on some romantic comedy and held me the whole time. In better parts she would squeeze me tightly and in slower parts she would kiss my neck and nuzzle me. By the end of the movie my whole back was soaked with sweat from her body heat.

I told Denise that I was going to shower, and I was able to wash off the sweat, the earlier sex smells and brush my teeth. She just went to bed and waited. I knew that she wanted me to sleep with her and walked into her bedroom with dread.

“Eat me to sleep sweetie.” She suggested as I walked into the room.

Denise was laying on her back naked with the covers off to the side. I had to push her panus off to the side of her torso because it covered her crotch. I flopped over to the side and I lowered my face into her hairy crotch. I could not only see all the curly hair, but I smelled all the sex smells that it had trapped from before and I could feel her huge bush in all its fluffy glory.

I took my time and slowly licked her to a few nice orgasms. Each time she clamped her thighs tightly against my head trapping me in her pleasure. Her thighs were not firm like Tonya though. They were very soft and cushy.

“Come cuddle with me sweetie.” Denise requested after a fourth light orgasm.

I wiggled up the bed and pulled the cover over us. Denise grabbed my head and kissed me passionately for a couple of minutes. She then just wrapped supper her flabby arms around me as if I was a rag doll. I could feel a massive soft tit covering my side and my abdomen seemed to be trapped in her huge flabby gut. It got really hot but Denise would not let go of me.

I spent a long almost sleepless sweaty night entwined in Denise’s flabby rolls of fat. I was out of bed at eight and Denise was still snoring loudly. I was glad to be out of her arms.

I made us breakfast and brewed coffee. Denise waddled out to the kitchen in a gown, just as the eggs and bacon were being piled onto plates. She was in marvelous spirits during the meal and kept on saying what a great lover I was and how Tonya was so lucky to have yozgat escort me and how she was so lucky to have Tonya as her best friend. She told me that she would give Tonya a glowing report of how I performed. She also let me know that she could never ask Tonya for my services, but she expected me to let Tonya know that I was willing to come back to her again. I just smiled at her as I dreaded the future rendezvous.

Denise was truly insatiable because she would not stop grabbing my ass as I cleared the table. She also hugged me from behind and nuzzled my neck the whole time I washed the dishes. When I was done, she pulled me over to the couch and pushed me down on my back. She quickly mounted me and rode me through a couple of orgasms until I unloaded into her myself. Once I had recovered she got off and mounted my face. I knew what she wanted, and my tongue and lips went to work on her huge hairy gash. She had not showered since before I arrived yesterday, and her cunt was ripe with the smells of her orgasms and filled with my cum. I could also feel a lot of her dried secretions in the wiry hairs of her big bush. I licked her up and down inserting my tongue deep into her juicy slimy folds. I sucked hard and was rewarded with clumps of my spunk. The shame of what I was doing was so intense I remained hard! I sucked and nibbled on her huge clit and she came yet again on my face.

“How sweet!” Denice exclaimed, “Your cock is still hard for me! You are a precious gift.”

She got off my face and made a circle around the base of my cock with her thumb and index finger. She then ran them all the way up to the tip of my head collecting all our combined juices.

“We can’t put this back into me.” She stated as she offered me her hand.

I sucked all the secretions off of her thumb and fingers swallowing them down. Denise then mounted me again and this time she rode me for a long time until I came. Once again, she plopped her sloppy gash onto my face for me to clean up. This time it was mostly her moistness that I sucked swallowed down. I didn’t release that much cum after having cum only half an hour before.

I washed my face and rinsed off my cock. Denise could not stop kissing me and hugging me before I left to go back home to my wife. It was a long five minutes that tried my patience to the fullest as I kept trying to leave and she just kept giving me these huge wet smooching kisses.

When I got back home Tonya was in great spirits. Apparently, Rick had fucked the shit out of her while I serviced Denise. I spent fifteen minutes telling her all about my time with Denise and Tonya asked a lot of questions. She asked if I came. When I told her three times she smiled and told me how the visit was good for me too.

“I will have to lend you out to her more. Denise needs some physical contact and some loving attention.” Tonya stated, “You can also get your rocks off and while you are over at Denise’s I can have Rick all to myself. Your exploits have made me horny come to the bathroom!”

I quickly took off my clothes, threw them into the hamper and went into the bathroom. Tonya inserted my catheter and locked up my cock. She had also undressed but was still in her nylon granny panties. She led me into the shower where she humped my face and pissed all over it. I had my hands and arms wrapped around her huge but firm cellulite ridden ass cheeks and pulled my face in even tighter into her piss soaked pantied crotch. I swallowed as much of her piss as I could and sucked and nibbled her huge clit through the panties until she came hard. She then removed her piss-soaked panties and I ate her herniated asshole, lavishing attention to each lump of her disgustingly awesome sphincter!

I was humiliated, cathetered and caged, but I was where I belonged, home on my knees, with my face buried in the ass of my fat, old, black, cellulite ridden wife!

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