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Subject: My boy’s Boy part 14 My Boy’s Boy Part 14 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: fty/donate.htm This story is fiction. Snippets are from reality with additional kink and dreams of my own added, along with suggestions from readers. I appreciate reader feedback–it’s the only pay we get here, so feel free to email me at ail. I’m always playing with myself while writing and usually while reading comments as well. Play safe and use your head that can’t be circumcised when playing with others. That’ll help you play with your other head longer. It may soften your prick to think of it, but some things are better left in the land of fantasy. Derrick Dylan’s view I hated packing up my few things and leaving but my few days with Dad and Craig was over. Craig’s cum was still in my hole and my memory was a blur of all the times a dick was up my ass or in my mouth. Before this visit, I had thought Dad was the only gay man I knew and now I realized that I was actually one myself. I had always figured that Dad was the bottom in their relationship. That was clear to me based on how they acted around each other and the general way Craig himself acted. I just never thought I would be taking Craig’s cock up my own ass. I was gay or at least really discovered this weekend that I liked cock in my mouth and in my ass. No…I was gay. I couldn’t stop thinking about Craig and his dick. Hell I couldn’t stop thinking about my Dad’s dick either. Maybe being in my own apartment by myself would give me some time to think. It would be good to think about work and my life before the long weekend with Dad and Craig. Two hours into my drive home, I needed to stop at a rest area and drain my bladder. Walking into the men’s room all the urinals except one were taken, so I bit the bullet and stood between two men already taking a piss. I couldn’t help but glance at the dick on my left and my right. The one on my right was huge and I looked away. I then glanced over at the average sized dick on the left and the guy made eye contact with me and smiled. Then he tilted his head towards the guy with the big dick, raised his eyebrows, and smiled. I had no idea what that meant or maybe I did. My own dick, just starting to piss at this point, started to stiffen up. By the time I was done pissing, I had a full on, raging boner. The guy with the big dick was gone, but the smiling guy was still there. He glanced down at my engorged dick and smiled an even bigger smile. Today was not the day to go commando in a pair of sweat pants, but there was no changing that now. I wasn’t certain if they guy wanted to touch my dick, suck it, or take it up his ass, but I was just too nervous to find out. I pulled up my sweats and got out of there. Didn’t even do the usual shaking of my cock after I pissed. I was so damn hard there was no point in it. There I was walking back to my car with my dick obscenely tenting in my sweats. It had to be clear to the entire world that I had a fucking hardon. I felt relief as I finally sat in my car and that was the moment I thought of him. Craig. I wanted Craig to fuck my ass. I think I would have let anyone fuck my ass at that moment, but not the guy in the men’s room. That was too creepy for me at this point. I started the car, turned on the radio, and decided to get my horny ass home. Driving would distract me. It was no use. I couldn’t stop thinking about Craig fucking my ass. Tom fucking my ass. My Dad rimming my ass to prepare me for being fucked. Then I thought about my own cock shooting it’s istanbul travesti cum and how good that felt. How good it felt to be with men when they were horny and wanted sex. How good it felt to be with men when they were not horny. And how good it felt to have my ass filled with cock. I could not stand it any longer and pulled my dick out of my sweats while driving down the highway and started jacking my cock as fast as I could. Stroking heightened my arousal and I tried to focus on my driving. There was no need for an accident. It didn’t take long and I was close to cumming. Thank goodness this part of the drive was on a rural highway. My dick felt so good as my hand stroked it. My load was building. My balls were tightening. I was watching the road enough to not be in an accident. There was no time to edge myself. I needed to shoot. And shoot I did…all over the steering wheel and my shirt. That’s when I saw it. The SUV in the passing lane next to me on the left. Except the SUV wasn’t passing me. A fortysomething dude was in the passenger seat staring at me. He was smiling. He gave me the thumbs up as they passed me. I couldn’t make out the driver, but the rainbow pride sticker on the rear bumper suggested it was probably another male. I’d given a guy a free jack off show on the interstate. It was actually kind of hot. I needed to get home where I could take care of any horniness while I was not driving. Kevin’s View The house seemed empty with Dylan and Tom gone. I took care of a few cleaning chores after they left and I could hear Craig in his office making some phone calls. I was glad the tasks I had to do were essentially mindless ones because I could not stop thinking about the last few days with Dylan. I had come out very discreetly several years after his mother and I divorced and she did not take it well. I know she made snarky remarks to Dylan about me…his “gay dad,” his “faggot dad,” and so on. I got to see him on the weekends, but his friends never came over with him. It was always just him. I even waited to have any sort of boyfriend live with me until Dylan was out of high school so that his mother wouldn’t use that against me with the visitation. I would occasionally ask Dylan if he had a girlfriend. He would give me some excuse about “Mom was a bitch when I had a girl come over to study one afternoon” and that he just didn’t want to hear him Mom nag him about who the girl was, who her family was, etc. He was gay…no horny straight 18-year old is going to allow that to keep him from getting some action. I did not press him on it as he seemed happy and well-adjusted. I just never thought I’d see my own son get fucked and that I would be there when he lost his anal virginity. I was so aroused when I was holding him and kissing him that first time Craig fucked him. I was thinking about that moment Craig had penetrated Dylan for the first time. The look and reaction on Dylan’s face when cock finally starting entering his asshole was one that I will never forget. It was so arousing. I was so lucky to be right there when my son lost his anal virginity to the man I loved like no other. I was so luckier than most bottoms whose tops like to get other ass. When Craig wasn’t fucking me, I was at least there. I loved to watch Craig fuck. He was aggressive. He was dominant. He was a man taking the hole that he needed. And the noises he made when he fucked. They weren’t loud enough to shatter glass, but there was something raw and animalistic about Craig’s fuck kadıköy travesti noises. It was like they could gently rub the trench of my ass and tease my hole into horniness. And just thinking about Craig taking Dylan’s hole that first time and how Craig always made those fuck noises had my ass horny for cock. Craig’s cock. I finished up in the kitchen and went to the bedroom. I wanted to be ready for a fucking when Craig was done with his phone calls. Craig’s View Dylan left and Tom took off soon afterwards and it was back to reality. Not that living with Kevin and only Kevin was bad. It wasn’t. He was a great sub boyfriend all the way around. While the time with Dylan and Tom had been hotter than I ever expected, there were things I needed to get done. While Kevin and I had done some online homemade porn, I wasn’t making money off fucking and sex wasn’t going to pay my bills. But I could not stop thinking about Dylan’s ass while I was on the phone. How tight it was. How sweet it was. It made me think of what Kevin’s ass must have felt like at that age. It almost made me wish I had met Kevin years ago. But no..then there probably would have been no Dylan and my cock loved that ass too much to miss it. That Kevin was into potential action with Dylan was not a surprise to me. I knew that they had never done anything, but I also knew that Kevin would not be opposed to it. It started out as a joke one night while Kevin and I were making out on the couch. To be more accurate, we were occasionally kissing and Kevin was sucking my cock. I glanced at a picture of Kevin and Dylan on the shelf and realized how hot Dylan looked. I asked Kevin if he had ever seen Dylan naked while my cock was in Kevin’s mouth. He said not since after puberty. I asked him if he wanted to see Dylan naked. He mumbled with my dick in his mouth. “Take my dick out and answer the question.” “Yes,” he replied. “Do you want to see Dylan naked?” I asked. “Ummm…yes.” “What part do you want to see?” “All of him.” Kevin put my cock back in his mouth and I put my hands on his head. Then I just started talking while Kevin sucked my dick. “You want to see that hot 20something naked. You know you do. I bet you perved on him when he first got his driver’s license, if not before, didn’t you? You thought about that hot cock he probably has and how it might be bigger than yours. You thought about how that cock of his probably got hard, so hard that it hurt and that you wanted to touch that cock. You wanted to feel the hardness of your son’s cock in your hand. You wanted to feel the hardness of that cock in your mouth and you really, secretly, wanted that cock of your own son to slide itself up your hole. You wanted Dylan to fuck you, his Daddy.” Kevin did not say a word as I continued to talk about his interest in his son. He didn’t have to. The intensity of his sucking said it all. He only used my mouth on his cock and his hand was madly jacking his own dick. “From the picture I have seen, Dylan is hot. I just imagine what you must have been like in your early twenties. All hot and full of hormones making you a sex-craved pig. You’re getting aroused thinking about Dylan’s cock and Dylan’s ass right now aren’t you Kevin? You may even be pretending that my cock is actually Dylan’s cock and that is whose cock you have in your mouth. “You know what I am thinking about right now Kevin. I’m thinking about Dylan too. Except I’m not thinking about Dylan’s cock or his mouth. You know what I’m thinking about right now bakırköy travesti Kevin? I’m thinking about Dylan’s ass. I’m thinking about his hole. I’m thinking about that ass of his that frames his hole–a hole that is probably tighter and smoother than I can ever imagine. I’m thinking about the first time my cock gets in that hole. I bet he’s an anal virgin too. Oh that’s so tight Kevin. Your son’s hole will be so tight. You’ll we watching me fuck him for the first time Kevin. You’ll be there when your man’s cock fucks your son’s hole for the first time. “So Kevin…here’s a couple of questions for you. Do you want me to tie you up while I fuck Dylan the first time or do you want to be a part of it?” Kevin took his mouth off my cock, “Do not tie me up. I want to be a part of it.” He was so horny that my dick bottomed out in his mouth the second he said “it.” “Do you want to rim your son’s ass for me?” Kevin took his mouth off my cock again. “Oh yes….fuck yes.” My cock went back in his mouth. “So Kevin. You want to put your tongue in your son’s ass. You want to eat your son’s hole and then you want to watch him and me fuck for the first time? Do you remember your first time Kevin? Was it gentle? Was it rough? Did it hurt like hell when a cock entered your for the very first time? Were you scared? Do you want to see my cock go in his hole for the very first time? Do you want to see me pop his anal cherry and make his ass feel the way it feels to get fucked? Do you want to look into his eyes when my cock hits his prostate for the first time and we find out just how much of a bottom he really is? A bottom just like his Dad? Is Dylan a bottom just like his Dad?” Kevin was jacking his cock so hard and so fast. I told him to stop. He got up and bent over the couch. That’s when he said it, “Pretend I’m Dylan and fuck me Craig. Fuck me like I’m Dylan and it’s my first time. I want you to Daddy. I know it’s going to hurt, but I want it Daddy. I want you to breed me Daddy. Breed me like I’m Dylan. Fuck me like I’m Dylan. I know you want to fuck Dylan Daddy…just do it. Don’t think about it any more Daddy. Just fuck me. Fuck Dylan.” And fuck him I did. I rammed my cock in that hole and fucked it long and fucked it hard. Kevin pretended like it hurt. I acted like it hurt like a first fuck usually does. We got into the scene. Kevin loved pretending he was Dylan. I loved pretending it was the first time that ass got fucked. “Your Dad told me to fucking tear up your hole Dylan. That’s what I intend to do boy.” I nearly growled it as I said it. Kevin responded as best he could in between assaults on his ass, “Dad told me you were the best fuck he ever had Craig. Make me the happiest bottom on earth Craig. Breed me like you breed my Dad. Let us both be your cum dumps.” And I dumped my load in his hole every fucking drop of it. We fantasized about Dylan several times after that. Every time lead to sex that was intense and was crazy. When we were off the sexual high, I told Kevin that we needed to let Dylan initiate anything and wait for signals from Dylan that he was game. I wanted Dylan’s ass. There was no doubt about that. But fucking Dylan in the wrong way at the wrong time could do permanent damage to the father-son relationship Kevin and Dylan finally had after his parents’ divorce. I did not want to ruin that for Kevin or for Dylan. I loved Kevin too much to fuck over his relationship with his son, so I was thinking with my head and my heart. But I knew that the best chance I had for this literal Dad-son action was to take it slowly, so I was thinking with my dick too. I’ve got a few more things in store for these three guys before I wrap this up. Ideas and comments are welcome–even if just that you jacked off–and can be sent to me at ail

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