My aunts dream

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My aunt has always look after me. Since I remember she always took care of me when my mom got sick or had to work. She is a beautiful woman she has a good looking body, round ass, tits that barely fit in your hand and her tanned skin makes her look hotter. Her name is Johanna, her lips are very sensual and I always dreamed of her wrapping her lips around my cock. It got me hard just by thinking about her sucking my dick. My name is Luis and I was 18 y/o when we started having sex together. I had just graduated from high school and my parents left to Mexico for a couple of weeks. My aunt asked me that since my parents were not going to be home It was ok for me to go over to her house and stay there. She has no kids her housband left her when he found out that she couldn’t have a kid. The first day I was alone at home I got home from work took a shower and went over to my aun’ts house. When I was at her door I knocked but no one answer the door. Her car was parked outside so it was sign that she was home. I opened the door and made my toward the living room. I called her but she didn’t answer. I walked to her room and it was locked. “Hold on a minute I’ll come out, wait for me in the living room.” She said. I left to the living room and turned on the tv. The tv had no volume, no wonder, she had been watching the playboy channel. I quckly turned it off when I saw that she was coming. She was wearing a mini skirt that if she bend over she will expose all her nice round ass to me. The pink skirt made her look sensual and her white blouse that you could actually see trough made her look even hotter. “Im sorry Luis I didn’t heard you knocked the door.” Her face was red and looked like she was sweating. “Is it ok if I saty here” I asked her. “Of course it is baby, you can stay here until your parents comeback.” “you can go to your job from here come back here, you know this is your house too” she responded.”Well thanks” You don’t have to thank me sweety you know I love your company, I know you are only my nephew but my love for you is not just that love from aunt to nephew…..its….its..” She stayd quiet and didn’t kept the sentence. She went over to the kitchen and started to move around. “Is there anything you want me to make for kocaeli escort you” she asked. “NO…notreally just do anything something easy.” I told her. “everything” she said. And smiled at me. I went towards the kitchen and sked her if she need someshe help. “No baby Im ok just go ahead and sit in the couch” I guess she tough I had left the kitchen or she did it on purpose but she bend over and exposed all of her beautiful backside. Her ass looked so sweet that I felt like grabbing her from her hips and fuck her right there. I saw her little white thong that was pulled right up her cunt. I left the kitchen just dreaming about her made my self comfortable on the couch and wait for her. A couple of minutes latet she came over and sitted next to me gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek. “There is something I want to ask you, and as a man I want you to be a man and answer me with the trugh” She said. Sure go ahead whats your question” I told her putting my arm around her. “Do you think Im attractive, you think I can still get some one to notice me me?” She was about 30 y/o hell yes she was still attractive. “YES” I told her. “Well there is someone I have always dreamed of and I have always had the desire of him being on top of me” she said. I didn’t answered anything I had never heard he rtalk like that or asked me any of those type of questions. “Why are you silent” She asked me. “I don’t know” I told her. “can you tell me who is that person that you want to be with.”
”Its you” she said. ”ME?” I said trying ti hide my exitement. “Yes baby its you If you don’t want to be with me is ok I understand Im too old for you” “no you are not” I told her. Can I tell you something?” I asked her. “Sure”. “I have always dreamed of you too.” “So that means you want to be with me.” “YES” I told her hugging her and getting her close to me feeling the heat of her body making me nervous. Exited but still nervous about it. She kissed me and I responded to her kiss sucking on her bottom lip. She gave a little moan and giggled. She stood up and got on top of me, riding my cock wich was already hard and felt like it was going to rip my pants. She took of my shirt and I did the same with her. I pulled her close to me and kissed her neck and made my way to darıca escort her mouth. She moved her mouth away from mine to get some air. “Oooh baby I love you” “I love you too” I responded. I pulled down her bra and her tits bounced when I pulled down her bra. I put my hands on her breasts and beggin playing with her nipples. I sucked on one of her tits then on the other leaving her nipples wet, and hard form the exitement. She got up and took of her bra and turned around bending over. She stripped her skirt leaving only her thong. She grabbed the sides of her thong and pulled it tight up exposin her camel toe. “You like it baby.,,,…………….its all your yours have your way with it.” I got on my knees behind her and moved her thong aside and placed my middle finger inside her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight and hot that I sunk my index on her. She gave out a moan and asked me to lick her pussy. “lick my pussy baby………li…..lick it” I pulled of her thong and beggin to lick her pussy up and down. She was moaning like crazy and that made me harder. I couldn’t wait I had to put my dick inside that wet pussy. She turned around and pushed me to the couch. She pulled off my pants all toghether with my boxers and and my dick was hard standing. She opened her mouth and beggin sucking on it. I saw her lips around the head of my dick. She licked the tip of my dick with her tongue. “mmmmhhh….mmhhh. baby your dick is so ….gooood” She kept sucking on it a little longer. She asked me to stand up and she sitted on the couch with her ass at the edge of the couch. She spreade wide open her legs. “Your turn baby” I got on my knees and licked her clit again. “Oooohoohhhhh. baby.. yyeee….yes baby keep going” She kept on moaning. I stood up and got on top of her. I pushed my cock inside of her very slowly feeling her tight pussy squish my cock. It felt so good that I felt the cum rushing though my cock. I din’t wanted to cum in that moment so I squished my balls until the feeling was gone. “ohhhoooooh baby that feel so good goooo..od fuck me slow baby sll..oow.” I did as she said and pushed my dick deep in her tham slowly pulled it ou until only my head was inside. I pushed in and out. Slowly enjoying every minute gölcük escort of it. “Aawwwaawwwww…..sweety keep….kee..keep going” I kept fucking her and she kept moaning. “aaawwhhhh…. baby Im gonna cu…ccum baby im cummin …ing ” Her words wher broken by her moans. “AAAWWWW……Ooooooohhhhhhh………yess baby make mae cum make mee…….cu…cum.” She cummed all ove me she squirted hot sticky juices all over my cock. It felt so good that I came at that same moment. “Ohhh baby I love you sweety…. do it again.” she said. I lift her legs and put her ass in the air. Her tigh little hole was brown and looked so good. I grabbed her thong and pushed it deep inside her pussy living only a little string outside hanging. I went donw to her little hole and beggin to lick i in circles. She gave out a moan ”Don’t go there baby noo…..not there” But she din’t nothing about it to stop me si I kept going. She was in great pleasure I sticked my finger inside her hole. It was tight and hot as her pussy. I left her hole wet and ready to fuck it. I got up and bend her legs as much as possible toward her breasts and pushed my dick inside. With my head already inside of her. I stayed there without moving an inch. “Don’t baby…..pllee..ase baby doo. duuooooooo,……” Please what” I asked her. ”Fuck my ass you just go ahead and fuck my hole baby…….ooohhh.” Her eyes got watery when I pushed in deeper. I fucked her asshole until it was soared. She beggin fingering her self with her thong still inside of her I pulled out and cummed all over her pussy letting it run down to her hole. “oohhh. baby yes… yes. ” She kept fingering herslef than she stopped an pulled out her thong. “ooooooohohhhhhhh. god..ooh my god awwwwawwww……” She squirted again leaving her thong wet from all the juices that came out of her pussy. “ooh,, baby that felt so gooo…ood. ” “want to taste my panties” She asked. I grabbed her thong on my hand and sniffed it it smelled so good that I i sucked out all the cunt juice that the soft fabric had soaked. She stood up and gave me a kiss. She stood up and rushed to the kitchen. In all of our exitement we forgot about what was on the stove. The meat had burned but we din’t care. “Im sorry baby the food got burned” “Its ok” I told her” And took her toward the table. I placed her right leg on top of the table by then I was hard again and pushed my dick deep inside her clit and fucked her again.

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