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Subject: Monsterlands part 2 Thank you for reading my stories. If you’d like to tip my venmo is @jack-parker-109 every tip helps buy me more time to write and bring more stories to you. These stories are fiction, any similarities in names and locations are purely coincidental. They involve intimate interactions between above the age of 18. Nifty is able to offer this service for us to share and enjoy stories. Please consider giving below to allow Nifty the opportunity to fty/donate.html Time meant nothing to me. I floated in a pool of oblivion, dreams of being fucked filled my mind. At first it was the goblins, faceless creatures that swarmed me, used me…abused me. Just groping hands in the darkness that I called out for…but then it began to change. The faces took form, at first images from my youth, Pete, Bash, guys I had gone to high school with using me…but as I began to think on how they would have never been able to force me into this position they changed. t was Jimmy, using kryptonite to fuck me, weakening me so him and his friends could use me as a sex toy as I cried out for more. Then it changed, now it was a stranger ordering me to service him and a bar full of other strangers, all more than willing to take Superman’s cunt out for a ride. And then it changed one last time, and I felt myself recoil in horror. It was Lex, standing over me, holding my leash as the green K collar kept me subdued. Behind him Conner and Jon stood, obviously brainwashed, stroking their obscene kryptonian cocks, the look of hungry lust in their eyes made me shiver. He went on about how this was how it was meant to be, my on my knees serving him. He went on and on but all I could do was stare at my boy’s cocks…and realize how badly I wanted them. I woke with a gasp, panic closing up my throat for a moment as I felt myself struggle to awaken. And realized I was being fucked! I opened my eyes and saw the goblin slamming into me, his swollen cock was lodged up my ass and I could feel my prostate sing every time it’s head pushed past. I would have been moaning if another goblin didn’t have it’s cock lodged down my throat. I was far past gagging as I felt the thing distend my throat as it grunted over and over as it face fucked me. The problem was that I was in a state of ecstasy from the two goblins that had latched on to my own hard cock and were servicing it with lavish tongue swipes over and over. A third sucked my sensitive balls and I realized they had been doing this to me for awhile. I had unconscionably surrendered my body to their pleasure and it was only now as I came to that I was horrified by what was being done to me. But I was too far gone, it was my impending orgasm that had woken me up and now that it was here I shoved my ass back onto the cock fucking me and just it myself go. The goblin on my cock began to choke as I flooded his mouth with my load, feeling my ass clench from cumming caused the one fucking to me shoot and it seemed to set off a chain reaction of all of them. Hot cum rained over me, like a perverted summer rain my body was painted with load after load of goblin cum. I was screaming as I shot…my eyes rolling back in my head as they slowly withdrew their softening dicks… Another set of goblins came at me and I had to stop this. As soon as I stirred they jumped back cautiously. My head was ringing…I’d never been drunk before, human alcohol can’t affect me, but this is what Pete and Lana had described a hangover being like back in the day. As I shook my head I realized I had been lucky. My whole body was sore as cum leaked from every hole I had. The goblins just watched me as I looked around, trying to gather where I was. It was a cell of some kind, I was deep in the cave, the walls were all carved stone with a huge metal door leading out. There was straw scattered about the floor for beds, and nothing else. There were a few goblins off to the side, fucking each other, oblivious to me and the rest of their kin. A goblin leapt at me and plucked my nipple and I let out a loud moan as I fell back, my body shaking with renewed lust. More goblins jumped on me, sucking, nibbling, licking…and I felt myself start to be pulled under again, my legs spreading as one of their tongues snaked up my ass, my back arching… After a couple of seconds I heard someone shout and the door flashed a pulse of purple light, throwing me across the room. In the doorway was the shaman, his staff glowing as he held it above his head. We made eye contact and I felt my stomach drop as I remembered what I had done last I saw him. He looked down at me and smiled, “He’s ready.” The goblins slowly crawled off me, I laid there…my heart pounding. He leaned down and I tensed up, “How you feel?” My voice shook, “F-fine…” He took his staff and slid it between my legs, I closed my eyes as I felt the tip slide into me. I hated that I moaned as it did so. Why did it feel so good? Why couldn’t I stop it? He slowly fucked me with it, sliding it in and out, making me writhe on the ground for minutes…begging him for more… “Filthy beast,” he said speeding his thrusts up, “Tell me how much you like this.” “Please,…” I whimpered, not sure if I was begging him to stop or for more. “You’re all the same…big, strong hero thinking you’re better…” he was literally just punching my hole with that staff, it felt like it was alive though. Like once inside me it had became alive and was slithering around inside of me, driving me insane. “Do you know what always wins?” “FUCK!” I bellowed, feeling the staff head expand to twice its thickness. “I do, I always win…” He turned the staff right and I came again, my cock sore and red from going again so soon, I cried as a weak stream of cum landed on my chest. I laid there as I felt the staff slip out of me. “You’re ready, get up.” Glancing up I saw he was beckoning to walk towards him. I got up again, feeling dread as I stood. He waved the staff and my mind cleared as my uniform appeared on me in a flash With a clear mind I really looked at him and was disgusted by myself. How had this skinny looking creature made me serve it? As I stood next to it I was two feet taller and had far more muscle mass, but as he motioned me to follow him I felt cautious, he was the dangerous one here. “Where are you talking me?” I asked, but he didn’t even acknowledge it. “What have yo done to Captain Marvel?” More nothing. “Listen,” I said grabbing his shoulder. He turned around, “Obey,” he said as the staff glowed. I felt my knees weaken as I fell to the ground, head down in defeat. He took a step closer and he pulled my head up by my hair and made me look him in the eyes, “King wants you clean, or you would be licking me until your tongue fell off. Now thank me slave.” The words spilled out of my mouth on their own, I couldn’t stop them, “Thank you sir, thank you so much…I am unworthy of your mercy…please…please…” He let go of my head and felt the compulsion fade, “Get up and follow.” I got to my feet and followed behind him, hating every thing about magic. He came to two huge doors, flanked by massive Hobgoblins. They looked just like the ones that had raped me earlier and I couldn’t help but shudder as they pulled the doors open. Inside was a massive throne room carved out of the heart of the mountain. There was a raised platform where a large, throne made of gold sat, next to, chained to a wall, was an unconscious Captain Marvel. I saw him and took flight towards him. I got halfway there and noticed someone had been sitting in the throne. I only got a glance, it was a goblin, but unlike the others was wearing clothes and not just a loin cloth. He had a red tunic on with a golden belt around it’s waist. His head was cloaked in a black hood that was connected to a cape that seemed made of shadows. He leapt up and grabbed the back of my cape, using my momentum he spun me back down and threw me into the floor. It was a masterful move, it didn’t hurt me at all but it did stop me for a second. When I got to stand up there was the shaman and that damned staff. “Calm.” My desire to fight vanished, I just sat there for a moment, unsure what to do. The hooded one moved the shaman out of the way, “I had it! Look at me.” I looked up and could see in the shadow of the hood, his green eyes stare back at me. “Hear me now, see my face. Welcome now lust’s embrace.” A glowing dust blew into my face, it looked like pollen but when it hit my face I didn’t feel like sneezing. I felt like I wanted sex. “See?” he told the shaman, “I was never in danger.” The shaman quickly bowed, “Yes my lord.” and backed away. I felt flushed as he looked back to me, “Not so mighty now, are you alien?” His words didn’t make sense to me, all I could think of was how much I needed to have sex, I ached for Lois to be here… He snapped his fingers in my face, “Pay attention!” My eyes focused on him. “Who sent you? Why are you here?” I glanced over towards Captain Marvel, my thoughts were slow as all I could think of was sex… “Ah! Another champion…did that idiot wizard send you?” I nodded, trying to focus and failing miserably. “I see…but you aren’t magic are you?” he didn’t wait for me to answer, instead he walked around me, “In fact what use are you? Who are you?” “Superman,” I say, the desire to fuck growing with each passing second. “Tt, I doubt you’ll live up to that name.” Something about that sound grabbed my attention, I looked back to him, trying to focus… “So that old man sent a champion with no protection against the Sins and what? Expected you to fail? It doesn’t matter, we’ll keep you as a plaything for the hobs, they seemed to like you.” His voice, his mannerisms…it finally began to dawn on me, I knew him. “You’d like that at this point wouldn’t you? To be fucked again, to become on of my play toys?” “Damian?” His eyes got wide and I realized it was true, this was another version of Bruce’s son Damian only in goblin form. The knowledge did me little good because he seemed to go insane with rage. “What did you say? HOW DARE YOU!” he said slapping me across the face. I was so shocked ad my face move to the left. He grabbed a pouch off his belt and thrusting his hand into it, “NO ONE ADDRESSES THE GOBLIN KING IN SUCH A WAY!” he pulled out a handful of that magical pollen and threw it in my face. “Truths that lie, lies that switch, minds that bend to become lust’s bitch!” I felt the surge of heat pass through my body and I moaned as I realized how horny I was. My cock was swollen and hard in my briefs as I felt my libido take over. The Goblin King seemed amused and turned my face towards Captain Marvel, “Look at him, look at that body! Such perfection, ankara rus escort such beauty…doesn’t it affect you? Don’t you secretly want it?” His words sounded like nonsense, I was straight, there was nothing about another man that could turn me on. But as I looked at the bound hero…things began to happen. “Look at him, the body of a god…strong…like you! Think about how rough you could be, no holding back, no hesitation, just rutting as hard as you want..doesn’t that sound hot?” As much as I hated to admit it, it did. I always had to be so careful with Lois, one misstep and I could kill her, so no matter how great the sex was, I was always holding back…but with someone like Marvel, the perfect muscled body, the ripped abs, the thick arms, he was so fucking big I could just pound him… NO! What was I thinking? “Don’t look away,” the king snapped, “Look at him, look at that body, craving you, begging for you! He’s taunting you, teasing you! That costume, skin tight, every muscle on display just to entice you…he’s screaming for it. Can’t you hear him Superman, can’t you hear him begging?” His words were molten lave, dripping into my brain, burning each syllable into me, scarring me, twisting me… Hos body was incredible, better than mine for sure. He was bigger, wider, every muscle perfect, just showing off with that spray painted on uniform. How could he think people wouldn’t be turned on? He had to have known, wanted it…begging for it… “Why deny yourself? Go, take him, give him what he wants…” I slowly began to move towards the Captain, my reservations drown out by my overwhelming desire to have sex, with anything at this point. As I got closer his body turned me on even more, he was magnificent, how had I not seen him before? Everything that I had strived to look like was right in front of me, looking like a cheap whore wanting to be used. Again there was a distant cry that this wasn’t be but it was shouted down my nine inches of throbbing kryptonian cock and the need to nut. As I got closer he began to stir, recognition dawning on his face. “Superman? Oh thank the gods, we have to…Superman? What are you doing?” I was ripping the sash off his waist, looking for an edge of fabric to rip that uniform off of him. “Superman, please…you’re under the affect of a sin, this isn’t you!” he cried. But it was me, it was all me. I wanted this, badly, in a way I hadn’t wanted anything before. I found a small fold in his uniform and it was enough to get a grip. The sound of material tearing filled the cave as Captain marvel let out a strangled cry. “S-superman please!” His abs were exposed, the dark hair of his treasure trail was as enticing as it was forbidden. There was an errant thought that this was wrong, that I shouldn’t do this…it was…it was… So much hotter because it was wrong. “Please,” he whined as I ripped his uniform more, exposing his hard pecs, his nipples looking like they were made to be chewed on, “Please don’t do this…” I took his right nipple and lightly bit it, his gasp as his body stiffened was like honey on my tongue, I instantly wanted more. I move to the other and he whimpers were turning me on even more. “Oh gosh, please Superman, please…” Logically I knew he was pleading me to stop, but my desire made it feel like he was begging for me to keep going, so I did. I ripped his costume lower, as I tore his cock flopped out, he was soft but it was still impressive. He was easily as big as I was if not more… but I wanted him to be bigger. I could feel something in my mind scream about craving larger and larger cocks but I ignored it… I found myself lusting after it, wanting to see it hard. I took it in my hand and he looked at me with wide eyes, “Golly don’t…please Superman, fight it…” When it was evident he wasn’t getting excited, I deiced to take it to the next level. “Oh gosh, golly…NO!” he screamed as I put his dick in my mouth. I began to worship his member with my tongue and felt it instantly react. It was clean, it smelled of soap and sweat and…and I licked around the large tip, loving the way he shuddered as I did it. This wasn’t a nasty goblin cock, this was a hero’s cock…and I wanted to treat it so well…show it the love it deserved. “Nonononono…” he panted as his cock began to stiffen. Consciously I knew this should disgust me, another man’s cock in my mouth, but the lust that rolled through my thoughts drowned that out and I began to stroke the lower part of his cock as I licked his tip like a lollipop. He was bigger than me fully hard, that just turned me on even more, I had always thought I was bigger than him. It was a common match up in the league, but seeing this fucking massive cock and knowing he could split me open with it…i felt myself submit even more to him. “Oh gosh…no…Superman…please…I’ve never…no one…” The fact he was telling me he was a virgin just inflamed by desire and I became desperate to see him cum. “Fuck…” he gasped as he felt my mouth go into overdrive, “Oh god…oh please someone help me…” Goblin King was right next to me now, “Yes, that’s it slave, make him cum, make him shoot his load.” His words were unnecessary, that was exactly what I was shooting for. Captain Marvel had always seemed so good, so innocent, reminded me a lot of Jon to be truthful even though he was my age. Hearing him lose his resolve and get closer and closer to nutting in my mouth was like no sex I had ever had before. “Faster, he’s close…” the king ordered. He was right, my mouth was filled with shot after shot of precum as the mighty cock pulsed my from tongue, he was close and I was ready. “No…Superman stop, I can’t cum…i can’t give it to him.” I ignored him, my free hands rolling his massive balls in my hand. “OH lord…gosh oh gosh…please…” he sobbed, “I can’t…i can’t…” “Faster! Harder!” the king roared. More and more precum washed over my tongue. “Gods…I’m sorry…” I felt his his balls start to contract… “SHAZAM!” A bolt of lightning came hurling down, striking him and me on a flash of light. I was knocked off of him and fell back to the floor, stunned from the magical assault. Looking up I saw a child, no older than Jon, chained up, clothes ripped, massive cock sticking up from his hairless crotch, a look of flushed embarrassment on his face. He was just as hung a a boy…just like Jon! I felt horrified as I realized I had just been molesting him. I looked away, trying to give the boy some privacy… The lust, it was gone! The lightning has broken the spell, I was back! I looked to my right and saw the Goblin King looking at the boy confused, “Who are you? What is this?” I didn’t have time to waste, I moved at super speed and took the bag off his belt, standing between him and the boy. “Back away,” I said, glaring at the goblin. He patted his side when he saw the bag and then gave me a small grin, “You think the lust was needed to subdue you?” “This is over,” is aid, ignoring his taunts. “No alien,” he spat, “This is just beginning.” he raised two fingers to his mouth and blew. A shrill whistle filled the cave and beyond. The doors burst open, revealing a massive Minotaur ready for battle. He was easily twice as big as the one who had attacked Ethan and me, his hair and mane was blond while two blue eyes of fury glared at me. He worse a leather harness around his chest that only served to make his chest look even larger. His nostrils flared as we locked eyes, his arms bulged as he beat a fist into the palm of his hand. “Who needs Tommy to fuck them?” I looked down and the Goblin King was already back on his throne, pointing a finger at me, “That one wants me to fuck him.” The Minotaur roared, “ONLY TOMMY GETS FUCKED BY THE KING!” He came rushing at me, murder on his face as he struck me. I steadied myself, the last Minotaur threw me around like I was a child and his one was far larger. He swung at me and I ducked under it, I swung up, hoping to get a clean shot on him and ending this. I tagged his chin as hard as I could and his head snapped back… And then he looked down at me. “Tommy mad!” Shit. He backhanded me across the cave, slamming me into the far wall. I hadn’t been hit that hard in a long time, I was literally inches into the rock wall, my mind reeling from the hit. He came at me but just because he hit hard, didn’t mean I was out. I flew out of the hole and slammed under his chin, he staggered back as the goblins looked up and gasped. I guess a flying man was a new thing for them. Tommy came back swinging, but I was about done with this. Two shots of heat vision and the axe he held superheated and fell to the ground. “TOMMY BURN!” he screamed, holding his hand. “Awww,” I said cocking my head, “Let me help you out,” and blew a stream of ice breath at his hand, encasing it in ice. The goblins began to scatter, I don’t think they were aware of what I was capable of. The goblin kin clapped his hands and laughed, “Whoever brings him down get a fuck…by me!” I almost laughed when Tommy looked up at me with wild eyes, “TOMMY GET THE FUCK!” He brought his hands together, shattering the ice and causing a small sonic book hit hit me. My hands went to my ears as my head rang which gave him the chance to grab a foot and slam me down to the ground. Hard. I tried to crawl away but came charging at me again, slamming me down into the floor. I grunted as I was driven further into the rock, the solid stone more yielding than his feet. All I could do was try to curl up and take the shots, I had no room to maneuver at all. After a few shots like this he reached down and grabbed me by my chest. He pulled me out and held my up by the back of my uniform like a naughty puppy, “Tommy win!” I tried to get my limbs to move but my head was spinning, the magic of his strength had overwhelmed my invulnerability and knocked me senseless. Something snagged my wrist and I saw the Goblin King pull the pouch out of my hand with a rope. He caught it and smiled. “Tommy,” the goblin called, “Come down here…” The Minotaur knelt down, still holding me like a drowned kitten. I watched in horror as the other world Damian blew lust into the beast’s eyes, “Hear my voice and rejoice with joy, gaze down now and see your toy.” Slowly the Minotaur looked down at me, and a predatory smile spread across it’s face. He said nothing but I could see his massive cock start to swell under his loincloth and rise up. It was…it was a true bull cock! The kind I had seen on the farm, mercilessly taring into cow after cow…and here it was, dripping…aching…for me. “You should have stayed with the sin, at least then you would have enjoyed çankaya escort this,” the Goblin king said with a snarl as Tommy began to stroke his monster. I began to struggle in panic, knowing what was about to happen. “No! Stop…don’t so this!” All the things Shazam and yelled at me earlier. Tommy chuckled and raised his arm, revealing a dense bush of hair. He shoved my face into it and I closed my eyes and held my breath, not wanting to be affected by any more pheromones. He rubbed my face all up and down his sweaty pit, but I refused to breathe. When he saw I was still struggling he squeezed his hand, it felt like my ribs were breaking. “ARRGGGHHH!!” I screamed in pain, realizing my mistake. The next breath was all him and I could feel his scent hit me like a baseball bat. My body relaxed, my mouth grew dry and I felt all of my muscles just give out as I hung there in his grip. Seeing my surrender he pushed me back into his pit and though every particle of my brain was screaming at me to do something, my tongue meekly began to lap at his pit hair, the sweat soaking into my tongue, reinforcing his body’s calming influence. With each lick I wanted more, with more I licked harder until I was grunting into his pit, licking, slurping, wanting every particle of his sweat. My cock was rock hard and felt like it would rip my trunks off at any second… I felt my ass completely relax as I licked through the mass of hair, and I realized my body wanted to get fucked. My hole was opening and closing, undulating on it’s own, craving to be bred. My thoughts raced in a panic as my body became more and more docile. This was so much stronger than the hobgoblins, where they seemed to numb my reactions, this actually made me crave it. I suckled on his pit for a while, small grunts of displeasure coming from my throat as I began to get antsy from not being fucked. My body wanted to be bred! I could feel my cock start to leak as my ass muscles relaxed more and more…I started to writhe in his hand, desperately grinding for something, anything to penetrate me. All the while my thoughts of pure, white hot fear as I realized I couldn’t break free from this. “You wanna be Tommy’s heffer? You ready to be bulled?” I was screaming no in my head as he pulled me from his pit and looked me in the face. I could feel my mouth stretched into an insane grin as I nodded, drool falling from my mouth. He dropped me to the ground and tore the rest of his loin cloth off, revealing his massive bull cock. It was enormous, a huge throbbing vein moving up the center as a drop of precum slowly formed at the tip. I was terrified, as much as my body was begging to be fucked, I looked at that thing and knew it would kill me. It was so thick, there was no way I could take that thing! Yet as I watched it pulse, my body became more and more heated to take it. “Open up…” he said grabbing his shaft with one hand, “Take your medicine…” My mouth opened as my tongue eagerly waited for my prize as I struggled to break free, but my body refused to respond. As the drop hit my tongue I felt another chill move through my body as the taste was absorbed into my mouth. There was another rush of relaxation as the strength in my whole body faded away. “You be a good bitch, you get Tommy ready…” he said pushing me onto my back. I willingly let him, not putting up an ounce of fight as he straddled my face. “You show Tommy your pretty little mouth…” My mouth opened and I waited, like a baby bird waiting to be fed. The screams in my head were deafening as he put the tip of his cock onto the flat of my tongue and held it there. “Be a good girl…” he said and I slowly began to lick his head , tenderly making love to it like I had been doing this my whole life. “Oohhh Tommy likes…” he cooed as I reached up and held his gigantic cock still so I could nurse at his slit, drinking each precious drop of precum he produced.” Why was I doing this? What had he done to me? “You make a good heffer,” he praised, “Tommy keep you around for rutting…you like that? You wanna be Tommy’s cow?” As I sucked I remembered seeing our old bull mount one of our cows on the farm. The bull was massive and was just going to town on that poor cow, but she just sat there and kept eating, seemingly oblivious to the whole thing. Just meekly letting him do what he wanted. I had asked pa why she didn’t struggle and he said when in season the cows became docile and just accepted their fate, there was pheromone that was produced that attracted the bulls and made the cow willing. The Minotaur must have a similar process only magic. Though I was horrified at my actions, my body felt like I had always been this way. The way I serviced his member, enticing him, alluring him…I wasn’t just going along with it, my body wanted it so bad it was consuming me. Again I tried to break free, I was Superman for god’s sake, not a heifer! But as he pushed his cock into my mouth, forcing m to gag, I felt my throat relax as it surrendered to his assault. “Ohhhh good girl…” he growled as he felt his massive cockhead push down my throat. I expected to gag, to choke, but my body was so relaxed and wanted it so bad he just pushed into me and I felt my cock throb again as my body loved it. I was flushed as his massive cock face fucked me like some common whore laid out on the floor. I was sobbing inside as I felt him spied up, my own dick weeping as I felt myself get more and more turned on by what he was doing. “Tommy close!” he roared and I felt a shiver pass through me as I was equally revolted and turned on. I could feel my throat expand and tear apart by his thickness as he slammed me over and over..a steady stream of precum flowing down my throat. “Good girl, soft mouth…” he said as he groaned… My mouth was flooded with his seed, it instantly began to flow out the sides of my mouth as I struggled to swallow what I could. Warm cum spilled down my cheeks as he just kept unloading into down my throat. I felt my own cock twitch and then explode, spraying my own load all over the inside of my briefs as I shook from my orgasm. It felt like gallons of bull cum were emptied into me before he stopped, his own body quivering from his ejaculation. Once done he slowly began to slide his cock out of my abused throat, scraping the sides as his swollen head popped free. I began to couch, turning over as more cum poured from my mouth, he chuckled as he stood up again. “Superman huh?” Goblin king’s voice asked in my ear, “More like Superslut! What kind of man cums from being used as a bull’s toilet?” I was still coughing, trying to crawl away. “Where are you going? Do you think there’s an escape?” he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, “I own you now alien, you are mine to use whenever and however I want. Do you submit?” I shook my head as I crawled away, I needed to get free of this place, needed to escape… Sighing, the goblin stood up, “Tommy, your heifer is getting away.” I heard a bellowing, “WHAT? Get back here bitch!” before something grabbed my foot and dragged me back. I turned and tried to kick his arm but I took one look at him and felt the fight slip out from under me. My body went limp and I felt myself start to get turned on all over again. “You Tommy’s whore now,” he said pulling me to my feet, “Too many clothes! Naked NOW!” Don’t do this Clark, don’t listen to him! Stop, stop pulling your uniform off! Stop doing a striptease for him…oh god stop…please stop! But I didn’t stop, I slowly pulled my uniform off, revealing my body to my bull. He watched me with hungry eyes and even as I silently pleaded with myself, I felt my cock begin to get hard again, seeing the arousal in my mate. HE IS NOT MY MATE! As I dropped my uniform to the side I stood there, waiting, needing him to touch me. I didn’t even notice the shaman collect it and take it away. He licked his lips and turned me around, throwing me face first into the ground. My ass was up high and my terror began to rise. He was going to fuck me, I was going to be fucked again! Images of what the hobgoblins had done to me filled my head and I felt it the fear start to affect me. Even though I still laid there, presenting my hole to him, I felt myself start to sob, knowing I couldn’t stop it. “Shhh…don’t cry little cow…” he said softly, “Tommy loves his girls…Tommy make you love it…” His tongue licked around my hole and I gasped, it had the texture of sandpaper and was so warm and wet. He made slow circles around my hole before plunging the tip into me, causing me to let out an aborted scream as I felt him press my walls apart. My toes curled as I felt him start to eat me out, aggressively tongue fucking me, causing shivers of pure pleasure to shoot through my body against my will. “Ohhh…” I moaned, feeling that tongue go deeper, making my cock throb in response…oh god it felt so good…that wasn’t he pheromones or magic, that was just a physical fact., his tongue felt so fucking good in me…my hips pressed back onto his face automatically as he held my ass cheeks apart, spearing me with that fucking bull tongue of his. “Are you watching hero?” I heard the Goblin King say, “This is your savior?” I glanced over and saw the boy looking back at me, a look of shocked disappointment on his face as he watched Superman push his ass up into another man’s face. I closed my eyes but I could see still see the judgment on his face as I moaned again. It was like having Jon watch me debase myself… I pounded on the floor as he pushed further and further into me, he was so deep, every twitch making my own cock jump in response, a puddle of precum had already formed under me. Once he was in, he began to piston his face in and out, literally fucking me with that fucking tongue. “SHIT!” I cried out as I felt him slide in and then push back into me. He sped up his movements and I whimpered as I felt my eyes roll back in my head in ecstasy. Oh my god how did this feel do good? My legs spread wider, allowing him as much access as he wanted. I began to push back as he speared into me, making the sensations even more pleasurable. The sound of my ass slapped his face echoed throughout the cave as I grunted each time he bottomed out into me. I heard the Goblin King chuckle and it took me a few seconds to realize why, Tommy had stopped fucking me, I had been pushing back onto his tongue willingly, fucking myself on that incredible tongue. I stopped, feeling horrified with myself. “Oh don’t stop on our account,” the goblin mocked, “You just have your fun.” What the hell was wrong with me? I moved forward, trying to remove that thing from my ass, as I moved the sensations made me shiver as my cock continued ankara escort to leak. Tommy pulled the rest out and I gasped in shock at the emptiness I felt. “See? Tommy get you all wet,” he said putting a hand in the middle of my back and forcing me flat to the ground, “Now Tommy breed you.” “Wait…no…” I screamed, closing my eyes, if I looked at him I would become docile again, I had to fight this… “Shhh..” Tommy said, his head pressing at my wet hole, “Be a quiet cow…” “Don’t do this! Please STOPPPPP!!!” I screamed as he pushed into me, his head breaking past my hole in one violent motion. “FFUUUCCKK!!” I cried out as the pain burned through my ass. “Shut up!” he raged, “Tommy don’t like scream!” he said, pushing into me more, making me call out even louder, “SHUT UP!” “STOP, STOP…DON’T!” I pleaded as I felt my ass walls scream. Suddenly the Goblin King was in front of me, “What’s wrong? Your man too much?” I was in pain, my face red as I screamed. “You should see what you look like…” He gestured and a mirror appeared in front of me and I could see Tommy, forcing that bull cock into me… And my ass relaxed, and my body slumped to the ground. “Look at that smile,” the king laughed, “Such a good little heifer.” I was smiling, the second I saw Tommy my mind took over and I meekly accepted my fate as his breeding mate. The pain meant nothing now, I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t react, all I could do was watch myself get fucked by this thing and like it. Hearing me quiet down Tommy went back to shoving his bull cock into me, the whole time I watched as I drooled on myself, smile never wavering. The Goblin Kin left the mirror and walked away, “Fuck him well my beast, he’s earned it.” I saw Tommy smile and say to me, “Tommy’s gonna fuck you extra nice.” It felt like it was a mile of cock, he was so big that it felled me completely. I felt him pause and then slowly back out, drawing a throaty moan from me as he chuckled. He reversed and slammed forward, my eyes bulged as I whimpered, another glob of precum flew from my cock. “Tommy’s bitch has a tight cunt…” he said, sliding in and out of me slowly, getting my abused as used to being stretched so wide, “You gonna be a good girl…” he grabbed a hunk of my hair, “Tommy make you scream…” I expected him to speed up, to just start slamming me but he kept the same slow and steady pace, spreading my walls with a leisurely pace that made the pain fade after a few minutes. The whole time I watched my face, the dullness in my eyes, the tongue half out, the grin…how had I become this? I was a superhero, I stood for something. But here I was, watching this monster dominate me in the most intimate ways, and the lust I felt as I wanted so much more of it. Once we had a rhythm down he shifted his weight, moving the angle of his cock up slightly… “OH!” I cried out as his head slid past my prostate. I heard a deep chuckle from him, “Tommy found your clit…” and he did it again. “Oh fuck…” I moaned, sounding like a wanton slut, begging for more. Again he did not speed up, he kept the same slow, methodical pace, rubbing my prostate with his bull cock, making my whole body shiver with each pass. My body started to become impatient, wanting to feel that thrill more and I found myself pushing back onto him, guiding his cock to that spot over and over. “Shit…shit…shit…” I panted as I rutted back onto him. Oh my god what was this feeling? It was like no sex I had ever experienced. Why did it have this affect? What was god’s purpose of putting such pleasure in my ass? The fact that I wanted to be bred didn’t help the fact that his cock was sending waves of pleasure through me like nothing I had ever experienced before. “You like that? You like Tommy’s cock?” My head nodded as I focused on pushing back onto him, I was losing myself. His pheromones, the pleasure, all of it, it was drowning me out in wave after wave of sensations as I slowly began to sink within my own mind. I knew I should fight this but the more he fucked me the less I knew why. The difference between the me that was his heifer and the me that hated it was shrinking with each thrust. “Ok, Tommy ready!” he said, thrusting forward and then standing. “TOMMY!” I screamed as he stood up, me still impaled on his cock. I felt myself slide down the whole length, my stomach bulging from his member. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, his girth had filled my ass, crushing my prostate, sending nonstop pleasure through my brain with every vibration. “Tommy got a new bitch,” he sang as he did a little jog, each bump shaking my ass, causing my whole body to shake as I watched my hard cock leak precum like a broken faucet. “Tommy like his new bitch,” he kept singing, making me moan with every bounce. I saw the Goblin King laugh as he watched me bounce helplessly on the Minotaur’s massive cock, “More Tommy, louder! Show your new heifer off to the court!” Tommy took the suggestion and ran with it. He began to sing louder as he turned, impaling me more and more as he paraded me around the cave. I had become nothing more than a living trophy, proof of my Bull’s conquest and every step jolted me on my Man’s cock and caused me greater pleasure. . “Tommy have a good bitch, tight as virgin snow, wherever Tommy’s dick went bitch was sure to go. And when Tommy fucked her she cried and cried all night all night, screaming Tommy’s name with all her might…” We went around the whole place, each creature getting to see me get fucked and ended up back at the mirror. I watched as I bobbed off his cock, my arms weakly flailing about as he fucked me one hop at a time. The smile on my face, the drool off my chin…my leaking cock as he did it…I was disgusted with myself. He put his hands on my hips and thrust forward, “Scream my name girl!” I felt his cockhead pulverize my prostate and I threw my head back, “TOMMY! OH FUCK TOMMY!” “Oh yeah my girl got a good clit…don’t you girl? Tell Tommy…” My mind was cracking, “Fuck me Tommy..oh god fuck me…” I pleaded, no longer able to resist the pleasure he was forcing on me. My body refused to move, I was not a participant in this, I was his breeding cow and I was there to be fucked, the fact I liked it was just luck. “Such a tight cunt…Tommy love his girl…” he said, jumping again, my stomach bulging as he thrust into me. My eyes rolled back and I just let him do what he wanted. My cock was oozing precum now, my mouth open, tongue hanging out as I drooled down my pecs. I lost all focus, all meaning, I was his, just his cunt…that’s all I was and I was fine with that…as long as my bull fucked me… “Now, let’s try this again…” the Goblin King said after a few minutes of me simply being used, “Over here Tommy, kneel down.” Tommy walked towards the throne, me swaying helplessly on his cock with each step, when he got close he knelt down to his knees, my feet barely touching the ground. The goblin king walked over towards me, evil grin on his face. He opened his tunic, revealing a muscled, lean body and a huge, man sized cock on his teenage frame. He slowly stroked it as he talked, “So Superman, you ready to serve now?” I said nothing, trying to hold on to what little sanity I had left. He looked up at Tommy who flex his cock, making it jump. I gasped ass I felt my whole body shake, my cock dripped another glob of precum. “Come now, just accept it,” he said, bringing his cock closer to my face. I closed my mouth, refusing to give in, “Why make things so hard?” he pressed it over my lips, trying to force it in, “Just swear to me, and you can go back to your bull and be happy.” I closed my eyes, I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t…I had to stay strong… He slapped my face with his cock, making me flinch, “Stop.” Slap. “Fighting.” Slap. “Me!” Slap. I moved my head away, I wouldn’t break. “No huh?” he said, is that your final choice? I opened my eyes and looked at him, I said nothing, just glared. “Tommy you cow is misbehaving.” “BAD COW!” Tommy screamed, his cock shaking my very core, he leaned over and wiped his sweat on the king’s cock and then moved me towards it. Tommy’s smell was thick…I could literally taste his musk…my tongue came out and I lapped at it slowly and then picked up speed, moaning as I took the king’s cock in my mouth. I felt his hands on my head, “You can try and fight this all you want Supercow but at the end of the day I get what I want. Always. But if you wanna make a thing about it…” He slid his cock out of my wanting mouth, my tongue out following it desperately. He closed his tunic again, “Remember, you had your chance. Tommy, let him go.” I screamed as Tommy slid me off his cock and deposited me next to the throne, my ass gaped open as I felt so betrayed by my bull… “So you don’t want to give in, his magic is protecting you from lust now…so I guess we’re stuck.” I tried to get my senses back, but my mind was still reeling. “Oh wait, no we aren’t,” he said and then shouted, “BRING HIM IN!” The doors parted and a group of goblins brought in a bound Ethan, he looked dazed, completely out of it. His cock was hard and slapped his underbelly with each step, he didn’t even recognize me as he looked around. I felt a stab of fear, he looked so weak, so lost… The goblin king looked over to him as the goblins let him go and he sank to the floor, looking complexity defeated. “You,” the king said, “You are now mine, what is your name?” Ethan looked up bewildered, “Name?” “Yes, what is your name?” He had to think for a moment, “E-ethan…” “That is an idiotic name…I’ll have to change that. I am the Goblin King and you belong to me.” Ethan nodded, his head down, hair falling in his face. The Goblin King smiled, “Prove it,” he pointed to one of the goblins that had led him in, “Service him.” Ethan reached up slowly and began to stroke it but that wasn’t right. “No! With your mouth…attend him.” Ethan stopped and moved to suck on the cock. “NO! I can’t see his face! I want to see him as he does it. Do something about his hair!” The shaman came rushing over and waved his staff, and Ethan’s hair was suddenly much shorter, revealing his whole face for the first time. “Oh my god…” I said as I realized why he had reminded me so much of Jon. He was Jon! With the shaggy hair it had completely changed his face but not cut short it was obvious, this was a doppelganger of my son! “Now…service him.” With a resigned look Ethan grasped the goblin’s cock and slowly began to lick it…whimpering at his submission. The goblin king moved closer, offering his massive cock, Ethan didn’t even struggle and just took it in his mouth. And I watched as a version of my son slowly sucked the cock of a version of Damian Wayne…and realized this had been the image in the cave I saw. This had been what the lust magic had conjured up. And with horror rising in the back of my head, I felt my cock slowly start to harden again…as I watched with bated breath. What was wrong with me?

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