Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2

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Mom Fucked My Girlfriend Part 2This is part 2 to a fictional story I came up with for fun. Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes and i hope you enjoy.Part 1 RecapI introduced a girl I met online Trish to my mom. She came over for dinner and they both really hit it off. So much so after a couple bottles of wine and flirting they began to grope each other. Realizing I was there they knew it was wrong but didn’t want to stop. So mom asked me to leave so they could continue and as I reluctantly watched from upstairs jerking off. It escalated until they were passionately fucking eachother. After they were done mom walked Trish out as I went to my room shocked at what had happened. Part 2The next day I felt amazing i had just seen my uptight mom fuck my girlfriend. Mom seemed really embarrassed not really mentioning it. I didnt press her about it keep my distance throughout the day. Until around 8 I answer the door to see Trish in the shortest skirt with her tits pouring out of her low cut sweater. She looked so hot.”Hey babe I didn’t know you were coming over.” I said confused.”Oh no me and your mom are going out tonight.””Oh nice glade you guys are hit it off so well.” I smirked. “You guys going out to dinner? Seeing a movie?””No gunna take her to this party.””A party? What pa-.” I was cut off as mom can to the front door.Mom was wearing tight jeans and a blouse she had unbuttoned. Trish glared at my mom’s tits biting her lip. “You look amazing.” Trish smiled. “You too, you ready to go?””Yeah lets go.””Have a great night honey don’t say up too late, leftovers are in the fridge.” Mom said as they left obvious to me. I stood there confused what party? And why wasn’t I invited? I was bewildered the rest of the night waiting for them. Until 2ish i gave up and decided to go to bed. But i laid there unable to sleep wounding where they were until I heard talking at the door. I went to ask them were they’d been but i stop at the top of the stairs when I heard a guy’s voice. I could hear him and Trish talking as they were entered the living room. I was shocked they partied all night and now brought home some guy. As they talked i became convinced I recognized this guy’s voice. As I assumed my position from the following night i saw that it was this jock Ron. We knew him from high school, he was a big guy who used to intimidate everyone giving people a hard time. I had never liked him.”Danny must be asleep don’t be to loud don’t wanna wake him.” Mom smiled at them as she walked into the kitchen. Trish and ron were sitting on the couch laughing as ron grabbed Trish’s tit. You looked so fucking hot tonight. Ron said in Trish’s ear. Mom returned from the kitchen. “You two seem comfortable, you look so good together.” She said as she watched them make out. Trish giggled looking at my mom as ron groped her tits. Then ron turned to my mom. “We had a great time with you tonight Kelly im so glad you and Trish came tonight”. He said turning his attention to mom. “I had a great time as well.” “We aren’t done yet.” He said with a sly smile as he walked up to mom. He grabbed mom’s tits and she tensed up surprised. Ron went behind mom kissing her neck as he continued to grope he big boobs. Mom started getting excited moaning out as she started feeling his body. “Mmm my god you’re muscular ron it’s hard to believe a young man like you is the same age as my boy Danny” “Danny always was small and he was a late bloomer hanging out with the nerds. Im surprised he got it in with Trish.” He said feeling her up only stopping to take off his shirt. “I know… Trish is great though i really like her ahhh” mom panted as she felt up his hard abs and biceps. He started wiggling his pants off as he squeezed her tits. Mom gasped as his pants fell and his 10 inch cock hit her thigh. “Oh my god you’re…” She moaned as he Shoved his tongue into he mouth.As he made out with mom ron slid ordu escort his dick between her legs humping her thighs. Trish was sitting on the couch smiling watching them grope each other as Ron look up at her. “Trish take out those big tits already.” He said as he continued kissing my moms neck. Trish pulled down her sweater as her boobs flopped out over her collar. Mom began to moan as Ron’s cock rubbed along her wet pussy lips. “Hold your horses there stud, let’s take this party upstairs dont want Danny to wake up.” She smiled grabbing Ron and the wine. Quickly I slid into my room as she walked upstairs leading Ron to her bedroom. I could hear mom giggling as they walked by into her room and as Trish came up the stairs i peeked out into the hallway. Trish’s tits were swaying as she walking towards my moms room and as I looked down the hall to see Ron stripping my mom. He was quick to get her blouse open as moms tits instantly bursted free. He fondled mom’s boobs thoroughly and held one up to Trish as she walked into the room. Trish gently licked her nipple teasing as Ron and mom watched her. Trish then opened wide trying to suck mom’s tit hole. Ron laughed out loud as mom gasped watching Trish devour her boob. He clutched Trish’s huge tits and began sucking. Ron looked up at Trish, they both smiled at each other as her pull off his pants. “I am gunna go to town tonight.” Ron whispered to Trish. Mom gasped as she saw his massive 10 inch hard on. Trish started kiss mom all over her body while undressing her. “Honey ive never seen a penis that big, my god my husband… I ahhhh… I could never…” Mom stuttered as she tried to focus on Ron through Trish’s passionate kisses. “Kelly you don’t even worry yourself, your mine tonight so just relax. You look gorgeous I really like this one Trish. He said as he slid mom’s jeans off her big ass. He was so confident with every word he spoke and what did he mean “this one”? I noticed mom was now now in a complete haze as Trish worked her over, slowly lowering mom onto the bed. Mom was trying to talk but between her moans and Trish’s tongue down here throat she could barely get a word out. She reluctantly broke away from Trish try to talk again but Ron quickly licked his fingers and slid them into mom’s pussy. Mom gasped arching her hips into the air. Wait… uhh the door… ahhh Danny! Was all she could get out as her word became a moan. Trish quickly shoved her tongue back down mom’s throat as ron lightly swag the door barely closing it half way. I took a breath taking it all in. Knowing i had see to much to ignore them and watch tv or fall asleep. I slowly crept down the hall and peaked in. Continuing to watching from the darkness. Ron pulled his fingers from mom dripping pussy, lubing his cock with her juices. He started to position himself as mom tried to speak with Trish’s tongue in her mouth. “Waihh… I ahh con’t… mmm… taa bag” mom moaned as Trish massaged her shoulders. Ron ignored mom sliding cock along her pussy licks. Mom’s expression quickly changed from lust to concern as she tensed up. Ron pushed into mom slowly letting the head of his dick inside her. She moaned into Trish’s mouth as they made out. “God uhhh… We can’t ahh… wait, wait…” Mom said lustfully as she tried to get up. But as she did Trish forced her back onto the bed bracing her. Trish pull away from their long kiss whispered in mom’s ear. “Relax and let him in, he’s going be at it a while.” Suddenly Ron’s ass cheeks clinched and he thrusted ball deep into mom’s pussy. She cried out press her hand against his thighs trying to push him away. But Ron didn’t budge as mom shifted and squirmed trying to adjust to his 10 inch cock. “Ahhh uhh! Ahhh… Mmm… move! Oh god uhhh… move for go sakes I’m… I’m!” Mom moaned as she tensed up cuming all over Ron’s dick. Both Ron and Trish laughed glancing at each other. mersin escort Mom was sensitive to Trish’s every touch as she caressed mom’s entire body. Suddenly mom tensed back up cuming again all over Ron’s cock as he still didn’t budge continuing to stretch her pussy. As mom’s gasps subsided and her orgasm faded Ron began to jackhammer into her. I had never heard mom crying out like this, I was sure if she was in ecstasy or pain. I couldn’t take it any longer I pulled my boxers down and started jerking off. Trish shoved her tongue back down mom’s throat as she tried to moan. Mom was completely caught off guard, Ron grabbed her hips as she tried to pull away and repositioned her. Mom went stiff as a board as Ron fucker right through another orgasm slapping against her wet pussy louder and louder. He started to laugh then grunted and as he pulled out mom squirted all over his 10inch dick. “That’s it baby! Cum for me!” Ron grunted as Trish started to giggle. “Oh my god kelly, you are naughty.” Trish smiled naughtily looking down at mom. Ron started slapping his wet dick against mom’s clit getting ready to go again. “Nahh! No uhhh… I can’t… it’s too big… I can’t cum any more uhhh!” Mom moaned out. “I’m just getting started and this fine pussy is too nice to pass up.” He laughed as he thrusted back into her. “No, no, no… mmm ahh! Ahh… ahhh ohhh! Ahhh uhh… uhhh I’m cuming! She cried out as she went limp. Ron then grabbed mom turning her around as he pull her leg over her shoulders raising her ass perfectly in front of Trish. He knelt in font of her pussy putting his balls right above my moms face. He entered mom with a grunt as Trish began to lick mom’s ass. I was so surprised I began to cum wildly all over moms door. He continued thrusting into mom who was barely coherent other then when she shaking out orgasms. Having cum my lust was quickly replaced with jealousy. Watching Trish finger mom’s butt while Ron slamming her, pretty much using my mom as a fuck doll was too much. Then out of nowhere as Ron thrusted his cock, he slipped out pushing past Trish’s tongue and into mom’s virgin ass. Mom moaned smacking his thighs trying to pull him out. Ron tried to continue fucking her ass but after 4 or 5 thrusts he tensed up, started grunting and shot his load in mom’s big ass. He smacked moms ass and pulled out letting Trish clean mom’s ass. After Trish was satisfied she tossed mom flopping over onto the bed in a lustful haze.”Thank Trish, fuck she was good.” Ron smiled as Trish kissed his chest. “Haha I could tell, damn you did a number on her. Come here honey get your favorite.” Trish said lying back on the bed. Ron hopped up onto her as she spread her huge soft tits, flopping his flaccid cock onto her chest.”Mmm that’s it get it right there let me take of you. I know how you like it babe.” Trish moaned She spat onto his dick and slapped her tits together tight. Ron’s cock completely disappeared between her tits. “Ahhh oh god… Trish your tits are the best.” He said looking down at her pinching her nipples”Ahhh yes… all these years and you still can’t get enough uhhh… Love that feeling your monster dick growing between my tits. Getting more jealous by the second. Watching this jock from high school fucking my girlfriend with my mom passed out full of cum beside them. I decided i seen enough pulled up my boxers and went downstairs to get a drink. I stood in the kitchen shocked at what was happening, even though i was angry now that i wasn’t caught up in the lust. I couldn’t deny that i had been very turned on watching them. As i walked back upstairs i could tell he was plowing Trish. I went into my room trying to watch tv but after 10 minutes I shut it off and laid down in bed. I couldn’t ignore the rhythmic bangs of the bed, Ron grunts as their thighs slapped together or Trish’s loud cries of passion. “Ahhh… uhh yes… malatya escort yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck… mmm me! Yes right there ahhh… uhhh oh yes, yes!” Trish cried out. I turned in bed trying to block them out but even though I was watching. My mind was racing imagining what they were doing. Listening to Trish i began i to get aroused again. Still mad I tried to fight it and block them out. “Ohhh yessss! Im cuming, I’m cuming… uhh babe your pushing my guts! Your so deep… ahhh I can’t, I… can’t!” Trish moaned. Finally the house went quite and I prayed that they we finally done. I could hear rustling and footsteps as I listened intently. “she was amazing Trish.””I know how much you like the cougars and when I saw the curves on this one I knew you’d wanna have her.” Trish giggled as they went downstairs I could hear them talking at the front door though the walls until i heard the door shut. As it went silent again in the house i closed my eyes. When I woke up the next morning I was flooded with memories of the night before. I expected to be mad but found myself nervous, entirely confused on how to handle this morning. I couldn’t see how I could look my mom in the eyes again I mean for all i knew she was still passed out on her bed covered in cum. I hesitantly walked out of my room and saw that mom’s closed. I figured she was still sleeping so I went down stairs and as I entered the kitchen we locked eyes. Mom looked exhausted with her bed head and robe loosely tied up. Surprised i jumped immediately looking away from her but quickly tried to act normal. “Morning mom how was last night? You guys must have been out late, did you have a good time with Trish?” I asked subtly as i sat the table. At first she stuttered trying to find something to say and i could tell she was caught off guard. “It was good we had a really good time Trish introduced me to some of her… friends. But i think i might have over did it and drank too much.” She spoke hesitantly. She went to go to the fridge for milk when I noticed she was struggling walking bow legged. “Are you okay mom? You’re walking funny.” I asked. “Oh uh… Yes i did. One of Trish’s friends who’s a great dancer ask me to dance and i think I over did it. He really worked me over.” She said limping over as she flopped into the chair.I had never seen my mom this hungover, usually she was alway very reserved and ladylike. But now she was slouching in the chair with her legs spread apart and her loose robe hanging off her shoulder. As I glanced down i was shocked only now noticing that my mom was naked under her robe. I leaned back in my chair to get a better view between her legs when I noticed she still had Ron’s dry cum all over her inner thighs. I quickly looked up making sure not to get caught. Mom started to stretch as she yawned cause her rope to slide further up until the top or her nipple was showing. I tried to not stare but she was looking so hot i couldn’t help myself. She sat there in awkward silence obvious to me gawking at her. As she went to get up her huge tit fell out of her robe. She looked at me tracing my line of sight until she finally realized her tit was out. “Oh my gosh! I’m sorry… uhh” she gasped, struggling with her robe. But as mom pulled the collar the robe came undone falling to the floor. She froze as i stared her up and down, taking her all in. She saw me and quickly tried to cover herself. “Damn it what is wrong with me… I’m so sorry honey, don’t look. Im really off today I’m sorry for this… uh I’m so embarrassed.” Mom said desperately trying to bend down while barely covering herself. I bent down from the chair grabbing her robe at her feet. I took in every inch of her luscious body as i slowly rose to my feet. “Honey don’t… you can’t see me like this im sorry oh… uh okay… thank you i uh… better go change.” She spoke uncomfortably as i put the robe on her, grazing her nipple as pulled her collar over her huge boobs. I stared at her ass as she went upstairs. Up until the last few days I had never thought of my mom sexually but now as I glared at her ass I knew I would never see her the same way again.

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