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Subject: Guide book to DOCTOR WHO, JEREMY AND JESSE the gaps MIND THE GAPS I prefer to start the gaps after episode three, such as four and five but really there could be adventures, with complications, between one and two, and possibly between two and three, and three and four…but since the beginnings were so muddled with the whole Son of the Doctor mess up (done by the Master of course)…I prefer these gaps… Between 4 and 5 Between 13 and 14 The gang is en route to home Between 17 and 18 At the end of 18 and going to 31 (with some conversation and repercussions in 32) is a storyline that takes place in the year 2782. Most of this is a self contained storyline. Between 20-21 Possibly but Jesse is on the space shuttle headed for Moon; Doctor is on Space Force One headed for Mars; Jeremy is on a small rocket; bursa escort bayan possibly only Jesse can have some short sequences squashed in here; Doctor might be talking to the President for longer scenes but… Between 22 and 23 Possibly more between Von and Jesse but doubt more could be added. Possibly some more short sequences between Jeremy and Rob on Earth in NYC. Doctor still en route to Mars. During 24 Jeremy is on the train with Rob and Harn. During 25 Jeremy is on the train with Rob and Harn. During 26 Jeremy gets off the train with Rob and Harn; they sleep in a park on DC. Between 26 and 27 Possibly some scenes with Jesse on the Moonbase. During 27 Possibly some scenes with Jesse on the Moonbase. During 28 Possibly some scenes with Jesse on the Moonbase. Between 29 and 30 Possibly some scenes nilüfer escort with Jeremy on the Dalek Ship. Between 31 and 32 A sonic shower awaits the trio however in 32 they discuss the deaths of Harn, Rob, and the Moonbase and Moon shuttle characters that helped Jesse. Between 32 and 33 Between 33 and 34 Between 37 and 38 Between 39 and 40 Between 41 and 42 Between 43 and 44 Between 46 and 47 Between 48 and 49 Between 55 and 56 Between 57 and 58 as the trio are collecting old friends and even old enemies During 59 Possibly more sequences with Toby…doubtful an adventure could take place here… Between 60 and 61 Between 61 and 62 During 62 As they try to make the trip to 2007 Between 62 and 63– but the Doctor is gone, missing, memory gone, J and J are stuck on Earth so it türbanlı escort has to take place either on Earth or wherever the Doctor is (Gallifrey, possibly with the Monks of Gallifrey). Between 63 and 64 Doctor is still lost; Jesse and Jeremy are still stuck on Earth in 2007 so within those confines Between 64 and 65 I supposed Jeremy and Jesse could have other adventures as they are tossed from time to time in the vortex but clearly it is only a week or so during the Dark Shadows cross over and they re-find the Doctor on…another planet, for them only that much time has gone by…June 30th to July 4th or thereabouts…for the Doctor, it could be seven years with the Monks… During the Dark Shadows saga from 65 to 79 I suppose little scenes could be made to happen somewhere along these days (the VERY end of June to July 4th) but only for Jesse and Jeremy and the people there; the Doctor is still on another planet…for seven years. There could be short scenes from Damon’s point of view I suppose. Or…more sex scenes…but doubtful any more could be crammed in here.

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