Mike’s Boss Takes Charge

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“Lisa needs to talk to you.”

Mike looked up from his desk to see Sally, his boss’s personal assistant, give him the order. Coming to the new firm had been a mixed blessing – work was tough and the hours were long, but his boss Lisa was gorgeous, and her cute assistant Sally was almost as good. Sally always wore business suits that didn’t show much skin, but fit just snug enough that you could tell she worked out. The thin, 5’5″ blonde walked away, hips swaying gently, and slid back into her chair. She gave Mike a sly smile as he walked past into Lisa’s office, eyeing him up and down.

He stepped into the room and saw her leaning against the window, looking out onto the parking lot 10 stories down. She had a short black skirt on that showed her strong but thin legs off well. Lisa’s suit jacket draped over her chair, and as she turned to face him, he almost thought he could make out the outline of her nipples pressing against the white fabric of her blouse.

“What did need?”

“What do I need? … that’s another matter … for now I just want you to take down some specs for the A-109 project.”

Mike got out his notepad and stepped a little closer to her desk, standing by the chair Lisa left out for visitors, and started to jot down notes as she rattled off a series of numbers. As he wrote, she returned to her desk and sat, rummaging through papers as she sat.

After a little bit, Mike noticed he wasn’t paying attention to what Lisa was saying anymore. His hands moved automatically, taking down notes on auto-pilot while his eyes wandered over her body. Lisa was a bit older than Mike – maybe 35 at most – but was still the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He knew she worked hard to keep her figure; he gulped silently tandoğan escort remembering her body in the green bathing suit that time they’d met at the gym.

She was tall, about 5’11”, with small but firm tits and fabulous long legs. Her long, black hair was always pulled back into a simple ponytail that complemented her strong cheekbones and fit well with the businesslike image her rimless glasses displayed. Mike was only 5’7″ but he’d always had a thing for taller women.

And gazing down now, he could just make out the tops of her breasts from between the line of open shirt where the buttons met on her blouse. She was wearing a dark green bra that looked fabulous next to her tan skin. Glancing furtively from her exposed chest to his notes, his cock sprung to attention. Mike had considered asking Lisa out before, or even Sally, but he was a bit shy asking women out because his penis was very tiny. But the one good thing was he could get erections freely and no one ever noticed because he didn’t bulge at all in his pants.

“Mike? Mike?”


He looked at her, just hearing her address him then, seeing a small smirk on her face.

“You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?”

“Um, yeah I did. I was just …”

“Just checking me out?” Lisa smiled and looked at him over the tops of her glasses, “I don’t mind, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of work.”

She stood then, and he glanced down even though he tried not to, and saw the top button of her shirt was undone, exposing the round tops of her breasts.

“But this is getting in the way, now, isn’t it?”

Before he could speak, Lisa took a step towards him, slid the chair aside, and stood right in front of tekirdağ escort Mike. At that second he felt tiny next to her tall height, but so aroused. He wished she would step forward and come next to him, and caress his body like he’d dreamed about so often.

“Mike,” she said, sliding closer, “Do you find me attractive.”

“Yes, I do,” he said after a brief hesitation.

Before he could even believe it, she was right next to him, leaning in for a kiss. Her warm lips pressed up against his, and her body, feeling softer than he’d imagined, slid next to him as well. He had almost flinched, but instead gave in, and kissed her back. Her hot body pressed against him, Mike suddenly felt very aware of how tiny his cock must feel – 3.5 inches of hardness sticking straight out at her.

Within seconds, she was sitting on the edge of her desk, and Mike stood in front of her, kissing her, leaning in to her warmth. Her left leg was up on the desk, so when Mike leaned in his hardness pressed almost into her pussy through the thin fabric of her black nylons and panties underneath.

As they continued kissing, her felt her hand slide down his chest, to the tops of his pants, and deftly undo the buttons and zipper. Within seconds she was in his underwear, wrapping her fingers around his tiny shaft. When she grabbed it she looked up to his face, with a look of surprise for a second, followed by a knowing smile. She leaned in and whispered into his ear.

“It’s tiny, isn’t it?”

He hesitated. “Yes.”

“That’s ok. I like tiny.” As she pulled him back towards her, he saw her eyes glance down at his now exposed cock, looking thin and unbelievably short, as she leaned back on the desk and slid her nylons and panties tokat escort off. He leaned into her, and slid his hard cock into her flowing wet pussy.

“Mmmmhh,” she let out a moan as he entered her, gripping his back. Her hips moved, and he felt well-trained muscles clamp onto his tiny cock inside her.

“Oh, god!” he let out, and slid his hands into her shirt, sliding open her top and pulling down her bra to expose her small but perfect breasts. As he slid softly in and out of her, they both stared at each other’s bodies – Lisa watching the slim shaft sliding in and out as he focused on her perfect tits. He slid his hands up and gently played with her hard nipples, as he dipped his cock into her soft body again.

“Good, good,” she said, gripping him tighter.

“Oh, yes.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me more. I want all of it.”

Mike shoved in deeper now, going faster and faster.

“Fuck me, little boy now. Fuck me harder.”

Oh, Fuck! I can’t believe this is happening – he thought as he shoved it into her. The rhythmic pulsing of their bodies perfectly matched. His tiny cock slipping in and almost all the way out with each shove. Just as he thought he couldn’t take any more he heard her let out a stifled whimper, her muscles clenching on his hardness, and he shot into her.

They held like that for over 5 minutes, until his hardness died down. She hugged him to her, a lot stronger than he was, keeping him inside. Just when she obviously couldn’t feel him anymore, she slid back and looked down at his now 1 inch dick.

“Very cute Mike.”


“Now … get out of my office.”

They both got dressed and he went back to his desk. He tried to lean in for 1 last kiss but she brushed him off.


A few days later, Mike sat at his desk and a blushing Sally passed him a note. She gave him a long look, and glanced down at his crotch and walked away.

The note read:

“Mike, I need you

– and your little dick

in my office now. – Lisa”

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