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Subject: Men of Dragon Ball Z – Chapter 11 “It’ll just be you two for a few hours Gohan.” Chichi says as she’s walking out the door with Goku. They were going to go for a meal with Bulma. Gohan decided to stay home because he had homework to finish and Goten was grounded. “Make sure you put him in the bath Gohan, and wash his hair please. He doesn’t wash it properly.” She added before closing the door. Gohan was sat there, thinking how he was about to see his brother naked again. The images flashed through his head as the thought stirred his dick inside his pants. He could feel the blood pumping south as the visable tent grew bigger. “I’m going to have to have a wank before bathing him, maybe then I won’t get hard whilst he’s sat there.” He thought. Gohan needed to go in the shower too so he might as well get showered first and have a wank whilst he’s in there. He grabbed a towel and some clothes and made his way to the bathroom. “I’m going to go and have a shower, then I’ll give you a bath Goten.” Gohan said as he walked past his brother. Goten was doing his homework as his mother requested him to. Gohan made it into the bathroom, lost in thought of what he wanted to do to his brother. Watching Goten getting fucked by Goku then getting a blowjob from him was one of the best and worse thing to happen to Gohan. It was all he could think about, but it was the best sight. Watchiing their fathers huge cock ramming into Goten’s small frame turned Gohan on soo much. He would wank whilst watching Goten from his bed, wishing that he would just come to his bed and blow him again. The feeling of Goten’s lips around his cock and balls was like heaven to Gohan, he was that sleepy at the time though he couldn’t even tell if he was just dreaming or not. However, when he fucked Trunks he knew he was definately awake. Fucking Trunks was one of the thing Gohan would think about when he has a wank, feeling the tight ring around his dick, his balls slapping off Trunks’ and his pubes getting pinned up against his parted ass cheaks. Gohan was stood in the bathroom, stroking his cock through his clothes. “What’s wrong with me?” He thought to himself. He’s gotten a blow job of his younger brother and fucked Trunks. He started getting undressed, as he did this he admired himself in the mirror. He looked at his large pecs that bounced a little as he moved, they rested ontop of eight rock hard abs. A trail of hair slid down beneath his boxers. He grabbed onto the waistband and dragged it down. More and more of Gohan’s pubes revealed themselves, long, curly, black tangles of hair hooked over the boxers kızılay escort as he slid them down. His full bush of black pubes was connected to the treasure trail. His long, hard, fat cock whipped up, quickly slapping against his stomache with an audable slap, he stood there, staring into the mirror watching his cock bounce up and down as he let his boxers drop to the floor. He reached down and tugged on his nut sack a little to unstick it from his legs as the sweat clung them together. Gohan turned around and stepped into the tub and closed the shower curtain, hiding himself behind it as he turned the shower on. Cold water came clashing down onto Gohan as he stood there, trying to get his erection to go down. With no luck Gohan had to start wanking. He reached down again and started stroking his balls, making his way up to stroke his massive cock. Making his way up to his foreskin, Gohan loved to play with his foreskin when he had a wank, he loved the feelong of the skin in his fingers and his dick certainly liked it too. He remembered what Goten did to him before and reached back to start fingering himself when he heard a small squeek. His hand flew off his dick, causing it to rock then he turned quickly. His cock slapping off his hip before bouncing with his balls as he came to a hault. He heard the small squeek again and then a small thud. ‘Did I lock the door?’ He thought to himself, he usually does but he was soo focused on his erection to remember to lock it. “Goten?” Gohan said softly. “Yeah?” Goten replied from the other side the shower curtain. “What are you doing in here?” Gohan asked, almost squeeling. “I wanted to go in the shower, plus it’s easier if we do it together, and faster.” Goten said. Gohan could hear the shuffles of clothes behind the shower curtain. ‘What am I going to do about this?!” He asked himself as he covered his dick, turning to make his back to Goten when he steps in. The shower curtain move backwards, showing Goten stood there comletely naked. Gohan looked back to catch a look, doing this made him want to cum in his hands right now. “You shy or something?” Goten asked as he noticed Gohan was hiding his private area from him. “N-no…” Gohan said, going red. He covered his dick as much as he could, a lot of it was still on show and his balls were completely on display, not to mention the mass of pubes there. Goten was at the perfect height, him being soo short made it so Gohan’s balls were right in his face. Goten loved big hairy nuts more than the actual cock itself. “You’re hard!” Goten yells, reaching keçiören escort up to play with his brother member. Goten moved his brothers hands out the way, Gohan was soo hard and horny he couldn’t say no. Goten reached up and started playing with the large hairy nut sack that dangled low below. “Ooohh…” Gohan moaned, Goten’s other hand reached up and started aying with the cock that pointed straight at him. He grabbed it below the head and started shoving the skin down until his fingers were touching the curly hair. Goten moved his face forward, sticking his tongue out and started swirling it around one of the large, hairy orbs. Gohan was moaning loudly as his brother sucked his nuts. Goten would drop one of the balls out of his mouth to put another one in, licking his way across the sack. His nut sack kept bouncing as he wanked off the older Saiyan. Hearing the slaps of skin made Goten want his brother to fuck him hard. Goten moved one of his hands behind Gohan, proding at his hole until his finger slid in. Gohan had no idea how long he’d be able to last at this rate. Goten spat the balls out his mouth and licked his way up the shaft, inching closer to the tip as he worked the ridge underneath. Once he got to the tip he licked his way around the folds of skin, sticking his tongue underneath, pulling the cock down more to reveal more of the pink gland. Goten stretched his way further down his older brothers cock until his nose was burried in his black pubes. Gohan was moaning loud as he started thrusting, his wet balls slapping against Goten’s chin. “You like that, huh?” Gohan moaned, picking up the pace. He’s never talked dirty to anyone before but he was soo horny he couldn’t help it. Gohan grabbed onto Goten’s head and forced him down more. He got rougher and rougher. “You want my cum in your mouth don’t you!” He yelled. His balls constantly slapping against the young Saiyans chin. Goten’s fingers kept diggin in Gohan’s ass, hitting all the right places as he violently face fucked him. “Fuck yeah! You like that?” Gohan screamed. Goten was mouning loudly as his brother used his throat. Goten played with Gohan’s tight, pink hole as his other hand stroked and massaged the wet, low hanging, pube covered nut sack below. “Holy fuck I’m gonna cum… Get ready!” Gohan kept his pace, slamming his hips into Goten’s face. Gohan got quicker and quicker until he let out a gigantic flood of cum in his throat. “Yeah… Take take it all!” Gohan’s breathing was heavy but his cock remained hard. He slid his dick out of Goten’s abused throat. “Clean escort ankara this up.” He said. Goten leaned forward and took the cock back into his mout, taking the thick ropes of salty cum off the sides of his brothers dick. “Now turn around.” Gohan demanded. Goten knew what was about to happened and he loved it, he just wants to get dominated by his brother. Gohan’s cock stood aiming at Goten as he turne, Gohan’s hand slowly stroked the impressive length. Goten slowly turned, his own dick pointing straight out. His ass cheeks jiggled and bounced as he turned. Gohan got straight down and parted Goten’s cheeks, revealing the tight, abused hole. Gohan didn’t want to prep him, he wanted to fuck him raw and make him scream. For weeks he’s had to sit back and watch his father fuck him, imagining how it’d feel and now he had the chance to fuck him. He pinned Goten to the wall, crouched down and whispered. “I’m going to fuck you raw, unlike dad.” Goten was shocked that Gohan knew about him and Goku. Goten went to say something but he couldn’t get it out as Gohan pinned him further to the wall. Gohan’s right leg joined Goten at the wall as he moved it to a 90 degree angle, his leg hair brushing Goten. He could feel his brothers cock up against his enterence, quickly the head broke through the tight ring. “Awweee!” Goten let out. “Come on, I know you want this!” He says, pushing further into him. His balls slapped against his little brothers as his pubes pushed up against him. Gohan slapped his brother ass cheek whilst he’s inside him. “Fuck yeah!” Gohan started moving his hips, eventually picking up his pace until he was pretty much a blur. The tip of his cock slammed against Goten’s prostate. “Urgghh!” Goten screamed in pain and pleasure as he shot his own cum against the tiled wall. His ass contracting around Gohan’s, eventhough it was getting harder to pull in and out of Goten with how tight he was, Gohan kept going. Crushing his hips in and out of Goten. “Fuck… Here it comes!” Gohan yells in Goten’s ear. “Yeah. Take it all!” He gritted. A waterfall of hot white liquid filled Goten’s ass. There was that much cum in Goten he had a slight bump in his stomache. “You fucking like that don’t you.” Gohan said as he slid out of his brother with a pop as the head left his enterence. Hot jizz came flowing gout of Goten’s ass, dripping into the bath below, mixing with the flowing water as it emptied down the drain. Goten knew what to do, he turned around and shoved his brothers dick back into his mouth to clean the excess cum away. Gohan looked at his brother then grabbed a shampoo bottle to wash his hair. “No one can know about this Goten. No one, not dad, Trunks or anyone else.” Goten looked at his brother, knowing that he’s be able to convince him to let him suck his dick again. If you want more stories like this, go check out my eon/josheroticstories

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