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Subject: Memorable Encounters 4: Sex with an Ice- Skating Champ Memorable Encounters 4: Sex with an Ice- Skating Champ I am currently 33 and of Indian origin. I have lived in London, in different cities in the US, and I currently live in India. I am 5’7, 120 pounds with a fit body, hot face and a thick 7 inch cut cock. I am your typical boy next door. These stories are true. Some names or places may have been changed. You can give me feedback at hoo I was 21 years old and was studying in Boston. I met Brian online on one of those gay sites. Darrin was 18, 5’6, with a six-pack and a face that could only define him as a twink. He was quarter Latin, quarter Asian and half white. He was gorgeous in all ways. He was a state level Ice Skater and was studying at the same time. This meant that it was difficult to find a convenient time to meet up. On a random weekday afternoon, he called to say that he was close to my place and had just gotten done with his ice-skating training. Luckily, I was home so told him to come over. I quickly showered and cleaned myself thoroughly. I put on some track-pants and wore a casual T-Shirt. I was going commando and my track-pants were tight enough to see the length of my cock going down my left side. The bell rang and I let Brian in. ankara escort bayan He was wearing a very tight jumpsuit and a jacket on top. We said hi and started kissing before I could even close the door. He was a passionate kisser and his mouth tasted minty. His hard dick was pressing against mine and it felt great. We went into the bedroom, and he started sucking my cock through my trackies. He would playfully bite the head and then try swallow it. I leaked some precum through my pants which he lapped up. He took off his jumpsuit and was in his tighty whitie. His six pack was prominent and his strong and tight body showed that he clearly worked out extensively. He looked extremely cute and hot at the same time. He climbed on top of me and sat on my track covered hard cock while he took my T-shirt off. He licked, sucked and playfully chewed on my tiny nipples. It had to be some of the best foreplay ever. He kept on grinding his ass against my hard cock. I literally wanted to shove my cock in his hole through my tracks and his underwear. He licked my entire body and took my tracks off. My hard thick 7-inch cock was standing at attention with some precum on the slit. He licked the head and then slowly started sucking my cock. He we went at it for 10 mins but eryaman escort what I really wanted was his hole. I made him lie down on the bed and took of his underwear. His thin 5-inch uncut cock was leaking precum like a faucet. I pulled back his foreskin and sucked him. I lifted his legs up and started rimming him. I darted my tongue in and out of his hungry hole. It was a but sweaty as he hadn’t showered after the practice but it tasted heavenly to me. I would spit in his hole and then finger him for a bit. Then I would rim him again and then finger him some more. He was moaning rather loudly and I am pretty sure my neighbors heard him. He practically screamed aloud that he wanted my cock up his hole. I took out the condom and the lube from the bedside drawer. I put the condom on and put some lube on the tip. I also lubed up his whole with my fingers. He started moaning again and his cock was leaking precum like crazy. He said he wanted it doggy style so I went behind him and lined up my cock against his hole. I slowly inserted my cock. His hole was super tight and it felt super good. I could feel my entire 7 inches in his warm hole. I started fucking him slowly at first with full long lengths, followed my hard and fast in short lengths. He etlik escort was moaning like crazy so I pushed his head against the pillow. I knew I wouldn’t last so long so I told him to change positions. He said he will sit on my cock facing me. His hole gobbled my cock in one go and he was bouncing around like crazy. His cock was extremely hard and kept on leaving strings of precum on my stomach. I asked him to bend a bit so that we could kiss at the same time, and it would muffle his moans. 10 minutes into it he said he was cumming. He was continuing to bounce on my cock and he shot his load all over my chest and face. I blew my load in the condom at the same time. I took his cum on my finger and fed it to him and then we kissed. We were sweaty from the fuck and jumped into the shower. We ended up making out some more and were both hard and horny again. We took turns sucking cock and then I told him that I wanted to fuck him again. I got the condom and he leaned against the shower and I entered him from behind. I had barely fucked him for like 5 minutes when I felt the urge to cum. He went down on his knees, took the condom off and swallowed my cock in one go. I ended up shooting in his mouth. He got up and shared my cum. I then went down on him and he shot his cum in my mouth. We again kissed and shared the cum. It was a hot scene which I will always remember. Brian and I hooked up two more times before I graduated and left the city. Stay tuned for more. I would love your feedback. It can be sent at hoo.

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