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Ok, so this is my first attempt at writing. If you have read my profile (which I am sure you have not) you will see that I have decided to start writing in order to share some of my bizarre, fun, strange, and crazy real-life stories with you.

Yes, these are real. I admit, some parts have been a little embellished, but they are not too far from the truth. In the end, I guess I am the only one who will really ever know and for that reason you will just have to trust me (or enjoy it for what it is worth to you….a simple fantasy).

I am a fun girl. I know I am sexy (and arrogant about it). I use my sexuality to get everything I want, and some things I don’t. It has gotten me into trouble before, but so what. Life goes on.

I enjoy turning men on, and I admit it. Well, I admit it to you, but not to them.

I usually find myself in normal situations doing normal things, but I have had enough boyfriends to know how your little minds work so I use that to my advantage. After all, most girls in my position do (or should do) the same.

Sometimes I am simply lying by the pool when I notice a guy checking me out. A lot of the time I just let it go. Maybe I return a nice smile and that is the end of it. Sometimes my smile ends up being interpreted by him as an “invitation” and the next thing I know he is either buying me a drink, striking up conversation, asking me out, or all of the above.

It is because of the consequences that I carefully choose who to “flirt” with, because you never know who is going to try and make a move.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean I can’t spot the guy in the room (or at the pool) that has no self confidence and couldn’t get a woman if he tried. You know the type, the guy that will stare at you until you finally stare back. Then, the minute eye contact is made, he damn near runs the other way. Yeah, I play with them too.

Some of my friends (the few that know I do this stuff) will playfully call me an “attention whore.” Maybe I am, I do know I like the attention, as that is my personality. I am a girl who wants all the eyes on me but want to be left alone at the same time. Some would hear that and just call me a bitch.

I have been known to go to extreme measures to get someone’s attention. About a year ago I was at the pool and there was an extremely hot guy sitting maybe 20 feet from me. He looked over at me a couple of times and I decided that I would flirt back. He was pretty hot, so what is the worst that could happen?

I started looking his way and doing other subtle things to get his attention, but it got to a point where he started to ignore me. I don’t know if he lost interest or if he found some other “piece of ass” to stare at or maybe he thought he was too good for me.

I decided that I was definitely going to teach him a lesson. My plan was to get him so worked up, and then leave him before he had a chance to make his move.

I did all the normal stuff like “eye flirting,” smiling at him, standing up to adjust my towel and bending over while fixing it. I finally noticed by the front of his shorts that I had his full attention.

At this point I was ready to push the poor bastard over the edge.

I went so far as to even expose my breasts at one point while adding more lotion. He got a full view, but he just kept sitting there. I was actually starting to get a little pissed off in that I was working so hard to get him to make his move, and yet he just sat there like a fucking idiot.

I finally decided to give him the “money shot,” which never seems to fail.

I was lying in a position that had him directly across from me; I figured this was going to be too easy. While laying in my lounge chair (with my toes pointing straight at him, and him laying in a position where he was facing right back at me) I was able to expose my neatly shaved crotch so that he had a clear line of sight.

I tried to act like I didn’t know my bikini bottom had slid so far over and I just left it out there for him to see while I continued to work on my tan.

Thanks to my sunglasses I was able to act as if I was looking another direction even şişli escort though I was really looking right at him.

He took a long look at me, and even licked his lips ever so slightly. He even reached down to adjust his “package” as it was starting to stick straight up. I had him right where I wanted him! But, after a few seconds, he put his head back down and kept reading whatever book he was holding.

My plan had failed and I was more that pissed. I have never been so denied, but on the other hand, I took comfort in the fact that I know he was hard as a rock.

I gathered my stuff and decided it was time to leave. As I walked out of the pool area, I looked back to see him sliding carefully into the pool with his book in front of his crotch.

I laughed to myself when I realized that he was probably going to be there for a while, and for his sake, I hope the water was cold.

Yes, this is me and this is what I do. I don’t know why I do it, but I have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.

My pool escapades are good ones as they are in public and it is always a “safe” environment, in case I do run into some kind of crazy person who won’t let me go.

But, these actions have gotten me into trouble (as I stated earlier). Don’t get me wrong, it has never been any trouble that I couldn’t handle, but I have been “busted” before. I don’t know, I actually think that is part of the fun.

About a week after the above mentioned pool incident, I was shopping at one of my favorite clothing stores. It was in the middle of summer so I was wearing my usual weekend clothing consisting of a short cotton skirt; baby t-shirt, and flip-flops (the kind with heels of course).

I was in my own little corner of the store looking at some dresses when I noticed a guy just starring at me. The store is half men’s and half girls so it was not un-usual to have men around.

This guy was apparently shopping in his section and was now a few racks away just staring at me. Due to the fact that the sales floor was covered with chest high clothing racks, he could really only see me from about my shoulders up.

I looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back. I then followed that up with a wink, only for him to smile even bigger and chuckle a little to himself. I thought he was cute and couldn’t help but smirk a little as I turned my attention back to the dresses I was holding.

I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw that he was still there, and that is when my “instincts” took over. I slowly put the dresses back on the rack and turned to look right at him. He was too far away to speak too, so I just put my finger to my lips (making a “be quiet” gesture) and watched as he nodded his head in agreement.

I quickly looked both ways and realized that no one else could really see me from where I was standing. I pulled my skirt up and slipped my thumbs into the sides of my regular boring white cotton panties, and slid them down to my ankles with a quick downward push. I reached down to pick them up (after stepping out of them) and put them in my purse.

I started to walk to a rack of clothes that were a little closer to him and he just stood watching. I found a rack where I could put my back to him and pretend to shop, while giving him a full view of my body.

I kept looking over my shoulder to see if he was still there, and he was. He was just smiling and starring. He had no idea what was about to come his way.

I dropped my purse to the floor and made it look accidental. When I bent over to pick it up, I gave him a full view of my slit. I took my time picking it up, but when I stood up, I turned to face him. His face was full of shock and amazement.

I laughed out loud.

I started to walk off and he began to follow. I realized that at this point I had a real game on my hands. I went back to the corner where I took my panties off and he walked over and stood on the opposite side of the rack.

“I saw you dropped your purse back there” he said.

“Is that all you saw?” I asked

He only laughed but gave no reply to the question. sivas escort He tried to introduce himself at that point, and I simply told him I didn’t want to know his name. He nodded and said “ok.”

“Can I ask your name?” he said.

“You can ask, but I wont tell you” I replied.

He then said, “Ok, so you won’t tell me your name. Will you at least show me the tits that go along with that great ass?”

I was a little shocked at how forward he was, but was thrilled he was playing along. I simply took a step back from the rack, and pulled my tight t-shirt up and over my tits. Of course, I had my bra on so he didn’t get to see much before I lowered my shirt back down.

“No, I meant without the bra!” He said quickly.

“Oh” I replied, trying to act like a completely stupid Barbie Doll idiot. “Ok”

I unhooked my bra and removed it through the arm-hole of my shirt. My nipples were so hard at this point that I almost didn’t need to lift the shirt for him to get a view of my tits, but I did anyway.

“Wow, those are really nice” he said.

“Thanks, now what are you going to do for me?” I asked him, not really expecting much of an answer. (And this is where my little games get me in trouble).

“Well, umm, I was hoping to take you some where and have sex with you” he replied.

I almost burst out laughing. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that having sex was just not in the cards for him. My whole purpose was to get him all worked up and I had completed that much.

“Sorry sweetie, not today, after all, I need to get going.”

I turned to walk off and he stopped me by saying “Ma’am, if you don’t come with me right now I will tell security that you exposed yourself to me, and I am sure you don’t want to deal with the ramifications of that.”

I was stunned. He was threatening me.

I walked right out of the store and straight to my car. He followed right behind me and when we got to my car he pulled out a pen and wrote down my license plate number.

“Not only do they have you on video tape in the store, but I have your license number. Do you still feel like running off?”

I just stood there with my keys in my hand. I was screwed. If I ran, he would turn me in, and they had everything they needed to bust me. If I hadn’t run to my car, he at least would not be able to look me up (by getting the police involved).

I was pretty sure I was going to have to accept my fate and just asked him “what do you want from me?”

“Hmmm, I think a Blow Job should cover it” he answered.

Fucking hell, this creep sees my tits and ass, and thinks I owe him a goddamn suck off. Well, whether I owed it or not, he had me where he wanted me.

“Ma’am, you can just drive off if you want. I will not keep you here. But if you drive off, I am going back in to talk to security and then calling the police to get the info from your license plate.”

“Ok, so you want a blow job. Not unless you first give me that paper with my license number on it, and then we go somewhere else. Afterwards, I don’t want you following me back here because I don’t want you getting my info.”

He actually agreed to that and handed me the paper immediately.

I then demanded, “I also want you to buy me whatever I want from that store we just walked out of.”

I figured that if he wanted the blow job bad enough he would probably agree, and if I was going to be sucking his cock, it wasn’t going hurt to at least ask for a shopping spree.

To my surprise, he agreed to that as well.

“Is that it?” he asked.

“I guess so.”

“Ok then, follow me” he ordered.

I put my stuff in my car and followed him across the parking lot. We went back into the store we just came out of, and he told me to grab something off the rack and go to the dressing room.

I did as I was told, but actually thought about running again. Of course, I knew where that would end up, so I decided to just get it over with.

I grabbed a skirt from one of the racks and went into the last dressing room stall.

A few seconds later he pushed the stall door open and came sıhhiye escort in. He locked the door and then sat on the bench in the room.

I just stood there looking at him until he finally said “Well, get on with it!”

The command sent a small tingling of excitement throughout my body. My clit was still exposed as both my bra and panties were in my purse (which was now in my car) and I could actually feel myself getting wet. I couldn’t believe it, but this was turning me on.

I dropped to my knees and unfastened the front of his pants. His cock shot out of the front of his boxers and stood perfectly erect. My original goal was to turn this guy on and I apparently had done a good job of it.

I grabbed his dick in my hand and started to lick the top of it. I worked a lot of saliva onto it in order to make it really wet. I began licking up and down the shaft, and then working my way back to the top. I started to gently suck on just the head of his penis when I felt him start to gather up my hair and hold it in a pony tail for me. I actually thought that was a nice gesture.

I know what you are thinking, “here is a guy forcing me to suck his dick, and I am thinking how nice he is for holding my hair.” I know, but at this point it wasn’t a big deal and it was a nice thought on his part.

Once he got my hair gathered in one hand, I felt his other hand cradle the back of my head. Any girl who has ever given a blow job knows exactly what is coming next, so I braced myself for it. I relaxed my jaw, opened my throat and was ready.

He used his second hand to quickly force my head all the way down onto his cock. All 7 inches of his dick went right into my mouth and right into my throat. I did my best not to gag on it, and was actually glad I prepared for it.

At this point I was done giving him any kind of blow job, as from this point forward he did all the work.

He practically grabbed me by the ears and just began fucking my mouth as if it was an empty cunt. Never mind the fact that this whole was attached to my face!

This went on for about five minutes with the occasional slowing down, only for him to rest his arms, before he started humping my face with more vigor each time. It was like he was determined to get himself off in record time.

Finally I felt his dick start to pulse as he was getting near the end. This was not that big of a deal for me as I had a boyfriend who use to always take over when I gave him head. It was like he didn’t know how much better it could be if he would just sit on his hands and let me do what I do best.

Suddenly it hit me in the back of the throat like a rocket. His cum shot out of him like he had been storing it up for a special occasion and it didn’t stop. He just kept cuming and cuming. I swallowed all that I could, and then started just storing the rest in my mouth.

He finally pulled his dick out and let go of my head. I turned and spit the cum that was in my mouth out onto the floor.

“Thank you” he said. “I really needed that.”

“Apparently” I replied.

I looked into the mirror that was hanging on the wall. I had a little cum on my lips but my lipstick was smeared everywhere. I stood up and grabbed the dress that I had brought with me to the dressing room. I used it like a wash rag to wipe my face clean.

When I was done, he was just standing there watching me. He had already put his dick away and was ready to leave.

“I am ready to hold up my end of the bargain” he said.

“Good, let’s go shopping.” I must have drug him around that store for another three hours (trying to take as long as possible) and when it was all said and done, I ran up a bill just under two thousand dollars. He pulled out his credit card and picked up the tab, just like he said he would.

As I was gathering up all the bags he turned and walked out the front of the store without saying a word. I don’t know if he was pissed off or just ready to get out of there.

Anyway, so this is me. I am not a whore, or a slut. I don’t just have sex with anyone. I could have gotten in my car and driven off if that is what I wanted to do. There might have been some legal trouble later (indecent exposure ticket or something like that) or there might have been nothing at all (he could have been bluffing).

All I know is that I got him all worked up and if I didn’t think he was cute, there would have never been a blow job.

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