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Subject: Marooned Chapter 6 This story is a work of fiction and all characters are fictitious. Where any organisation is mentioned it must be assumed that none of the characters named in this story as connected with that organisation bear any resemblance to , nor are intended to represent, any character really associated with that organisation. There may well be some activity in this story which is of a mildly sexual nature, and involving a minor. If this is offensive to you, or if it is not legal for you to read it, please do not do so. Having said that, any such activity is of a loving kind and is not intended to be pornographic. Again, if it is pornography you are looking for, look elsewhere. If you wish to contact me to provide feedback, you can e mail me ook Please remember that it costs Nifty money to publish these stories for your enjoyment. The only income Nifty recieves is the donations of those who enjoy the stories, so please consider donating fty/donate.html Marooned Chapter six By Jonah From the cover of the trees I could see two men sitting by our fire. “How many are there Ben?” I thought. “Five,” came the answer. “Two on the island and three here on the ship. They’re pirates, and they’re angry that I won’t talk to them”. “Is that why they took you to the ship?” “Why else would they bring a naked boy on board?” Sarcasm already! “If they touch…..” “Rob….I – I’m not a virgin any more” A red mist descended over everything. I picked up; a heavy rock. Using the dingy for cover I crept toward the fire. I crouched impotently behind the dinghy. If they moved, I was ready, but I could do nothing while they sat there together, gibbering in a language I didn’t recognise. After what seemed like hours one of them got up and walked to the tree line. In a flash I was behind him and the rock connected below his left ear. He fell silently and as I pulled the pistol from his belt I dropped and rolled sideways pointing the pistol toward the remaining man as I flipped off the safety. There was no movement from that direction. He just sat hunched over the fire. I picked up the rock in my left hand and izmit rus escort pointing the pistol with my right, I tiptoed toward him, deliberately keeping my eyes on the ship. Most humans don’t realise that they can sense when somebody is looking at them. It’s a sense we don’t consciously use very often, but if you wish to conceal yourself, it’s handy to know about. If you are hiding, don’t look at your pursuer. If you don’t make eye contact there is a good chance that he could look straight at you and not realise that he has seen you. Just keep very still and focus your eyes somewhere else. The rock connected with his jawbone just behind the left ear. In both cases I had struck hard enough to kill but I wasnt going to stick around and check for a pulse. In a kill or be killed situation the Hippocratic Oath does not apply. I picked up the second pistol and dived into the dinghy. I took up my shirt and tied it around my waist as a makeshift belt. Then I wrapped the emergency blanket tightly around the two pistols and tucked them in the shirt. I found the pocket containing the flares and tucked them, still in their plastic packaging, into the other side of the shirt. I crept out and scanned the ship for any sign of life on deck. There was none. I ran into the sea, hoping to get as much of myself as possible submerged before anybody came on deck. About halfway out I was able to take a deep breath and duck beneath the surface. I swam a few yards before coming up for air, then deep breath and down again. In a little while I was hiding under the shadow of the rowing boat, its painter tied to the ship’s ladder. I had a plan, but it was a risky one. Doing nothing would have been more risky still. “Where are you Ben?” “Aft, in the galley. I’m tied up so I can’t move”. “Is anybody with you?” “No,” came the reply, “one’s down in the engine room, but the other two are forward somewhere”. I climbed the ladder and peered over the bulwark. “I’m by the ladder on the port side”, I thought, “you must be to my right.” “Walk toward me”, came the reply, “You’ll soon find me”. I clambered silently onto the deck and carefully izmit escort unwrapped a pistol. Tiptoeing aft I heard the thought, “You’re getting nearer. I’m behind the door on your left.” My beautiful boy had sustained a black eye and a cut to the other cheek. He had a posterior bleed and there would be lacerations where his wrists were bound to an overhead pipe. He was soon cut loose using a carving knife, which I promptly tucked into my “belt”. I was angry. I was thinking murderous thoughts and I think Ben was a little frightened by them. Where’s the hatch to the engine room” I thought. “In that alcove at the back of the galley. I don’t think there’s another way in” I ran to the back of the alcove and fired up two handheld flares which I dropped down the hatch and then screwed down the hatch cover. There was angry shouting, muffled by the cover. I was already a murderer, so far as I knew. and would probably add more to the score before long, but if there was to be guilt, it would have to wait until later. Myt first duty was to Ben, and I was already dragging him along the deck. I tipped him over the bulwark and carefully lowered him into the boat, then I swung my legs over and dropped down beside him. There was an angry shout from forrard and a man rushed along the deck brandishing a viscious looking machette. I aimed the Very pistol and put a parachute flare into the wheelhouse. Immediately another man appeared and siezed a fire extinguisher but the first man leapt the bulwark and dropped into the boat. There was a bullet in his chest before he landed. and I kicked him overboard and untied the painter. I had already pushed off before the other man realised that there was another fire aft. I was literally rowing for my life. The second man took his fire extinguisher aft but there was a sudden explosion and the whole stern of the ship was in flames. in terror he leapt into the sea, but was immediately engulfed in choking oil. I pulled away to clear the spreading oil slick and I was not a moment to soon. The oil quickly took fire. I could hear the man’s terrified cries, but they were soon silent. I couldn’t have gone back for kocaeli escort him even if I’d wanted to. Hopefully he was dead before the flames reached him. I wasn’t about to hang around checking out the ship. It would probably sink anyway. My boy needed attention to his wounds so I put my back into the oars. It couldn’t have been as much as four-hundred yards but it felt like the longest row in history. Eventually I beached the rowing boat and climbed out and dragged it up the beach a little way before I lifted Ben out and carried him to the dinghy. Gently I lay him inside and broke open a medikit. “I’m soiled goods” came a sudden thought. “You’ve been tempered, and toughened, and you’re beautiful” my brain responded before I could stop it. “I was saving myself for you” came a response. I set about tending his wounds. “You were planning to make me a child molester?” “You’re already that, in a nice way,” there was a smile with the words, “I was planning to make you my lover”. “So what do you think you’re doing now?” “Now I’m soiled goods”. “Nobody living has taken your virginity”. “Still soiled goods”. “Quit worrying about things you can’t change. Nobody living has taken your virginity. That has to be enough”. I bent to kiss him, he pulled back; then he looked into my eyes. Did he read the hurt in my eyes, or did he find it in my brain? Either way our lips met, and neither of us was in a hurry to change that. Finally I had made him comfortable. His wounds stabilised, and bleeding stopped. If he looked like a little wounded soldier, that was because he was exactly that. “Bananas for supper,” I said out loud. “they’re all we’ve got. What a pity I couldn’t raid the pirate ship’s galley before I scuttled it”. “You were a hero.” “We both were” I thought. “They didn’t expect to come up against a team like us”. We ate in silence. If either of us had any thoughts we didn’t share them. “Get your head down Ben” I said. “You need your rest”. “Still trying for that sore throat? What are you going to do?” “Pull that rowing boat up where the tide can’t reach it, then bury some bodies. After that I’m going to come and lie down with my lover” “What do you want the rowing boat for?” “Well it’s all wood. I thought we might break it up to make a raft”. There was a clicking noise in the back of his throat . His lips curled and his chest heaved. My beautiful boy was laughing.

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