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Subject: The Making of Daniel The Making of Daniel Chapter 54 The normal restrictions apply…..18+ and of course, get naked…… and most of all…Enjoy! The conversation at dinner mostly centered around my college visit, with Mom asking lots of questions, about the interview and the campus. Adam just picked at his food, for while, and then asked if he could be excused. He was a very polite kid, something my parents weren’t that used to with the three of us. I told them I would bring him up to my room, and show him around. Also thinking maybe when we were along together, he would open up a little more about what happened. So I grabbed his backpack which was still by the front door, and I showed him up to my, well our room. I cleaned out a couple of draws for him, and pushed some of my clothes aside in the closet. But he really didn’t need it as he only had what was in his backpack, which wouldn’t even take up one of the draws. He watched me as he sat on the bed, not saying much until… “Daniel, can I ask you something?” Adam said shyly “Sure, anything” I said, sitting down on my bed facing him. “Ummm… I don’t…. a…. never mind” he said obviously embarrassed or something “Come Adam, you can ask, don’t worry” “Okay, don’t get mad at me, promise?” he pleaded “Promise!” “Okay, when you and your dad were in the bathroom, what were you doing?” he asked, and then immediately looked down “Why, we… we went to take a piss!” I said maybe a little to abruptly “See, you got mad…. I’m sorry never mind” he said and he turned and laid down on the bed, with his face in the pillow. Fuck, I’ve done it already, shit! I thought “Dude. Adam…. dude, look at me!” I said, and he turned his face towards me. “You really want to know what we were doing?” He shook his head, and actually perched himself up on one elbow, and waited for my answer. “Okay, but you have to promise not to freak out, okay?” “I promise” He said softly “Well first of all, I’m gay and my parents and brothers all know” I said, as he stared at me, thinking I should start at the beginning. “Also, we are a very free and open minded family, which might freak you out a little.” I said and waited for him to respond “You’re gay?” He said happily for the first time since we met. “Yes, I’m sorry if you can’t handle that, but that’s who I am.” I said matter of factly! “That is so cool, and your parents don’t care?” Adam said as he looked at me with the most beautiful eyes. David was right! With that, Adam forgot about his first question, and began asking all sorts of question about me being gay. How did I know, how did I get the balls to tell my family, how did they tak the news….. he kept firing question after questions, until I finally had to stop him after an hour or more. “Dude, I’m really tired, it’s been a long day for both of us, lets go to bed, and we can talk more in the morning.” I said truly exhausted from the day. He got up and hugged me as I sat on the bed. “Thank you for being so nice to me.” And he pulled away, and I could swear he was crying again. And when I got back from the bathroom, he was already in bed, his clothes neatly folded on the top of my dresser. I looked at them, and then back at Adam, and wondered why anyone would throw this kid out of the house. And after removing bursa escort my shirt, and tossing it on the floor of my closet, I noticed from the corner of my eye, Adam was watching me undress. It brought me back to when I first watched David undress that night, long ago. So, as not to disappoint, I slowly undid the button on the top of my Khaki’s, and lowered them, exposing my naked ass to him. Then once they were around my ankles, I kicked them into the heap of clothes in the closet. And when I turned around and walked towards the bed, Adam just blatantly stared at my swinging cock and balls. “How are we doing in here boys?” My father said standing at the door. “Okay, just getting ready for bed Dad, it’s been a long day for both of us” I said, as I turned around to look at him. “Well get some sleep, and Adam, we’ll get things straightened out tomorrow. Also, we are going to take you shopping and get you some more clothes. Good night boys!” He said, as he turned and walked away. And as I walked to the bed, the expression on his face was of complete shock. “What?” I asked as I stood next to the bed. “Your father just saw you naked….” He said in completed disbelief. “Yea….a… as I said, we are a pretty open minded family, and we don’t much go for clothes in this house, but you’ll find that out soon enough.” I said Finally after I got in bed, and got ready to turn out the light when he asked.” Daniel, do you always sleep in the nude?” “Ever since I was 13” I said as a matter of fact. “Damn I was feeling bad cause my parents didn’t give me any pajamas to sleep in, so I’m sleeping in my underwear. But this is way cool!” And with that, I saw him struggle a bit under the covers, until he produced the rattiest pair of boxers I had ever seen, which he threw on the floor. “I used to sleep naked, but when my father found out, he made fun of me, and then told the whole family at the dinner table. They all laughed at me, including my mother.” Adam said softly, like he was embarrassed. “Well you don’t have to worry about that around here. Good night Adam.” “Good Night Daniel, and thank you so much.” he said I don’t know how long I had been asleep, when I felt someone tugging on my toe. “Hey, Daniel, wake up. Come on downstairs, I wanta fuck you in the sling” I heard somebody whisper. I looked up, David was standing at the end of my bed; naked! I could see the shadow of his swollen cock, it was rock hard, towering above his balls. Just the sight of his massive cock made me instantly horny. So I got out of bed as quietly as I could, and followed him down the stairs. The sling was cold against my naked skin, as I climbed on and adjusted myself into the straps. David grabbed my legs and secure each one to the straps that were attached to the chains that hung from the ceiling. Exposing my wanting hole to him David’s lube covered cock slipped into my asshole without effort, and soon the sling was swinging back and forth and my ass was getting pumped with David’s 10 inch cock. While I swear like a sailor as he fucked me. “oh yea…. fuck, oh come David, fuck me!!!… yea shove that hard cock deep up my ass…” I begged, knowing how David loved that, making him fuck me harder. And harder he did, soon he was slamming his body into mine, as he held on tightly to bursa escort bayan the sling, trying to keep it in place, as he pounded my ass without mercy. “Ahhhhh…..ohhhh.. fuuuucckkkk” I could hardly talk, as he brutally fucked me into submission. “Oh fuck Daniel, I can’t hold it ….oh fuck… fuck yea, ohhh I”M CUMMMING….” he screamed, as his cock plunged deeper into my asshole, packing my ass with his warm, white, gooey spunk. Fuck, what was that! I thought to myself, only 5 minutes of fucking? “I’m sorry Little Dude, I couldn’t hold it, your ass just makes me cum” he said as I laid there in the sling looking up at him. My hard cock was lying dormant against my bare pubic bone, leaking immense amounts pre-cum. And as he pulled his spent cock from my ass, I sighed in disappointment. “Oh fuck….. yeaaaa…. David, give me more…” I suddenly begged as he pushed 3 fingers into my cum dripping open hole. Soon 3 became 4, as he pushed and strechted my hole, making me writhe and squirm in the sling. And when he brought his thumb into his hand and pushed his cone shaped hand into my ass, I gasped, as he began to push hard against my ass. “Oh fuck David, that feels sooo fucking good, yea fuck me with that fist” I pleaded, wanting more and more of it deep inside me. I could feel his hand pushing into me, so I spread my legs wider, inviting him to invade me completely. And as my asshole stretched around his slick hand, he pushed harder, probing his cupped hand into the warm recesses of my ass. Oh god how I wanted, no I really needed more and more of his fist to fill the hunger of my asshole. “Oh yea….yea……oh fuck!” I whimpered as he stared down at my face, his fingers were now all deep in my ass, and his rounded palm was pressing into me, begging for access. Again I pushed against him to open myself up, and groaned loudly as his fist inched further and further up my ass. The pain was intense, but the pleasure was wildly sexual, as could be seen by my cock. It was dark red, and skin tight, with gobs of cum leaking out the slit. My ball were tight against the base of my hard shaft, as if to make room for David’s hand the was forcing its way into me. “Daniel this is so fucking hot, you ass is on fire….. do you want…” I wouldn’t even let him finish….. “Oh fuck yea…… don’t stop now!” I said, almost begging him. And once again I could feel the pressure of his fist as it start to fill my asshole. Again, I lifted my ass up off the sling, and with a loud gasp from me, and a grunt from David, his fist slid into my ass, as my stretched out ass-lips tightened around his wrist. “Oh fuck David, that feels so good’ I said, and he didn’t move, allowing me to breath and accept his large invading fist. Slowly he withdrew his now cupped hand in small increments, then slowly sliding back into the dark cavity of my asshole. I don’t know if he had ever experienced fisting anyone before, but he knew what he was doing, and it was driving me wild. In, out, up, down, pushing and pulling; oh fuck, my ass was getting ruined and I was in fucking heaven. And when he withdrew it completely from my ass, I whimpered, as he applied more lube to his hand and arm. David’s eye locked on mine, as his fingers explored the loose lips of my asshole. And as his hand pushed escort bursa deeper into my ass, the connection between us intensified. My asshole was stretching open to accept him, as he took control. The connection between us let him know I was his, and he could do with me what he pleased. It was the strangest, but most intense feeling; giving yourself up to someone, and allowing them to control you in a very sexual way. And, once again, as his fist worked deeper into my ass, I let go, and closed my eyes. I was his! The sensitivity intensified significantly when I closed my eyes. Suddenly, I could feel each finger, knuckle, and bump on his fist as he maneuvered his hand inside my asshole. The fierceness of the invasion in my ass was driving me wild. I couldn’t get enough, my sexual hunger was so heightened, my body was actually shivering internally. I had to do something to stave off my impending orgasm, so I grabbed each of my nipples an twisted hard. The pleasure filled pain brought me back from the edge, and to my brothers voice. “Little Dude, your ass is so fucking hot! I can’t believe I have my whole fucking fist inside your ravenous hole, fuck dude!” he uttered unbelievably. I couldn’t talk, I moaned softly stating my pleasure, until he pushed deeper into me. I gasped and cried loudly, as his fist pushed against my tight ass muscles, into virgin territory. I arched my back, pushing into him, sinking his lube covered hand deeper into my hungry hole. And when I relaxed, I looked at him, but he was looking down, almost in awe. And when I looked between my legs and saw that he had sunk his fist and arm up to the middle of his forearm inside my ass, I looked up at him. And when our eyes met, as he withdrew, and pushed his arm even deeper, as I gasped and moaned once again. My ass was getting pulverized…. My cock was so fucking hard and leaking, but I didn’t dare touch it, as it would have spouted off immediately. My abs were covered in pre-cum and it was actually dripping down my side. David continued to pull out, and push deeper into me, never fully withdrawing his fist completely. It was the most intense sexual thing I had ever had done to me, that was until he made me cum His fist and arm had just made another push, and I don’t know how deep inside me he was, as I was laying back in the sling in a heighten state of sexual bliss. But when he began vibrating his arm, it sent me into a orgasmic frenzy. “OH FUCK DAVID” I screamed as my balls pulled up and my cock began to throb violently and cum jettisoned from the head like a machine gun. 30, 40 seconds, a minute, and cum was still shooting from my cock, as David continued to vibrate his fist against my prostrate. I was literally convulsing in the sling, as my cock was spewing cum all over me. Finally I begged him to stop, as I couldn’t take it anymore. So he slowly withdrew his arm, and fist from my recked asshole. I couldn’t move, I was spent! That was until I felt David’s tongue drag up my torso, as he licked up a mouthful of cum. And when I finally opened my eyes, his face was against mine. Our mouths opened and our tongues met. And as he fed me my cum, I could feel his cock enter me again, and he slowly fucked me while we kissed. His orgasm didn’t come quick this time, we fucked for a good ten to fifteen minute like that, mouth to mouth, cock to ass. Hope you got off …Let me know, love to hear the messy aol Remember, Nifty runs on Donations, so if you like what you read, help keep it going by sending them a check.

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