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Subject: Learning my Place – 3 NOTICE: This is a work of fiction depicting sex between males, including male relatives. If this is something that bothers you, read no further. Thank you to Nifty Archive for the work it does for its writers. Please consider donating here: fty Please provide feedback: ail Learning my Place — Part 3 The next morning, I awoke with someone pinning me down, face on the bed. I tried to move, but it was clear that someone was sitting on the top of my back. Then someone pulled my briefs down. I was starting to panic when I saw dad kneeling next to the bed. “Good morning, boy,” he said. He was completely naked as he reached over to caress my cheek. “No point in struggling,” he added. “The Brooks will have their fun.” I understood then what was happening. I watched as dad sat on the chair next to the bed, legs open with his soft dick hanging between them, watching the Brooks work on me. The one sitting on top of me spread my ass cheeks and spat down while the other rubbed the saliva in. Then, I felt the other’s dick touching my boy hole. I shut my eyes tight, waiting for what was about to happen and, as I did so, I felt a pressure against my hole. I tried to relax as much as I could, and the head slipped in. Thankfully, dad had loosened me up the night before, so it didn’t hurt much, but it was still different having a cock push inside my hole compared to dad’s fingers or mine. “Fuck yeah, dad,” said the one above me. So the one fucking me was the older Mr. Brooks. I gripped my sheets as Mr. Brooks kept pushing his length in me. God he was big. And if he was like this, I couldn’t even fathom how dad would be. “Don’t be afraid,” dad said. “You can use him however you want.” That seemed to do it because Mr. Brooks suddenly buried himself in me. I let out a scream as my insides were rearranged by his massive cock. It hurt, but it also felt like heaven. I finally had a cock in me, a man was fucking my boy ass. It felt amazing. I felt complete. Whole. He didn’t hesitate before pulling out and shoving his cock back in. Tears started streaming down my face from the pain of being brutally taken like this, but my cock was rock hard and pulsing. This truly was my place. This was the reason I’d been made. To be used by better man. To be a vessel for them. A sex toy. “Fuck yeah,” Brooks Jr. said as he watched his dad rape my boy hole. I was squirming and holding on to the sheets as Brooks Jr. spread my cheeks apart to give his father better access to my hole. Mr. Brooks started thrusting in and out, my hole forcibly opened by his thick dick. I looked to my dad and he was watching the whole thing with a grin while he stroked his cock. Mr. Brooks was grunting on top of me, shoving his cock into my guts. My insides had finally adjusted to his size, but I was still unused to the constant thrusts. My hole expanded and contracted as he moved in and out, the head of his dick hitting my prostate each time he buried his fat cock in my hole. I stopped struggling. On one hand, there istanbul travesti was no point in doing so. On the other, I was starting to find it pleasurable. I loved being ripped open by Mr. Brook’s massive cock, feeling his man shaft move inside me, taking me, turning me into his cum dump. I desperately wanted to feel his warm gunk inside me, shooting all over my guts, filling me up with his seed. I thought back to that night when dad had pushed his seed inside me and I desperately wanted to feel that again. To receive their gift. I started moaning and jutted my ass up to give Mr. Brooks better access to my hole. This seemed to satisfy him because he started moaning too. Brooks Jr. got off my back and stripped off his clothes. I reached over with my hand and grabbed his cock as he was pulling off his tank top. “The boy finally knows his place,” he observed. Then he approached me and leaned down, aligning his cock with my mouth. I opened my mouth, and he shoved his dick down my throat. He still stunk of piss and cum and sweat and I sucked him eagerly. God, I loved cock. Behind me, Mr. Brooks held onto my soft ass cheeks with his rough hands, ploughing me relentlessly, shoving his cock deep inside me as I nursed on his son’s dick. Brooks Jr. held on to my head and started facefucking me and I was suddenly transported to heaven: a man railing me from behind, another fucking my throat, and my dad watching it all with a pleasurable grin. With a deep thrust, Mr. Brooks unloaded in me. I felt his cock expand inside me as he shot his seed inside me with a grunt. I was filled with his semen, the warmth of his gift deep in my guts. It felt so good and right. Slowly, he removed his cock from my hole and pushed the leaking cum back inside with his fingers. Then, he and his son switched places, with Mr. Brooks feeding me his cock for me to clean up and his son shoving his cock in my used, cum-filled hole. When I’d cleaned all the cum from Mr. Brooks cock, he started pissing in my mouth and I drank it all, not spilling a single drop. His son was even harder to take than Mr. Brooks. Brooks Jr. was fucking me with brute force, and I was moaning like a whore, loving every second. I wanted to be used by these men, to be taken by them. The room smelled of cum and piss and sweat and sex and I felt droplets of sweat dripping from Brooks Jr. and onto my back. Then, just like his dad, he shoved his cock deep in me and, grunting, unloaded in me. I came at the same time, overwhelmed by the sensation of being filled with seed from two men so superior to me, but my load was ridiculous compared to theirs. I could feel their creamy, thick cum inside me, breeding me. Brooks Jr. pulled out of me and fed me his cock to clean up. I licked every inch, tasting my boy hole and his cum on his dick as I sucked it hungrily. Then, they both got dressed and my dad knelt next to the bed, looking me deep in the eyes and grabbing my chin. “You’re going with the Brooks to the Greene’s house today and you will serve them kadıköy travesti however they wish. You understand, boy?” “Yes, sir.” I put on some clothes, careful to keep my hole clenched to not let their cum out of me, and followed the Brooks. I still stank of piss and cum and sweat, but I didn’t care. It was the stench of a well-used boy. When we got to the Greene’s house, the Brooks were still working on the outside, so I took off my clothes and went to the back garden. I saw my dad, naked, looking at me from the balcony and I hoped he would be proud of my service to the Brooks. I stayed there the entire day until about 6 p.m.. The Brooks used me and abused me however they wanted: pissing on me and in my mouth, fucking my throat, fucking my hole. Sometimes they would let me nurse on their nips and I would almost pass out from the high their musk provided, the scent of true men, sweat and cum and testosterone. I wanted them to possess me completely. Brooks Jr. was especially violent, pushing me on the ground and taking me from behind. He shoved his cock deep in my hole without any warm-up and I would struggle for the first few thrusts but, by the third time he did it, I was used to it and my hole was loose from their massive cocks. Mr. Brooks pissed on me a couple of times and I eagerly opened my mouth to his stream, showering in his warm urine. He shoved my face in his armpit and I licked him clean, then I licked his sweaty body clean with my tongue. I felt their rough, calloused hands on my soft skin, grabbing my boy fat and spreading my cheeks apart for their dicks. But what I loved the most were the moments they ejaculated in me, filling me up with their seed. By the end of the day, my hole was so loose and my guts so filled with cum that I was literally dripping semen when I stood up. Not wanting to waste any of it, I scooped it up with my fingers and licked it all clean. When the Brooks were ready to leave, they took me back home. I didn’t bother putting on any clothes since it wasn’t very far, but I still had to walk over the Greene’s and our front yards, but I didn’t care if anyone saw me. As I made my way home, Mr. Smith from across the street saw me and followed me with his eyes. If he thought it strange that a naked, 14-year-old, stinking of piss and cum and sweat was being walked home by two burly older men, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he just watched as the Brooks rang the doorbell and handed me over to my dad, who answered the door in his briefs. Before closing the door, dad waved at Mr. Smith. “You were a good boy,” dad told me as he shut the door behind him. “Thank you, sir,” I said, truly proud of myself. I was exhausted, and my hole and throat were sore. But I felt the happiest I’d ever been. “I think you deserve a reward,” he said, walking upstairs. Curious, I followed him to my bedroom. He slipped off his briefs, showing me his huge, heavy, soft cock, and I was immediately on my knees. “On the bed this time,” he said. I obeyed and laid on the bed, bakırköy travesti stomach up. Then, dad positioned himself between my legs and opened them up, letting my feet rest on his shoulders. He stroked his cock a couple of times, getting it hard, and I knew what was about to happen. At last, my dad was going to fuck me. I eagerly waited for the moment, looking up at my handsome dad as he stared down at my sloppy, used hole. Then, I felt it; the pressure of his cock head against my hole. I relaxed as much as I could and, despite my hole being loosened from the Brooks’ cocks, I could tell it would still be hard to take dad’s. I braced myself for the pain and he finally breached my pucker. I started moaning immediately, feeling dad’s massive cock slip into me. I grabbed the sheets and looked up at him, grimacing but not wanting him to stop for anything. Dad was still focused on my hole, watching his cock disappear beyond my loose lips. I spread my cheeks apart to give him better access and to feel him even more and then he was fully in me, his 10” buried deep in my guts. Dad placed a hand on my soft, flat stomach, and I was sure he could feel his monster through my abdomen. It was so big and powerful, I felt so full and open. It was like I was being impaled, the tip of his cock almost up to my throat. He stayed like that for a moment, just inside me, letting me feel and appreciate every second. Then, he looked at me, and our eyes locked. He leaned down, our faces inches apart, our eyes focused on each other. I loved him so much. He was so handsome, with his serious stare, his neatly trimmed beard, his bushy eyebrows, his sharp nose. He leaned closer, holding me against him. I felt his body hair against my soft skin, his warm, strong torso so massive and powerful compared to my boy’s body. With a gentle hand, he raised my head, and our lips locked. I was almost brought to tears. The feeling of dad’s huge cock inside me, his warm lips parting mine, his strong tongue pushing down on mine, his saliva dribbling down my chin. It was all I’d ever wanted. Being used as the Brooks’ cumdump had been amazing, but this was different. This was love. Passion. Still kissing me, dad pulled out his cock a bit and then shoved it back in. He did this a few more times, always kissing me, and I felt my hole adjusting to his size, to his strength. He found a rhythm, and soon he was pounding me while holding me close, pulling out half his cock only to shove it back in again. My hole was still struggling, but I wanted it to last forever. And it did last for a long time. Dad fucked me for an entire hour, switching positions, hitting my prostate, moving his massive shaft in me. By the end, I was exhausted and almost certain my hole would never close again but, with a deep growl, dad pulled me against him, my face buried in his hairy chest, and he unloaded in me. I felt his warm seed filling me, taking over the Brooks’, breeding my boy hole. His orgasm lasted an entire minute, and I too was unloading on myself, my watery semen now a bit thicker, showering my body. Dad pulled out, and I was suddenly left feeling empty. I wanted more, but I knew he would give it to me when he thought me worthy of it. For now, I was left with full guts, my body filled with strong men semen.

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