Lake Pleasantview Adventures Pt. 09

Voyeur Sex


The next morning was a little awkward at breakfast, not so much because Bianca and John were kept awake till late by Matt and Nicole’s love making, but because Nicole was sitting at the kitchen table topless.

Nicole had wanted to go completely nude today, but after a small argument with Matt she at least put on a pair of jean shorts that were tight around her rear and gave her a slight camel toe in the front.

“Uhh morning sis..” Bianca said slowly walking into the kitchen.

“Hey! How did you sleep?”

“Alright I guess.” Bianca sat down on the opposite side of the kitchen table frowning at her sister.

“Morning Nico..oooh!” John entered.

“I hope you guys don’t mind. I decided to just be more comfortable today. I feel like after yesterday, you’ve basically seen all I have.”

“Well…” Bianca started not really knowing what to say. Nicole did have a point.

“I get hot with clothes on and lately with being pregnant more so.”

“I get that.” John finally found his voice again. “You did kinda explain to us yesterday that this is how you guys live now.”

Matt walked in wearing a pair of shorts, no shirt.

“Matt still likes some modesty, so he wears pants around the house when guests are over sometimes.”

Nicole could see them flashing her questioning glances.

“Don’t worry, I’ve also still got pants on.”

Bianca and John laughed nervously and then Bianca looked a bit more serious.

“Do you mind if I ask you something Nikky?”


“Not to be rude or anything, but about your boobs. Like when did they get so big, is it the pregnancy or…?” Bianca asked waving her hand in the direction of Nicole’s huge tits where they were basically resting in the table top.

“Somewhat yes.” Nicole answered not knowing exactly how much her sister was ready to hear and how much she was allowed to share from the local secrets of Lake Pleasantview.

“Your hormones must be going crazy. I can see you even have some nipple hairs coming in.” Bianca observed as she gained confidence in her questioning.

“Yea, that’s a bit much right.” Nicole giggled nervously feeling a little self conscious out of the blue. She had a few sparse dark hairs growing around her nipples and her treasure trail seemed to be growing higher up her abdomen each passing week.

“I guess it comes with the whole package, and I can always just shave or pluck them out. It doesn’t bother me too much and why does hair have to be a manly attribute, it can be feminine too.” She explained resting her hands on her large mammaries.

“I wonder if my boobs will grow that much if I get pregnant.” Bianca thought out loud. John gave her a questioning look, but was thinking the same thing.

“So are you guys up for some more time at the lake today? The weather is really great and some neighbors are also going.”

“Sounds like fun.” John answered for them.

“Kate and Josh will be there, I’m sure you guys will love them.”

“So they are your closest neighbors right?” Bianca asked.

“Yes, and they share our free and open lifestyle if that’s what you were thinking.”

Bianca blushed, but she was wondering if she could expect more half naked people wondering around at the lake.

“So let’s get something to eat.” Nicole got from the table to get out some breakfast.

Her boobs appeared to stay on the table for a moment and then pulled up with the rest of her body.

John was staring at her at that moment and was surprised again by the size of Nicole’s tits, and by how heavy they looked. Nicole’s boobs hung low and pendulous, her nipples pointing downward now that she was standing upright.

There were also the feint signs of stretchmarks starting on the top of her boobs where they seemed to be exerting their weight. Her boobs were becoming more and more bottom heavy lately.

Nicole’s camel toe was also visible to anyone who looked and her moisture was already starting to make a small wet stain in the front.

They made it through breakfast without much further discussion about Nicole’s large boobs.

While John was taking a shower, Nicole came to Bianca in her room and closed the door.

Bianca was busy fastening the straps of her bikini and turned around expecting John.

Her elbow bumped into something squishy.


“Ahh! It’s just me, its me, calm down.”

Bianca had bumped her elbow into Nicole’s left boob.

“Sorry, I uhh didn’t mean to…”

“No, no, it’s alright, they kinda are all over the place.” Nicole put her worries at ease.

“I wanted to show you something.” Nicole said holding out a tub of what appeared to be some kind of lotion.

“What’s this?” Bianca asked as she gave up with the straps of her bikini for the moment. Her sister was after all also standing topless in front of her.

“I didn’t want to discuss this in front of John, but I’ve been using this cream for a while to enhance our sex life and it works really well, as you can see.” She pointed to her pregnant belly.

“So what does asyalı escort it do exactly?”

“It makes you more sensitive and well..”

“Yea what else?” Bianca said with interest.

“It’s what helped my nipples get larger also. Matt can hardly keep his hands off them. Have you ever orgasmed from just nipple stimulation?”

“No, I haven’t. So you want me to try this stuff? No offense but I don’t think I want my nipples to get as big as yours.”

“They won’t, its mostly just for the added sensitivity and fun of it, especially if we are going to the lake today. I can’t tell you nice it is to feel the water run over my nipples. It’s enough to get me going.”

“Nikky!” Bianca slapped her shoulder playfully. “Control yourself.” She said laughing.

“Alright fine, I’ll try it, but promise there are no side effects and I won’t get massive nipples like..”

“I promise, I have been using it for a long time, you won’t get big nipples like me, and its fine you can call my nipples big. I feel weirdly proud of them and you haven’t even seen what some of the other residents of lake Pleasantview are packing.”

“It is bit weird, but I get it. John has been randy since yesterday. I think it’s all this nudity stuff. I can understand the appeal.”

“Okay, so how does this work?” Bianca asked removing her bikini top all together.

“You just rub some of it in like this.”

Nicole scooped some cream out and started applying it to Bianca’s small pink nipples.

Bianca’s areola was less than an inch across and the nipple itself just barely stood out from the surface.

“Alright I think I got it.” Bianca stepped back and took over from Nicole. Having her sister rub her nipples was just a bit too personal for her.

“Cool, yea that’s good. It will take a few minutes but then it’s gonna feel great.”

Nicole scooped some more cream out and started applying it to her own expansive areolas.

Her palm could not even cover her large areolas and Bianca was amazed to see Nicole’s nipples swell to a solid 2 inch point as Nicole started rubbing them.

Nicole could feel her pussy rev up and leak more into her jean shorts. As she realized this she stopped rubbing her nips.

“So when your done getting ready, we can head to the lake.” Nicole said as she hurried out the room trying her best to resist feeling herself up anymore.”

“Sure, sure.” Bianca replied as she also reluctantly let go of her hard nipples.

Her nipples didn’t feel much different yet, but they were standing to attention.

She put her bikini top back on

30 Minutes later they were standing on the shore and Nicole was busy introducing them to some locals, Kate and Josh. They seemed like friendly people to Bianca. John was blushing and kept on adjusting his shorts. Bianca was also a bit distracted, probably due to the fact that Kate and Josh were also completely naked, both with equally impressive assets. Kate had huge boobs similar to Nicole’s and Josh had a 10 inch monster hanging between his legs. Kate was strangely also sporting a full bush. Apparently people in these parts didn’t shave.

As Josh stepped closer to greet Bianca in an embrace, she could feel that huge salami rub up against her leg. Her nipples became extra hard and she felt them poke into his manly chest.

‘Why did I let Nikky convince me to go topless!’ She thought to herself.

Bianca has been feeling horny all morning since she put that cream of Nicole’s on her nipples.

Matt and Josh opened some drinks for everyone, and to help him calm his nerves. He was just getting used to the idea of other people seeing him and his wife naked all the time, but his insecurities were flaring up again with his attractive sister-in-law around.

After the first few drinks everyone was chatting away and there was a relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was completely bare except for Matt and John who were both wearing swimming pants and Bianca who still had her bikini bottoms on.

“So John!” Josh started. “What do you do for a living, or do you just smuggle around bananas in your pants.”

This brought on a round of laughter. John was feeling more at ease with the new couple and tried to adjust his boner in his pants.

“Is it that obvious?” John asked as he laughed at himself.

“I guess I might as well join the party.” He said and then with all the confidence in the world he pulled down his shorts to let his 7 inch erection free.

All the ladies cheered, including Bianca who had a devious look in her eyes and a flush on her cheeks.

John was proud of his dick. Unlike Josh, he was circumcised, but his dick was a decent size and straight as an arrow. He felt liberated.

“This is all pretty new and exciting. He’ll calm down in a moment.” He pointed to his boner.

“Don’t worry about that dear John. It’s pretty normal around these parts.” Kate reassured him while absentmindedly brushing a hand over her own hard nipples.

“I’ll go grab the cooler and we can move this to the water.” ayaş escort Matt said and walked back to the car.

Matt was feeling anxious about exposing himself in broad daylight to everyone and needed a reason to break away for a bit.

When Matt returned with the cooler filled with beers and ciders everyone was already waste deep in the lake. He looked around at the discarded clothes on the beach and noticed Bianca’s bikini bottoms.

‘Well I guess I’ll be the odd one out if I keep my pants on now.’ He thought and took them off.

He joined everyone else in the cool water and now at least had the cooler floating in the water in front of him giving him some cover.

Nicole and Kate’s giant boobs were also drawing the attention of the males where they were hanging just low enough to bob around on the wake. Bianca’s tits were a stark contrast to the others, but her nipples appeared to be trying to make up for their size by standing to attention. Her areolas were very crinkled and puffed up, so much so that they added a little to the length her nipples stuck out.

A very noisy bike pulled up next to the beach and everyone looked to see who it was.

“Oh! That’s Tim.” Kate explained.

“He’s got that bike now and goes everywhere on it, but it’s so damned loud, ugh!”

“Tim is Kate’s younger brother.” Nicole explained to Bianca and John.

Tim wasted no time in discarding his clothes and jogging into the water where they were.

“Hi guys!” He greeted everyone cheerfully. Around of introductions followed and Tim handed out hugs for all the ladies and shook hands with the men.

“Hey Tim, here have a beer.” Josh handed Tim a cold one.

“Sweet, thanks Josh.”

“Sure thing.”

“Wow Nikky, you really are glowing. I see now what people are always going on about with pregnant woman.” Tim said eyeing her up.

Kate punched him on the shoulder. “She’s a married woman, how dare you!” She said mockingly.

Everyone laughed at that. It was hard to take anything seriously while standing around naked drinking alcohol with friends like they were now.

“You’ve grown up quite a lot since I last saw you Tim.” Nicole complimented him.

“Thanks Nikky.” Tim smiled back at her.

Nicole noticed Tim’s dick break the surface of the water in front of him as his erection grew. The water was up to his waist, but his rapidly expanding penis was long enough to stick out above the surface.

His foreskin slowly retracted as it went and revealed his pulsing big mushroom head. It peaked out at 12 veiny inches.

Nicole just stared with her mouth hanging open. Tim really had grown up a lot.

“Wow! Tim!” Was all Bianca manged to get out.

“Stop showing off little bro.” Kate splashed water at her brother with a giggle.

They all joked around a bit making jokes of the ‘Anaconda’ in the lake, but there was an undercurrent of sexual tension.

After finishing off all the drinks they had Nikky suggested they head back to get some lunch. Everyone agreed it was a good idea.

Tim accidentally swung his dick around too fast and smacked it into Nicole’s teat.

“OooH! Tim careful with that thing. You’re a big man now.” Nicole said with a wink.

Tim just gave her a sly smirk.

“Coming honey?” Nicole asked as she grabbed Matt’s dick by his foreskin and pulled him along. It was long enough that she could easily wrap her hand around the end of it.

Matt was also sporting solid wood, but Nicole did not seem to notice as she playfully tugged him along, or if she did notice, she was not as showing it like she had with Tim.

When they arrived for lunch at Nicole and Matt’s, everyone was in different states of attire.

Bianca had her bikini bottoms and top on, and John also had his swimming shorts back on.

Bianca’s still sensitive nipples were doing their best to poke holes in her bikini and were clearly visible to anyone who looked her way.

Matt had his pants on and Nicole was wrapped in a towel from the waist down. The towel was mostly to hide her sopping love tunnel which she just couldn’t seem to keep dry since the lake.

Matt was thankful to be back in a pair of pants to avoid awkward glances at his extra-long foreskin.

Kate and Josh were the only two still fully nude, while Tim had his clothes back on following the ride on the bike. Even clad in shorts Tim’s substantial appendage made itself known in a clear outline against his leg in its flaccid state.

The ladies made lunch while the guys poured another round of drinks and put on some music. Everyone was in a party mood and some also in an aroused state.

The drinks kept flowing and everyone was having a good time. Most of the party were pretty buzzed by now as they all settled in on the couches in the living room.

“John! Would you please just make yourself more comfortable and take those freakin pants off!” Kate said out of the blue.

John pretended to be confused for a second, but couldn’t deny that his dick, which was aydınlıkevler escort hard again was pretty uncomfortable in his shorts.

“It’s okay babe, go ahead. It’s kinda obvious what you’re trying to hide there.” Bianca reassured her husband.

“Aah what the hell!” he said as he got naked for the second time today in front of everyone.

“Man that is much better.” He said as he gave his aching boner a few strokes.

Everyone cheered at that.

“Bianca, I think you might as well?” Nikky giggled pointing at her sister’s obvious nipplestand.

Everyone made sounds of a agreement and Bianca slipped of her top to reveal her c-cup boobs with pink nipples.

“You nipples looked…bigger.” John said to her.

“Well they feel amazing, bigger or not.” Bianca answered throwing a glance to Nicole.

Bianca gave her sensitive nipples a tweak and bit her lip.

At some point Tim had also discarded his remaining clothes and was slowly stroking his giant penis.

His hand barely made it half way around the thick log. He was sitting on single seat sofa across from Bianca while basically masturbating. Bianca was too drunk to care much and was more focused on her own desires.

Nicole was sitting on the couch next to Matt and let her towel drop down to pool at her hips revealing her glorious chest. Her boobs, which looked to be a K-cup, were sitting level with her navel and brushing her hairy treasure trail that flowed down from there into the dense forest below. Her boobs had a few veins on them that grew more noticeable as her pregnancy progressed. They were still a teardrop shape and bottom heavy, but the bottom part was mostly covered in dark areola and puckered 2 inch long teats that pulsated with arousal.

Nicole parted her towel and reached one hand for her eager pussy. She stretched her 4 inch meaty lips out and tugged on them a few times before reaching higher to slowly stroke her 2 inch quivering clit.

“Things are going to get fun from here on out.” Nicole explained to her sister and John as they looked on with awe.

“Don’t feel pressured to do anything you are not comfortable with, but from where I’m sitting, it looks like you are having a good time.” She smiled as she raised her eyebrows at Johns bobbing boner.

Tim was still stroking his veiny pole and now his eyes were fixed on Nicole. Some pre-cum leaked out the top of his mushroom head, but he didn’t even seem to notice. It flowed down over his hand and coated his pole like lube.

Nicole could barely contain her arousal at this point and was thankful for the towel underneath her.

Matt was sitting next to her and she reached over into his pants and found a hard 5 inch dick to stroke.

The ice having been broken by Nicole, Kate felt emboldened and stood up to position herself in front of Josh. Josh knew what came next and he positioned his own 13 inch dong to line up with her waiting snatch.

Kate lowered herself onto Josh with one slow movement and gasped when she reached as far down as she could go. She then pulled herself up again until just the tip of his dick remained inside her. The down again. She got into a rhythm and her boobs were bouncing around.

John cannot believe the sights in front of him. His hand absentmindedly finds its way to his own dick and performs slow strokes. All these glorious boobs on display were really doing it for him and he didn’t need to feel guilty about it because his gorgeous wife was sitting right there next to him.

Bianca was equally horny. The alcohol having played its part in that and lowering her inhibitions to the point where she was also openly masturbating in front of everyone.

Her one hand was making circles around her turgid areolas while the other was rubbing the wet juncture between her legs. She leaded back on the couch and pulled her bikini bottoms off her but to become completely naked.

“Babe, please take you pants off.” Nicole complained to Matt as she struggled to jerk him off under his clothes.

Matt reluctantly pulled off his pants to reveal his odd foreskined penis. Thankfully for him there were so many distractions that no one commented on his equipment.

Kate was moaning loudly as she bounced on Josh’s lap.

“I can’t believe she is taking that monster!” Bianca said to no one in particular.

“Hmmm! I need something more.” Nicole growled as she dislodged a few fingers from her sopping hole.

She stood up from the couch and turn towards Matt. As she did that a tendril of lubricant trailed after her, hanging from her labia.

Nicole straddled Matt in one smooth motion. Her hips smacked wetly against Matt’s thighs as his dick bottomed out instantly in his wife’s vagina. With how wet Nicole was and the sheer cavernous nature of her pussy, she was getting just about not resistance from Matt’s meagre dick. She humped him pretty violently while pulling on her long nipples.

Matt occupied his hands by roaming his lover’s bosom and holding her hips. His hands were barely large enough to cover even her areola. He was also not feeling much friction, but the warmth and wetness of Nicole’s pussy along with the site of her giant boobs hopping around was enough to bring him to a quick climax.

Matt grunted louder than he anticipated and brought Nicole out of her drunken trance.

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