Keith and Lilli Rose Continued Encounter!!!

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Keith and Lilli Rose Continued Encounter!!!The couple slept peaceful through the night, naked and wrapped in each other’s arms.Lilli Rose woke up first know that she would have to go to work soon. As she laid there awake, she ran the thoughts of the previous night through her head and she realized how hot and wet she was getting just from remembering. She wanted Keith, but he looked so sweet and peaceful just sleeping there next to her. The more and more she reflected on the night before, the more and more she wanted to feel his hard cock. She didn’t know what to do but then it came to her and she smiled a girlish grin.Lilli Rose ran her hand slowly under the sheets and found his cock. She started to kiss his chest and slowly moved her lips down his body and across his stomach as her hand started to caress his cock. She threw the covers over her head as her lips got closer to where her hand was.She lightly grabbed his limp cock and started slowly stroke it as she kiss Kevin’s cock head. She started to slide her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock as she continued to stroke and caress his cock. She started to wonder how long it would take him to wake up but then she didn’t care because she was enjoying herself.She started to slide his cock into her wet warm mouth and she noticed that his cock was starting to get a little harder. She kissed his cock head each time before swallowing as much of his cock as she could. One hand held his cock for her and her other hand gently cupped his scrotum and balls. She moved his cock in and out her mouth faster and faster as her tongue danced around his cock head. She felt Keith’s hand cup the back of her head and she smiled with his cock deep inside her mouth. She lifted the sheet and looked up at him but noticed he was still asleep or looked like he was.Lilli Rose liked the way his cock fit in her mouth so she started to suck him faster and deeper. She could now feel his hard cock tickling the back of her throat every time she swallowed it all. Sucking his cock faster and faster, she lowered her mouth around that sweet cock deeper and deeper.She could feel his hips start to rock up and down and she could hear his breath getting heavier. She could also feel his hand cupping the back of her head harder and forcing her up and down faster. She pulled the sheet off her head and looked up to see him smiling back at her. Keith’s other hand started to caress her bare smooth back slowly. She stopped for a second to tell him good morning and she heard him that it is a better morning now. Lilli ROSE wiggled her hips up the bed so the his hand could now caress her back and her firm ass. Kevin’s hand started to caress her sexy ass as she returned to kissing and sucking his hard thick cock. LILLI could feel that şişli escort she was getting very wet so she turned her body so that her stomach now faces him instead of her back.She sucked harder and harder on his cock and let out a moan when his hand found her wet pussy. She spread her legs a little and moved closer so his fingers could feel her wetness. His fingers did more than find her wetness as they sled into her dripping pussy. Two fingers caressing her inner pussy walls faster and deeper as she held his stiff cock deep in her mouth. She started moaning as she sucked his cock faster and faster.She started too grind her hips against Keith’s fingers as they pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. She could feel that she was getting close to cumming but want his to cum too…in her mouth.As their breathing got heavy and their hips moving faster and harder against the other person, they moaned louder. Keith said, “I am going to cum.”Lilli Rose stopped for a second and told him, “Yes, cum in my mouth.”With that and with his cock deep inside her mouth, his cock hardened and tightened even more as he started to shoot cum down her throat. He filled her mouth and throat with all the cum he had and Lilli Rose swallowed every single drop. After Keith was done cumming, Lilli Rose allowed herself to cum on his fingers. She milked every drop of cum out of his cock before slowly sliding his cock out of her mouth. She licked her lips to show him how much she enjoyed the taste of his warm cum. After she was done cumming on his fingers, Keith started smearing her pussy juices and cum up and down her sweet thighs and across her swollen clit.Lilli Rose kissed her way back up Kevin’s body and then gave him a slow deep kiss on his lips. She smiled and said, “Good morning, lover.”He said, “Oh yes, it is.”She started to get out of the bed as she told him, “I have to take a shower and report for work.”He asked, “Won’t they notice if you are in the same clothes as last night?””No. I have a change of clothes in my locker in case I ever spilled something on my outfit. I just won’t wear any panties,” she answered as she winked at him.”Mmmmmmm!” was all he could say.He laid in bed as he heard the shower turn on, but then he thought he wasn’t going to let her leave that easily. He slowly entered the bathroom and could see her lovely silhouette through the glass steamed shower door. He slowly opened the shower door and stepped inside.Lilli Rose’s eye were closed as she was washing her hair and facing the shower but she jumped slightly when she felt Keith’s hands caressing her smooth back and his lips presses against the back of her neck. She bend over slightly and pressed her round ass against his crotch. She was surprised to find mecidiyeköy escort that his cock was hard again. She smiled slightly as thoughts of how his cock pleased her the night before rushed through her brain.Keith whispered softly in her ear, “Do you need a hand washing?”She turned around and giving him a seductive smile said, “You can always give me a hand washing no matter if that is washing me clean or making me dirty so that I need a shower.” Then she press her lips against his and they kissed to deeply and passionately.As they kissed and their tongues explored each others mouth, their hands caressed each other. Lilli Rose arched her back and pushed her breasts up as his hands gently rolled her nipples between his fingers. She started to moan as the water was raining on her lovely firm breasts as his fingers started to softly pinch and pull on her nipples. His lips were kissing and sucking on her sweet sexy neck and he nibbled gently on her silky skin as he slowly moved his lips from one side of her neck, across the front of her neck and to the other side.Lilli Rose wanted a slow, long shower and hoping that would lead to slow drawn out love making but she knew she had to get to work. She kissed Keith on his neck and then cheek before whispering in his ear, “Fuck me before I have to go to work. I don’t have much time so please fuck me good and hard. I want you in me and I want to cum all over your cock.”With that, Keith stood straight up and turned her around. She arched her back and stuck out her sweet ass which Keith grabbed. Cupping and squeezing her wonderful firm ass cheeks, he sled his hard cock between her thighs and rub it back and forth over her pussy lips. This caused her to moan again and wishing he would just put it inside her. As if reading her mind, Keith grabbed his stiff cock with one hand, slightly spread her long sexy legs apart with his feet, laid his other hand on her lower back and pushed his cock into her hot wet pussy.She let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt her pussy being stretched from his cock pushing deep inside her. She stuck her sexy ass out further to make it easier for him to fill her pussy. He cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed them hard as he thrust in and out of her perfectly wet pussy. Spreading her ass cheeks gently apart, he wiggled his hips which caused his cock to wiggle inside of her hungry pussy.”Oh yes!!!!! Fuck me!!!!” Lilli Rose exclaimed.Keith buried his hard cock deeper and deeper inside her dripping wet pussy as he slid in and out of her wonderful pussy faster and faster. She reached down and started to rub her clit harder and harder to match the rhythm of his movement. She even tried to caress his scrotum as it slapped against her clit with şişli escort bayan every rocking motion.Lilli Rose wasn’t sure if Keith would do a quickie since he had always been slow and romantic on the phone, on the internet and the night before in his hotel room but she was glad he was pleasing her. He fucked her tight pussy faster and faster from behind as he ran one hand up her silky smooth back and through her wet hair as the shower water landed on the middle of her back. Cupping the back of her head and pushing his stiff cock into her harder and harder, she had to push back as to not get pushed against the shower faucet.”Oh!!!! Yes!!!! Make me cum!!!! Now!!!” she said between moans.Hearing that, Keith fucked her even harder and ever faster, pushing his cock ever deeper inside her. He could feel her wet pussy clamping down around his cock as she started to cum. He didn’t want to stop so he continued to make love to her from behind faster and faster. She tightened her arms and pushed against him as another wave of orgasm rushed through her body. With that second orgasm, Keith exploded inside her pussy and she held his cock deep inside her as she wanted every drop of his cum to fill her pussy.After each was done cumming, she turned around, kissed him passionately on his lips and told him, “Thank you. You know how to please a woman and now, I will know that your cum will be in my pussy all day while I am at work.””You are very welcome and you know where I am staying.””You stay in the shower as I dry off and get dressed. I have to go down to work and don’t want to be late.” She kissed him again after she got out of the shower. “Thank you again and I will see you again…..soon.”He heard her leave his room and then he got out of the shower himself. He got dressed and headed down to the front desk. He gave his key to the manager and said that he was going to be back this evening. The manager took the key and handed Keith an envelope that was dropped off for him earlier that morning.Keith stepped away from the front desk and opened the envelope. In it was a key and a note that read, “Here is the key to my heart and directions to find it. By the way, you have to be out of the room within the next hour.”Keith looked at the key, reread the note and smiled. He looked around to see Lilli Rose but couldn’t find her so he went up to his room to get his clothes. He got in his car and put in the address into his GPS. Hoping this was the key to her place, he headed out and followed the directions from the GPS. He didn’t have any problems finding the house and the key worked perfectly on the front door lock. He slowly and cautiously walked in still hoping this was Lilli Rose’s home and that the note wasn’t from someone else. It wasn’t long before he realized no one was home and finally, he found several pictures of Lilli Rose with family and friends on the wall and around the place to conclude that this was her home!!!Now, he had to figure out what was for dinner and to prepare it before she got home from work. But that is for the next chapter……

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