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Subject: Impressive Instant (boybands) NOTE: This story was written for a very special hot little thing called Keith Jr. *grin* I hope you like it, baby. It’s smut, just for the hell of it. I, again, used a song by Madonna. To listen to it, you can go to her site http://www.madonnamusic. This and other stories I’ve written, can be found nce DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Impressive Instant by Rick Justin entered the bar and went to sit on a stool, asking for a scotch. He hated beer. He was sipping his drink when all of a sudden this god appeared at the door… Not too tall, but slim, toned and so damn handsome. Brown long spiky hair with highlights. Justin found himself drooling at the sight of him. He saw him walk slowly up to the bar, moving with grace, like a cat. He was wearing black sleek sunglasses. He came to stand beside Justin. In a daze, Justin saw him take off his glasses and heard him speak: “Vodka tonic, please” The sound of that voice was hypnotizing. The man turned to look at Justin and for a moment their eyes locked, Justin drowned in the pool of the man’s deep blue eyes. ***** Universe is full of stars Nothing out there looks the same You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for I don’t even know your name I’m in a trance ***** “Hey there,” said the man. “Hey,” replied Justin. Just hearing this man’s voice made Justin’s cock twitch inside his pants. The man lit up a cigarette and when his left hand came down, he casually brushed his fingers on Justin’s thigh. It felt like a bolt of lightning had struck him. “So, do you come here often?” asked the man. “Sometimes… haven’t seen you here before, though” “Not from around here,” stated the man. The man placed a hand on Justin’s shoulder making him shudder. “Let’s go somewhere else more private” ***** Cosmic systems intertwine, Astral bodies drip like wine All of nature’s ebbs and flows Comets shoot across the sky Can’t explain the reasons why This is how creation goes ***** The next thing Justin knew, they were at his place and the man was all over him. Had he just gone nuts? What if he was a serial killer? He thought. If so… well, shit. Fuck everything. No… better yet, fuck me! Justin shook a bit when the man kissed him deeply right after closing the door. Their tongues danced with each other, fighting to invade their mouths. It was so intoxicating to feel this man’s breath and the electric touch of his hands roaming on his back, groping his butt. He felt the man up too, feeling the soft skin of his arms and his slim waist, then going slowly down and kneading ankara rus escort the man’s bulge. Not letting go for one second, Justin took off the man’s sleeveless shirt and practically ripped off his own. Their chests were beginning to get sweaty and their nipples were erect, rubbing against each other. The man’s tongue licked Justin’s ear and he moaned softly. This guy kept nibbling on his earlobe while his fingers found his hard nipples. His left hand played with the pointy nubs and the right one found the elastic of Justin’s black boxer briefs, lingering around, teasing the beginning of his crack. Justin’s hands weren’t idle at all. He was running his left hand through the man’s hair while his right hand found the man’s navel and he traced a path to his boiling crotch, following the natural trail of soft hairs. He reached the button of the man’s pants and he impatiently undid it. He felt the hardness of a cock wanting to escape its restraints. Licking Justin’s neck, the man unbuckled Justin’s own belt and then lowered his zipper. He reached inside and with a wicked smile, he slowly caressed Justin’s genitals through his underwear. Justin was leaking precum and the man felt the damp fabric, but that was a turn-on by itself. His other hand was already sneaking its way between Justin’s tight buns. Justin kissed the man hard and then went directly to his nipples, he was practically chewing on them. He was hungry now, a hunger that this man had caused in him and that now had to be satisfied at any cost. ***** I don’t want nobody else, All the others look the same Galaxies are sliding into view, I don’t even know your name ***** In the blink of an eye, they were on the couch, but somehow their pants and shoes were off already. Justin didn’t even know how that happened. Now he had his legs tangled with the man’s own legs and they were kissing like there was no tomorrow. The man was on top of him and he was grinding his crotch against Justin’s. The smile on his face was more of a smug grin, perhaps congratulating himself for getting Justin in bed so easily. Why am I doing this? He asked himself. But the man’s tongue sneaking into his ear made him forget about that. They were both moaning, and the sound of the guy’s moans in his ear was so fucking hot. Justin’s cock was about to drill a hole through his underwear. He felt the man’s hot rod and he wanted to eat that dick up. When he tried to stick his hand inside the guy’s underpants, he wouldn’t let him. The man just pushed his hand away softly. Justin whimpered in frustration. çankaya escort “Not yet,” said the man. Then he took both of Justin’s wrists and held them above his head, straddling him. He lowered his head and licked Justin’s left armpit. He gasped, no one had done that to him before. Sure, he wasn’t new to sex, but so far all of his partners had been so not creative. Justin moaned and giggled, it tickled but it was such a confusing feeling. He felt the man’s tongue making his pits wet. He wanted to set himself free, but the man wouldn’t let him. He kept licking him and Justin could only move his head from side to side. Justin’s cock felt on fire, he wanted to cum so badly. The man was still rubbing him with his butt and Justin was thrusting his hips increasing the friction. Screaming the most obscene profanities he had ever said in his life, Justin came in his underwear. For the first time, he actually saw stars. Justin was panting, trying to recover his breath. “That was amazing” ***** I’m in a trance, and the world is spinning Spinning, baby, out of control I’m in a trance I let the music take me, Take me where my heart wants to go ***** The man just winked at him and stood up, standing in front of Justin. Still dizzy, Justin took a moment to watch the man in all his glory. He was stunning, Justin was shaking with lust. He extended his hand and helped Justin stand up, then took his hand and led him to the bedroom. When they got there, the man just plopped on the bed and crossed his hands behind his neck, as if waiting for Justin to do something. Not knowing what else to do, Justin went to the man and lay down next to him, caressing his chest and kissing him. Justin started licking the man’s neck and then his nipples. He felt the man’s hands gently pushing him down. He was licking at his navel and felt the man’s hard dick with his hand. He lowered himself more and inhaled the man’s scent, raw and masculine. However, it seemed like that wasn’t what the man had on his mind, because he felt the hands still pushing him. He felt the man’s hairy strong legs and licked his inner thighs, that made the man moan. Good, Justin was getting to it. He kept on licking all over the man’s legs and then he took his right foot. Was this what the man wanted? He asked himself. Only one way to know. He tentatively licked the sole of his foot. The guy arched his back and moaned loudly. Justin felt shivers down his spine. He felt kinky doing this, but what the hell. He then began sucking on the man’s toes. This made him squirm ankara escort in pleasure. Justin was rubbing himself through his underwear. He took his left foot and gave it the same treatment. Then taking the man’s ankles in his hands, he lifted his legs and licked the back of them, pushing them down to the guy’s chest. Not wanting to let him move from that position, Justin in an impulsive action tore the man’s underwear and attacked his asshole with his tongue. The man was groaning and moaning. Justin couldn’t get enough of that sweet tight hole. He gave him the rimming of a lifetime, inserting his tongue as deeply as he could. “Fuck me,” commanded the man. Justin took his cock out of his briefs and without further ado, penetrated the man with one mighty shove. The man grunted his approval. He felt Justin’s thick dick rubbing his prostate and wanted all he could get. He was meeting Justin’s thrusts eagerly. Justin felt his cock was on fire, the insides of the man were like a furnace. The tight opening clutching his rod and milking it. Damn, does this guy know how to fuck. Justin slammed the guy for a while and then came inside him in the most powerful orgasm ever. His cum started flowing out of the man’s ass. They kissed savagely while Justin kept dicking the man until he became soft and it slipped out. He noticed the man was rock-hard. “My turn” He made Justin kneel on the bed, his hands resting on the headboard. Then, he used his fingers and with Justin’s own cum, he lubed and inserted two fingers up Justin’s ass. Justin was worn out from his fuck, but he wanted to feel the guy inside him. He felt the mushroom head poking at his entrance and pushed back on it. The dick was surprisingly thick. Justin felt he was splitting him in two. He relaxed and then felt the man’s coarse pubes rubbing his ass. He had all of him inside. He felt so full. The man began slowly fucking him, withdrawing his cock until only the tip was inside him and then sliding back in. It was driving him crazy. “Fuck me hard, hurt me with that big dick,” he surprised himself asking the man. The man kept teasing him until he couldn’t take it anymore and then he began to shove himself against that stick. Justin began riding that dick until he felt the guy spasm and the huge squirts of cum inside him. He came too, this guy had fucked the cum out of him. ***** Universe is full of stars Nothing out there looks the same You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for I don’t even know your name ***** Panting, they collapsed on the bed and kissed for a while. When the man stood up, apparently to leave, Justin reached for his arm. “You never told me your name” “Joshua Chasez, and yours?” “Justin Timberlake. Fucking nice to meet you, Joshua… ” “Nice meeting you too, Justin” With that, he picked up his clothes and left. Justin went to sleep with a huge smile.

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