Impregnation Cruise Ch. 04: St. Barth and Disco Night

Voyeur Sex


This is a work of fiction. No person in this story is based on or relates to any living person. However, the concept of clothing optional cruise and tour itinerary are based on reality.

The activities described in this story are imaginary and are neither condoned nor recommended by the author.

The story makes more sense if you read chapters 1, 2 and 3 first.


Cherie meets some interesting locals and enjoys the dance night on board.

I awoke the following morning to silence. The dull rumble of the motors, continuous over the past two days, had ceased. I lay still, trying to sort out where I was, what had happened and what day this was. I then heard the toilet flush and Charles appeared in the doorway. It all came crashing back; I was pregnant, I hoped. Does twelve hours pregnant count, I wondered.

“Morning sleepyhead,” smiled Charles as he bent down to kiss me awake, “How’s my gorgeous and hopefully pregnant girl today?”

“Mmmm, OK I think,” I replied once my mouth was free of his long sexy kiss.

He climbed back into bed and cuddled up next to me, his semi-hard erection prodding my ass as he snuggled into my back. I relaxed against him, feeling the contentment of his presence, hoping that I could have this for the rest of my life. What am I thinking, I wondered, shocked at how easily I could fall for a guy, could sacrifice my freedom for the security of his body against mine. I felt an urgent need arising and wriggled free before heading for the bathroom.

Once I returned I was more awake and quickly took control once again, kissing and cuddling Charles as I straddled him on all fours. His cock was now more rigid than before, obviously seeking an encore to last night.

“I’m hungry,” I stated, springing off the bed and holding out my hand to him. “You coming with me to breakfast?”

He mumbled something incoherently but followed me out of his cabin to the dining room where we selected our food and took our trays outside into the early morning sunshine. After we were seated he looked at my tray critically.

“Shouldn’t you be eating a bit more?” he asked, “After all, if you are pregnant, you’re eating for two now.”

“Don’t be stupid,” I told him, “Junior will be the size of a pin head if indeed she even exists. I won’t need to eat anything differently for a long time yet. Anyway, eating for two is an old wives tale, and I’m not even a young wife, thank goodness.”

“Well, we could fix that if you like,” he smiled.

“Is that a proposal? I’m not ready to give up my freedom that easily, well, I don’t think I am.”

“Suit yourself. So what are we doing today?”

“Well, firstly, you need to get it out of your head that there is a ‘we’ that is doing anything. I wanted a man to get me pregnant. Hopefully you’ve achieved that. If you have, then had we been praying mantises, I’d be eating you for breakfast, but we’re not so I’m not. However, don’t get any ideas that our relationship is anything apart from a convenience to allow me to become pregnant.”

Charles looked completely deflated and taken aback; stunned by my outburst, which I regretted as soon as I’d uttered it. I hadn’t meant to hurt him but it had simply come from that part of me which valued my freedom and hated the thought of being tied down to or by anything or anyone.

“So after breakfast I’m going ashore to this beautiful tropical paradise of St Barth and you can please yourself what you do,” I continued to ensure that he got the message loud and clear, despite misgivings deep within me.

He looked like a puppy that had just been kicked, hard. The part of me which loved him felt really sorry for him and seemed to stand back and view the situation from a distance, remonstrating with me to throw my arms about him, kiss him tenderly and apologize. However, I ignored her and stood my ground. We ate in silence.

After we’d finished eating we kissed chastely, wished each other an enjoyable day and I returned to my neglected cabin, donned some brief clothing and slipped my bikini swimsuit into my day bag, then caught the next lighter to shore.

While the town I found myself in was reasonably pretty, the sun shone brightly, there was a gentle breeze and the locals were very friendly, I was miserable. I replayed over and over in my mind our breakfast conversation and the way in which I had both insulted and rejected Charles. He didn’t deserve that, I knew, yet somehow I wasn’t able to stop myself saying those hurtful words. What was he doing now, what was he thinking, I wondered. I wandered aimlessly, comparing today with the last time I’d been on land. While nudity was not officially permitted here, I noticed many women were topless so I changed into my bikini bottoms and walked out topless also, hoping that would restore my happiness. It didn’t.

After browsing in several shops I found a map of the island and walked the mile or so to St Jean beach, which looked kırklareli escort like a pleasant place to spend the day. I spread my towel in a secluded spot away from the main beach and protected by rocks and trees, defiantly removed my bikini bottoms, plastered myself with sunscreen and lay down on my towel on the warm sand, my thoughts still in turmoil. I must have drifted off to sleep because I awoke to hear several male voices nearby. Once I was fully awake I ventured to open my eyes and saw three young dark-skinned men, obviously locals, sitting on the sand staring at me. Reflexively I tried to cover my nakedness, causing them to smile. The closest one spoke to me in a language which I think may have been French and in a way obviously meant to reassure me. He reached out for my hand but I pulled it away.

I had no idea if I was in danger, if these men wanted to kill me, rob me, simply look at me or have sex with me. I mentally went through these options, realizing that apart from being killed, the others were not too harmful. I looked at them again, appraising their attitudes and their physicality. Something stirred inside me. Omigod, I felt turned on by the thought that these three guys might want to fuck me. What sort of slut was I becoming that I couldn’t go for more than about twelve hours without wanting sex? Gently, so as not to disturb me, they moved closer to me, talking quietly in their unintelligible language.

One of them reached out to touch my skin. I stayed still, despite wanting to shrink away, and allowed him to caress my abdomen as I lay completely naked under their gaze. He reached with his other hand to take my hand and pressed it to his chest, directing me by his actions to rub him in return. His skin felt soft and pliable under my fingers and I gently started rubbing him. His strokes on my abdomen spread wider, encompassing my lower breasts and over my hips. I closed my eyes and soaked up the attention, which felt really good, possibly because of my despondent mood.

It took only a few minutes before I felt a second, then third hand rubbing me, on my leg at first, then my other breast. Within the next few minutes all three guys were using both their hands to caress and massage me, the process being helped by the oiliness of my skin due to the sunscreen. I wanted to caress them so reached out my other hand to another guy and caressed his muscular thigh. I noticed they were all wearing brief shorts only and noticed also that the fronts of their shorts were tented over their obvious erections. I felt myself starting to produce my own feminine juices indicating my degree of arousal.

They also must have noticed my juices running down my crack as one of them rubbed his fingers over my pussy, then started pressing his fingers into my slit. Despite myself, my hips started to make gentle encouraging movements against his hand. Another took my hand and pressed it to the front of his shorts over his erection. I gently caressed his huge member through the thin fabric, then pulled at his waist band, pulling the elastic down over his cock so it stood out hard and proud. He came closer and I rolled towards him, engulfing his cock with my mouth.

Suddenly, it seemed, there were bodies, arms, legs and cocks everywhere. Two mouths nibbled at my nipples, a tongue caressed my clit, hands were all over my body and I was on a rapid trip towards sexual ecstasy as my body responded despite my conscious unwillingness to be the sole female in what was rapidly developing into an orgy. Wave after wave of sensations passed through my body as my erogenous zones were woken by the expert ministrations of the three guys. I passed into an overload of sensuality, losing myself as I approached my first orgasm of the day.

Before I reached that peak I felt one of the guys spread my thighs and pull my exposed pussy towards his rampant cock. He penetrated me and then pulled me onto him, thrusting deeply inside me, establishing a rapid rhythm which quickly caused me to cum hard.

“AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!” I yelled as my orgasm overtook me, causing me to lose any sense of time, place or reason as I writhed on the beach cumming hard on his massive cock. A few seconds later, as I slowly came down from my peak, I felt him spurting his potent cum into my cunt. Omigod, I thought, I hope my egg was fertilized by Charles last night otherwise these guys could start a baby in me. The thought was horrifying but I had no way of changing the situation that had developed.

My first partner withdrew and his place was quickly taken by another, who continued to fuck me as rapidly and deeply as the first. My poor pussy felt quite pummelled by this treatment but despite this I felt myself responding, thrusting myself at him, seeking more stimulation. Before I came again, however, he filled my cunt with cum once more. I could feel it squirting out and running down my thighs as he thrust into me over and over until his cock became kırşehir escort softer and he withdrew. I was so close to cumming again that I welcomed the third cock into my cunt. This time I was turned onto all fours and he penetrated me from behind, holding my tits roughly as he plowed my furrow, his cock head pressing hard against my cervix, which I found very stimulating in my excited condition. It took only a few thrusts before I came again, screaming once more in my release as waves of ecstasy washed through my body, inundating all my senses until all I wanted to do was fuck and be fucked forever.

As I recovered slowly I was aware that he was still fucking me hard, pressing into me then withdrawing almost completely before sinking back inside. It felt so sexy, so wonderful, at that point in time it was all I ever wanted. A few moments later he let out a cry, went rigid, as deep inside me as he could go, and deposited a huge load of cum into my sloppy cunt. After a short time he withdrew and I slumped down onto my towel, my body shaking and covered in sweat and cum.

I very slowly became aware of my surroundings and looked around me, seeing three sweat-sheened faces with broad grins on them looking at me. I grinned back, feeling completely satiated after my experience. One by one they each kissed me, gave me a final caress on my ass, then without another word they stood and walked away naked, carrying their shorts. I lowered my head onto my towel and tried to come to terms with what had just happened. Gradually my mood changed from one of sexual satisfaction to one of having been used then dumped once they had taken what they wanted. Part of my rational mind told me that I wanted it too, but most of my body felt revulsion at the cheap way I had given myself to them for loveless sex. I felt dirty and used.

I stood up and walked to the sea, diving into the crystal clear waters and feeling them wash away the imagined dirt from my body. I swam for several hundred yards out to sea, then trod water for a while before swimming back to shore. My mind was made up; I wanted Charles as my partner; I wanted his loving sex not the loveless sex I had so recently experienced. Oh why had I been so rude and dismissive of the man I had come to love, I berated myself.

I walked up the beach, dried myself on my cum-stained towel, dressed in bikini bottoms, walked back to the harbour and caught the lighter to the ship, not knowing if Charles was still on board or what reception he would give me. Once on board I quickly removed my bikini bottoms, went to my cabin and showered to remove the salt from my skin, reapplied my sunscreen and then began searching for Charles.

It was several hours later, after a solo lunch and when I was about to give up in despair, that I found Charles and Penny sitting in the shade beside the pool sipping cool drinks.

“Hello, darling,” greeted Charles, standing up and opening his arms to me. My heart did a somersault of joy; he apparently was still pleased to see me and my outburst this morning hadn’t destroyed our relationship.

“Hi, sweetheart,” I murmured in his ear as we hugged. “I’m really sorry about what I said this morning. Can we just pretend I didn’t say it please?”

He held me at arm’s length and looked at me carefully.

“Yes, of course, honey. What have you been up to today anyway? You seem to be glowing, like you’d just been making love or something.”

“It’s a long story. However, you and Penny have that just-fucked look too. So what have you been up to?”

We sat down and Charles signalled a passing waiter for a drink for me. We told each other about our day so far. I was right, Charles and Penny had spent a couple of hours in Charles’ cabin making love. I guess that was to be expected after the way I’d treated him and accounted for his door being locked when I’d tried his cabin earlier. Both Penny and Charles were firstly horrified then intrigued at my account of my orgy with the three local males.

“How horrible for you,” said Penny.

“Not at all,” I clarified, “I actually enjoyed it. I’ve never had three guys fuck me one after the other like that. It was awesome at the physical level. But, the part I didn’t like and the reason I returned so early to the ship was that I realized that sex is nothing without love. While the sex was hot and fulfilling this morning, there was no love such as I feel when Charles and I have sex. It certainly got me thinking. I just hope that my little egg was well and truly fertilized by Charles last night. I certainly don’t want a dark-skinned baby, not that there’s anything wrong with dark-skinned people.”

“Well, I guess time will tell,” replied Charles pragmatically. “I also guess that you’re all fucked out now for a while.”

“Oh no, darling, with them it was sex, with you it’s love. I now know the difference and I’m so pleased I do and so pleased that you’re still willing to even talk with me after this kızılay escort morning, much less want to make love with me. Thank you, honey.”

We sat in companionable silence for a short time, sipping at our drinks, Charles and I holding hands. The waiter passed and we ordered another round.

“It’s so hot today,” complained Penny, “It’s not as though we can take any more clothes off. I’m ready for a swim.”

Charles and I agreed so we all dived into the tepid pool and swam to the far end where we sat on the steps, the water level reaching our necks. Charles sat between Penny and I and within a few seconds we both felt one of Charles’ hands on our pussies, caressing us gently, easily visible through the clear water though distorted by the surface ripples. We grinned at each other, then at Charles, then we each reached for his cock and balls. Penny caressed his balls lovingly, squeezing them in their sac, pushing them up into his body then letting them fall out again, pulling them away from his body then releasing them. I played with his cock, still flaccid from its recent foray into Penny, rubbing it gently, massaging the shaft and head and playing with his sweet spot on the underside just below the glans. Charles tilted his head back against the pool edge and closed his eyes as he absorbed the stimulation, his hand gently stroking my pussy and his fingers insinuating themselves between my lips. Presumably Penny was feeling the same as she also rested her head on the side of the pool with her eyes closed.

After about ten minutes of this, during which time Charles became rigidly erect and both Penny and I were well-lubricated enough for Charles to have two fingers deeply embedded in each of our pussies, we removed our hands from each other and returned to our table, dripping dry as we sampled our new drinks. We cuddled closely together, continuing our manual play surreptitiously in a public place but noting that nobody appeared to be paying any attention to our activities. We finished our drinks quickly, then stood and by mutual consent went inside to Penny’s cabin, the closest of the three. Once the door was closed we had a joint hug, each kissing and fondling the other two, then, without breaking the hug, we shuffled to the huge bed and collapsed onto it in a mass of arms, legs, bodies, cock and pussies.

Within a few minutes we had sorted things out and Charles had moved to the end of the bed leaving Penny and I lying alongside each other, mouths to pussies. We each spread the other’s legs and began eating each other’s pussy, mirroring what each was doing to the other. It was quite weird feeling the effects of what I did to Penny on my own pussy. As I licked her clit gently, so I felt her licking mine gently; a nip with my teeth resulted in a corresponding nip from her teeth. I inserted my index finger into her cunt, feeling hers enter mine, and sought out her G spot, rubbing it gently, then slipped my middle finger in also, feeling the effect as hers slipped into me. My G spot has always been very sensitive and soon Penny’s attention to it was sending waves of delicious sensations through my body. I felt a hand on my breast and glanced sideways to see Charles was caressing and kneading my and Penny’s right breasts. I reached down and began caressing Penny’s left breast and felt her doing the same to me.

What a glorious feeling, being involved in this loving triangle, having my breasts and pussy stimulated so wonderfully well by two loving people. The difference between the sex I had this morning and this was incredible; I now fully realized the difference between sex and love. What a beautiful lesson.

I felt Penny’s hips begin moving in time with my licking of her clit and massage of her G spot. Her feminine juices were flowing freely and at times I almost felt I was drowning in them as I lapped the delicious nectar from her pussy. I knew I was probably doing the same for her. There comes a time when you cross a divide, after which you know you are approaching your orgasm. I felt myself cross this divide and progress rapidly towards my climax. I found myself panting, my hips thrusting, spikes of pleasure shooting from my nipples as Charles and Penny squeezed them hard, sending bolts of electricity directly to my clit and with a scream I came hard, writhing on the bed between their bodies as I surrendered to wave after wave of incredible sensation that annihilated me completely.

I heard myself shouting, as if from a distance, “OOOOHHHHH, YESSSS, YESSSS, YESSSSSSSS, OOOOOHHHHH!!” as an incredible orgasm gripped my body and shook me, hard and continuously, while Penny and Chares continued their inexorable stimulation.

After several lifetimes I started to come down from my peak and lay there, panting for breath, while they slowed their stimulation, smiling at me broadly as they observed the effects they had on me.

“Oh, thank you, thank you both so much,” I managed after my breathing had slowed a little. “That was absolutely divine, completely out of this world.”

I gave them each a sloppy sexy kiss then flopped sideways onto my back, my body still twitching as they watched me. They then looked at each other.

“You up for some more?” asked Charles of Penny.

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