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Subject: I woke Up 87 I Woke Up 87 by M.P. Arsent Copyright to this story remain strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story in the email line. If your email is to alert me of misspelled words or improper punctuation or grammar save your time because it will be deleted. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. Soon enough the football team came out to take the field and with all of their equipment on they looked to be big bruisers. I got my pads on and we all went through and did some calestenics to warm up. We went and did the blocking excercise that all line men went through on a regular basis. By the time they were ready to run plays I as still not hurting and Randy just looked at me “What?” “Thought you’d at least be winded by now. “I could rest but I’m not giving up yet.” “Ok then let me show you a couple of plays that we practice all of the time.” Randy then proceeded to show me a few plays. I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what they were, only where I was suppose to be. Randy had apparently decided I’d make a good reciever. We finally got to the part of the scrimmage where we were going to run the plays that Randy had shown me. I got down on the line with the rest of the guys and when the ball was snapped I plowed into the guy across from me as best I could then took off down field. I went where I was expected to and turned to try and spot the ball only to find it coming straight at me. I put me hands up and and grabbed the ball and tucked it in the way Pete had shown me and turned to start toward the goal. I made it a few yards before I was tackeled and went down. There was no piling on like I thought there might be. I might well end up with a few bruises from this but so far I was ok. “Who would have thought you had such good hands.” “Not me. That I think was better luck than management.” “Ok, let’s see. Same play but go to your left instead.” We ran it again and I got the ball a second time. This time erdemli escort however,I managed to get away from the other guys and ran right to the goal line. “Ok Sawyer. You’ve proved your point! You win. I never would have thought a gymnast,let alone a gay guy could get away with playing football.” I could have gone all day without him outing me like that, but I had told him it wasn’t really any secret. The team didn’t seem to like the idea though. “Gay!? No fucking way!” “That will be enough of that!” “Yes coach.” I went to the sidelines. I wasn’t stupid enough to press my luck now. Randy was soon over with me. “Sorry Dennis I didn’t mean to do that.” “Don’t worry about it Randy. I’m just glad they didn’t know before I started. I’m betting things might have gone a bit differently.” “Oh yeah they would have made it a point to cream you I think.” The whole squad was taking five at this point, and several of them came over to where Randy and I were. “So is he lieing? Are you gay?” “Yes I am” “You going soft on us Randy?” “I am not. I didn’t know myself until after I did my portion of this challenge. From what Dennis has shown us though I don’t see where it makes a difference. There have been a fair number of gay athletes.” “Bullshit.” “I said the same thing. Then I took Dennis’s advice and did a wiki search. There had been several olympic medalists who were gay.” Which seemed to shut the guy up. “I’ll tell you just what I told Randy when he first found out. I work out I jog every morning. I watch the NFL all of the itme and will gladly go out and get into a touch or flag game. I restored my car myself except for the paint job. I like most things guys like except girls. I have friends who are straight,both male and female. We all get along just fine. Now if there’s nothing else I think I want to head back to the dorm and grab a shower there as I didn’t bring anything to change into here.” I didn’t hear any dissention or anything else for that matter so I started out of the stadium, only to be hit in the back with a clod of dirt. I tuned around to find Randy on top of a guy. “There was no need for that Jake.” “Hey I’m entitled to my opinion!” I walked back over. “Let him up Randy. He’s right he is entitled to his opinion. However…..sir if you wish to express said opinion there are other ways to do it than being an asshole. Of course that’s just MY opinion.” “Alright break it up all of you. Jake take 3 laps.” The guy opened tarsus escort his mouth to object but the look that the coach gave him had him shutting it quickly and heading off around the field. “Sorry about that Mr Sawyer.” “Not to worry coach. I’m getting used to it.” “Ok the rest of you breaks over! I want to see play 42 left and done right this time!” I headed out and made my was making my back to the dorm when I ran into Pete and Karl heading for the stadium. “Damn we missed it?” “Yeah you did. I might be a little bruised but other than that I’m fine. I need a shower and then some supper I think.” “Well you’re on your own for the shower love,but dinner is on me tonight. Your choice.” “Then I choose the asian buffet. We haven’t been there in a while.” “Ok, hey what’s this stain on your back?” “Ahhh. Randy let it slip that I’m gay and one of the players took offense when my back was turned.” “Did you go back and lay him out?” “I didn’t have to. Randy already had him on the ground by the time I turned around.” “Damn who would have thought?” “I would have Karl. Randy and I had a long talk yesterday. I told him what a good friend you’ve been to me Dennis even after everything that has happened. It really shook him up a bit and apparently got him to thinking.” “Well good on him then. I think he was pretty open minded about it before that though. I mean he didn’t freak out when he found out like some people would have.” By this time we were back to the dorm. “Give me 10 and I’ll meet you at my car lover.” “I’ll catch you two later. I’m going out with Suz for a while.” “Ok Pete,just be careful.” I headed inside and showered quickly and threw on some clothes and then headed out. When I got to the car Karl was already giving it the once over. “Looks clean to me love.” Once again we were off campus and into the mall with little difficulty. The restaurant was pretty busy for a Thursday, but we got a table in short order. The food was plentiful and hot and well prepared as always. “Are we celebrating something Karl?” “Nothing particular love,just the anniversary of the day I proposed to you 2 years ago.” “Shit I had no idea.” “I know you didn’t,but I didn’t want to let it go by without remembering it.” “Should we maybe hit the road this weekend to be alone?” “I did think about it,but you promised to take Aiden in for a check up.” “Hell that shouldn’t take long. We could be away from here by 6 I bet. Find someplace that will give us akdeniz escort a late checkin or just take our chances.” “Sounds like a plan to me love. Now let’s just hope nothing screws it up like last time.” “Ain’t that the truth. Should make Pete and Suz happy to have the room for the weekend.” “Yeah let’s not say anything to him until we leave just in case. Wouldn’t want to see you spending the weekend in the frat again.” “We could always go over there some Friday night and check open doors if you really wanted to love. I’m sure there wouldn’t be any objections.” “Interesting thought lover and maybe something for another time,but this weekend should be just for us.” “Ok lover,just for us.” Dinner was soon enough finished and after checking the car, we made our way back to campus. Our goodnight kiss was had and we both made our way back to our dorms. I did some studying and 11 finally came and messages were exchanged. Friday morning and the usual routine and classes came and went. I got back to the dorm and waited for Aiden and Gordon. We made our way to the hospital and Aiden was checked over and told to return in another three weeks,when it was likely that the casts would come off. It was back to the campus with no problems and I went and grabbed the bag that I had packed last night,left Pete a note that the room was his for the weekend and went back to my car once again to wait for Karl. Once Karl showed up we were off campus and grabbed a drive thru supper and we let the car decide where to go. WE just drove for a couple of hours and had no real idea where we were. It was now well after dark and we pretty much decided that we would stop at the first decent looking place with a vacancy. It was some time later that we came upon a billboard. “Whispering Pines a GBLT resort 12 miles ahead.” “What do you think love?” “I think I don’t much care at this point. Four walls a roof and a bed is all I need right now.” I looked at the odometer so I would know when we got close to the place. The drive at least was well lit and the vacancy sign was lit up. When I pulled in I was a bit surprised at how neat and clean the placed looked. It wasn’t some rustic little collection of cottages as I had expected. No this was a fairly new and modern looking set of buildings. Once we proved we were old enough to be out and about we soon found ourselves in a rather nice room with all of the ameneties. “Well love I think we could have done a hell of a lot worse.” “Oh I have not doubt whatsoever love. WE’ll explore in the morning. Right now, I want my man.” I hoped that the walls were fairly thick as I know we made a good deal of noise before we both simply collapsed into each other and fell asleep. NOTE I’m hitting the road again guys so don’t expect to see a chapter next week.

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