I was in too deep.

Voyeur Sex


I was in too deep.Ever since my first time being a dirty, sissy slut for a dom, I have not been able to find another man that could control me and make me beg to come over and serve him. I have posted ads on CL and even joined A4A. It is hard to find a guy who can be dominating and degrading without being too pushy, only sending one liners, or just wanting me to invite them to my place without any other conversation… that is not truly dom. So now I have all these sissy fantasies and urges that I fear I will never get out of my system… I felt like I should share one here on xhamster to help relieve the tension lol, so here goes…I post another ad on CL looking for doms that are into non-passable pantie boys, and again, it is all guys that think they are dom and want my phone number or address right off the bat. I sit by my computer all night, hoping for a real dom to message me and make me want to serve him. After a while, I decided to just watch sissy hypno videos, jerk off, and go to bed. The next day I took off my panties and hopped in the shower. It was just another day at work except sakarya escort that my undies were especially uncomfortable. I wanted so badly to be in my bed wearing a pair of soft panties… maybe some thigh highs too… I could not wait to get home and change that day and it made the day drag on even longer than usual. When I got home, I went straight for my naughty box. I pulled out panties, thigh highs, a garter belt, a little pleather skirt, and a super soft girl’s vee neck tee. I hopped in the shower and washed myself as quickly as possible. I shaved my ass and my pubes, being careful to go slow so I didn’t hurt myself. I dried myself off while the anticipation grew within me. I dried off and I could only think about how sexy I would feel when I got the lingerie on myself. I practically ran into my bedroom and ran the smooth thigh highs up my legs… next the silky panties pulled up to my waist. My fingers trembled with anticipation as I connected the garter belt to my thigh highs… I went straight for my new butt plug and started working it slowly into my tight hole. As I took my adapazarı escort second break from trying to fit the thickest part inside myself when I realize I forgot to check my email. My fingers fumbled at the mouse… deep down I knew I would be disappointed, but I just had to check. My inbox showed I had fifteen unread emails, and I began reading through them. One after one, it was one-line emails either asking me for my phone number or address; but then there was one that was rather long. Before I read it, I decided to read the rest which were of course all the same. By the time I finished the rest, my patience was beginning to run thin. I opened the email and read it not expecting anything special and this is what it read… “Good evening slut, After reading your ad I became suspicious of your identity. It did not take long for me to hack your email account and prove my suspicions. I never would have thought of you as the type; but in hindsight, I can see how, deep down, you have always been a secret sissy slut. So Daniel, are you ready to embrace your true identity and become sakarya escort bayan the dirty slut that lives deep down within you? I think I will call you Dannie when you are with me. Eventually, you will probably begin to identify with that new persona. Right now, I am sure that you are burning with questions… Who could this be calling me a girl’s name? How did I get myself into this situation? How could he possibly know who I am? What can I do to convince him to keep my secret?… You will learn everything you need to know exactly one week from tonight. Before you arrive, you will be showered and shaved (ass and clit). I will send you the address when I am ready for you to come over. When you arrive, you will come in the door and find various items waiting within just inside. The last thing you will put on is a blindfold, after which you well get down on your knees and place your hands together behind your back. It will be at this moment that you will become my property. You are probably wondering what makes me think you will actually go through with this; but I think you know that the only way everybody in your email contacts will be given your true identity as well as what you like to do on the internet… who knows… you might even attract more blackmailers. Be ready bitch, I am going to turn you out like you have always wanted to be.”

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