Honeymooning Quandaries

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Honeymooning Quandaries

For Usra Khalid, the change in her life had been momentous. From being the eldest daughter within an exceptionally conservative household in Lahore, she was now the daughter-in-law of a significantly more liberal family. Her husband, Imran, was someone from virtually another planet, born overseas, doted on by American godparents, educated in the top English medium school patterned on Eton, with degrees from known American universities, and work experience on three continents. Imran’s first language had been English courtesy of spending his early years in Saudi Arabia, where his dad was very social with the American staff at the oil company. Fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi and competent in French, Spanish and Arabic, Imran was as close to being a world wise liberal as she could expect.

From the time he had winked at her, just as he was exiting the room where she had been put on display to his family during the rishta (pre-screening) process, Usra felt that Imran was different than any other male she had ever met. Since she did not have any brothers, her points of reference were her father, uncles and much older cousins. Her dad did not allow her to mingle with cousins of her own age once she was past twelve. Being enrolled in all-girls’ schools meant she had no inkling of what to expect from boys or men. And then, out of the many suitors, her Dad and family had accepted the proposal from Imran’s family. Now they were married and soon would be alone in their suite at the top hotel in Lahore.

“Hi there, those clothes and jewels must be really difficult to manage,” Imran expressed sympathy seeing her curled up in the typical desi fashion, on the bed, for brides just about to be deflowered, even though she looked sensational in her boutique make-up and ornate dress.

“Oh it’s okay,” she whispered, turning red at the prospect of soon having to undress with him around, “I will go and change in the restroom!”

It had been one thing posing with him in all sorts of ways for the bridal photo shoot in the lavish lawns of the hotel, putting her hands around his neck, letting him lift her up, sitting in his lap, and even kissing him on the mouth. Being alone with him now, and about to remove all vestiges of dignity, was a whole different ball game. Usra turned for the restroom but was stopped dead in her tracks. Imran had grabbed her around the waist from behind and bent her forward over the dressing table. His hands had gone under her short bridal kameez to find and undo the clasp on her lehnga (skirt). The heavy garment dropped immediately to the floor. Imran caught onto her panty and pulled it off without trouble as the frilly item simply tore in the face of pressure applied.

Usra, who was surprised by his action and trying to defend her modesty, appeared to lose any fight as her underside was bared. Rather than flopping forward, however, she turned around in his grasp to face him. Their mouths connected, in a hit and miss kind of manner at first, but soon their tongues had discovered a mutually enjoyable rhythm. Imran caught onto her waist and lifted her onto the dresser. Dropping his own shalwar kameez, he spread her legs and positioned his cock at her entrance.

In the brightly lit room, and not at all in the romantic seductive manner on the bed that Usra had imagined losing her virginity, Imran pushed forward and got almost nowhere. Yes, Usra’s father had protected her honour with dedication and she was pristine. Clumsily finding some cream on the dresser and greasing his pole while still holding her in an unnatural position, he tried again. Usra let out a little scream and then sucked in her breath as his rod tore her hymen to shreds. The pain was immense but he was driven to get as far inside her as possible. At some point he could go no further. Usra exhaled as he withdrew, but tensed again as the hard and thick appendage renewed its attack on her cunt. Slowly and gradually the hurt decreased and she began to enjoy the sensation of being alternatively filled and emptied. It seemed an eternity but within ten minutes Imran had spurted into her. His cock deflated and a stream of semen, blood and her own fluids trickled out onto the furniture.

“Oh my God, my clothes are going to get ruined!” Usra shrieked as the sticky and bloody ooze made its way down her legs.

Imran showed amazing alacrity in kicking the discarded lehnga away before it got soiled by the blood and other goo. Taking the kameez off was another matter as her jewellery was in the way. With great care he slowly removed every piece of lucre and put it into the nearest drawer he could open while still holding her on top of the dresser. Once that was done, the shirt came off easy as did the bra which no longer had a matching panty that could be useful. Usra, for the first time in her life was stark naked in front of someone who was not a parent, an elder, a female relative or associate, or doctor.

“God you are stunningly kadıköy escort beautiful,” Imran whispered into her ear as he carried her to the bed to continue their love making. She blushed even redder and felt a new joy as her husband’s words soaked into her mind and heart.


Usra’s cunt was sore and puffy the next morning. Despite the lateness of the hour, Imran had not gone to bed peacefully or let her rest either. All the tiredness from running around in the last days prior to the wedding weighed her down, but her husband wanted to explore every part of her body.

The second time around, he had taken her in the missionary position, one which was a lot more comfortable than the fuck on the dresser, but less spontaneous at the same time. Usra’s spread her legs to accept his cock again. She was still incredibly tight but the blockage from the initial assault was history and he was able to plumb her depths with relative ease. This time around she felt unusual stirrings in her pussy and had her first coital orgasm, crossing her legs behind his back as the waves of pleasure hit. Imran would be sore on his sides for a few days as a result.

“I hope I did not hurt you too much,” Imran asked as he played with her tits and caressed her backside.

“Yes you did,” she honestly replied, “but I knew all about it from a couple of my friends, who got married very recently, so decided to bear the pain till it was over!”

“I am sorry that I did not use a condom,” Imran blurted out, “I don’t think I am ready to be a dad just yet!”

“My mom and yours will be disappointed,” Usra responded, “but I just finished my period yesterday and believe you are safe for now!”

“Well in that case let’s get to know each other much better,” Imran suggested flipping her over and placing a pillow under her tummy to elevate her rear.

As Usra wondered what he was up to, Imran pulled her onto her knees, bent her shoulders down and penetrated her pussy from behind. With his hands around her breasts, he pushed in and pulled out with intent. Usra turned her head to let Imran kiss her as they fucked. Having already taken her twice, his cock took a while to spurt semen into her. By this time his cock and her cunt had considerably dried up from the friction. Both lay forward exhausted, his penis still inside. When he finally moved off Usra’s body, the bed was stained red in numerous places. Thankfully his was not the sort of family to display wedding night sheets to the neighborhood to prove bridal virginity, though Usra would certainly have passed with honours.


Usra learned a great deal more about Imran’s liberal ways at a party for friends and schoolmates of Imran and his younger brother Nauman. Their trip to the Maldives was a few days away and Usra was very much looking forward to her first flight and first trip outside of Pakistan. Imran had made reservations for them at one of the finest resorts in the island country, and had arranged first class tickets on Pakistan International Airlines via Karachi.

With a weekend upon them and the final wedding celebrations having concluded just four days earlier, Nauman had surprised the new couple by throwing a ‘young folks’ party at the house the family had purpose built a couple of months earlier. The very large living room was an ideal spot for a dance floor and the attached formal dining room and kitchen meant that food and drink could easily be managed. These rooms were away from the bedrooms where their parents had been sequestered or more likely had decided to go to bed by the time the party got going at 10 pm.

Her first surprise came when she found both her husband and brother-in-law busy in placing case after case of beer and other alcoholic substances in a bathtub which already had a bed of ice inside. Having never seen any such item in her father’s house, and having received many lectures on alcohol being a sin, she was at a loss how to respond.

“What are those for?” she asked, fully knowing the answer.

“Well we can’t be serving Pepsis only at the event,” Nauman responded, “after all those boys from Aitchison and girls from Kinnaird aren’t mullah types!”

The second surprise came when Imran took one look at the very ornate brocaded Pakistan outfit she had selected for the event and instead pulled out a reddish pink ball gown from the clothes cabinet. Usra balked at the idea of putting on something that would highlight every part of her body, and bare much of her back, but looked longingly at the fancy heels and costume jewellery that he also placed in front of her.

“Believe me you will look out of place at an event in your own honour if you wear something desi,” he reasoned with her, “and you definitely won’t look good on the dance floor!”

The third surprise was the crowd at the event kartal escort with more than a hundred persons attending, almost evenly split between males and females. She recognized quite a few of her seniors and even classmates from Kinnaird, Lahore’s elite female college. After all, many girls from the school were married to guys from Imran’s alma mater, Aitchison College. Usra could not believe how un-Pakistani the girls were dressed, many in backless gowns, others in pant suits and even a few in miniskirts and bare legs. Imran was right that she would have looked out of place in the intended gharara suit.

The fourth surprise came when one of her own classmates, Naila, walked up with her husband and putting her arms around Imran kissed him full on the mouth. As Usra took the scene in, the husband pulled her close and touched his lips to hers. As guests kept showing up, Usra saw many of the girls kiss or embrace Imran, with quite a few of the husbands reciprocating with her. Nauman had vanished for a while and showed up with a strikingly beautiful girl called Insha, dressed in a tight dress skirt and matching shirt, which left her midriff and legs bare. Sure enough Imran looked at her appreciatively and then kissed her deeply.

Nauman, meanwhile, put his hands around Usra’s waist, pushed her against the wall, and stuck his tongue down her mouth for an extended moment while Imran chatted with Insha. Uncertain about what to do, she allowed him the liberty without fuss, even when he copped a feel of her breasts and goosed her ass. At least, unlike the Imran’s friends whom she did not know, Nauman had been nice to her ever since the engagement six months earlier and in the time since the wedding. She was aware that he thought she was beautiful, but knew that he was a devoted brother-in-law.

“Oh you really taste wonderful,” Nauman whispered into her ear after the kiss, “Imran is such a lucky guy, why doesn’t such fortune shine on me!”

Usra, dazed by the interactions that were incredibly strange to her but par for course for her husband and others, looked for a place to sit down. Just as she spotted an empty chair in the dining area, an arm went around her waist and someone grabbed her hand to lead her onto the dance floor. Around a dozen couples were already enjoying the pulsating music.

“Well Mrs. Imran we can’t not deny ourselves the pleasure of your company,” one of Imran’s classmates named Zaheer held her hand and took her to the center of the group.

“I am sorry I am not very comfortable dancing to Western music,” she pleaded.

“No problem just follow my lead,” her responded as a slow song came on.

Zaheer held her close, telling her to put her arms around his neck, placing her head on his chest and slowly following the direction his feet were setting so that they kept going round and round. She could feel his cock hardening as her body was right up against his. Thankfully the song ended and faster music resumed. Zaheer kissed her hand and took his leave as the next guy paired up with her.

Naveed was a lot more respecting of her, staying a good foot or so apart and showing her some easy fast dance moves that she picked up with ease. She was very adept at Bollywood style dancing, and the steps she learned were much less complicated. He gave her a bow when the number stopped and instinctively took her hand and kissed the top. Immediately on cue another of Imran’s friends joined Usra on the floor for the next song.

Usra sportingly remained on the dance floor for another dozen or so numbers with a different partner each time. A few were restrained and polite, hardly touching any part of her body. A few got closer but in a deferential sort of manner. A few others took all the risks they could, touching her wherever they could, with one even having the courage to slide his hands under her dress from behind and squeeze her tits. Despite being on show and being indecently touched quite a few times, she was getting into the mood of the party and enjoying being on the dance floor.

Usra could not believe the chutzpah that Husnain was displaying as they danced to a Latin number. She was tired from being on the floor non-stop for over an hour and initially did not mind that he held her close to his body, as was expected for the song. Before she knew it, however, his hands had found their way under her dress and were rubbing up against her cunt and legs. He had bent his knees and almost gone to ground in front of her. Then as he came up, his hands went up her legs, all the way to her panties. Thankfully, he could not get his fingers under the garment and into her pussy. She should have slapped him but making a scene would be a cause of shame definitely for herself and probably would create enmities between classmates who had known each other for decades. She could also smell the alcohol on his breath and figured he was acting stranger than if he had had refrained from drinking. Smartly kurtköy escort she reached below, pulled his hand up and placed it on her breast, indicating that she was okay with some indecent action, but drew a line at how far he could go. Taking it as a sign that she was game, Husnain turned her around grinding into her ass, while grabbing both breasts from behind, till the song came to an end and she extricated herself from his grasp.

She was relieved when Imran finally joined her and another slow number came on. He lifted her mouth and they started a long and drawn out kiss. The music stopped and snacks were announced. The floor cleared and Imran headed to a sofa where he pulled her onto his lap and continued to kiss her intimately, not caring at all about the people about.

“I am so amazed that you have accepted our friends and their peculiarities with such open arms,” he said to her, “you seem to be a real fast learner.”

It was not worth complaining to her happy husband, who clearly was enjoying showing her around. By the time the party ended in the wee hours of the night, Usra had gained a lot more confidence. She shook hands, gave hugs and even accepted kisses from any of the men or women in attendance. Nauman oversaw the cleaning up and disposal of all the liquor bottles and other garbage. Usra surprised him by getting off Imran’s lap and kissing him goodnight full on the mouth.

“Don’t be getting any crazy ideas of this being anything but platonic,” she whispered into his ears, “but you deserve some reward for putting on such an excellent show!”

To her surprise, Nauman then bent her backwards movie style and planted a deep, long and passionate one back onto her mouth.

“I should be the one thanking you platonic or not,” he whispered back to her, “I believe most of our friends have fallen in love with you and your accepting attitudes.”

He brought her back up, playfully ran his hand through her hair, and then headed out with Insha and other friends ostensibly for a morning breakfast in Lahore’s old district.

“Should we not go to bed, I have no plans to go to the old city in this dress!” Usra suggested to Imran.

A moment later, however, seeing that the living and dining room were empty, Imran bent Usra over the dining table, undid her dress and dropped it to the floor, ripped off another fine panty and disposed of her bra. She was threadbare except for her heels and some jewellery. She was already soaking wet and since she was elevated by wearing heels, Imran was able to point his cock correctly and enter her pussy. Imran went at her cunt with dedication and Usra lay forward and enjoyed the sensation. A week into her marriage she had begun to appreciate the fine points of fucking and enjoyed the elevated sexuality of their actions. Imran pulled out of her just in time and sent a stream of semen right onto the dress which had landed at their feet.

“Oh dear, I was starting to like this dress,” she jokingly complained, “do I have to wear it now with your stains?”

“I’ll toss it in with the dry cleaning stuff,” he said, heading to the laundry room, a bit away from the dining room, “I am sure it will be perfect for you at another opportunity and soon!”

Usra gave him a bow and blew a kiss as he exited. Figuring everyone was out of the house or in bed, and since her dress and lingerie was gone with her husband, she decided to walk bare naked to her room at the other end of the house. Only in her heels, she quickly made it about a third of the way in the long corridor, humming a tune she had liked during the dancing.

“Well now that is a wonderful sight for very tired eyes,” Nauman popped out from his room, “I must have fallen asleep and be dreaming!”

Usra was at sixes and sevens as to what to do, move forward, go back, or seek cover. She could find no sheets or other material to hide her nakedness on the furniture in front of her. Having just had sex her tits were erect and her body was flushed. Nauman came up to her as she stood frozen and wondering how to react. He lifted her up into his arms and headed to her room. A minute later he had carefully deposited her on the bed, where she buried her face into a pillow.

“My apologies, I forgot my wallet and had to come back to get it,” Nauman explained, “boy am I glad the rest of the group stayed with the cars!”

Usra could not find any words to answer and was turning redder than red. Getting pawed and felt up while clothed was one thing, being stark naked and in front of an immediate family member was a different ball game. Nauman removed her left shoe, kissing the foot. He did the same with the right shoe and foot. Patting her backside and giving a quick kiss to her neck, he first covered her with a bedsheet and then headed out just as Imran walked in.

“You Imran are truly a lucky man,” he remarked to his brother, “not only is she very friendly and with the right attitudes, all her assets are abundant and in the right places!”


“You can’t do this in here!” Usra protested as Imran pushed her into the toilet just ahead of the First Class section and across from the galley where two stewardesses were working.

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