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Subject: Hollywood East, Chapter Four Please check out all my other stories under the Authors section! Let me know which ones you like best! Thank you for the continued support. My stories all start out slow. I like to meet the characters first and then have them fuck. Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html I lose interest in writing when you lose interest in reading. Let me know how I’m doing! Love it when you guys tell me your cocks are dripping while you’re reading the stories. Smelling your own funk from your pits or finger banging your holes. It keeps me ail. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. Giving Florida another shot in this one. Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Hollywood East, taking place in Hollywood Florida Where we left them:: Cory was smiling himself as he lapped up Scott’s rank ass. Tasting the deposit of not only Travis but of him earlier as well. Scott’s ass was extra sloppy today. It almost made him think that there was maybe a third load up there. He could only hope. Or was it just hope. Cory pushed up on Scott’s ass. Just to get it off his mouth enough to ask. “Who else fucked you?” Cory asked, surprised he hadn’t noticed it before. Travis had left his brother’s mouth and looked at him questioningly also. He thought Scott’s ass was just loose from Cory fucking him. But now he realized that it wasn’t just from one fuck. Something else. Chapter Four:: Right after Cory left at 11:30 AM for his meeting with Roberto at 1 PM in Miami, Scott went to the shower and cleaned out. He put on his gym shorts and a tank top with flips and then hopped in his truck and took I-95 up to Club Fort Lauderdale. It was only 20 minutes away and he had an itch to be bad. Cory said he would be gone a few hours, no longer than four. After what Logan told them yesterday and being left on his own this afternoon Scott needed a quick adventure. Monday’s weren’t the best time to go to The Club but lunchtime was sometimes a little busy. He just wanted a little time to explore his new desire to be on the bottom. He still wanted to fuck but this bottom thing was consuming him. It’s almost like he can’t get enough right now. Since he mostly kept sort of on the down low he never went to the gay bars or got on the apps. The baths were his thing. Since this thing with Cory started he hasn’t strayed too far from Logan or Cory. He hoped Cory didn’t mind. If he ever told him. Would he keep a secret like that? They both agreed they were to have an open relationship. Did that mean they had to tell each other about every encounter? He would have to test the waters soon. When he got to the club it was almost exactly noon. He just obtained a locker and stripped down as soon as he could. He got his favorite type of towel as well. Shrunk and thread bare. It clung to his thick ass with some crack showing. He wandered into the steam room after hanging his towel on a hook outside the door. The cavernous room, bellowing with steam, was the kind of escape he needed. Anything could happen in here. Soon, after adjusting his eyes, he saw shadows of men by the pillars. Not necessarily hiding, just waiting. When he rounded one he saw a couple fucking. The bottom hanging onto the sides of the pillar while getting reemed by a muscular black man. Scott felt a moment of jealousy. Wishing he had seen the top before the guy on the pillar did. But he didn’t have to wait long. Scott had a lot of eyes on him. Mostly desperate bottoms that wanted his load. But Scott, unlike other visits, was here for quite the opposite today. He was here to get bred himself. He left the steam room after just a few minutes and entered one of the dark passageways. He happened upon a small group of men in one of the playrooms. One guy was fucking another in a sling and there were three guys watching and playing with their own cocks. To the right was a fuck bench. Scott wondered what would happen if he just took position on the bench. Chest down, ass up. Since he wasn’t used to cruising as a bottom he wasn’t sure if that was the right approach. Would he have fucked a guy that was so forward about what they wanted? Then he remembered that he had before. A few times. Only because the guys were hot. He just hoped he was hot enough. Scott grabbed a packet of lube and went to the bench. Once he was in position he put lube on his fingers and started to lube his own hole. He looked back to the group of three guys that were watching the action in the sling. Two of them were now watching him. One guy, a Hispanic looking guy with a decent sized cock, walked over to him and caressed one of his muscular cheeks. “I guess I don’t need to ask what you want,” he said to Scott. Scott, already breathing a bit heavy, shook his head no. Then he said, “Breed me.” in a husky whisper. The dude got behind Scott and spit on his own cock. Then he worked it into Scott’s hole. With a steady and slow progression he didn’t stop until his balls were against Scott’s taint. He proceeded to fuck Scott agressively. It was just what Scott needed. A good pounding. The top didn’t stop until he unloaded into Scott’s ass and then tapped his ass twice as a thank you as he removed his softening cock. Scott hadn’t even caught his breath before he felt another person back there. Didn’t even turn to see who it was, he didn’t care. His hole felt empty. The second top didn’t bother going in slow. He just started to fuck him from the get go. His cock was definitely thicker. Making Scott moan like a whore. He felt more bodies around him. At one point he was presented with a cock in his face and he took it into his mouth. Again, not caring who it belonged to. After the second guy retreated another took his place. There seemed to be more guys in that room than he had seen in the whole complex when he came in. After Scott had taken his fifth load he felt a mouth on his ass cleaning him up. Sucking some of the loads out of him. That’s when Scott got up. He didn’t want to share those loads with anyone right now. He willed himself to keep them inside and went to the showers. He was at the Club for about two and a half hours. By the time he got home it was just after three. He stripped off and had a beer while he played with his juicy cunt. Loving the satisfied feeling of his slutty adventure. Cory got home at around four. While Cory was fucking him Scott was surprised he didn’t notice how swollen his hole was or how it was full of multiple loads. But Cory’s big cock felt so good. It made the other cocks pale in comparison. Now he was telling the story to Cory and Travis. They both looked at him with a surprised lust. Their cocks were hard all over again when they realized he had been fucked seven times so far. Five at the club and once by each of them. He could tell he would be up to at least nine times before the night was over. Maybe more. He looked at Cory and asked sheepishly, “You mad?” He sort of knew Cory wouldn’t be but he wanted to make sure. “How could I be mad about something I’ve done myself. It’s fucking hot bro. But, trust me, you’re getting fucked again. You turn me the fuck on babe.” Travis chuckled and shook his head. “I got stuck with a couple of sluts. And I’m not mad about it. Fuck you boys make me feel a decade younger.” Cory and Travis each fucked Scott one more time before they fell into bed together. It was only around nine but they all were out pretty quickly. In the morning Scott woke up between Travis and Cory. Travis was spooning him from behind and he was spooning Cory. Scott’s own cock was hard. Cory woke up a few minutes later and felt Scott. Cory worked his ass around Scott’s cock and willed him inside. Scott was happy to oblige. Cory handed him some lube from the night stand and Scott lubed up Cory’s hole. Then he slowly slid himself in. Cory giving him a grunt as he hadn’t been fucked in a few days. Scott has been getting all the action. As Scott got into a rhythm Travis woke from feeling the motion on the bed. “Are you two fucking again?” he asked in a groggy voice. “Sorry we woke you brother. But your little brother was knocking at my back door. I couldn’t let him have all the fun.” Cory answered. “Well don’t finish too soon. I’m going to take a piss and then back up on Cory’s cock. Wanted to give it a spin last night but my little brother was greedy.” Travis said as he got out of bed. Scott pulled Cory back so that Scott was now occupying Travis’ spot on the bed. Giving Travis room to get in front of Cory. When Travis came back he lubed his ass while he was still standing by the bed. Cory watched with a lustful eye. He was going to enjoy fucking his new friend. Travis laid down in front of Cory and backed his ass up right on the large cock. His well trained sphincter sucked Cory up with little pain. Cory was balls deep in him without much effort. “Start fucking him good Scott so I get fucked!” Travis ordered. As Scott slammed into Cory the best he could in this position Cory gave the same to Travis. “Fucking beautiful cunt bro.” Cory said loving the way Travis worked is ass muscles. “Lot’s of practice abroad, man. Lot’s of practice.” Travis said in a low voice while moaning. Cory’s girth was making his love nut sing. Cory was the first to cum as Scott was pushing it right out of him. Scott felt Cory’s ass tighten around his cock and let loose as well. Then he pulled out of Cory quickly and went around the bed. He pushed his brother on his back and then sat right on his cock. “Don’t want to fucking waste that load bro.” Scott explained. It didn’t take much for Travis to let loose next. Right after he let out his post orgasm sigh he asked, “Is this what it’s going to be like living with you guys?” “I hope so”, both Scott and Cory said. Then the three of them laughed. Scott hopped up and went to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. Having Travis here with him and Cory made him really happy. He missed Logan but was happy that he made it home safely last night. Instead of calling, Logan sent them, all three, a group text saying how sorry he was for the last minute change of plans. Then he included a selfie with his arm around Hank. All three of them smiled at the picture. Logan was obviously happy to be in his brother’s arms. As Scott busied himself in the kitchen Cory and Travis found themselves making out a bit. When they backed off for a moment Travis said, “Hmm, I could get used to this. Waking up with you and Scott every morning.” “So you’re feeling good about it?” Cory asked. He hoped that Travis would become part of the relationship. The dude was stacked, handsome and easy to get along with. Travis traced the scar on Cory’s face while he looked him in the eye, “I’m feeling real good about it. With Hank, and Logan, going to school there is nothing to keep me in the god forsaken panhandle. I was going to leave there anyway. Let my hair down somewhere. Rather have company along the way.” “Well you are welcome to be with us. Wherever we end up. And I hope it’s soon. It just can’t be here.” and just as Cory said that they thought they heard a car backfire a couple of times and then glass shatter. “Oh FUCK!” They heard Scott shout. And then a thud like a body falling to the ground. Then three more backfires? It was then that Cory realized that that wasn’t backfires. That was rounds of a semi-automatic. şişli travesti The two men lept out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. They heard Scott moaning and cursing. “Scott?” Cory yelled out. “Get the fuck down! I’m shot! Don’t come in here. Just call 911” Scott yelled out to them. “I’m behind the island now. I’m fine. Just call!”, then five more shots rang out while Cory went to get his phone. He dialed the three numbers frantically. Surprisingly the dispatcher answered in one ring, “What is your emergency?” “Shots were fired at my house. My roommate has been shot.” Cory yelled into the phone. “What is the address you are calling from sir?” the dispatcher asked as she typed in the information. Cory rattled off the address as he heard a vehicle peel away from the front of the house. “They’re leaving. Whoever they are just left rubber in front of the house!” “I heard that sir. Did anyone see the vehicle?” the dispatcher asked. “My other roommate and I are in the back of the house. The roommate that is down is in the kitchen. It’s in the front of the house. I don’t know if he saw anything. We are on our way to him now. We couldn’t go since we were under fire before.” Cory yelled into the phone as he made his way quickly to the kitchen. His adrenalyn running high. Travis was right behind him as they entered. The kitchen was a mess. Bullet holes everywhere. It must have been more than a dozen shots. Even though he was sure he only heard ten shots. But there seemed to be twice as many. “Scott?!?” he yelled out. “By the stools”, they went around the island and found Scott pressing his hand against his thigh. Blood was everywhere. “They just got my thigh. Hurts like a mother fucker. But I don’t think it hit anything important.”, he barely got out. He had lost a lot of blood. They heard sirens now so Cory ended the call with 911. Sounded like all the city services were on their way to the house. Travis broke away for a moment and retrieved some shorts for him and Cory, and a towel for Scott. Cory just stood there not knowing what to do. Feeling guilty as he knew who was behind this. His next call was to Roberto. He told him what happened. Roberto said company security would be on their way soon. Travis got Cory to put on his shorts just as the front door was knocked on. All the two men had on were gym shorts. It was obvious they had just gotten up. Cory went to answer the door, still in shock. He found guns were drawn but not aimed at him. “Is anyone armed?” the cop in front asked. “I have a gun safe but it has not been opened to the best of my knowledge.” Cory answered. “Are you the owner of the house?” the cop continued. “Cory Matthews?” “Yes I am. I’m the one that made the call. My roommate lost a lot of blood. In the kitchen.” Cory said as he led the way. Travis was next to his brother with one arm around him. Trying to keep him awake. And the other hand is pushing down on the wound with the towel. EMS followed the cops in and started treatment right away. Asking Travis to give them room. Travis reluctantly let go of Scott. As Cory was giving his ID to the cops to verify he was the owner, two black Suburbans pulled up to the house. “What the fuck now?”, the cop asked. “Company security. My legal name is Cory Matthews. It was my grandmother’s maiden name. But I was born Cory Michael Doyle. Doyle industries.” As soon as the words left his mouth he knew it was the end of his privacy. But he had to be upfront with the cops so that they knew the security team was on the up and up. “Oh fuck. My day just got worse. You’re the one, right?” The cop’s face went white. The media was going to have a field day. “Your father…” “…killed my mother when I was 16. My grandmother protected me by changing my name. But my father is being released next week and I was prepared for the outing it would bring me. But I wasn’t prepared for my friends to be harmed.” Cory had tears streaming from his eyes but he wasn’t crying. He looked over at Scott on the gurney, the bloody towel keeping him modest. “Yes sir, I understand. We will need statements. It can wait until after you make sure your friend is alright.” the cop said as he left Cory alone. Cory wondered if he would extend the same privilege if he didn’t know who he was. He hated the privilege but he went with it for now till he was sure Scott was alright. Travis stayed by Scott’s side until they wheeled him away. Security came in and spoke with the lead cop first. The cop’s knew about Doyle industries and their security. It wasn’t any normal security. All either ex-marines or ex-seal team. They were paid very well. A normal cop wouldn’t stand a chance to be recruited unless he had the background beforehand. The lead for the security detail came up to Cory. Looked Cuban, or at least Hispanic, and introduced himself as Anton Perez. Dark hair. Clean shaven. Dark brooding eyes. Eyes you could get lost in. He was built as you would expect. An inch or so shy of six feet. His body was about to bust out of his tailored suit. There was a tatt on the side of his neck that looked like some sort of reptile going down his shoulder or chest. Cory had the fleeting thought that if what happened didn’t just happen he would have this dude fuck him into next week. He shook the thoughts out of his head right away. “You have to clear out of here sir. We will take you to the penthouse.” “Marine?” Cory asked, hoping it was a fellow Marine taking care of him and his men. “Yes sir, but…”, Then Anton saw the tatt on Cory’s left arm. It wasn’t elaborate as most of the men got. It was just a simple U.S.M.C. in an arch. Anton’s eyes widened. Cory had toyed with adding to the tatt before he was discharged but then lost interest. “Semper Fi, brother,” Cory said quietly. “Semper Fi, sir,” Then Anton went into an automatic parade rest. Then he felt self conscious realizing that it wasn’t necessary. It was a habit that hasn’t been necessary for the past five years. But it was ingrained. Especially in front of someone that out ranked you. Cory might not have out ranked him in the Marines but he sure as hell did now. “We’re going to the hospital. Have the company get the compound ready. I don’t want to go to the penthouse. Scott and Travis get full security as well.” Cory said. “We’ll get cleaned up and you can take us to the hospital. Once we know Scott is alright we can go to the compound.” “Getting the compound ready could take a while sir. The penthouse is ready.” Anton said. “Then you’ll have to stick with us till it’s ready.” Cory was firm. Taking the reins like he never thought he could. Or that he would have to. “Yes sir” Anton left his side, the last time he would leave his side for a while, and went to confer with his men. One of the security detail was already in the transport to the hospital. Scott was being guarded. Travis and Cory went to separate showers and got ready as security stood outside each of the doors. Anton was directing them. The Crime Scene unit was already going over the kitchen and outside. Cory had told the officer about the Ring devices he had around the property. Everywhere but the pool area outside. Thankfully. Otherwise they would have hours of deviant behavior on the cloud. Travis grabbed his luggage that he had yet to unpack and Cory threw some of his stuff in a bag. They were put into the back seat of the lead Suburban, Anton’s Suburban, and then taken to the hospital. Scott was in surgery when they got there. There was also a news crew. Someone leaked the story already. Security was in front of it though. Anton stuck with Cory and Travis while the other men distracted them. Since no one knew who Cory was all these years they walked right by the media as they were talking to security. No one batted an eye at him. He and Travis made it inside without a problem. Cory knew that wouldn’t last long. Once in the hospital they went straight to the nurses station to inquire about Scott. Anton held back to watch the door, “Are either of you family?”, The nurse asked with little emotion. But when she looked up she did a once over on both men. A glint of admiration and possible desire in her eyes. Travis spoke up. “We both are. Scott is my brother. Cory is his significant other.” The nurse looked at the two strapping studs in front of her and was surprised with the dynamics. ‘They’re fucking gay?’ she thought. ‘The world is not fair.’, “Of course, I’ll have the doctor brief you as soon as he is out of surgery. If you wouldn’t mind waiting over there. It shouldn’t be long. From what I heard it was a pretty clean wound but that’s all I know.” She smiled at the men. ‘Maybe the brother is straight’ she thought. When they went to sit in the waiting area Anton stuck with them. Cory looked up at him and asked, “Can I trust you Anton?”. “Mr. Diaz assigned me to you personally sir when we spoke earlier in the week. He said I should choose a couple of men from my detail for Scott and Travis that I could trust with sensitive personal information. Mr. Diaz felt you and I had a lot in common sir but he didn’t tell me that you are a Marine sir. We should have started the surveillance sooner but Mr. Diaz said you didn’t want it.” Anton said quietly. “Was a Marine I guess…” Cory began. “No sir, you know better, brother’s for life.” Anton corrected him. It was true. The brotherhood of the Marines were the strongest of any of the branches. Cory smiled up at him and asked, “Did Mr. Diaz explain my relationship with Scott?” “It was none of my business sir but he felt that I should know why I was the best fit to be assigned to you. My bread is buttered the same way sir. You won’t have to worry about prejudice getting in the way of me protecting you, if I may sir, brother.” Anton was intense when he said brother. He meant it. To other’s it’s just a word but not to Anton. Cory had found himself using the word to people he had gotten close to. Especially Scott. To him it means you would give your life protecting theirs. Anton understood this. “You may, always brother.”, Cory said with the same determination. Travis watched the exchange and was impressed with it. But he asked, “Anton, do we have any idea what happened?” “Not yet. But given the situation with Mr. Matthews’ father we are assuming a gun for hire at the very least.” Then he turned to Cory and said, “We should have assigned a detail sooner sir, I apologize. But, again, Mr. Diaz said you weren’t ready. I’m not sure what that meant sir. But I should have insisted.” “I wasn’t ready to give up my anonymity. Even though I knew it was inevitable.” Cory said, regretting it after what happened to Scott. “I was happy being a normal person under the radar. I wasn’t ready for what I was born into. My father was never ready and, then, threw it all away. I wanted to be ready so I could be better than him. I thought 30 would have been a good age to come forward. I’m only 26.” “I understand. I would never know what it is like to be in such a situation. Especially with your father’s crime.” Anton said. “But now that it is out I’m going to be your new best friend, sir. Besides your two companions of course.” Anton smiled down at him. “But I’m going to be by your side, glued to you, till we know what is going on for sure.” “Thanks Anton. You’re a welcome addition.” Cory said. ‘Besides being as sexy as fuck’, he couldn’t help thinking. And the comment about his bread being buttered the same way made Cory’s hole twitch beylikdüzü travesti for a moment. “I guess we’ll have a use for the guest house.” “Well sir, the rest of the detail will stay in the guest house. I’m afraid I’ll have to move into the main house. I’m afraid I can’t budge from that, especially now.” Anton was firm. “Well I hope you’re not squeamish about things. The three of us aren’t house broke. Clothes are only an option.” Cory tested the waters. “Not squeamish at all sir” was all Anton said with a slight smirk. He was going to keep Cory guessing. A couple hours later a surgeon appeared. He spoke to the three men. He said that Scott was more than fine. The bullet had not hit anything vital nor did it hit any bones. It was very easy to remove. The only thing they would have to worry about was infection. But he would give a prescription for that. They were going to keep Scott overnight for observation and then he could go home. Unfortunately they couldn’t see him yet as he was in recovery. There was nothing more to do then just go to the compound. Cory had only seen pictures of it as well as diagrams so he had no idea if he would really like it. It shouldn’t have taken much to get it ready as they used it for VIP’s and banquets. So it was always maintained. He couldn’t have been more wrong. When they got to the gate there were two of Anton’s security guys guarding it. Then they went in and the grounds were a bustle of activity. Pool people, security IT installing more cameras and alarms, food delivery, etc… Cory was hating all the fuss. But, unfortunately, it was his new world. The one he lived in for two short years with his grandmother. But even she didn’t have all this attention. “The main house was taken care of first. They should be done, or at least, almost done there.” Anton said. The grounds were surrounded by an 8 foot high adobe wall with tropical plants growing up even higher. All the buildings had a mediterranean look. Lot’s of stucco and clay roof tiles. It all had the feel of a resort. But of course it was maintained to host important clients. As they entered the house Anton took off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeve. He had a shoulder holster on of course. His dress shirt was very tight on him showing every bit of definition the man had. He was also a bit sweaty so the shirt was almost see through. He turned to Cory and said, “I hope you don’t mind sir. Since we are not going anywhere and I have work to do, this makes more sense.” Indicating that he took off his jacket for that purpose. “I’m not much of a suit man, if you can tell, Anton.” Cory indicated his own board shorts and tee shirt. On his feet he only wore flips which he kicked off as he was answering Anton. “I’d prefer it, while we are not in a business setting, that you and your men are more casual anyway. If that is alright.” Cory was close enough to feel the heat off of Anton. The man checked all his boxes for a hot time. Then he even caught Anton’s scent. It was strong and masculine. No colognes or deodorants. Cory was pleased. Anton caught a glimpse of Cory’s nose sniffing the air. He grinned and said at a very low whisper that only Cory could hear, “I’m not exactly house broke either sir.” “We’ll all get along just fine then.” Cory smiled, then he asked louder, “This place have a gym?” “Yes sir. Pretty well equipped. Just to the side of the pool equipment room to the left. It is its own building.” Anton said. “Still within the six foot wall for privacy from the rest of the compound. There is a smaller gym for guests.” He then took them for a tour of the main house, the pool area (which had six foot walls itself that sectioned it off from the rest of the compound) and then to the gym. The rest of the grounds they would cover another time. This was just so they knew where to go safely. When they got back they went to a patio table by the pool. Cory took off his shirt before he sat down as the heat was getting to him. “Tell me there is beer, Anton.” “Budweiser and Coronas. We thought those were your favorites. Were we wrong?” Anton said as he did a visual sweep of Cory’s stacked torso. He was thinking, ‘This could be my best assignment yet.’ “Budweiser for me. Scott is the one that drank the Coronas. He’ll have to wait a couple of days. I want to make sure those antibiotics work first.” Cory said. Travis, who was taking his own shirt off, said, “I’ll make sure the little shit gets better. Scared the life out of me.” But he was more sad when he said it than joking. Cory went to him and gave him a hug and a quick kiss. “Sorry man. It’s all my fault”. “Stop saying that. You didn’t shoot him. Let’s just work on catching the fucker that did.” Travis said. “Well, if my father is behind this, he is going to rot in prison.” Cory said. Anton left for a few minutes to see the progress on the house and grounds. When he came back he locked the front door to the house and made sure the privacy gates from the compound were secure as well. No one would get into the main gate of the compound without passing security. Two men would be posted at all times. The main residence was secure even from the people in the compound. Anton took off his shoulder holster and took off his tie. “We’re pretty sure your dad is behind it sir…” “Please just call me Cory when it’s just us. I get it when we are at the company or in crowds. But, not here.” Cory asked. “Yes sir….er…I mean Cory. That will take some getting used to.” Anton smiled. “I just got an update and there is intel that he was involved so, we just have to be careful until he’s taken care of. But I’m afraid you will always need security from now on. With or without your father hunting for you.” “Yeah. Don’t remind me. Are they done with the main house now?” Cory asked. “Yes. No one will come into this part now. I told them to text me if they needed something. Then I would deal with it. I told them you needed rest. The main house is totally private. Only cameras around the perimeter. Not here.” Anton said. “Cool, where’s the beer?” Cory asked. Anton asked what he and Travis wanted and then went to get it. When he got back Cory said, “You don’t have to wait on us. We can get it. Just tell us where it is. Besides the way we drink we’ll wear you out.” Cory chuckled. Travis joined him. “No worries sir, um, Cory. I don’t mind.” he smiled shyly at Cory. He was smitten with his new boss. He was down to earth and hot as hell. He only hoped he could be professional. But that all changed the next minute. Cory took a long pull of his beer and then stood up, dropped his shorts, and dove into the pool. Travis turned to Anton and said, “Don’t be surprised if he tells you to strip down. He hates clothes.” “I wouldn’t be able to do that. I’m already being unprofessional without my tie and jacket. I’m sure HR wouldn’t approve of that sort of behavior.” Anton tried to sound convincing even though he knew his inner slut would win out in the end. Travis stripped off his shorts and dove in near Cory. He went to Cory and gave him a bear hug. It was more intimate than Anton expected. And then they started to kiss. Not only kiss, but make out. Anton was surprised as he thought Scott was Cory’s lover. When the kiss ended Cory saw the confused look on Anton’s face. “We’re more of a truple, Anton. And the relationship is totally open. No judgments.” “I see”, Anton felt himself go hard for the first time. Thankfully, it was contained in his jock strap. In suits he wore jocks. Everything else he was commando. He was large and noticeable so the jock was necessary in dress slacks as they showed everything. But Cory still noticed. Anton had his legs spread with his elbows on his knees. Sweating more it seemed. His dress shirt was soaked. “Get comfortable. At least take off those dress shoes and socks. You must be burning up” “Sir, I can’t.” he was torn. He wanted to. At home and on holiday he was a pig. Loved nudist resorts full of like minded men. He usually had his pick of who he wanted to get nasty with. He knew he was attractive. But so were Cory and Travis. And from what he saw of Scott he would love to be in the middle of that truple. “Are we going anywhere?” Cory asked. “No sir. No plans to.” Anton answered. “Are you going to sleep like that?” Cory kept on him. “No sir, but my clothes will be ready in a moment’s notice. Cory started to walk out of the pool, up the steps, and towards Anton. His cock was half hard and it was a nice cock. Anton liked it. Cory was dripping wet and he went right to Anton. He put his wet hands on Anton’s massive shoulders. He was dripping all over the man’s pants. Cory got on his knees and started to remove Anton’s shoes. “Please don’t sir, I won’t be able…” “Won’t be able to what, to behave? New company rule brother. What happens in the main house, stays in the main house.” Cory had both the man’s shoes off and was peeling down his sweaty socks next. Cory could smell the day on the stud’s feet. After Cory had his socks off he lifted Anton’s left foot to his face and took all his toes into his mouth. “Oh god.” Anton said. Cory then licked the bottom of his sole. He gave the right foot the same treatment while Anton’s cock was straining inside his pants. Cory then reached up and unbuttoned Anton’s shirt. All he could think about was getting fucked right now. That’s how he best dealt with trauma. He knew Travis would fuck him good but it wasn’t enough. He needed multiple loads. He was tempted to ask Anton if there were any more men in his detail that would help. But he knew that would be a step too far. This was already bad. With the shirt unbuttoned he pushed it off of Anton’s shoulders. Anton was powerless now. Cory could see it. “I need it, Anton. I need your fucking load in me. Then Travis’ and then yours again. Do that for me. I need it after today. I’m really fucked up and this is all that helps.” He wasn’t begging as much as he was just stating a fact. As he pulled off Anton’s shirt the serpent tattoo was revealed. It went from his neck to his left pec and around his back. It made the man even sexier. As if that was possible. “So sir, if I may have some clarity. You want my cock in your slutty cunt until I unload my Cuban cum into you. Then you are going to whore yourself to your other friend. Get those pussy lips loose and sloppy so that I can put another load in you? Am I missing anything sir?” Anton’s voice had changed to a raspy lustful tone. His alpha was coming out. “Fuck yeah, brother.” Cory said as he licked and bit around the serpent on his chest. Licking off the sweat. Getting close to the man’s fragrant pit. Anton lifted his arm and said, “This what you want puta? You want a man’s scent on you.” Anton couldn’t believe he was talking to his boss this way but the man obviously needed it. And Anton loved to fuck muscle ass. He could fuck all night. He was only 34. His endurance has not waned yet. “Fuck, brother, I want to bathe in it. Fucking use my ass anytime you want.” Cory said. “What about your boyfriends? They be upset?” he looked over at Travis, seeing the lust in his eyes. Well at least he wouldn’t be a problem. “In our bed we are all equal. You take what you want. Or give what you are comfortable with.” Cory said into the man’s pit. Anton had a deep rich masculine taste and Cory couldn’t get enough of it. All that hidden under that suit jacket. It was a shame. “You want me to sleep with you? Seriously?” This istanbul travesti was going too far. “It better be a fucking king size bed. We all sleep together.” Cory demanded. “I get hard in the middle of the night.” Anton was testing the waters. “Then stick it into any willing hole. We are all pretty slutty. I have a feeling you’re no angel.” Cory challenged. “Fuck no I’m not. But at work I try to be as professional as possible.” Anton tried to get his mind in the right place. He was at work. “Didn’t you say you had to live with us from now on?” Cory asked. “Yes sir. Indefinitely. It is my assignment.” he puffed out his chest and held his head up to make it look official. “I fucked Roberto over his desk yesterday. He’s a slutty little bottom himself.” Cory said. “Yes he is…I mean, um…” Anton fucked up now. “Yeah. I thought so. So you’ve fucked him at work?” Cory asked. “Yeah. And I’ve been to their house. His husband fucked me while I fucked Roberto.” Anton admitted. “Yeah, ok. Get the rest of those clothes off, soldier. The three of us need to get to know each other. Bring everything into the master so that you are at the ready. But, unless there is an emergency I want you naked and sweaty at all times.” Cory said getting up and going into the house. Feeling defeated, Anton said, “Yes sir”. Cory turned and said, “I told you enough of the sir crap. I liked it better when you called me a puta. Now get in here so I can be your whore.”, then he turned to Travis, “You coming?”. Tavis and Anton looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Then Travis said, “He really is too hard to resist.” “That’s what I’m afraid of. I’m already under whatever spell he has on me, on us.” Anton said as he gathered his things. He was still in his dress pants. “Yeah, get used to it. He’s the easiest man to love.” Travis said as he followed Anton into the house. Cory at least had the foresight to pack lube and poppers into his overnight bag. He retrieved both and got up on the bed on all fours. He then heard the men come in behind him. Then he heard a quiet gasp come from Anton. Cory was caught with three fingers in his ass lubing himself up. “Travis, come on the bed so I can suck on you while Anton gives me the first round.” Cory asked. Anton watched Travis get on the bed and spread his legs in front of Cory. Cory then took Travis’ cock right into his mouth and started to work on him. When he still felt no movement from behind, he pulled away from Travis’ cock and said, “It’s not going to fuck itself or do you need me to break it down Barney style.” Cory said, meaning does Cory have to explain every step to him in baby steps. A derogatory term in the Marines. “Mother fucker”, Anton said under his breath, “You want it bitch, I’ll give it to you good. No crying after.” Cory took to huffing the popper bottle hard knowing that he flipped the crazy Marine button. He couldn’t wait. The physical assault will bury the emotional pain. That’s what he needed. “Give me all you got.” The next 5 – 10 minutes Anton pile drived into Cory. Cory couldn’t even suck Travis’ cock any longer. He just held onto Travis’ thighs while Travis held onto his head and shoulders. Cory was moaning, saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” a lot. “Going to give you some Cuban babies now pinche cabron! Fuckin’ brother Marine. Oh fuck! Fuck! your ass is so good.” Anton must have unloaded about 8 volleys into Cory, maybe more. “So fucking good. Hope I don’t get fired for this!” As Anton calmed down as Cory milked his cock with his ass. “I’m never going to fire this piece of meat. Since you come along with it you’re safe.” Cory sort of chuckled. “Another homo that just wants me for my cock.” Anton chuckled as well. “You seem to have other attributes. We’ll figure it out.” Cory said, “Now vacate. I need Travis in there.” “Yes sir,” Anton slowly pulled out, “Will you clean my cock sir?” he asked as he and Travis switched places. Cory gladly cleaned Anton up as Travis slowly fucked him. Travis wasn’t as aggressive as a top but he still had a nice cock. Cory was enjoying the musky scent of his new friend anyway. Even taking his tongue under Anton’s balls and over his taint. Tasting the earthiness of the outer edges of Anton’s own hole. “You’ll have to take me too boss. I crave Marine DNA in me.” Anton said when he felt Cory’s tongue touch his most private place. “It’s an equal opportunity household brother. Be glad to.” Cory said into the man’s balls. Once Travis unloaded into Cory, Anton got up like an animal and went behind Cory, almost pushing Travis out of the way, “Sorry man. But I smell a buffet!” Then he dove, mouth first, into Cory’s sloppy cunt. Lapping it up and sticking his tongue inside as he sucked out Travis’ cum first and then his own. “You’re a fucking pig Marine. You fit right in. Gonna have to keep you around.” Cory yelled out. Travis took the opportunity to eat Anton’s ass as well. Anton didn’t mind at all. In fact he backed up on the mouth willingly. Minutes later they had all collapsed onto the bed. Cory and Anton making out as Travis cleaned Anton’s cock. A while later Anton pulled Travis up and made out a bit with him too. But his focus was on Cory. He couldn’t help it. Then Anton became quiet. Thinking things over. Cory thought he might have had after regrets. “What you thinking, brother.” “I just don’t want to get in the way of you three guys. When Scott comes home tomorrow, your new home, I don’t want any hard feelings.” Anton was honest. “You’re a sensitive soul, huh brother? Don’t worry. That boy did five guys at the baths yesterday while I was fucking Roberto. It’s all good. Then he came home and his brother and I fucked him again. He won’t have any hard feelings. He’ll just feel like he missed a day of fun.” Cory said. “That’s the truth.”, Travis said, “My little brother is a slut. Used to be mostly top but that seems to have changed lately. Not sure if it’s for good or just a thing.” “Fuck, you guys are hot. I almost wish I didn’t work for you.”, Anton said quietly. “Well since my story will be out soon I couldn’t think of a better addition. We won’t exactly be able to pick up any strange after this. Well, I definitely won’t. Maybe Scott and Travis can escape the notoriety.” Cole reflected. “I may be able to help in that department if you need it. But we should keep it on ice for a while. Just the household for now.” Anton said. “That include you, brother?” Cole asked with a smirk. “If you’ll have me.” Anton shyly smiled. “Breaking all sorts of rules. Professional and personal.” “Feels good to break some rules sometimes. Doesn’t it?” Travis asked. “You a Marine too?”, Anton asked although he didn’t get the Marine vibe from the man. But there was something. “Air Force.” Travis said, knowing he was in for it. “Ah, The Chair Force.”, Anton laughed. “No worries bro. You got two Marines to protect you.” Cory reluctantly laughed a bit as well. “Marines, muscle always required, intelligence not essential.” Travis gave it back to him. Cory and Anton both laughed as well even though that was one of the bigger insults to the Corp. “Alright, alright you two. Enough.” Cory said while laughing. “Hit too close to home, Cory?” Travis laughed. “Maybe.” Cory said, still laughing, “Besides, Scott is a college boy. He won’t understand this chatter.” That sobered up the mood a bit. Travis looked a bit said and Anton felt a bit out of place. But Cory was having none of it. “Scott’s going to be ok. We’ll spoil the shit out of him when he comes home.” That made Cory think of Scott’s personal items. “Anton, Scott has nothing here. We left too fast this morning to take anything of his.” “Already taken care of, sir. Er, Cory.” Anton smiled shyly, “The guy I assigned him has been back to the house. He is gathering his things as well as whatever is left in the bedrooms. Only clothing and toiletries. Nothing else.” “I guess we don’t really need anything else. This place seems equiped.” Cory said. The evening went by quickly after that. They hung out in the family room and watched the tube while Travis and Cory had a few beers. Anton stayed alert. But, Cory was pleased, Anton stayed naked with them. Cuddling on the couch. The next morning three guys from the security detail were going to pick up Scott. It was deemed unsafe for Cory and Travis to go. Especially Cory. So Anton stayed back with them. Scott was home by 11 AM. He was on crutches instead of a wheelchair. He insisted. When he saw the guys he was happy. “Look at this place. Fuck! This our new home?” Cory was happy he was calling it home, “Yeah, I hope you like it man. I thought it would be a lot better than the penthouse.” “Fuck yeah it is! I like what I saw of the grounds when we pulled in. Did I see a stable?” Scott asked like a kid. Cory chuckled, “Yeah, but no horses. Sorry.” “Oh well. Dude, I could never leave here! I hope the boys visit a lot. They’ll love it!” Scott said, still excited. “The boys?” Anton asked. He didn’t see anything about children in the records. “My sons”, Travis said, “They are together up in Panama City. Both are going to start school at the University of Texas I guess.” Travis sounded excited and bummed out about them going to college at the same time. Then he added, “Wish they would go to school closer.” Anton turned to Cory and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know. We need to make arrangements. They are part of your family now too I assume?” Cory hadn’t thought about it that way but, yeah, they were. “Yes they are Anton. Do what you need to do.” Cory filed Travis’ concern for the boys being closer away for later. For now they decided to have a nice lunch to celebrate Scott coming home so soon. Just deli sandwiches right there in their new kitchen. Later on Cory called Roberto and asked about colleges nearby. They settled on Florida International. It was close and it was well reviewed. Cory’s next call was to the boys. He asked Hank if he was dead set on U of T. Hank said that they were the only ones that gave him a full ride. Otherwise he didn’t care where he went. Cory asked that if he gave him a full ride, Logan as well, would they consider going to FIU. Hank said sure but Logan’s GPA might not be good enough for that school. Hank wasn’t worried about his GPA as he was at about 3.675 Cory said he would handle it. Cory called Roberto back and said it was a go. Roberto said he would do everything he could to get the boys into FIU. Legally. Roberto said that sometimes, in these cases, students could gain admission by taking some pre college courses. Especially in areas they are lacking. They can do it through the school. Then the SAT scores would help if they are good. After talking to Roberto, Cory called Hank back and asked if they would move to the compound with the rest of the family. Logan, of course, would have to get some good SAT scores. So it would be a summer of studying. Hank spoke with Logan for a few minutes and then got back on the phone and said they would. Hank said that they really didn’t want to be that far from their dad and Scott. And now him. Hank said that even though he hadn’t met Cory yet he did feel like he was part of the family. After hanging up with the boys Cory went to find Anton. Anton and Roberto were to coordinate the move for the boys. Pack up Travis’ house and then they would ask Travis what he wanted to do with it. The family was going to be all together. Would you like another chapter? Write to me! Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!

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