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Subject: wwf/ HHH vs Test Hello again, this is my 3rd story and ive gotten NO response from the other one (HHH Austin) Whys that ppl? You don’t like me? Well, go read it when your done here and then send me mail. I am also taking requests for ppl in the stories! ail ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story does not imply anything about HHH or Test (but we can wish!) so this isn’t that they are or that they are not but USE YOU IMAGINATION! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As Tests bout for the WWF Hardcore championship came to a close, Test lost and went to the back of his locker room to relax with an Edge cola, HHH entered. Thinking it was Beniots but it was Tests. Test looked at HHH as he was level with his cock. Test could see that HHH was packing something a good, wholesome product behind those tight shorts he was wearing. Test was sitting there in his leather pants and no shirt (or underwear). Seeing HHH at cock level was stating to have its effect on Test, who had gotten wood (not the table) beneath the pants. HHH undid his zipper and Test caught on. Test started to suck bursa escort on HHH big thick 9 inch cut cock and HHH threw his head back and sighed and sighed a breathy laugh. “Hehehe” HHH laughed lightly Test heard this and got off HHHs cock and asked him “Hunter, why’d you laugh?” HHH replied ” it’s just that you actually wanted my “wife” now your gay, I find that very wired.” “Hunter, ive explained this MANY times, im not gay, I am bi sexual. I still like pussy but I love cock more. Now, you want to chitchat some more or you want to cum in my mouth?” Test asked. “Open your mouth and close your eyes, and get ready for a big surprise” HHH said goofily. ” Oh my god Hunter that was so —- “HHHs cock getting shoved down the back of his through cut off Test. Test started to sick his way down HHHs cock and had swirled his tongue and shoved a finger up HHHs ass. HHH smacked Test upside his head so hard he fell off the chair. “What the FUCK is you doing Test? I don’t like it up my ass. If you want it up your ass all you had to do is to fuckin say so” HHH said angrily, “So turn around and bend over you little fucker” Test escort bayan did so as HHH said. “Uhhhh…. Hunter, are you going to lube up?” Test said warily. “Nope, were big, strong men, we don’t need it” HHH replied. “Hunter this is gonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Test yelled in pain and agony. Hunter just curled his lips into a smile ” Ohhh yeah, this feels so damn good.” HHH bucked his hips back and forth and in about 3 minutes said “Test, turn you faggot ass around and open your mouth. NOW!” Test turned around and wrapped his mouth around HHHs cock and got a mouth full of cum. HHH got light headed and passed out. HHH awoke in a hotel room naked and tied up to a bed. He heard a shower running and it stops suddenly. Test got out and saw that HHH was awake. ” Its about damn time” Test said standing in the bathroom, naked. Test made his was across the room toward HHH and hopped on top of him. ” Well, looks like the tables have turned huh bub?” Test said into HHHs face “Test you sick fucker, what the fuck are you going to do to me?” HHH asked Test “Well it goes like this, I fuck you up the ass and your going to suck bursa escort me off and give me a rim job sound fair?” Test said “NO!” HHH said loudly “Well tough shit buddy” Test said and shoved his hard cock up HHHs ass. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” HHH yelled “Now you know how it feels” Test said. Test pumped in and out of HHHs asshole. HHHs cries of pain soon turned into pleasure. Test fucked HHHs ass for 10 minutes and shot his load deep inside HHHs ass. Test then collapsed onto HHHs abs and caught his breath. When Test had came, HHH came on tests stomach and his own abs, Test didn’t know this so he laid in HHHs cum. Test then jumped on HHHs chest and asked him,” Rim or suck? Your going to have to do both so what do you want to do first?” “Rim.” HHH replied “Ok then” Test jumped on HHHs face and HHH stuck his tongue up Tests ass. Test noticed that HHH was hard so he bent over and sucked HHH off for a few minutes. HHH was getting tired of rimming so he asked Test if he could suck his cock. Test agreed and HHH and Test 69 until HHH was ready to cum. Test then received his 2nd shipment of cum straight from HHHs cock. Getting HHHs cum sent Test over the edge and Test fired 9 shots into HHHs hot mouth. When they were done, test rolled off HHH and untied him. When HHH was free he laid there, hard and naked. Test kissed HHH passionately on the lips and they went to sleep in each other’s arms.

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