Hard at Work

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Hard at WorkThis naughty little story, although entirely fictional, is based on/inspired by real life experiences I’ve had. Enjoy reading it, I certainly did writing it! 😛 lolSo I’ve been working this office job for a while now. I started out when I was 18 and ever since then I’ve been a busy hard-working worker. I shan’t bore you with the ins-and-outs of the job (who wants to read about such a thing on a porn site?! lol).Anyway, having been working hard for a few years, I figured I was more than deserving of a promotion. There was just one big thing standing in my way, Mr. Richards. The boss of the office. Only he had the power to give the promotion to whom he saw fit. And he saw a lot of us girls in his office as more than fit enough! Well, except for maybe Lynn. Don’t think anyone would call her “fit”…Of course, I did my best to use my natural god-given womanly charms to catch his eye and show him that I’m worthy of the promotion. I would wear tight-fitting high-riding skirts, complete with tights and heels each day. Not forgetting the revealing white buttoned shirts with a good push-up bra underneath that really show off my lovely endowed pert breasts. Make-up and hair done up nicely to complete the sexy look. After all, I knew my good work-ethic and professional conduct wouldn’t be enough on it’s own to earn me that promotion.The promotion is to be the sub-head of office. With it, I’d have the power and authority over my fellow workers, plus I’d get a sweet office and the chance to work slightly less hours but with more pay. Sweet!Day after day, I’d tart myself up early in the mornings, work hard through my shift, even putting in a few extra hours to really show how good of a worker I am. And, of course, any time Mr Richards called me into his office, I’d bat my eyes, flirt like crazy, and do whatever he asked of me to show him that there’s no better candidate for the promotion than me as I awaited for the day when he was to announce who gets it.On that day, he called me into his office just before lunch break.”Ah Angelica, did you print those copies I needed?” He asks me as he sat in his big leather swivel office chair.”Yes sir, all 150 of them, like you asked.” I flashed my pretty strait white teeth at him as I handed him the paperwork.”Excellent, love. Ta.” He grinned back as he took them from my hand. He his quite a handsome lad. Quite young too, only a couple years older than me. He has wavy brown hair, with a thick yet neat beard. Most guys can’t pull off the beard look without looking like a slobby caveman, but he pulls it off perfectly. He was wearing his suit and tie, but he had his jacket hanging on the coat hook by the office door.”Will that be all, sir, or is there anything else I can assist you with?” I ask real nicely with just some little subtle flirty undertones.”Perhaps you can help me with regards to that promotion.” He replies.”Oh,” my ears pricked up, “it’d be my pleasure to help with that.” I can’t help but to grin a big grin. This is what I’ve been waiting for. What I’ve been working so hard for. I try to calm down and compose myself.”Before we tend to those matters. I feel like I need to discuss something else with you.” He tells me.”Ok, sir. What is it?” I ask, my heart fluttering like the butterflies in my tummy.”I’ve noticed how you behave around me. The way you flirt and offer yourself to me.” He stated.”Oh…” I pause to think and nervously giggle. I didn’t know where to look.”It’s ok. You’re only a woman. It’s natural to feel this way around me.” He told me.What a big head! lol He’s always been rather smug. He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Smug prick.”Erm, sir, that’s – er-” I struggle sakarya escort to find the right words to say.”Now I know how badly you’ve been wanting this promotion. The thing I wonder though, is just how badly do you want it?” He ponders.”Well I- I- I do want it badly, sir. I’d do just about anything to get it.” I answer him.”Really? Would you be willing to do something many might consider… Naughty?” He continues to wonder.I nervously swallow. I scratch my forearm. My heart continues to pound hard inside my chest.”Maybe…” I finally spit out my answer. I watch as he moves a hand down below his desk, out of sight. I then hear his fly being unzipped. I was quite in shock.”Come round hear.” He orders me.”B-but sir, someone might walk in…” I worry and look nervously towards his office door.”They should be going on their lunch break right about now. No one will disturb us.” He reassures me.”Surely I should be going on my lunch break too then?” I reply.”You are, come over here and you’ll be eating a lunch like no other.” He chuckles in a smarmy kind of way.I must admit; the thought, although somewhat shocking, did intrigue me.”Yes sir.” I glance down at his desktop and then back up at him. I then walked around his desk.He still had his black suit trousers on, but his firm stiff cock was hanging out of his open fly. I silently gasped at the sight.He was big. Much bigger than I previously thought he’d be. At least 7 inches long. He was pretty damn hard already too.”Show me just how badly you want the promotion.” He commanded.”Yes, sir.” I willingly obeyed. I slunk to my knees. “Under the desk, there’s a good girl.” He instructed me.I crawled under his desk as he swivelled his chair around so that I was now between his legs.My heels provided a nice resting place for my lovely shapely butt as I knelt in front of him.My heart was beating so hard, I thought it was going to pop out of my chest.He was holding onto the thick base of his cock, aiming his thick hard pink shiny helmet towards my face.I closed my eyes, puckered my lips, and pressed them against the tip of his helmet.”Hmm… You like that?” He asks me as he rubs his helmet against my lips.”Yes, sir.” I reply in a breathy whisp of a voice.”Smell it.” He told me. My eyes opened and looked up at him looking down at me.I took hold of his thick strong shaft, my hand touching his, and closed my eyes again as I gently leaned my nose against his helmet.I quietly sniffed his scent. I’ll admit it, his cock smelt so good. It had that real sexy bodily smell to it. Nice and fresh too. “You like that, don’t you?” He asked.”Hmm-mmm… Yes sir, I do.” I answer as I continue breathing him in.”You’ll love the taste even better.” He tells me.”I think I will, sir.” I reply.”Lick it.” He orders me.”Yes, sir.” I eagerly reply and pull away just ever so slightly so that I may get my tongue out and onto him.I hold the tip of my wet slippy tongue flat against the front of his shaft, just below the opening on his helmet, and really slowly lick upwards. I lick right against the slit of his helmet, pushing my tongue hard against it as I hold his big hard stiff cock still in my hand.”Mmmm yeah…” He quietly groaned as he leaned back into his chair. His eyes closing to enjoy the sensation.I lick his cock up and down, and all around his helmet. Getting his cock so wet with my warm spit. Make it nice and slippery for my hand as I begin to jerk him off nice and slowly.”Mmmm you know what you’re doing down there, don’t you?” He softly moaned.”Yes, sir.” I put my tongue back into my mouth to reply before sticking it back out to use on him.”I bet you’ve had lots of practise with other guys…?” He adapazarı escort asks in his sexual moans.”Yes sir, I have.” I answer honestly.”Bet you’ve never had a cock as good and tasty as this one though, have you?” He continues.”No sir, no other cock is as good or tastes as yummy as yours.” I softly moan my answer to him.”You’re such a naughty little cocksucker who loves nothing more than a good cock to suck on.” He states.”Yes sir.” I reply, feeling quite proud of that assumption.”Aren’t you so lucky to have my lovely big cock to suck on right now.” He continues.”Yes sir. I’m so lucky sir.” I answer him, happily stroking his ego further in more ways than one!I wrap my lips right around his big throbbing helmet and start to give him the best sucking his cock has ever had.He moans, stifling himself from moaning too loud, though he understandably is finding it hard to contain himself.As I suck on his helmet like as if it’s a big sticky toffee-apple, my hand jerks his shaft so good for him. Wanking him off like his cock is that of a prized bull. I only stop wanking him when I take him deep into my mouth.Suddenly, whilst his cock is shoved down my throat and my lips are touching the shirt covering his belly, there’s a loud knock on the office door. I immediately stop sucking and start to pull away, but his grabs the back of my head, gripping my hair to stop me.”Don’t stop! Keep going!” He orders me through sharp whispers.”Yshp shirp.” I reply, although my words coming out muffled and sloppy what with having a huge cock obstructing my throat!”Come in.” He called to the knock at the door.I could tell from the voice that it was Carol Anvers, the office bitch, who wanted to see him. God I hate her! Everyone in the office does. She’s such a prude and talks down to everyone. A real stuck up twerp who bitches about everybody and makes life as awkward as she can for the rest of us. She walked right up to the desk as she handed him some papers and spoke to him about some charts and recent performance results he requested her for.As they talked, I carried on dutifully sucking on his impressive member. If only she could see who was underneath his desk doing what to him, she’d have had a fit! lolAfter a few minutes, he thanked her and she headed out of the office.”That’s a good busy little cocksucker.” He praised me.”Yourck welckommed shir.” I reply through my slurps and sucks of his cock.He started to breath more heavily. I could tell from the way his cock subtly twitched inside my mouth that he was ready to cum.I sucked harder, even more purposefully than I had before. I wanted him to have an orgasm like he’s never had before. I wanted to make it so memorable for him that when he has to announce the promotion, the only name on his lips will be mine. It’s only fair, really, considering that I’m about to have his yummy cream all over my lips!”Oh fuck… Ffffuuuuccckkk…” He breathlessly whimpered as the intense pleasurable power of a good creaming was about to explode from his huge hard erect cock. He impressively big balls had tightened up so much as the cream inside them was locked and loaded into place, ready to fire.I sucked him so hard whilst wanking him so fast. He’s going to cum, and there’s nothing either him or myself could do to stop it now.With a big stifled yell, he unloaded right down my throat. His hot creamy spunk splurted out of him like flowing milky lava.I dutifully took it all in. Swallowing it all down like the best kind of tasty yoghurt. When the orgasm was over, he pulled his wet spunk-covered cock out of my mouth. There was a pool of cream on my tongue, which I pushed against the roof of my mouth, making sakarya escort bayan some of it trickle down the back of my throat, and the other load of it trickle out of my mouth over my lips and running down my chin.”Mmmmmmm… So yummy…” I breathlessly utter as I enjoy my creamy reward for a job well done.”Taste good?” He asks whilst softly panting.I nod my head and smile a cummy-lipped smile, “Yes sir.”I swallow the little bit of left-over cum inside my mouth, before licking my lips clean. I also wipe the cum off of my chin with my finger and before I suck it off, I can’t help but to enjoy the smell of it. I really do love the smell of fresh cum. There’s nothing better!He was about to grab a tissue from the tissue box on his desk.”Please, allow me sir.” I grin as I take hold of his firm yet slightly softening cock once more in my hand, and wrap my tongue around his spunky helmet to lick it all clean for him. Moaning pleasurably as I do.”Wow, you’re a really good natural cocksucker.” He softly chuckled.”The best, sir.” I look up at him and wink playfully. I even giggle slightly. Well, not to toot my own horn but it is a true statement lolOnce I licked him clean, he moved his chair back, allowing me to get up from under his desk.”Thank you, sir.” I smile as I stand up. I look down and notice a little wet spot on the collar of my shirt. I quickly suck it to try to clean it, and realise from the taste that it was a drop of his cum. I then rub it, trying to hide the evidence of the blow job.”Now, about that promotion.” He smiled at me.”Yes, sir, I’m all ears.” I grin excitedly.”Could you please inform Ms Anvers that she’s got it, thanks.” He told me.My jaw nearly hit the floor. I was gutted and so crestfallen. I can’t believe he’s passed me over for that bitch! Especially after I’d just given him the best blowjob of his life! Fucking arsehole!”Yes sir.” I sigh dejectedly.I turn to head out of the office.”Oh and one last thing, could you please copy 50 of these. Thanks.” He handed me some sheets of paperwork.”Yes sir.” I begrudgingly reply and take the papers for him.The next day came round and I, along with the rest of my workmates in the office, had the suffer the smug look on Carol’s face as she moved into her new office, and assumed her newly placed higher rank over us. She even made a nasty dig at me in front of the group with the supposedly jokey statement; “I’m glad I got this promotion through hardwork and not becuase I knelt down behind Mr Richards’ desk!” and then looked at me with scornful eyes. Bitch!It wasn’t long into the day when Mr Richards called me into his office.I knocked on his door and entered.”You called sir?” I greeted him.”Ah, Angelica, my naughty little cocksucker, please come in.” He chuckled in that smarmy way of his.I grinned through gritted teeth at him.”I just wanted to offer you a chance for another promotion.” He beamed.”Oh?” My eyes lit up.”It’s sort of like a head-office kind of job. Well, there’ll be an office, and plenty of head.” He continued and chuckle more sleazily.”Yeah, sir?” I reply.”I wish to make you my personal assistant. The pay is a little better although it will require more hard work. Plus I expect you to stay for overtime almost every day.” He explained.”Oh. Um, I don’t know…” I tilt my lips in thought.”But there are perks to the job.” He grinned.”Yeah? Like what, sir? I ask.”Well, the biggest perk of all is right under this desk, if you know what I mean?” He winked.I looked down at his desk, then back up to his deep brown eyes, then back down to the desk, then back up at his eyes.”Well, sir, since you put it like that… I accept!” I announced excitedly.What? Don’t judge! Sure he’s an arsehole and an egotistical prick, but he does have a lovely big yummy cock!Can you really blame a cock-loving girl for refusing that kind of job? I thought so lolNeedless to say, thanks to me, my boss was always hard at work ;)The end.

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