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Subject: Happy Jack’s Party Shack 5 HAPPY JACK’S PARTY SHACK By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy. I will admit that the characters are based on real people and the places are (mostly) based on real places but the actions and stroy are fictional. Compliments, comments, complaints to ail. Feedback is great! Please donate to Nifty. This resource is too important to pass away. FIVE Alex called. 18 years old. A free man. Alex is Jack’s great nephew, both of them dark red headed and green eyed. Both of them sexy in their own way. Jack is powerful and strong, hairy chested, all man. Confident. Smart. He has been around. He’s been my lover since I was a little boy. I’m 15 now. Alex is lean and long, smooth. He’s older but he doesn’t know what I know. I’ve lived more in 15 years than he has in 18. I kind of like that. I met him when we went to Jack’s family reunion over the Fourth of July. Our reason for going was to convince Jack;’s nephew to give his son Elliott to us to live. Ell is 9, biracial, queer as fuck, and we want him back with us. Meeting Alex was a bonus. He’s decided to skip out of the Bible belt and all that backwards shit and head down to freedon. And that’s cool. As Jack says, the more the merrier. He called and Jack gave him detailed instructions. Then it was to wait. I was outside working on the outboard for the Catalina 22. which is up on a trailer, when I saw this brown truck coming. I had been getting worried because it was taking him forever to get here. It’s a 10 hour trip but we had kind of expected him the night before. “Hey, Alex!” I said, running up to him. I hugged him and we kissed. He was definitely feeling passionate. He got his tongue down my throat. “What took you so long” “Fucking truck kept overheating. Took forever. So I just slept in the bed last night outside of Clewiston” he said. “Man the water is so blue out here” “Welcome to party central” “Cool. Where is Uncle Jack?” “Come on” I said, grabbing a duffel bag. He had two and a couple of boxes. He was moving permanently. Jack was inside chopping vegetables for supper. We had a quick conversation and I showed Alex to one of the bedrooms. The house is actually kind of big on both stories but we mostly use the bedrooms for people to pass out in after the Party Shack closes . “So, where do you sleep?” Alex asked “With Jack” “I was wondering about that. I kind of thought so” “Yeah” I said “But we’re not monotonous. I can fuck who I want” “Monogamous” Jack said from the door way. “Although I guess monotonous covers it too. I’m in my 50’s. He’s 15. I can’t keep up. If you want to help me out, that’s cool” :”Maybe we all sleep together some” Alex said “It’s a king sized bed” I said We ate the meal that Jack calls supper on the back porch, which is screened in There was a nice breeze coming off the bay and it cooled things off. Alex was surprised when I made myself a drink — rum, ginger ale and lime juice – and all that Jack did was ask if he wanted rum or bourbon. He took what I took. We were out eating hogfish and a bean salad. when Jack decided to give Alex the lay of the land. “So, we are mostly off the grid. Cell service is spotty. We get our power mostly from solar so we’re careful about how much power we use. For lights at night, it’s kerosene lamps. The Party Shack uses generators. There’s no AC up here, just fans. Our water comes from cisterns so we are careful about kütahya escort that. You’ll see how we shower” “It’s like camping” Alex said “Do have internet” I said. I wanted to soften it. I wanted him to stay. “You have a lot of books” Alex said “Read any of them you want” Jack said. He lit a bowl and then handed it to Alex. He sucked in some. “Let’s be real clear. We live on the other side of the law. I sell drugs. We have a bar that’s open two nights a week because … well. you’ll figure out why. I have a 15 year old lover. You catching on? There is a lot of shit I don’t care about. I don’t care how drunk you get. I don’t care if you stay high all the time. I guess we need to get something settled: are you gay or bi?” “Gay” Alex said “Totally” “Good. The only way I can tolerate pussy is on a trans man. Otherwise ain’t no fucking way” “You gay or bi” Alex asked me I smiled. “Totally gay” “So here are my rules. First, don’t do anything that gets the police out here. That won’t end well. Second, we ain’t calling the ambulance or the fire department. Let the mother fucker burn. Third, it’s not up to you to be the morality police. If you think it’s immoral but it ain’t your shit then it ain’t your business. Got it?” “Got it” Alex said. “So I can get high or drunk whenerver, fuck all the time, just don’t waste electricity or water. And don’t fuck up when the cops are around” “That’s it” Jack said. I think Alex is sexy. Sexy with a capital X. I don’t mind admitting it. I want after him. The pot has made me horny and I am drunk enough after two dark and stomy’s that I kind of get handsy. Not that Alex is fighting back much. When he does, he’s laughing. “So can we go swimming?” he asks.. I say sure. He smiles “I have a swim suit” “What for? You don’t need it here” On our side of the key, the water in the bay is deeper. It’s about a 3 feet around the dock but it sharply falls away to be about 9 feet at low tide. On the other side, though, the whole bay is about 1 foot at low tide and right now atbout 4 feet nearing high tide. We went over that way in the waning light and I pointed out where Pancho, Lefty and Dylan lived and Old Cal. He asked about Old Cal. “He’s like a mad scientist. But he’s totally cool. You’ll see” We played in the water for a little while but it was only a quarter moon and we had to head back but we did it naked. I tried not to be gushy with him even though I was really excited he was here. I had thought about him a lot. But I didn;t want to turn him off or anything so I tried to play it cool. I don’t know. Maybe I pulled it off. Anyway, we ended up in our bedroom. “You ever worry about getting your dick sunburned?” Alex asks, plopping on the bed naked. “I wear shorts during the day” Jack said “So, wanna get high?” “Hell yeah” Alex said “I think you have a pretty dick” I said and then instantly regretted it. It sounded stupid He knd of lifted up his dick and looked at it as Jack loaded a bowl. “It’s a dick. I’m attached to it. I’ve never really seen one that, you know, like yours. Except for porn, like European” For just a moment I felt a little crushed, like he was being critical of my favorite body part. “yeah” I said “So, help me out here” Alex said “You two are, like, ….” “Lovers? Yeah. But like Thomas said, we’re not monotonous” I blushed at his reminder of my mistake “Not at all. He came to my bed voluntarily and he can lara escort leave it voluntarily and I’ll still care for hm” “How old?” “I was 9. I was living with a guy that was pretty mean to me. Basically my mom wanted to get rid of me. . Then I came to live with Jack. He didn’t molest me …” “Yeah, I did. And it was fun” Jack said. He was getting a little hard thinking about it I went on. “Since Old Cal brought me here I’ve never once had sex that i didn’t want to have. I was never forced to do anything” The pipe had been around and the familiar feeling of being stoned swept over me. I felt more self-conscious sitting there nn the bed, naked, with my sexy dreamboat and I felt young and skinny and underdeveloped. I was scared he was going to think of me as a little brother and not as somebody he wanted to fuck. I knew I was getting laid. It wasn’t that. Jack and I would. But I wanted al three of us to do it. It was Jack that broke the ice. He leaned over and kissed Alex and Alex kissed back, wet and sloppy tongue action. Jack motioned for me to come over. I scooted over and took his fat but still soft dick in my mouth, down to his shaved pubes. “Mmmm” he purred. “That feels good” He stiffened in my mouth. I worked it. I loved on his cock. I worshipped it with my mouth and my tongue and my lips. I stroked it as I sucked, up and down, plaing with the head. I tugged at bis big full balls, licking the underside fo the stiff hard shaft and recapturing the head with my lids. He fell back on the bed and I could see his whole body, lean and rippled and sexy. “I’ve never had a three way before” he said “Welcome to Driftwood Key” Jack said “Thanks. Fucking great welcoming committee” Jack fed his great nephew his cock as I worked on the stiff one downstairs. I sucked on his balls, rubbed his taint. Alex had a bit of trouble taking Jack;s. But then Jack is big. But I kept going. I was so hard my dick quivered. I was totally turned on sucking him down “Man, you are so good at that” Alex said to me. I almost exploded with pride ‘He’s a talented cocksucker. It’s because he really loves dick” “Hey Thomas, have you ever been with a girl?” “No” I say, embarrassed I suppose a 15 year old boy ought to but even if I did want to, which I don’t, there’s not much opportunity out here and I’ve never been to actual school. “Me either. I tried once. Couldn’t even get it up. I gueess I’m a total fag. You have, though, Jack?” Jack fell back on the bed, stroking his giant member. “A couple of times, back in the day. Had a few girlfriends. But pussy is not for me” “Cool” Alex said. “Lay back Thomas” He went after my dick, squatting between my legs and holding up my stiff dick. Jack got behind him and started rimming him. “Uhh” Alex grunted. “Wow” I guess he had never had that done to him. Jack is good at it. He knows how to have sex with a guy, any kind of guy, any kind of sex. Sometimes at the Party Shack and he’s getting his freak on, I just watch him go and jack off, especially if it’s BDSM. He can be brutal and those guys love it. But right now he has his tongue up ni Alex’s butt and he doesn’t know what to think. In a way, I felt bad for Alex. I’ve been doing sex stuff with guys since I was a little boy. I love it but I’ve had a lot, more I guess than a lot of people ever have and way more than the average 15 year old. More than him. But he is going after my dick like lara eve gelen escort a starving man. He wants it. He ‘s hungry for dick. Dick is what he wants. He’s definitely enthusiastic. Eager. “Turn over” Jack tells him Alex comes off my dick and fkops over, his hard on pointed toward me. Fat and hard Jack grabbed it and took it down. “Oh yeah” Alex said “Suck that big dick. Take it down” I lean and start kissing him. He’s breathing hard. He moans. I wonder if he is going to cum quick. I am super hard and horny and I hope not. But Jack is really going after it, using his hand and his mouth. “Mmmmhhhmm” Alex purred. “Jack, 69 him” I said They had to reposition but Jack got over him and Alex took his stiff prick down and started sucking it. Jack was balls deep on Alex. With his ass up in the air, I greased up my pole and straddled them and pushed it into Jack’s hole. I slammed it in. Not gently. Jack’s been fucked plenty. Plenty. He’s not tight. Not like what I think Alex is. I’ve been in his ass plenty of times. And I am up and over him, fucking him hard and fast, letting my horniness get me. Alex is looking up as I do, seeing my dick go back and forth in Jack’s ass. I hold on to his hips and pound. “Fuck him” I hear Alex say. I pound him. Fuck him hard. Jack comes off of Alex’s dick and just puts his head down as I plunder his hole. Then I begin to feel it cum. I feel the pressure. The pleasure of it. I pound him harder, wanting to will the jizz our of me and into him. Harder. More. Faster. Greedy. I want it. “Oh fuck” I cry out. I unload in his ass. I stay in, cream pie. Then I pull my cummy dick out. I watch as Alex fucks him. He’s horned up enought that it doesn’t take long but I hope that he thinks that fucking Jack through my jizz is sey. I was almost hard as he cries out and cums. With Jack in the middle of the bed, me and Alex compete to get Jack off. Alex drinks his cum down. We are lyynig there in the bed, naked and sweaty. “It’s too weird to be fucking my uncle” Alex said “That’s what made it hot, though, right? Knowing that it was wrong?” Jack said “Yeah” Alex answered. He was really silent for a while. “Can I tell you something bad. Something nobody knows about?” “Yeah” I say. “There’s nothing that will shock us I say” “I don’t know” Alex said, ducking his head down. Then he sighed and just decided to say it. “You know Jace aand Mason, right?” I nodded and so did Jack. Jace is another of Jack’s great nephews but Alex’s cousin. He was there at the reunion along wiht his friend Mason. Jace is a red heded, green eyed little pretty, all of nune. Mason is sandy blonde and pale blue eyes. They were both lean, sexy 10 year old boys and Jack drooled over them “So they spied on me and Wyatt. When we were doing it. Not when we got caught but before that. They’re queer, I think. It wasn’t just curiosity. They were both hard and, well, they’ve been messing around with each other since they were like 6” “Did you fuck ’em?” Jack asked “No!” Alex said in protest “Should have. Goddamn, I’d have tapped those cute little asses. I would have made them men if I had had a chance” Jack said “Right, Thomas?” “Yeah definitely” I said “Seriously?” Alex asked “Fuck yeah. Fuck. Hairless boys like that? Super sexy. It’s so fucking taboo. I love it. Take their innocence/ What boy needs his fucking innocence? Boys were made to fuck, right Thomas?” “They were sexy” I said. Alex smiled and relaxed “Yeah, they are sexy. And, Thomas, you were cool with what happened, you and Jack?” I laughed. “Oh fuck yeah” Fuck yeah. I regret fucking nothing. You might think I’m fucked up but I don’t. And I am geting laid more than you are too.

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