Happy Birthday Mike

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Happy Birthday MikeAll characters are 18+Happy Birthday MikeMike cringed as he stood at the cutting board on the kitchen’s island counter, his eyes narrowed at his parents, who were standing in the living room, putting on their coats as he chopped carrots.”Chloe, honey!” Mike’s stepmom called out from the living room.Mike was practically scowling when his older step-sister Chloe skipped down the stairs and into the room. She was wearing an outfit so typical for her, it was practically her trademark. A simple, pleated maroon skirt hung down to her knees, meeting the white, knitted stockings that went up to the middle of her pale thighs. Over that she wore a simple white blouse with over-sized sleeves that were rolled up and bunched around the elbows of her incredibly slender arms. Despite being two years older than Mike, she was very slender and petite, making her look much younger than her brother. The little black pigtails and the cute, square-framed black glasses just completed the look. The one thing they shared at the least was the stunningly dark, black hair and pale skin with bright eyes.“Are you heading out for the night?” Chloe asked sweetly as she stood in front of her parents. Mike rolled his eyes. He was surprised they fell for her sweet, cute, bullshit. He knew how she really was. What a two-faced bitch. . .“We’ll be back late, probably after midnight, so keep an eye on house while we are away honey.” Mike’s mom said as she slipped into her coat. Going away, and on my birthday too. What assholes. Mike thought, shaking his head as he focused on the cutting board. It was his birthday, but his parents were upset over his grades, so he was effectively grounded, despite being a freshman in college. But worse was the prospect of being stuck in the house, alone, with his two-faced sister all evening. “Don’t worry mommy and daddy. I’ll make sure Mike studies extra hard after dinner.” Chloe grinned.“You’re so sweet and helpful Chloe.” Her mom said, kissing her on the cheek. Mike watched out of the corner of his eye as his parents walked out of the front door. Chloe didn’t move from where she stood as she pulled out her phone and rapidly began texting, only stopping to watch her parent’s car leave the driveway as she slipped the phone into a tiny pocket on the front of her skirt “Oh Mike.” She purred, slowly drawing out his name as she called out to him from the living room.Mike shuddered, knowing that now that their parents were gone, his sister would set in and start tormenting him. “Leave me alone.” Mike mumbled, chopping carrots.Chloe stalked across the floor silently with the predatory grace of a kitten where she pushed her petite body against Mike’s back. He blushed as he was engulfed by her warmth, her small arms wrapping around his waist as her warm hands pushed up underneath the hem of his t-shirt. “Aww don’t be mean.” She purred, tilting her head up as she gently nipped at her brother’s earlobe. “They left on your birthday, not me. I’m going to take extra special care of you.” She said, her warm fingers plunging beneath the waist of Mike’s sweatpants.“You’re so weird, fucking stop!” Mike gasped, flushing as Chloe ground her body against his back, her hot breath tickling the back of his neck.“You don’t like this?” She she asked, feining a pout.“N-no!’ Mike stammered, trying to squirm away from her. “Then why is THIS so hard?” She asked, her petite hands clutching Mike’s very stiff cock as she softly tugged on it, her warm fingers pulling a ragged moan from Mike’s lips as they caressed his throbbing shaft. “Furthermore…” She continued, slowly moving her hands back up to the band of his pants, small fingers hooking into the fabric before giving his pants a hard, downward jerk. She tugged his pants down his milky, pale thighs and around his knees, leaving him in just his t-shirt and a pair of two-toned girly, french cut boyshorts. The fancy panties were a creamy peach color, trimmed with white lace, the high cut panties cut into the plush cleavage of his soft, white ass. Mike was slender and compact, but he had nice, soft, meaty thighs and enough ass to grab a large handful, unlike his sister who was very petite and thin. Chloe was already staring at her younger brother’s ass in a fevered daze as she lashed out, her petite hand slapping him hard on the ass as she watched and delighted in how the flesh jiggled and rippled under the impact. “If you don’t like it, then why are you wearing these slutty little panties on your fat little ass?” Chloe bit her lip at the corner of her mouth, fondling her brother’s ass as if in a trance. “Because you made me!” Mike moaned, he had given up all pretense of pretending not to enjoy his sister’s aggressive treatment, he now merely clutched the counter and whined like a little bitch in heat as his ass was roughly fondled by Chloe’s warm, strong hands. “Don’t worry, I have something extra special for you today, birthday boy. But first, we need to get your hole ready.” Chloe said, giving Mike’s panties a quick tug as she pulled them down, she stooped and immediately buried her face in her younger brother’s soft ass.“Jesus Christ!” Mike practically shouted, his entire body going stiff as she jerked up onto his tippy-toes as if a jolt of electricity had just ran through him. This was all courtesy of his sister’s abnormally long tongue. When she stuck it out all the way, it reached just past the edge of the bottom of her chin, it was quite an arousing sight, but the overly long tongue was nothing short of a religious experience when in action. Chloe jammed her tongue deep inside of Mike, the tongue was able to slide several inches past his pink, puckered hole, and the intrusion caused Mike to squeal like a little bitch, gripping the countertop with white knuckles as his sister slowly bobbed her head back and forth, fucking his hole with her long, slippery tongue.Her mouth was always so warm and intense, Mike had never experienced anything quite as exquisite in his entire life. He had lost track of the sheer number of times he had furiously diyarbakır escort masturbated in his room while dreaming of the incredible pleasure her mouth could bring if she chose to suck his cock, but sadly, she never touched his cock. At least not to give him an orgasm, and she certainly never gave him head, not even once. “You squeal like a slut and still want to pretend you don’t love this, you dumb cock pig?” Chloe asked, shifting her head to passionately bite her brother’s supple ass cleavage before planting a trail of soft, wet kisses across his pale flesh, drawing a hot gasp from Mike. Chloe’s warm little fingers spread Mike’s ass wide open, her eyes lighting up with perverse pleasure at the sight of his very pink, puckered little asshole. She dipped a pair of fingers into her mouth and sucked on them, withdrawing the petite digits slick with a layer of her warm saliva before she unceremoniously shoved them up her little brother’s ass. She wasn’t even being rough with him, despite the forceful treatment, she had used his hole so frequently that it was well trained so fingers, and cocks, slid very easily into him without much force or effort. Mike Dipped his head down, resting it on his folded arms as he arched his back, his ass sticking out nice and high for his sister as she sawed her fingers roughly in and out of his hole. He was cooing and whimpering like a slut after a few wine coolers, completely lost to the feeling of his hole being stimulated. The entire world shrank, the only thing that existed in it was pleasure the person giving him that pleasure. Chloe pursed her lips and spit a warm glob of saliva into Mike’s hole, spreading the warm, sticky fluids around with her fingers before she slipped in a third, and then fourth finger. This caused Mike’s cock to spasm violently, a hot rush of pleasure filled his head and for a moment, he thought he might blow his load right then and there, but alas, he didn’t.“Bet I can fit my whole fucking hand in here…” Chloe grunted, roughly sawing her four fingers in and out of her brother’s slippery, twitching hole. “N-no!” Mike gasped. Despite his protest though, the thought of her pushing her hands into his ass made his head spin, he wanted her to fist him so bad, but he would never admit it outloud. “Fuck this.” Chloe grunted. She stood to her full height, though that wasn’t saying much, and as Mike glanced over his shoulder, he could see the massive tent she was pitching in her skirt. He watched his big sister unhooked the skirt, letting it fall to the floor before she stepped out of it and kicked it to the side. Her huge, hairless cock was standing straight up at attention, the veins on the nine inch shaft bulging as the purple head throbbed angrily for release. Around her large, smooth balls was a thick, pink rubber cock ring, her balls were tight and ready to explode, Mike knew he was in for a very hard fuck, as was usually the case when Chloe would break out the cockring. “Keep your thighs together, I want to watch your fat, yummy ass eat every inch of this dick.” Chloe instructed and Mike immediately obeyed, clamping his thighs together as he pushed out his plush, heart-shaped ass, presenting it to his sister. Chloe angled the purple, meaty tip of her cock to Mike’s sticky hole and pushed forward, bottoming out in the first thrust as Mike let out a moan befitting a common gutter whore as Chloe sunk down until her huge, tight balls were pressed against Mike’s. “Yessss.” Chloe hissed, her hands gripping Mike’s slim waist as she jerked her body forward, thrusting hard back and forth into his warm, wet hole. “Such a good bitch, you were made for taking your big sister’s big dick.” Chloe said, biting hard on her lower lip to keep from moaning like Mike. She stabbed her cock back and forth inside of him, delighting in the sight of his hole being stretched as it was shoved in and then the way it clung to her shaft, stretching outward each time she pulled back, only to slam it back in. Mike moaned and whimpered constantly, each time Chloe stabbed her fat cock into his plump ass it drew a chorus of slutty sounds from his lips, Chloe knew he was dirty little bitch, even if he wouldn’t admit it. She was doing him a favor by punishing him with her huge cock, teaching him the pleasures of knowing his place in life. “Shit! Shit!” Chloe declared, and much to Mike’s surprise she went balls-deep again, roughly grinding her hips back and forth as her fingers dug into his sides, their skin slapping noisily together, the claps echoing in the small kitchen before Chloe bottomed out, letting out a throated moan as her cock unloaded deep inside of Mike’s ass. Mike groaned like a sissy bitch, panting as his ass was filled with the heat of the thick, sticky cum. His warm, slick inside kept a firm, pulsating grip on his sister’s big cock, and he could practically feel the beating of her heart through the intensely throbbing veins. “Shit. I got excited. Don’t worry, you know I am good for multiple loads, bitch.” Chloe said dismissively, giving Mike plump ass a hard smack. Just then, Chloe’s phone began to vibrate loudly, she narrowed her eyes and quickly pulled out of Mike, her huge cock sliding out of his well-fucked hole with a n audible squish as the cum she was plugging with her cock began to dribbled out. “Go lie down on my bed. Leave the load in your ass, I’m going to bring you your birthday present.” Chloe instructed coldly. Mike turned to look at his sister, but she was rapidly texting again and didn’t look up. He stole a lingering gaze at her swollen, vein-riddled cock which was still visibly throbbing, and then rounded the corner, heading down to his sister’s room. Mike walked into his sister’s room, the feminine scent of fruity shampoo and his sister’s body spray of choice filling his senses and making him tingle. He dove onto her bed which was covered with black velvet sheets and sighed, lying on his stomach with his face down as he tried to catch his breath. The hot load in his stomach was making his fethiye escort head tingle with the dizziest sensation of pleasure. “Happy Birthday, Mike.” Cooed Chloe’s voice from the doorway and Mike rolled over onto his stomach and gasped at the sight of his sister, and his present. Chloe was nude, save her knit thigh highs and the hot pink cock ring that was secured around her smooth, swollen balls. Beside her was a second girl, one he recognized as Karen, his sister’s best friend. The tanned, short redhead with big tits and a thick ass was fully nude, her tan, freckle-kissed body on full display save a satin ribbon that dug into the girl’s plump breasts where it wrapped around her chest and tied in front of her breasts in a neat little bow. Karen flushed scarlet red but she smiled and spoke very softly. “I’m, your birthday present, so please fuck me.”“I won’t let your dirty little cock near me.” Chloe said as Karen turned around, sticking her ass out towards Mike. “But Karen here will do anything you want.” Chloe said, spreading Karen’s thick, pink asshole wide open as her plump, meaty cock twitched between her thighs.Mike’s cock stiffened to life as he sat up on the bed, biting his lip hard as Karen crawled up onto the bed and laid on her stomach in between his legs. Chloe sank down in a moon chair in the corner and sighed, her face flushed as she watched her brother and the other woman with a perverted gleam in her eye. Her hand dropped between her legs and gripped her stiff cock, pushing it off to one side where she slowly moved it up and down against her bare thigh, shivering slightly from the pleasant sensation. “Please, can I fuck you?!” Mike blurted out suddenly when Karen reached out and gently grabbed his cock. “You don’t want me to suck your dick?” Karen asked, puzzled. “I’ve never fucked a girl, I really, really want to put it inside of you.” Mike declared, blushing scarlet. The two of them were too preoccupied to see Chloe scowling at them from her chair.Karen merely giggled and rolled onto her back on the bed where she shifted until she was comfortable as Mike sat up on his knees in front of her, biting his lip as he mindlessly pawed at his diamond-hard dick. Reaching down, Karen placed her hands under her thighs, spreading her legs as she pulled her knees up to her chest. Her long, slender, hairless cock was limp against her stomach, her smooth, mouthwatering balls tight just above hole which was currently occupied with a thick, pink plug that had a ring and a flat cap protruding from it to keep it from sliding all the way in.“I’m all warmed up Mike. All you have to do is pull the plug out and slide in. . .” Karen said, biting the corner of her mouth as she watched his eyes light up. Mike reached down and nervously hooked two fingers into the thick, rubber ring of the toy and slowly started to pull on it. Karen moaned immediately and Mike’s eyes went wide as he slowly pulled the toy out, watching the way her hole stretched outwards and expanded as he pulled the very thick plug from her. He had no idea the toy would be so big, and equally surprising was the way her hole throbbed and winked with excitement, but immediately shrank back down, despite having a toy almost as thick as a coke can inside of her ass. Her pink hole twitched rhythmically as Karen breathed very hard, her chest and neck flushed as savored the feeling of her well-stretched muscles. A trickle of thick, clear lubricate cascaded out of her pink hole and down her ass and Mike pounced on her immediately, pushing himself up onto his knees between her spread legs as he gripped his cock and pushed it against her hole. “There you go. . . Just put the tip in and lean forward, let your body weight do all the pushing.” Karen instructed, letting out a hot gasp of pleasure as Mike roughly slammed his cock into her wet, ready ass. Mike was moaning very loudly, his eyes huge as the sensation of being inside of someone for the first time completely overwhelmed him. His cock had slide effortlessly into his sister’s friend, and the sheer heat and stickiness was more glorious than he could have ever dreamt. “It’s good! It’s so good!” Mike howled, bracing his body with hands on either side of Karen’s body on the bed, supporting his weight as he recklessly pounded his cock into his sister’s friend. Karen moaned loudly as she was fucked, but kept her eyes shut, her hands gripping and obediently holding her thighs open so Mike could use her to his heart’s content. Chloe felt a hot rush of rage and jealousy which had been smoldering in the pit of her stomach, now seeing her little brother on top of Karen stoked the little ember into a full on inferno. “Your ass is so good Karen!” Mike cried, his body noisily slapping into hers as he bottomed out inside of her, grinding hard before thrusting back and forth again. He was just overwhelmed by the sensation of being inside of her, so much so that being inside of her and not even moving gave him incredible pleasure. “I think I am gonna cum!” Mike cried out, the most intense, heavy sensation of pleasure rushing to his head, his hips moving in a blinding blur as he fucked Karen. “Do it! Do it inside of me, cum as much as you want!” Karen cried out, suddenly clamping her hole around Mike’s stiff, slender cock. The sudden pressure on Mike’s cock had him howling with pleasure and he practically collapsed on top of Karen, hugging her incredibly warm body tightly as he buried his face in between her firm breasts as he mindlessly fucked her. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.” Chloe said, the distaste evident in her tone. Mike hadn’t noticed the shifting of weight on the bed when Chloe joined them, instead he looked up out of the corner of his eye to see his sister behind him, an instant before she shoved her stiff cock right up his ass. Mike cried out and as he struggled to adjust it just sent him thrusting into Karen, Chloe more or less pinning him against the other woman with her cock up his tight little ass. “You never make noises like that edirne escort when I fuck you.” Chloe whispered angrily, biting Mike’s earlobe hard as she laid against his back, her hands on his shoulders as she roughly pounded him. Her long, thick prick slid all the way inside of Mike who made a series of incoherent sounds of pleasure as he continued to fuck Karen. The sensation of being fucked in the ass by his sister while simultaneously fucking her friend was just too much for Mike’s poor little virginal cock. The sensation of his orgasm was powerful and hit him like a shotgun blast to the face as he let out a ragged cry, clinging to Karen for dear life as his sister fucked him hard from behind. Mike’s cock violently erupted, spurting again and again as he had the most intense and violent orgasm of his young life. Karen cooed, her fingers digging into her thighs as she felt Mike’s cock spurt over and over again, flooding her with his incredibly hot cum. The sheer volume of it was outstanding as Karen wore a whorish, satisfied grin when his cock finally stopped pumping out his load. Chloe ignored her brother’s release, still clinging to his back as she ground up and down, her small breasts pressed hard into his back as she drilled him. Mike stared blankly with wide-open eyes, each time he took a deep breath he could feel his entire body vibrating with pleasure, as if each breath brought him a new orgasm.After a few moments, Chloe came to a rest, her petite fingers snaking through Mike’s black hair as she gripped it roughly and pulled him back. “That isn’t polite, cumming inside of a lady like that, you can get her pregnant, better take care of it so she doesn’t get knocked up.” Chloe snapped her fingers and Karen grinned shifting around as she pulled Mike back, his cock sliding out of Karen which immediately released a thick, frothy trickle of sperm as the girl shifted onto her stomach and pushed her thighs together, her face down in the pillow and her ass pushed up into the air.“You don’t want her to get pregnant, better take care of all that cum.” Chloe said, pushing Mike’s face into Karen’s ass.Mike began to suck and lick Karen’s well fucked asshole with a ravenous hunger, the girls began to coo and squirm almost immediately as Mike dove in, pushing his tongue into her hot, cream-filled hole. He was no stranger to eating his sister’s ass, in fact he quite enjoyed it. But he had never had a used hole like this, it was so warm, and cum mixed with her juices was just so delicious. “That’s right.” Chloe hissed, slowly releasing her grip on the back of her little brother’s head, watching him obediently eat the cum out of the other woman’s ass as she gripped her cock and shoved it back into Mike. Her hands went to his shoulders to hold him in place and began wildly, almost violent slamming her cock into him. His hole was so warm and tight, despite the stretching, he was a natural little cockwhore, built to service big dicks like his big sister’s.“Jerk her off, it isn’t polite to leave a woman unsatisfied, especially after she let you stick your dirty little cock into her.” Chloe’s fingers d**g hard into Mike’s shoulders as she methodically drove her cock down balls deep into her brother, pulling it back until just the head was inside before brutally ramming into him again. Mike lapped at Karen’s pink little hole like a kitten at a bowl of Milk, one arm reaching up where he gripped Karen’s cock where it hung between her legs, his hand immediately beginning to stroke the head which pulled a squeal from Karen’s lips, a squeal that was muffled by the pillows. Gradually, Mike reached up with his free hand, his face buried in Karen’s ass as he began to jerk himself out, one hand keeping a firm grip on Karen’s cock and one his own as he stroked them both very quickly in time. Chloe felt the burning jealousy and overprotectiveness gradually fade away now that she was dominating the situation again. She was desperately in love with Mike but would never admit it, and as much as it thrilled her to watch him eat ass like the boy bitch he was, she still felt slightly threatened by the pair. “Eat it bitch!” Chloe declared harshly, one hand going up to push the back of Mike’s head. This just drove his tongue deeper into Karen which elicited another squeal from her. “You want a load in your ass you little bitch?” Chloe panted the question, roughly grinding her hips into Mike, bottoming out inside of his sticky, hot hole. “Yes!!” Mike managed to cry out, the yes cut off by the sound of him sloppily latching onto Karen’s ass with his mouth, slurping greedily as he rapidly pumped her cock with his hand. Much to his surprise, Karen began to cum. She hadn’t announced her orgasm so he was alarmed when her cock suddenly began to twitch and jerk, her head flaring and turning an angry shade of purple as she forcefully shot her load. Hot cum spurting down onto Mike’s forearm as he tugged on her cock, but the majority of it arced out and splattered all over the black velvet bedspread, leaving the thick, creamy white load to stand out in stark contrast to the dark material. Mike pulled back for breath, a light layer of cum glazing his cheeks, lips and chin as he rested his head on Karen’s pert little ass, trying to cling to the tatters of his sanity as he mindlessly jerked his cock. “Mike! Mike!” Chloe moaned, her tone robbed of all sense of harshness, sounding more like a needy plea as she bottomed out, her body shuddering hard as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. She blew her load deep inside of Mike, her cock throbbing and angry, urgently emptying her tight, heavy balls into him. The feeling of the incredibly hot sperm blasting into him was enough to send him over the edge and Mike joined the other two girls, firing his load off onto the bed with a sluttish moan. His prick jerked and spasmed, the hot cum splashing on his sister’s blanket, joining the thick, sticky mess left there by Karen’s cock just moments before. Chloe slumped over Mike’s back, panting and almost whining in her post orgasmic haze as she tenderly planted a series of arm, wet kisses on his upper back and shoulder. Mike reached back and grabbed her hand, their fingers tenderly lacing together as Chloe leaned up and kissed him softly on the cheek before warmly whispering in his ear. “Happy Birthday, Mike.”The End

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