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Chapter 10 Everyone woke up around noon. When Kyle woke up, Ry had already rolled over the other way. Neither said anything about the small cuddling session. After a quick, very late, breakfast, the group continued their journey. Kyle was starting to get a handle on how the game was played. It was still wonky on the acting part, but the math was getting a little easier to understand. “I gotta get home,” Donny said, gathering his things. “It’s only 4!” Ry said. “I know, but my mom needs me to watch my little sister while she goes to the store.” “I guess we’ll continue without you.” “I gotta go, too,” Jamie said. “My parents want me to go to church with them tomorrow. I’d rather stay and take on the keep, but ‘God doesn’t like those devil-worshipping games,” she said. “How about you, Danny? Kyle?” “My parents said I had to be home tomorrow,” Kyle said. Danny looked at the others and said, “It’s not really fun with just two players, so I’m going to go home, too.” Ry sulked as everyone else left. Kyle awkwardly sat next to his new friend. “You can leave if you want,” Ry said. “Why would I?” “Everyone else did.” “Yeah, but also I came to hang out with you.” Ry seemed to be in better spirits. He had an older video game system that he and Kyle played for most of the day and into the night. They talked about the campaign for the rpg, şişli travesti and what had happened before his character joined. They worked more on Kyle’s character’s backstory and how the system works. He still didn’t understand most of it, but seeing Ry get excited made Kyle happy. They rarely saw his parents. The Doernbechers pretty much stayed in their room. The house wasn’t very well-kept, either. Dishes piled up in the kitchen, trash and dirty laundry was scattered around the rest of the house. It also had a funk to it that Kyle couldn’t pin-point. The bathroom was scary but functional. The meals consisted of whatever could be microwaved or brought home from a drive thru. Ry was well groomed, but his clothes were shabby. “It must be nice not having your parents hovering around you all the time,” Kyle said, thinking back to his mother and the way she had been acting since he came out of the closet. “Yeah, I guess,” Ry dismissed as he killed another zombie. “It also must be nice being an only child.” “I’m not. I have an older brother and sister who live with my grandparents while going to college.” “I’m the oldest in my family. I have a little half-brother.” “I was an accident,” Ry shrugged. “Not that my parents planned David and Karen, but they most certainly weren’t expecting me.” “How much older are they than you?” “David is 10 years older, and Karen is 8. David already has a kid with his girlfriend. So, I’m an uncle, too.” “I don’t know who my real father is. I never met him.” Ry paused the game and looked at Kyle. “Why not?” “I don’t know. He left when I was really little, and my mom moved us here from Nebraska. I don’t know anything about him or his family.” “Got a name?” “John, I think.” “Last name?” Kyle shrugged. “Don’t know. I had my mom’s last name until she married my stepdad, then I got his.” “That’s weird,” Ry said perplexed. “Maybe your mom didn’t really know your dad. Maybe it was a one night stand or something?” “Maybe. I’ve tried asking questions, but she just blows me off.” “Huh. Have you asked anyone else in your family?” “Not really. I guess I assumed they’d tell me the same thing.” The pair sat in silence for a few minutes. Kyle did try to ask his grandmother once about his dad, but she told him it wasn’t polite to speak about the dead. When beylikdüzü travesti Kyle asked his mom if his dad had died, she said she didn’t know but had a look that said that she wished he was. “If you can get a last name, I can try to find him on the internet.” “You can do that?” Ry chuckled, “You can do anything on the internet.” The rest of the night went about the same as it had gone during the day. They went to bed around midnight. Kyle decided that he couldn’t properly sleep in his clothes again, so he pulled off everything, except his boxers got under the blankets. Ry looked a little shocked, but did the same. Again, in the middle of the night, Kyle woke to feeling Ry cuddle up against him. His put his arm around Kyle and pressed himself against his friend’s body. Kyle’s cock woke up wanting to know what was happening. Kyle could feel Ry’s deep breath exhale into his ear, turning him on even more. They were about the same physically. Kyle had noticed that Ry also had no body hair and assumed that he, likewise, hadn’t started puberty either. Kyle laid there wondering what to do. He remembered Cody doing the same thing and uttering, “I love you.” Kyle’s heart started to hurt thinking of that last wonderful night spent in his former friend’s arms. Kyle rolled onto his side, and Ry adjusted himself, so his head was laying on Kyle’s chest. Kyle wondered if Ry was gay too or just liked to cuddle while he slept. His friend didn’t give off any signs that he was gay or interested in Kyle aside from being friends. I wonder if Charlie would be able to find out? Kyle smiled. He decided to not test his luck. He already lost one friend because of sex, and he wasn’t wanting to lose this new one because of it. When Kyle woke up, Ry was still spooning him. Kyle wasn’t sure if his boner ever calmed down, but guessed it didn’t matter since it was up and ready before he was. The 11-year-old just laid in his friend’s arms enjoying the moment, hoping that Ry wouldn’t freak out on him the way Cody had. About a half-hour later, Ry yawned and stretched. Kyle could feel Ry’s dick rubbing against his butt. Ry was definitely in puberty; he just didn’t have any body hair. Kyle guessed the boy was bigger than Dan was when hard. He wanted to guess how big Ry was hard, but the math was too, especially that early istanbul travesti in the morning. “Sorry,” Ry said as he rolled over. “I have a bad habit of cuddling when I’m asleep. That’s why nobody else fought you for the bed Friday night.” “It’s okay. I didn’t mind.” Ry glanced at him sideways. “It doesn’t bother you that another guy was holding you?” Thinking quickly, Kyle said, “It doesn’t seem to bother you that you were holding another guy.” Ry paused, gave Kyle an odd look, then got up and dressed. Kyle got up as well. “Maybe I should go,” Kyle said. “Why?” “I don’t know. I don’t want you to be upset with me.” “Why would I be upset?” “Because we pretty much cuddled all night.” “You said you didn’t care.” “I don’t, I–” “Then I don’t care. It’s not like you’re gay, right?” Kyle froze. Yes, I am, he wanted to say. Instead, “Nope. I like girls. I just don’t care if you want to cuddle. Like you said, ‘it’s a habit’.” Ry just nodded, accepting Kyle’s answer. They had breakfast and hung out for a few more hours, before Kyle finally had to go home. He promised Ry that he’d be back next weekend to continue playing in the game. “Hey, Buddy, how was your weekend?” Rick asked as Kyle walked passed the living room towards the hall. “Fine.” Kyle looked around and didn’t see his mother. In fact, he didn’t hear the train wreck that was his brother either. “Where’s mom and Charlie?” “They went to stay with Melissa for a few days.” Rick sounded annoyed. “Why?” “Well, after your mom and I came home from dropping you off, we had a fight. Apparently, she was going to let Ryland’s mom know you were gay and that she wouldn’t tolerate you being bullied.” Kyle felt angry and disgusted with his mother. “What did you say?” “I said that it wasn’t her place to tell anyone that you’re gay, and it wasn’t anybody else’s business unless you tell them, yourself. She didn’t like that, so she took Charlie over to Melissa’s.” “When will they be back?” “I don’t really know. Probably when she calms down and listens to reason.” “So, never.” Rick laughed and said, “That’s a really good guess.” “I guess Melissa knows I’m gay, now.” “That’s a safe bet.” “I wish I never told her.” Kyle started to cry. Rick got off the couch and pulled his son into a hug. They stood there, father and son, for a while. Kyle hard sobbed into Rick’s belly, and his legs started to give out. Rick picked his boy up, kissed him on the cheek, and held him tight. Kyle wrapped himself around his daddy, thankful that he had Rick as his father. **Chapter 11 Coming Soon**

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