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Chapter 18 “Happy Birthday, Billy,” Charlie said. He gave Billy the present he purchased two months before. He watched as his brother unwrapped it, and the look on his face was priceless. “Um, Charlie,” Billy said, his expression a mix of confusion and amusement. “I, uh…um, why did you get this?” Ry looked up from his bowl of corn flakes and spit them out trying to stifle an outburst of laughter. Ry looked at the baffled boy and said, “Charlie, do you know what that is?” He tried and failed to hold back his giggling. Offended, Charlie replied, “I’m not dumb, Ry. The ad said it was a personal massager.” Billy and Ry both giggled, which only annoyed Charlie even more. “What?!” He snapped. “Do you know what a personal massager is?” Billy giggled. “Yeah,” Charlie said, in a well-duh tone. “It’s something that massages you and it’s just yours, so, you know, personal.” His brothers couldn’t help it and laughed till they had a hard time breathing. “What’s so funny?” Rick said as he entered the kitchen. Ry shot Billy a look of warning, not wanting Charlie to get in trouble for making an innocent, though hilarious, mistake. However, Billy handed their dad the long, thin box and said, “Look what Charlie got me for my birthday.” It took a second for Rick to understand what he was holding, and when he did, his eldest boys nearly fell out of their seats from laughing. “Charlie,” Rick asked, “Where did you get this?” Charlie said, “I got it online.” “Ah,” Rick said, “I see.” Very angry and hurt, Charlie said, “If you’re going to make fun of me, then I’ll just keep it,” and tried to take the box from his dad. “I don’t think so,” Rick said. He looked at the teens and said, “That’s enough. He didn’t know, so stop making fun of him.” “Sorry,” Ry said. “Sorry, Charlie. It’s very thoughtful,” Billy said, before biting his lip to keep from laughing more. Rick sat next to the rather wounded Charlie and said, “Little Man, I can’t give this to you. I know what it says on the box, but it isn’t what you think it is.” Frustrated, Charlie said, “Then what is it? I thought Billy might like it–” “Oh, he’d love it,” Ry said, unable to help himself at the easy joke. “Enough,” Rick said forcefully. To Charlie, he said much more patiently, “This is an adult toy, Charlie.” “I know. It said it’s for people 18 and older, but I didn’t think it would hurt for Billy to have it.” Rick shot the teens a withering look, as he knew the set up might have been too good for them to pass up. Not wanting to get in trouble, Billy and Ry left their dad to have “the talk” with their baby brother. “Okay, so, this isn’t a toy. It’s for adults to have sex with.” Charlie looked rather confused. He had several toys that vibrated and he never had sex with any of them, and he was certain nobody else had either. “I don’t understand,” he said. Rick dropped his head and tried explaining how the vibrator worked. When he got to the part about how boys put them up their butts, Charlie decided he didn’t want to hear anymore. Charlie grabbed his bag and went to wait for the bus. Billy came back into the kitchen grinning. “Can I have my present now?” He said. Rick considered it and said, “I think I’ll hold on to this for now.” He looked around to be sure they were alone, leaned in and kissed his son passionately. He then said, “I think we can use this when I give you my present.” “Yes, Daddy,” Billy purred, lightly touching his father’s crotch. Brenda was asked to wait till all the boys had gone to school before coming over. It had been about a month since she had been to Rick’s place. They had been going on dates or meeting at her apartment, instead. Brenda found her boyfriend in his room pulling boxes out of his closet. She walked over to the bed and grabbed a long, thin box. She looked at the label and said, “If I would’ve known you had this in mind, I would’ve worn something more appropriate.” Rick jumped, having been lost in his own thoughts. He looked at the box, chuckled and said, “It’s Billy’s.” Brenda raised her eye brows and said, “Since when do you buy your kids sex toys?” Rick grinned and took the box. He explained Charlie’s mishap online and said he was going to return it. “That’s şişli travesti a shame. It looks like a good one.” “I wouldn’t know,” Rick said, as he kissed Brenda. “Thanks for coming, by the way.” “Anything I can do to get into everyone’s good graces.” Rick said, “I know things have been difficult, but that comes with the territory of dating a single parent.” “So you keep reminding me,” Brenda said, taking a seat on the bed. “But, at some point, you need to make it clear that your kids can’t dictate our love life.” “And that’s why you’re here,” Rick said, sitting next to Brenda and taking her by the hand. “The older boys are busy with their own lives and relationships. Billy is going for his license today, and as soon as he gets a job, I doubt I’ll see much of him. Ry is pretty easy going and sticks to himself. Which brings us to Charlie.” Brenda looked at Rick and said, “I understand all of that. Charlie doesn’t like me, and we both know that it probably won’t ever change.” “That’s definitely my fear, but I think we should at least try again. This time, though, we go a lot slower. I think we just rushed things–” “Rushed things? We’ve been together for over a year, and I was Ry’s nurse for about two years before that. I don’t see how we rushed anything.” Rick nodded his acceptance of her point. He said, “In normal circumstances, I would totally agree, but we’re not in a normal situation with Charlie.” “Because of his PTSD, right?” Brenda asked, not bothering to hide her skeptical tone. “Exactly,” Rick said, ignoring her microaggression. “Ever since what happened, he doesn’t adjust to change well. It has taken him since the move to finally get a real friend at school. Hell, he slept with me for the first year after the accident. I think we just need to be more patient with him and move at his pace.” “You mean I need to be more patient with him,” Brenda said, annoyed at the perceived slight. “No, both of us. I haven’t exactly been father of the year. I’ve been putting everyone but Charlie first, and it’s taken me this long to figure that out. I think if you and I just take things one step at a time, we all can finally get along and go from there.” “So what do you want me to do, then?” Rick paused and considered his words. He then said, “I think you should apologize to him.” Incredulously, she said, “For what?! Trying to help? Looking out for his well-being?” “You know you were in the wrong, walking in on him while he was naked and not leaving when he told you to.” “I see naked people all the time,” Brenda said. “It’s not a big deal to me–” “–But it’s a big deal to him. If your mom’s boyfriend walked in on you when you were naked at 10-years-old, you would’ve freaked out too.” “That’s different, and you know it.” “It isn’t different. Male or female, children shouldn’t be forced to be naked in front of adults if they don’t want to be. It’s a violation of their trust and privacy.” “I guess,” Brenda reluctantly conceded. She didn’t get his point, but she was tired of arguing about it. “And then there’s the situation with the name calling,” Rick said, taking advantage of his lead. “Charlie has always been chubby, and I see nothing wrong with that. His doctor says that there’s nothing wrong with him at all, and that it’s just his body structure. As for the apple, he’s been allowed a piece of fruit in the afternoon since before he was in preschool. I should’ve told you that, and that’s my fault. But, what I won’t tolerate is his weight being used as a weapon against him. I want you two to work things out, but if you make fun of his weight or behave like you did that day again, we’re done and there will be no second chances.” “You’re right,” She said, giving Rick a plastic smile he failed to notice. “I shouldn’t have said what I did. I was frustrated and let our mutual aggression get the better of me. I’m sorry.” “Glad to hear that,” Rick said, kissing Brenda. “Now, I just need you to say that to Charlie.” “Fine,” Brenda said. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we can get back to normal.” Rick picked up Billy and Ry from school, while Will watched Charlie. He drove the boys to the local motor vehicle department for Billy’s driving test. Billy was nervous. It was one thing to practice, but it was another to have to drive perfectly with a stranger in the car. It didn’t help that Ry kept yelling, “Squirrel,” as Billy drove to his appointment. Rick told his eldest off, but Ry said he was just trying to help Billy expect the unexpected. Rick and Ry sat in the lobby, while Billy did his test. Amanda sent several texts saying how much she missed him, despite having seen him within the hour. Ever since his dream about Charlie, he hadn’t been able to get another erection. It bothered him a lot, since he knew it was possible now, but he couldn’t figure out how to make it happen on purpose. Billy came back looking defeated. Ry felt bad for the way he acted in the car and started to apologize when Billy broke out in a smile and said he passed. Ry called him a jerk, while Rick congratulated his lover. Once he got his driver’s license, Billy drove his dad and brother home. “Happy Birthday, Billy,” beylikdüzü travesti Will said, hugging his son. “Thanks, Dad,” Billy said, hugging his father. Charlie was still annoyed at how Billy reacted to his gift and sat on the couch pouting. Unlike the rest of his family, Will was much more mature about the gift, explained a little better about the mistake and helped Charlie pick out a new present for his brother. Justin arrived around six o’clock and gave his boyfriend a present. Billy opened it and the box read, “Car Essentials.” Inside were air fresheners, flairs, a small tool box, a tire iron, a car jack, fuses and other useful things. Billy kissed Justin and said, “Thanks, these will go great with the car I don’t have.” “It’s the thought that counts,” Rick said, as he set dinner on the table. Everyone sat around the meal Ry and Rick prepared. Ry made spaghetti with homemade garlic bread sticks, a salad and chocolate cake for dessert. Charlie noticed that ever since he and Ry slept together, Ry avoided making eye contact with him. Ry even avoided cuddle time. The boy wondered if it was because of this nightmare and accident. Charlie also noticed that Justin kept looking at him. It was making him feel very uncomfortable. He was thankful that he was sitting between his dad and uncle. Charlie heard the front door open and close, then a sound like fingernails scratching a chalkboard echoed in the kitchen as it said, “I’m sorry I’m late.” Brenda came into view holding a large, wrapped box. “I couldn’t leave work early and traffic was a nightmare.” “Don’t worry about it,” Rick said, getting up from the table. Unlike everyone else, he smiled at Brenda and put a chair between him and Ry. “We just got started on dinner.” Charlie was no longer hungry, and by the looks of it, everyone else lost their appetite, as well. Billy reluctantly opened his gift and pulled out a box of back supporting, car seat covers. “Thanks,” Billy said without enthusiasm. “I figured you could use those when you get your first car,” Brenda said, oblivious to lukewarm reception. “They’re great for long distance travel, and they should help with your posture, as well; you have a bit of a slouch.” Rick and Brenda were the only ones who talked. When it was time for cake, there was a less than enthusiastic rendition of the happy birthday song. Billy went to blow out the candles but the flames returned. Ry had forgotten he got trick candles, which would’ve been hilarious had Brenda not come. Wanting to get the evening over with, and his dad’s girlfriend out of the house, Billy went to snuff the candles with his fingers; unfortunately, it was at the same time Ry went to do the same. Ry’s shaky hand bumped Billy’s, which sent Billy’s hand into the flame of the nearest candle. Billy let out a yelp of pain as the hot wax stuck to the back of his hand. Brenda went into nurse mode and tried to treat the situation like a natural disaster. Billy protested, but Rick told his son to do what Brenda ordered. Bitter, Billy allowed Brenda to drag him over to the sink, where she cleaned and bandaged the wound. Billy stared daggers at his dad. He wasn’t mad at Ry. He knew it was a prank that should’ve been funny, but had it just been the family and Justin, he and his brother wouldn’t have tried putting out the candles. Will had cut the cake and passed around the slices. The boys and Will ate quickly. Will was the first to get up. He looked at Rick and said, “I’d like to take the boys to my house for the night, since you’ve had them all day.” Rick and Will had already arranged the surprise sleepover, so Will could give Billy the used car Will had picked out. However, Rick had forgotten until Will mentioned it. Not wanting to deny the sleepover but wanting to get what he wanted taken care of, he said, “Sure. Yeah, you can take Billy and Ry.” Will looked annoyed, and said, “What about Charlie? I think it would be rather unfair for him to be left out, don’t you?” Rick knew Will was very intelligent and probably figured out his plan. “I’ll bring him over once everything is cleaned up.” Will gave a doubting look, but ushered the teens out the door. Charlie looked hurt when Rick said that he was going to be taken over later. Once the food was put away and dishes were done, Rick asked Charlie to come to the living room. No, Charlie thought, but he did as he was told. His dad and Brenda were sitting on the couch with a space between them, wide enough for Charlie to sit. Instead, Charlie sat in his dad’s chair, and waited for the train wreck to start. “So,” Rick said, looking at his son. “How are you doing, Little Man?” Not good, Charlie thought, but curtly said, “Fine.” “Well, I asked Brenda here, so the three of us could work on getting along. Is that okay with you?” No, I hate her, the boy thought. He didn’t want to lie or say what he was thinking, so he just shrugged. Mistaking it as a neutral sign, Rick continued, “I know the last time you two were together, things didn’t go well.” Charlie resisted the urge to make a snide remark. “I know I should’ve been more clear and with Brenda on the rules, like the apple, and I should’ve helped you establish istanbul travesti boundaries with her, so what happened at the store wouldn’t have occurred. With that said, I think we can all agree that how you reacted to those situations was overkill.” Unable to stop himself, Charlie barked, “You got a guard in trouble for the way he touched Billy at the prison, so why was I over reacting when she walked in on me naked?” “You’re right, Charlie,” Brenda said. Charlie shot her a skeptical look, as she added, “I shouldn’t have walked in on you at all. I misbehaved and I’m sorry.” He didn’t trust her apology. Brenda was saying the right things, but there was something he found disingenuous about it. “I’m also sorry for the way I acted the last time I was here,” she continued. “As the adult, I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. I should’ve texted your dad and asked about the apple instead of just taking charge and assuming.” Charlie looked from Brenda to his dad and back. He knew they wanted him to apologize, too, but he hadn’t done anything wrong. “I’m not apologizing, so stop looking at me like that.” “Charlie,” Rick said, his tone shifting from patient and stern. “Brenda apologized, and it’s only right that you do the same.” “I didn’t do anything wrong!” Charlie shouted. “You never listen to me! She walked in on me. I didn’t walk in on her! She called me a little fucking bastard, a fat piggy, and said if I didn’t stop eating, I’d get so fat, they’d have to cut a hole in the wall take me to the hospital before I die! All because I got a fucking apple! And you don’t fucking care about anyone but that stupid, fucking cunt!” Rick slapped Charlie. It wasn’t physically hard, but it was hard enough. Charlie touched his face where his father hit him. Everyone jumped when the front door opened, as Will walked into the house. “Sorry to interrupt, Ry forgot his meds.” He paused and looked at the scene before him. Charlie ran to Will and threw his arms around him, hard sobbing. “What’s going on?” Will demanded, picking up the trembling boy. Brenda said, “I was apologizing to Charlie for my behavior. He got upset and said some very nasty things in return.” Will looked at a shaken Rick and asked, “What happened?” “I hit Charlie for getting upset and calling Brenda a stupid, fucking cunt,” Rick said, trying to avoid eye contact with Will. “I see,” Will said. His tone was cold and steady. He set Charlie down and said in a nice, fatherly voice, “Can you get Ry’s medications for me? They’re in his night stand. After that, I want you to pack a bag and get into my car. Can you do that for me, please?” Charlie nodded and ran from the room. Will stood defiant as Charlie ran about the house and out the door. When he was certain Charlie was out of earshot, Will looked to the adults and said, “I’m keeping the boys till Monday.” Rick began to protest, but was cut off by the frozen glare his co-parent gave him. “As I said, I’m keeping the boys till Monday. You need to get yourself figured out, now. The Rick I met four years ago wouldn’t have treated his sons like you have, nor would he have let the woman in his life treat Charlie like this useless, sad-sack of a human being has.” “Watch how you talk to me,” Brenda snapped. “I’ll talk to you however the hell I want, especially where my boys are concerned, and if you have a problem with it, I can personally make sure that nothing ever bothers you again.” Will’s tone was flat and without a hint of emotion. Brenda felt the threat in her soul and understood what Will meant behind his words. She also knew that he meant it. “So,” Will said to Rick, “I want you to take this time to figure out where your priorities lie. If they’re with the boys, I’ll bring them back and we won’t have this conversation again. However, if you don’t pick the boys, I’ll go for custody and make sure you won’t see them again unless they want to.” “You can’t do that,” Rick said, desperation heavy in his voice. “We both know I can. Remember that I didn’t lose custody of Billy. I gave you custody. I also gave you custody of Ry. And, I helped you get custody of Charlie. I know those documents inside and out, and I can make sure that you lose, just like I took Dan’s assets and destroyed that CPS caseworker’s career. I don’t want to destroy you, Rick, but I will if you leave me no other choice.” With that, Will walked out of the house and pulled out of the driveway. Rick found it hard to breathe. He watched Will in court on more than one occasion and knew that Will was a formittable lawyer, even ruthless. Rick was too shaken by Will’s callous demeanor, and he wondered if he had seen what Will had been hiding behind his annoying grin all along. “With support like that, I can see why Charlie behaves the way he does,” Brenda said, seemingly unbothered by Will’s threat. “What?” Rick said, unable to believe what he was hearing. “Look at the way Will coddled him! You told Will what Charlie had called me, and the man didn’t even acknowledge it! Clearly, Will is undermining your authority with Charlie.” Brenda stood up, grabbed her purse and walked towards the door. “By the way,” she said, as she put on her coat, “This is why I reacted to Charlie the way I did. He knew he could push my buttons and get away with it. I apologized and he still treated me like trash. I’ll text you tomorrow, okay?” Brenda closed the door behind her, leaving Rick an emotional wreck. ***Coming Soon, Chapter 19***

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