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Subject: Going to an award show Going to an award show by Jon Coldland Disclaimer: This story is purely a work of fiction. It is not supposed to represent the true sexual preferences of its subjects. This is just part one of a story. If you have any comments or suggestions then please email me at [email protected] ========================================================================= I had received the most amazing stroke of luck. O-Town were appearing at one of those teen magazine award shows, and my little sister had won a competition to meet them, stay in the same hotel, and then go to the award show with backstage passes. Now the thing is that I don’t have a little sister. I just use a fake name cause, lets face it, they’re gonna give the prize to a girl. So the morning I was due to fly, I phoned the magazine to explain that my little sister was ill and would it be alright if I went with some questions for her. After a while on hold, the woman on the other end got back to me and said that it would have to do. So there I was, staying in a very posh and luxurious hotel and now, standing outside a door, behind which were five really good looking guys. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. “Come in” was the reply I heard. So I turned the door handle and slowly walked in. “Err hi” I said looking around the room. “I’m Jon. My sister got ill and so I’m here instead.” “Yeah the magazine have told us.” said Trevor. “Take a seat.” offered Jacob. So I sat down and went through a list of the kind of questions a thirteen year old girl would ask, trying not to stare at Ashley too much. Occasionaly, he returned my look and I had to look away, embarrassed. But I thought that they didn’t notice too much since I had planned it so well that I even got them all to sign a ‘Get well Soon’ card! After about half an hour, their press guy told them it was time to stop and go do whatever it was they had to go and do. They all stood up, shook my hand, told me it was nice talking to me and headed out of the room. As I turned to leave, Ashley came running back in. “I forgot my glasses.” he said, reaching down to pick up his sunglasses. As he did, I got a great view of his butt through the tight leather trousers he was wearing. The leather clung to his butt and outlined one of the most perfect asses I’ve seen. That moment was over all to quickly as he stood up again. “So did you cover all the questions?” “Well there were one or two left over, but I don’t think they were that important.” I replied. “Hey, if she’s ill, you really should get through the questions. Tell you what. We finish at 9.00 so I’ll just be sitting in my room reading, or watching TV, so if you like, you can come over and finish them off.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah. I mean its the least I can do. She’s probably been looking forward to meeting us.” “I’ll say!” “Well then, its settled. Come round sometime after 9, room 502.” “OK then thanks.” “Anytime. Look I’ve gotta get going so I’ll see you later.” “Yeah, see you later!” I was amazed. I mean he didn’t have to do that. He obviously cared tremendously about his fans, taking time out to answer some more stupid questions from what he thinks is a 13 year old girl! The time upto 9.00 seemed 10 times longer than normal. When it came, I arose from my position watching the clock from my bed, and left my room headed for room 502. I got there and knocked. “Come in” was the reply. Slowly I walked into an even more luxurious room to the one I was staying in. “Wow. This place is huge. I mean I reckon it would echo if I shouted!” “Yeah, I guess it is quite big, but you get used to rooms like this after a while.” said Ashley. He was sat on a grey, two-seater couch dressed all in black, still in those leather trousers with a black shirt and nothing on his feet. His hair was spiked and had been recently cut slightly shorter than his recent look. “So is that the list?” he asked pointing to the piece of paper in my hand. “Yeah, not that many quetions left you’ll be relieved to hear.” “Well sit down and lets get going.” The only seat was on the couch so I walked over and sat next to him, to his ankara rus escort left. “Let me have a look at that list then.” he said reaching with both hands for the bit of paper. As his right hand grabbed the paper, his left came to rest on my enlarging crotch area. He looked up at me, staring into my eyes with his own piercing seas of blue. He leaned in and kissed me gently on the lips. At that moment the only thing I was aware of was the sound of paper falling through the air and landing on the carpet. He looked at me again, waiting for a reaction. When I gave none, he slowly started to edge away. “I’m errr…….sorry. It’s just that when we were sat in the room earlier, I errrrrrr…..thought that errrrr…… you were kind of making eyes at me. I’m so sorry.” he said. Then, realising what was happening, my left hand reached out to the back of his neck and I closed my eyes, pulling him towards me. He placed another gentle kiss on my lips, before opening his mouth and started kisssing me deeply, passionately. I opened my mouth in response and our tongues began rubbing up against each other, massaging slowly, then darting between our mouths, exploring them. He broke the kiss, got up and walked to the door. He put the chain acroos the door and slowly walked back smiling such a sweet smile. As he went to the door and back I admired his butt again and also watched the trousers show off his muscular legs. He got back to the couch and offered me his hands. I took hold of them and he pulled me to my feet. We stood infront of each other for a brief moment, staring at each other, before I wrapped my arms around his muscular torso and began kissing him again. My hands ran around his strong back, upto his neck and then down to his perfectly formed butt. He kissed my neck and nibbled at my ears. His right hand rested underneath my left shoulder, his right was roaming my butt, squeezing at the cheeks. His right hand then moved up my T-shirt to my left nipple. He began rolling it between his fingers. His left hand left my butt and found the bottom of my T-shirt which he pulled up over my head. We stared into each others eyes again locked in an embrace. I began unbuttoning his shirt, kissing down his chest as it got exposed, licking up to his right nipple, nibbling it, gently sucking on it, before tracing a path across his powerful pecs to his left nipple and licking around that. Then moving down again, over the hard stomach, though no six-pack, and tracing a trail down his line of hair from his belly button down to the top of his trousers. His arms reached under my armpits and he pulled me up again, and once more gave me a deep kiss. My hands unbuttoned his trousers and unzipped the fly. I moved my hands around to his back and pushed the trousers down, running my hands over his butt that was now only covered by the material of his boxers. He broke the kiss and pulled on the chord of my trousers which undid in his hands. I kicked off my flip flops and he pushed my tousers to the floor. “I want you.” he whispered in my ear. “It can’t possibly be as much as I want you. Do you no how long I’ve dreamed about this?” He pushed his boxers down and then did the same to mine. We embraced tightly, our hands exploring each others now naked bodies, our mouths running over each others heads, necks, hands and hair. Ashley then began to kiss down my chest until he was on his kness, his head level with my dick. It was so hard it was aching for relief. Ashley kissed the head, and I nearly spurted all over his face. I regained my composure and he licked aroung the head a piss slit. His lips then engulfed the head and rolled the foreskin back. His tongue flicked over it and my hands grabbed his head. The feel of running my hands through his hair was almost as good as the feeling he was giving me with his mouth. I let out a little moan as slowly he moved further down my dick. I could feel the walls of his throat and then his breath on my pubes as he took all of my shaft in his mouth. He then took his mouth off my shaft and took my balls into his mouth, sucking them, playing with them with his tongue. çankaya escort “Ohhh Ashley. Ohh man, yeaahh.” I groaned. He went back to my shaft repeating his movements just as slowly, moving up and down my shaft. Just as my hips started to gain their own rhythm and my right hand came to rest on th back of his head, he released my dick again and stood up, again giving my a gentle kiss, then I felt his tongue again as he drew me in, our cocks rubbing agains each other. He released the embrace and grabbed my hands again. He led me over towards his king-size double bed. He then released my hands and climbed on the bed, turning away from me and kneeling down in the doggy position. “Fuck me Jon.” he whispered, turning to look me straight in the eye. I knelt on the bed behing him and grabbed his waist. Slowly, I thrust my hips forward entering him. I pushed my dick all the way in, holding that position, before starting a slow rhythm. “Ohh Ash. I maaan, this feels great. Ohh yeahh.” I started to quicken the pace. “Ohh Jon. Ohh fuck me please, ohh yeahh.” I ran my left hand up to his left shoulder and started kissing his back. It was slick with sweat, I began licking is back, tastig the musky, salty layer of perspiration. Suddenly there was a knock on the door to the adjoining room. Ashley froze. I froze, my dick half way up his passage. As if in slow motion the doorknob turned and the door opened. In walked Jacob and it was his turn to freeze. “Fuck Jacob…errrrrrrrrrr…..look…errrrrr fuck.” was all Ashley could say. Jacob just stared at the scene in front of him, Ashley on all fours, with me kneeling behind him. Both of us completely stark naked, with half my dick up his ass. “Look errr. Jake…I…errrr…..well…..I can… errrrr” “Explain?” asked Jacob. “Yeahh. I can..errr…….explain.” replied Ashley. “Ash, the only thing you have to explain is why you kept this a secret. I mean imagine all the fun the two of us could have been having.” “You mean that you’re…..errrr…” said Ashley “Gay? Yeah.” interrupted Jacob. I looked in amazement at Jacob, I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. Here I was, making love to a freaking god, when another walks in and says that he is gay as well. “Look, Jon. Since you’re our guest and all, would you object to me joining in, or is this a private party?” asked Jacob. “Feel free!” I said. I mean how could I turn that offer down? Within a flash, Jacob shed his clothes in a flash and jumped on the bed, kneeling in front of Ash. “You could have tasted this long ago” said Jacob to Ashley as he grabbed Ash’s head and pushed his 8 inch dick between those sweet lips. “Ohhh man that feels good!” he moaned. Jacob wasn’t as powerfully built as Ashley, but he was still muscular, just in a slim way. He was now wearing only a red bandana with a white pattern across his forehead. “Ohh Ash. I can’t believe we’ve never done this before.” I restarted fucking Ash. I was getting close to the edge and started quickening my pace again, thrusting harder and harder with every beat. “Ohhhh Ash. Ohhhhh mannnnnn I’m gonna cum oooohhhhh yeaaaaahhhhh.” I grabbed his hips tightly and rammed my dick back annd forth, finally pushing in hard and holding myself there. “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH…… OOOhhh maaaaaaaaannnnn.” I said as wave after wave of cum spurted up Ashley’s hot ass. “Maaan that was goood.” I withdrew, breathless, from Ashley and sat back on the bed, watching the scene before me. Jacob’s head was tilted back, looking toward the ceiling. His eyes were closed, his mouth ajar, soft moans escaping under his breath. Ashley too was making muffled moans, his mouth sucking on Jake’s balls, his tongue rolling them round, his mouth batting them to and frow. He licked up and down the shaft, before engulfing his dick once again between those lips. Ashley was still on all fours and his dick was jutting out from between his legs like a rod of steel. I licked my lips before lying on my back and crawling between his legs, till my mouth was inline with his 7.5 inches of uncut meat. I couldn’t wait to taste it and devoured ankara escort it straight away. Ashley let out a louder, muffled groan. I started licking up and down the shaft, round his balls, and back up to the head. I circled the ridge of the head and then circled all the way round to the piss slit. I managed to make a small gap and insert the very tip of my tongue before closing my lips around the head. His dick must really have ached, it was just so damn hard. I drew the rest of the shaft slowly into my mouth and throat, inhaling the musky odour as his pubes tickled my nose. I held it there for a while, before slowly working back to the head. “Ohh here it comes Ash, all for you baby.” cried Jacob. “AAaarrrrrgggghhhh yyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” he moaned as he came in Ash’s mouth. “Ohhh, that tastes soooooo gooooooood” moaned Ashley. “Man, you must have the hottest celebrity mouth in the world Ash.” said Jacob. “And…how…would..you….know?” stuttered Ash as I slowly continued licking. “Hell, you don’t think I’ve not bothered exploring some of those hot guys we’ve come across do you?” “Yeah?….Oh man yeeeaaahhhh.” moanes Ashley. “Like…who?” “Now’s not the time. Maybe I’ll tell you someday!” Ash reached down and grabbed hold of me, before rolling over onto his back. I was now lying on my front, my head bobbing up and down between Ashley’s open legs. He grabbed hold of my head, running his hands through my hair, and controlling the rhythm. “Ohhh yeeeahhhh, Suck me Jon, pleeeeaaaaasssee. I’m gonna get close soon.” I myself was getting hard again and startd to thrust my hips up and down, rubbing my dick against the sheets. Then I felt a pair of hands on my ass cheeks, and they were pushed apart. “You’re gonna love this Jon.” whispered Jacob as he kissed my ear.He began kissing down my back to my butt and I felt his warm breath against my hole followed by his moist tongue licking round my crack for what seemed like like an eternity before finally pushing inside me. “Ohh Jacob, Ohh yeeaaahh.” “You think that feels good. Just wait until you feel my dick up your ass.” he removed his mouth and ran his already hard again dick over my ass. Suddenly, quickly and forcefully, he thrust all the way inside me. “AAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh” I cried out, releasing Ash’s dick from my mouth. Jacob lay down on top of my thrusting his hips up and down. I got back to work on Ash’s dick again and felt Jacob kissing the back of my neck. He started nibbling my ear loab before bringing his head next to mine. He took one of Ash’s balls in his mouth and began to suck. “Ohhhmaaaaann, here I cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm” groaned Ash as his cum shot down my throat. I swallowed trying to savour the taste of every drop. Then I released his dick and started moaning more as Jacob quickenned his pace. “Good…job…your…sister…was…ill!” hissed Jacob between thrusts. As he thrust, it pushed my own dick hard against the matress, rubbing between my stomach and the sheets. Then he thrust in hard for the final time before I knew I was gonna cum. As I did so my ass tightened around his dick and he bucking and started shooting his creamy juices up my ass. “Ohhh Jonn.” “Ohhh maaaann that was good.” I moaned. We then made our way up to the top of the bed where Ashley was smiling his sweet smile. We were exhausted and embraced, hands still exploring each other and we kissed before lying back to get some sleep, me curled up between these two gorgeous hunks. To be continued……………………………….. ========================================================================= OK so that was part one. If you have any comments or suggestions please email me, especially if you enjoyed it so that I know its worth carrying on, but even if you didn’t so I know where I went wrong. My email address is : [email protected] Please email me to tell me what you might want to read about next. I mean, there could always be the morning after with these 2, or maybe more members of O-Town. Or, remembering the wide range of awards these shows have to offer, I could end up backstage running into other celebs at the show, and either participate or just watch. (in other words any celebs, not just musical people) Jacob could tell stories of the hot celebs he’s been having fun with. I would love to hear from you about who I should write about, and in what context. Otherwise you’ll have to make do with my choices!

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