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Subject: Future Sex Pt 2 Future Sex: The Early Days PT 2 (Fictional story–for fantasy purposes only) Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories–please consider a donation to fty today!! (Teen/Adult) My family had no worries about me running around town naked. Now it was dad that mom was worried about. He told her there was no need to drive with clothes on in his truck. Well, she knew that anyway. Mom had traveled with dad on weekends before. I had to stay with the neighbors–but I’d heard them joking about getting it on in the truck. While the truck was mostly automated, the law required a rider to monitor for when it was using public lanes (and not the self driver lanes). The four, massive trailers that he hauled could cause a lot of damage if there was a collision. Since not all the trips went to locations with special lanes, it was safer to have a rider monitoring the way. Mostly, mom thought it was tacky and unprofessional for dad to show up at the check-in stations and warehouses in the buff. While dad was home, we had fun watching movies and doing stuff together. Dad was a badass in video games. We’d spend an hour or two with our virtual visors on duking it out until mom got tired of hearing us yelling and laughing. My nudity had really lightened up things. I’d seen my parents naked millions of times, but now dad just stopped wearing anything at all while home. Mom started going naked after she took her evening baths. You could always tell when my parents were in the mood. Dad would make catty remarks to mom and she’d act flirty. She’d later remark she was going to take a bath and then after she was gone, dad would exclaim how tired he was and that he was going to “turn in”. Finally one evening, I just told him I knew what he was up to. “You’re getting some tail tonight huh dad!” “Chase, don’t talk disrespectful about your mama like that,” he answered in his Southern drawl. “Sorry dad.” “But I’d say you’re right–heh heh!” And then he’d be gone and whistled as he walked upstairs. – – – Just before dad’s next cross-country trip, my family attended my cousin Samantha’s wedding. I was excited about the trip into the city. I was ready to attend my first wedding totally nude–but mom said it was out of the question. Dad thought my notion was a bit extreme as well. I was pissed about it, but when we eventually got to the event, I realized they were right. Everyone had clothes on. No one was naked anywhere. I didn’t even see anyone naked on the rough, urban streets as we drove there. After arriving, I was bored. My stomach growled through the ceremony and I was sleepy. I was relieved when the long ceremonies were done. Unfortunately, the reception was at another location. Minutes after the wedding, my stomach growled as we took the tram away from downtown into the neighborhoods. – – – As we walked around the reception hall, we had to stop many times for introductions to long lost relatives and old family friends. I was ready to get out of my suit and eat. It would be a while before I could strip, so at least I tried to find food. I sneaked away from mom and dad and found a table with finger foods. “This all sucks huh?” I turned around and a skinny dude behind me rolled his eyes. He acted kind of girly, but was really cute. His hair was straight, brown, and parted on the side. He had long, thin sideburns and a small chin goatee. “I’m Brian. I think your Aunt Linda and my mom are cousins…making us second or third or something cousins.” I laughed out loud. I offered a handshake. “Chase here. And yes…I’m bored shitless. I hate wearing this suit. I’d rather be out running around naked at home.” “Oh fuck man. You’re so lucky. They don’t do that where I live. We saw a lot of dudes strolling around naked on the drive here. Some nasty broads too. I really wasn’t looking at them, though. It’s so cool you can go almost anywhere here without a stitch on!” “You Bi?” I asked. “Totally gay!” “Me too!” His eyes lit up. I felt my dick move in my pants as he smiled sexily. “Let’s find some grub!” I told him. “Hell yeah!” We were seated and realized folks were being called to the buffet by table one table at a time. We had to wait nearly 30 minutes to get our food. Once we had our plates full we headed to our table and dug in. We laughed and talked while some boring old folks sat around us. After we were done, we took our plates to a table and stood near the wall. “You want to show me how you dudes down here get naked?” He had a devilish look in his eyes. “Fuck yeah!” I whispered. Soon we were walking outside in the dark through the parking lot. Near the back of the lot, we saw a couple of travel vans parked in the lot of the business next door. We slipped behind the trucks and found some concrete stairs to sit on. I immediately started taking off my shoes and shirt. My pants came next. “You go!” he joked. I stood there totally naked in the warm night air. “Shit man, your body is tight and perfect…may I?” I nodded. He felt my toned body up. He ran his hands over my flat stomach and curved tight pecs. He wasn’t shy–he boldly felt up my half hard dick and low hanger balls. His other hand squeezed my butt cheek. I got all the way erect after he was done. “Well, I’m not as hot as you, but here goes…” he said. He pulled off his sport jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. He had on a tight white undershirt. He peeled that off and while he was still sitting, I pulled off his shoes and socks. “You’ve got perfect feet.” I told him. “May I?” “Do whatever!” I squatted down and pulled his foot to my mouth. I sniffed his sweaty toes and stuck them in my mouth.” “Whoa man, I never had my feet touched!” I gave him a foot rub and sucked his toes. He stood up and I pulled down his pants. He stepped out of them. He was skinny but had fuzz around his nipples and navel. “How old?” I asked. “Twenty.” “I like what I see!” I told him. We started kissing and grabbed each other’s butts. I moved my middle finger against his hole. “You gonna fuck me?” I said, “If you let me!” “Go for it, cousin!” “Okay. Let me get you ready!” I squatted again and pulled his cheeks apart. I dove in and started making out with his asshole. It was sweaty but mostly smelled of ass and soap. I pushed my tongue up it as far as it would go. I sucked his hole and drilled it the best I could. He moaned as I loosened him up with my spt. I ran my hands up and down his fuzzy legs. He jumped when a security guard came around the corner. “Hey guys, you shouldn’t doing this. Naked is okay, but you can get arrested for fooling around in public you know?” “Please don’t call the cops dude!” I said. He rubbed his crotch. He was probably around 30 years old. Based on the fuzz exposed at the neck of his shirt and the hair on his arms, I guessed that he was a cub underneath the clothes. “If you boys aren’t gonna be long, I’m cool. I’ll keep a lookout from here.” He stood just past one of the vans. I went back to eating out Brian’s butt. There was a slight bit of fuzz in his crack. His hole relaxed around my tongue and I was sure it was ready for a good fuck. “You guys gonna screw?” the security dude asked. “Yeah,” we said in unison. “Well get it on. I see people buzzing about.” I picked up Brian and he was light as a feather. I pushed his back against the van and he wrapped his legs around my waist. With him straddling my waist, I pushed my cock into his wet hole. Then I humped his ass good for about fifteen minutes or so. Now and then, the security man rubbed his crotch. I jacked off Brian and we made out as we fucked. Too soon, Brian started cumming. I fucked faster and felt his hole tighten as he came. That triggered me and I started pumping cum up his ass. After we separated, I was about to eat out my cum from Brian but the older man spoke up. “Let me get that. You get dressed!” The security guy unbuttoned his shirt to expose a hairy upper body. He had a sexy, beer gut. He roughly raised Brian even higher and Brian held on to the rack of the mirror on the van. The security man wedged his face in Brian’s crack and sucked out sperm as it farted out. The man pulled away and there was cum in his mustache and goatee. “Let me get that!” I told him. I licked the cum drops off the cub’s face. Brian and I dressed all the way and helped each other button and straighten up. He and I walked back feeling giddy and laughing to the reception area. The security dude smiled at us and put his shirt back on. I held my wristband up to him and he understood. He held up his. A voice from my phone asked, “Send contact information to this user?” I replied, “Yes!”. I winked at the security cub and we walked off. I hoped to meet up with him sometime. = = = Back inside the reception hall, I saw mom gossiping with one of my aunts. Dad looked like he was over it all. He looked my way and saw me and nodded. He whispered to mom. “We better go–the guys are getting restless!” mom said to another woman and they laughed. On the way home, I looked at my wristband and saw a message come from Brian. It said, “Thanks for the hot fuck cuz! Let’s do it again!” I replied, “For sure.” – – – Dad and I mowed the lawn nude the next day. Mom was afraid we’d get hurt from flying debris. We survived it anyway. I helped him rake and edge afterward. When we were done, we took a shower together. I told dad about the previous night’s fun. “You kids. You gotta be careful. The law says you can strut around in the buff but no hanky panky!” “I know dad, but he was cute and it was so fun. The security guard was a hottie too.” Mom came into the bathroom naked. “You guys done yet? I need to wash up before I go to the movies with the girls.” Dad joked, “Girls night out!” We got out and let mom başakşehir escort shower. We dried off and headed to the den to watch TV. We were sitting together on the couch when mom came down the stairs dressed very nice. Dad whistled. Mom walked around gathering her purse and stuff. I noticed dad eyeing her–and dad’s penis was reacting! “Mom, you better get doing–you’re giving dad a woody!” I playfully grabbed his dick and waved it. Mom just laughed. “It’s gonna be a while before I get back. Maybe you’ll have to give him a hand!” she joked. I wasn’t joking. I playfully jacked dad’s dick in an exaggerated way. Mom just laughed. I was surprised that dad didn’t push my hand away. “If he keeps this up I might be just sleeping when you get back!” he laughed. “I might be too tired to fool around–you might as well finish him off!” They both laughed but I just jacked him faster as mom bent over to kiss dad. Then she grabbed her car card and walked out the door. “Come on Chase,” dad said. His tone turned serious but he wasn’t talking normally. I spit into my hand and massaged his dick really good. “Come on son! Stop this!” He moaned–he complained–he didn’t move my hand away. “Your mom wasn’t totally serious…I don’t think.” Another minute or so passed and I kept working the head of his penis and then he grabbed my arm. Not to push me away…but to brace himself. Cum shot out of dad’s penis further than mine ever did. One volley hit the back arm of the couch, another on his chest, and the rest rolled down my wrist. “Holy shit dad! You came like crazy!” Now dad acted embarrassed. He looked around for something to wipe off the cum. I openly licked it off my hands. Then I put the tip of his dick in my mouth and sucked it clean. He just shook his head in disbelief. “Geez, son.” He laughed. The taste of dad’s cum was delicious. He stood up and I looked for cum spills on the seat he’d been on. He was feeling his upper body for cum and turned around. I looked at his butt and wished I was eating it, because when he bent over I saw sweat hair in his crack. Yum! After he disappeared, I went to my room and jacked off in a fury. I had a satisfying cum, but I was still horny. I played porn on the laptop and idly jacked some more. I thought of my dad’s dick and how I wanted to suck it…I wanted it to fuck my hole. I wasn’t even looking at the screen. The sound of a man grunting while another pummeled his hole was enough to bring me off again. I thought of my father fucking me raw and hard. Tired and sleepy. Dad stayed on my mind. There had to be a way to have sex with him… – – – Dad told mom about it later. I thought she would be mad, but in the way he told it to her she just laughed it off. Mom knew dad was into women–and he was so crazy about her. She wasn’t freaked or jealous. I think the story kind of turned her on even. Over the next week I thought of that experience so many times. During the last summer days, I stayed busy doing chores around the house or hanging with Lino. He would walk outside in at least shorts and tennis shoes. He had to wait until his grandma left or he was totally out of the view of their windows to strip. On that last week before school started, Lino messed around one last time for the summer. He came over when I was watering the lawn naked and barefoot. “Your so lucky man. I’d love to just lay out naked in my yard and not care who sees me. You get to do all that.” “You can do it too–just not at home.” I turned off the water and put the hose up. We walked into my house and into the backyard. Mom wasn’t home. He sat down and kicked off his shoes. I pulled his shorts down and he stepped out of them. I grabbed the spray-on sunscreen and sprayed it all over me. “You want?” I asked. He nodded. I sprayed it all over his back, butt, and lower legs. “You have a fine ass,” I told him. “You’re not fuckin’ me!” he joked. “Can I just lick your ass–or suck you off?” “You can suck me,” he said. I jumped into the pool and he sat on the concrete edge in the low end. I didn’t have to touch him much to get him hard. He lay back under the hot sun on a towel and spread his knees. I sucked him down to the root of his dick. His dick was uncut and smelled a bit dirty. I loved the smell of sweaty crotch. Once his dick was covered in spit, I slowly jacked it and sucked on his balls. They were not too big–which was good so I could suck on both at the same time. With my lips around the root of his dick again, I stuck my long lounge even further outward and licked his nuts. “Dude, you’re so good at this. Am I bad for making you do all the work? And am I really Bi if I just receive?” “You’re Bi if you dig women but have any sex whatsoever with a dude. Bi is cool now…chill.” He put his hands behind his head and opened his legs wider. One knee rose up and then his butthole was exposed. “I wanna try it…you know…gettin’ my ass licked. It’s kinda sweaty though.” I pushed his leg up and he held onto it. His tight little hole was a wrinkled little round circle. Sweat glistened on the pink and smooth skin. I sniffed before I dove in. Smelled a bit like his balls. I didn’t do any light licking. I went for it and rammed my tongue into it. It fought back though. “Relax your ass dude. That’s it.” With my mouth around it, I kissed it. Probably what I should have started with. Then I flicked my tongue up and down his crack. I licked all over his taint and balls. When I went back to sucking his hole, my tongue slid inside. “Good god…that’s just fucking nice. What dude would turn this down?” I jacked his dick while I made out with his butthole. His other knee rose up and he rested his foot on my shoulder. I felt the hot sun on the top of my head. I ducked under the water and came back and splashed him. He laughed and stretched out his legs. I took that as a signal to suck him again. I massaged his balls with wet fingers and deep throated him good. Up and down, faster and faster. Sweat glistened on his sexy Latino body. His legs tightened around me and I knew his cock was about to erupt. I furiously jacked his shafted and sucked on his head like my life depended on it. He groaned as he filled my mouth with warm, delicious, teenage sperm. When he was done he just lay there breathing hard. I pulled his feet to my face and sucked on his toes. He jerked them away and giggled. “Fuck man, my feet are ticklish!” He splashed me with his feet and I pulled him in. There was a lot of playful wrestling and splashing before I pulled him into the corner and forced a kiss on him. “Ugh, no man!” he laughed. “I’m not into that!” “Your cock is still hard!” I pointed out. “Damn, this shit is confusing. I mean…I just was dreaming of a hot pussy sitting on my face while you got me off. I wasn’t thinking of you. Don’t get mad!” “No dude. It’s cool. But weren’t you ever curious about kissing a guy?” “I don’t know man. Let’s chill. That’s deep stuff. Right now I feel like a nap!” “Let’s go inside.” I said. The two of us went indoors and fixed sandwiches. We were sitting there naked at the table when mom came in. “Hey boys! You been out swimming?” “Yes ma’am,” he said. My mom opened the fridge and bent over slightly. I saw his eyes go straight to her ass. She wore business clothes. Slim grey slacks and a white blouse. She grabbed a water and headed out of the room. “You mom is fine!” “You like older ladies?” I asked. “Hell yeah, I got this cougar fantasy. And man, I swear when I sneak out and go naked in town, all these MILFS are checking me out!” “They should. You’re cute.” I said. He acted a little embarrassed. I grabbed his dick because it was getting hard again. “Fuck man, your mom is home!” “She’s not a prude. You know my folks go naked in the house–now Dad’s starting to do it a lot outside of home.” Mom walked into the room and he pushed my hand away. Mom looked at his dick and giggled. She went upstairs. “Holy fuck! Your mom was checking my package!” I just laughed. “I better get home. My grandma is gonna be up looking for me. She’s still freaking out about me coming and going with no clothes on.” “Would you in a million years dude think when we got older we’d be running around nekkid?” “No man,” he said. “It’s cool as hell!” – – – I went upstairs and showered. When I was back in my room I hopped on my bed and thought about taking a nap. I was tired. I heard noises outside and looked out my window. Getting out of a car was Mr. Lopez’s son Arturo. He was nude and his long dick and heavy balls swayed as he walked up the driveway. My dick twitched as I looked over his sexy body. Tall, slim, but nice pecs. A bit of black curly hair around his nips and navel. Hairy legs and arms…all nice. His head was shaved but from the ears two long sideburns looped down to his chin to a thin beard. The beard was not thick but it hung a couple of inches and was perfectly groomed–it shined in the sun. As soon as he was out of sight I hurried downstairs. I had no idea what my excuse was gonna be, but I had to get into their house. I walked fast to their door and rang the bell. I heard Mr. Lopez talking. He answered the door. “Hey cutie…what’chu up to?” “I just saw Art come home!” I gasped. He grinned from ear to ear. “Sure, come inside. I’ll make up some excuse for you coming over.” We walked through the living room to the kitchen where Art was stuffing his face. His face perked up when he saw me. “You remember Chase next door son?” “Oh yeah, but hey man…you’re really grown up. I think it’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen you. I’ve been at college!” He boldly looked me up and down. I felt my dick growing. There was no way to hide it. “Artie, there’s no reason to hide it. Chase was halkalı escort coming over to let me suck him off!” My face flushed red! “Don’t worry Chase. My son’s and I have fun together. Artie–you wanna mess around with Chase here?” “Dad!” he seemed a little embarrassed. “He’s cool son.” I noticed Art’s dick growing. Soon it pointed to the ceiling like mine. He walked over to me and kissed me. “You smell good–you just shower?” I nodded. “I’m a bit sweaty. I can go do the same.” “No don’t!” I said. I pulled him to me and our tongues collided. His dad was watching and jacking his dick slowly. Art’s big hands slid down my smooth back and rested on my butt cheeks. He smelled sweaty with a hint of expired deodorant. We made out while his dad watched. Mr. Lopez spit on his hand and wanked faster. It wasn’t but a couple of minutes later he groaned. Art reached out and put his hand under his dad’s cock. Mr. Lopez filled his son’s palm with his seed. When he finally finished they briefly kissed and his dad walked off. “You wanna come up to my room?” I nodded. He offered his hand full of cum and I licked it all off. We walked upstairs and he whistled. “You got a perfect ass dude!” I smiled and kept walking. Once in his room he kicked off his shoes and pulled me to him. He fell on top of me and started sucking my nipple. The other hand reached down and fingers searched for my hole. His middle finger lightly probed me. I sucked his long tongue and swallowed his spit. When he moved his head up for a moment I shoved my face into his armpit and ate it out. He moaned loudly. I noticed he hadn’t bothered to shut the bedroom door at all. When I came up for air, Art licked all over my face–my eyes, my nose, my cheeks, then went for my ears. Next he nibbled on my neck and it drove me nuts. We wrestled and made out roughly again until he flopped my smaller body over and pulled my legs open. I thought his dick was going there, but his face plopped against my crack and he ate me out like a madman. I could literally feel that long tongue opening me up. I sighed into the pillow as he munched my butthole. “Damn dude, you can really eat ass!” I mumbled. He chuckled into my crack as he licked up and down it. His hot breath felt amazing back there. With an abrupt move, he rolled me over again and quickly straddled my chest. He put his cock against my lips. “You drink?” I had to think for a second. “Piss?” I said. “Yeah!” “I always wanted to try it!” I said. “Open up!” he ordered. I opened my mouth wide. I’d tasted my own piss liked many curious boys had at one time or another…but I’d never tasted another dude’s before. I felt hot drops on my tongue at first. Then the stream came. I clamped my mouth around it. A salty flavor filled my mouth as I gulped and gulped. It only lasted about fifteen seconds and it stopped. Then he pulled out his hard dick from my lips and shot a stray quick squirt at my head. The warm piss hit my forehead and rolled into my hair. He grinned devilishly. “I’m marking you mine for today!” “Mark away!” I laughed. He moved down and kissed me again with the same face licking–but wetter. I burped in his face and he inhaled my piss breath. His mouth moved to my chest and worked over my nipples. After that, he went further and he sucked on my hard dick. “Ahhhh man!” I moaned. The vacuum seal on his lips was tight. He knew what he was doing. I tried to push him away as I fought the urge to cum. He sucked harder. I groaned as his hand jacked my dick and his mouth worked its head. I came hard. I spilled my nut into his mouth. After the intense orgasm subsided, he grabbed my legs and pushed my knees to my chest. “Don’t worry about coming so soon–we ain’t done yet!” Fuck he was a hot talking stud! His eyes stared into mine as he went down to suck my nuts. They easily went into his mouth together and his lips wrapped around the root of my sac. His middle finger slid into my ass–it was still slick with spit. Then two fingers. Later three! I knew I was about to get laid. “I wanna fuck you man!” he shouted. “Fuck me dude!” That’s all it took. He was immediately on top of me and his big dick slid in to the root. He humped me hard and I loved it. His heavy body crushed me against the bed as we made out. We were totally covered in sweat. The pressure of his dick drilling me deep felt good in combination with had hand jacking me off. I could smell the musk generating in his armpits. I was in heaven. We switched positions and lay on our sides with him behind me. I stretched out the bottom leg and held the other knee in the air. This kept my ass open for him to get in there and bang away. This dude didn’t tire at all. When I got closed to cumming, I pushed his hand away from it. He sucked on the back of my neck and rubbed his nose into my sweaty hair. His beard was damp and it tickled me. When he slowed down, he rolled on his back and pulled me with him. I managed to sit up and rode his cock on top for a while. He put his hands behind his head and smiled with pride. “I got a good cock huh?” he said smugly. “Yeah man!” I sat all the way down on him until my ass pressed against his nuts. I felt a twinge of pain but pushed down harder and squeezed my ass tighter. “Oh mannnnnn!” he groaned. Then I rode him slowly clenching his cock with my ass ring–just stopping as his cock’s head touched my inner ass lips and then I went down again. “Oh you’re a tease man!” He said. Without getting off his cock, I rotated on the pole until I faced him. He sat up and pulled all the pillows and pushed them behind his back. While on his lap, he managed to keep one foot on the floor and pulled the other on over my head and into my face. “Suck my toes!” he whispered. I turned my head to the right and he pressed his foot into my mouth. I tasted sweaty saltiness and sucked his long perfect toes! My ass felt sore with his dick fully inside it poking my insides. I nibbled his sexy foot for a few minutes until he moved it off my shoulder. He stretched his legs out again and I lay back a little. He gently pushed me backwards until I was on my back again. With my legs around his waist, he began to hump me. My ass was taking a real beating but I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe this masculine stud was bi and so into me. This time when he started jacking me again I told him to spit on my dick and get it really wet. “Now work the head good!” I stammered. He massaged my cock head in rapid tight circles until I began to explode. There’s nothing the same as cumming while getting fucked good. My load flew into the air and landed on his face. This action triggered him and he fell on top of me. He kept jacking me but he humped my ass in hard slow bursts. He pumped his seed into me. I sighed. He was out of breath and dripped sweat all over me from his shaved slick head. He lowered and kissed me so gently. His sweaty beard tickled me. I felt his dick disengaging from my hole. There was a slight pop as the head cleared my sphincter. “Holy shit!” he gasped. “You can take it like a champ little stud. How old are you?” “17…remember?” “Oh yeah…I’m twenty six. I think I’m sticking to you seventeen year olds from now on!” We both laughed. We kissed a bit more but now it was sensuous and soft. He enjoyed fingering my hole and watching the cum ooze out down his fingers. He let me clean his sticky fingers with my mouth. – – – Arturo and I cuddled and chatted about everything. He said he and his brother was bi…recently they had busted their dad beating off to gay porn and joined him. Now they mess around a lot together. “I just mostly jack with dad…like some mutual JO, but my bro likes to fuck dad. Dad’s versatile. I’m not really into older guys like him.” I almost shared the story of jacking my dad off but I kept my mouth shut in the end. I was getting a hard again but had no energy left for another go at it. “I better head home. The folks are probably waiting for me for dinner.” I said. “My dad’s due back tonight. He’s been gone all week.” “That’s right, your dad’s a truck rider huh? I thought about doing that before but it’s so hard to get one of those jobs.” “Yeah, my dad’s done it for years. He was one the first drivers of the MX55.” “How cool! Say, you and your dad ever…?” “Naw. I wouldn’t mind it though!” Then his dad appeared in the doorway. “Your mom called. I’m heading to the airport to pick her up!” Then Mr. Lopez was gone. “You’re dad’s sexy too!” I said. “I dig all ages of men!” “Yeah, he’s nice looking. You’re dad’s a handsome bear. I remember swimming at your house years ago.” I barely remembered those old barbecues. I do remember ogling the brothers and their dad even when I was a kid. “I’ll see you around!” I told Art. He softly grabbed my dick and kissed me. “I hope so man. “Let’s visit and or fuck soon!” I walked down the stairs with a growing woody. It was still wild to walk out of a house naked into the hot air. But now I was bolder and walked around hard. A car passed and a dude driving stared at me as my erection bobbed around while I walked. I went on into the house and found dad there kissing mom. He let go of her and she walked away smiling. They were both naked. I walked up to dad and gave him a big bear hug. My hard on had mostly subsided. “Whoa man, you’re kind of musky son!” he laughed. I exaggeratedly sniffed my armpit. “Yeah, a bit dad! I just had a workout.” I didn’t elaborate what kind of workout. Dad surprised me by giving my hard dick a slap. “I think that’s what you’ve been working out!” “Busted me dad!” We both laughed. I went upstairs and took another shower. – – – We had dinner and then watched a couple of movies. Dad and mom headed to bed after that. I stayed in the den şirinevler escort watching the new Trek movie until I dozed off. It must have been a few hours later that I woke up and heard dad stirring in the kitchen. He came into the room sipping a container of beer. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. “Can’t sleep dad?” “Oh no, I’m just gonna mellow out with a beer before I doze.” “I thought you already went to sleep,” I said sleepily. “Well, that’s what we started out to do. If we’re being frank here, your mom did a number on me, buddy!” “Oh yeah?” I loved it when dad talked to me like I was one of his buddies. “Hell yeah. I gotta tell you. You and your buddies running around buck-naked is great for me. Your mom gets so hot and bothered seeing you all running around here with your bouncing junk and flexing your buns!” “What?” I asked stunned. “Shit, your mom even digs the notion of two dudes going at it. I guess I shouldn’t think that’s weird. I mean we straight men love watchin’ two broads go at it. Your mom, I think, even gets a little hot watchin’ you now that you’ve become a man.” “Fuck no dad!” I laughed. “She told my how your pals were fooling around here in the house and the pool today…I think it was that Latino boy across the way.” “Lino.” “Yeah that one. She said he was staring at her tits so she checked out his dick.” I was excited hearing my father talk so candidly. “Look dad–you’re making me even harder!” “Oh shit son, you’re killin’ me here.” Dad said. Dad kissed me on the forehead and patted my back. “You do your thing if ya’ need to. I head heading to bed.” He let out a nasty loud burp and we laughed. I lay there playing with my dick after he was gone. I imagined my hairy, barrel chested dad and me working out in the garage. I thought about what his fuzzy chest must feel like next to my smooth one. I thought about us working out with erections and then me grabbing his dick and then sucking him off. I came all over the couch. – – – Friday morning I woke up horny–was that a surprise? I dug around in my top drawer for Steven’s data chip and pressed it against the special panel of my min-computer. The small screen lit up with his naked picture. I boned again seeing his hot, dark-skinned body. I pressed the talk key. “Computer, send a message to the on-screen image,” I said aloud. “Begin,” it answered. “Hey Steven, Chase here. You found me in the rain that night–remember? I was wondering if–” The screen changed to a green hue and spoke, “Incoming call”. “Answer it.” Steven’s live image filled the screen. I was sitting in full cam view with my legs folded on the bed, but cock visible. “Hey sexy! I saw your message coming through.” He was wearing a skintight tank top and bike shorts. Both looked painted on with every bulge visible. “I was wondering if you wanted to hang tonight. We talked about meeting up again.” “What do you want to do?” “Well, you know I’m curious about the “alley”. I’d also liked to fool around in some risky places. I thought maybe since you’re a cop you could cover for me if I jacked off somewhere really inappropriate–or maybe we could fuck someplace where we shouldn’t.” He chuckled. “I have some places in mind.” He said he wanted to pick me up from my house–I wasn’t so sure. “You’re legal age for us to date–why are embarrassed about me?” “Well no, but I’m not sure my parents would feel cool about me dating a guy that’s older.” “Your parents let you go out running around naked at night right?” “Yeah,” I said. “Then I should pick you up…introduce myself. I think they should feel even better if I tell them I am a cop.” “How do I explain it?” “I’ll handle it.” “Well, okay.” – – – It was to be my first naked date–and naked date with a much older man. I told my parents I was going out and that my date would be over at 8:30. Mom asked the nosey mom questions, but I just said, “Just wait and meet him mom!” and she stopped talking. He was a minute early. The doorbell rang. When dad saw the tall naked and dark skinned man on the door cam, he raised an eyebrow. “Must have the wrong house–we don’t know him.” “It’s my date dad!” “Oh yeah, buddy, I forgot.” He sounded unsure. I went to the door and let Steven in. My parents looked surprised. He was closer to their ages than mine. Steven walked in wearing ankle-high dark socks and had on black boots–very hot. His ample cock and low-hanger balls gently swayed as he walked toward them. I swear I saw mom staring at his dick! Dad stood and shook hands. I introduced them as Chad and Mary. Once they were all seated, mom started with the questions. “How’d you meet my Chase here?” He chuckled. “Well Chad, I’m a police officer. One evening I was driving through a gusher and found this guy here soaking in the rain. I ended up giving him a ride home.” “You never told me about that!” mom said jokingly. “I know mom, I was embarrassed. That was the night we fought about me going out late and all!” My face flushed from embarrassment. “Well, it seemed by our conversation we hit off. Tonight we’re gonna hang–maybe catch a show downtown?” He looked toward me. “Yeah, that sounds great!” I was fighting an erection. How awesome was it to have a naked, buff cop–older and smoking hot–talking to my parents so casually. I crossed my legs to hide the half-woody, but when we got up to leave it was sticking up halfway in the air. I just turned quickly and followed him out the door. Just outside he grabbed it and jacked me to full boner. “You’re parents are really cool!” “Thanks.” We walked to a dark blue car and he opened the door for me. I got inside and he walked around to get in. It was obviously not a regular car. “This is an undercover car. I thought we could keep a watch on the activity around us and if we run into trouble, I can pretend to be on-duty hauling you in!” “Sweet!” I answered. He pressed the ON button and the car activated. It was a really nice model of the previous year’s all electric version. The car drove almost silently as we left my neighborhood. He quickly got onto the interchange and headed toward downtown. “You know that filthy alley you wanted to check out the night I found you?” “We’re going there?” I asked excitedly. “Yeah, but we gotta keep it low key. Let’s grab a bite to eat first.” He drove us downtown and to an area I’d never been. When I saw the sign I lit up. “Oh fuck, I’ve seen this place on TV. It’s the only fully nude restaurant in the city!” Most restaurants had a clothing required except for fast-foot places. There you had to at least wear shoes inside. This place was no fast food joint at all. After parking, we were seated and he ordered appetizers. I couldn’t help but get hard under the table. Classy naked couples, straight and same sex, were all over. I saw Lobster being delivered to the next table, another couple drinking champagne, and behind us was a family of four kids and a dad. Except for shoes, everyone was nude. Even the waiters were nude, but they had no shoes on. Our waiter came over and took our order and spoke it into his wristband. I noticed the father of the kids staring at me the whole time. I opened my knees to let him see my erection as I kept my eyes on Steve. I was so turned on. Hot men everywhere. After dinner was eaten, we were offered THC edibles, but declined. We left the restaurant with full bellies. Steve then drove us to the seedy part of downtown as promised. As the car drove us, he moved over to make out with me. “You’re so sexy, Chase. Can I fuck you tonight?” “Duh!” I laughed. We drove into the notorious block of drug addicts, muggings, and other crimes. He parked on the side of the road. Then he got out and walked around to my side. He opened the door and I stepped out. I’d kicked off my shoes and the warm pavement felt nice on my bare feet. Around us, people were walking by…mostly in couples. A naked hooker stood at the corner. She had big breasts and a long penis. She was flirting with everyone as they passed. With no warning, Steven pushed me against the car and held me down. “Just go with it!” he whispered in my ear. Then he squatted and was eating my ass! People walked by and laughed or whistled. After my ass was spit-lubed, Steven stood up and roughly pushed me to a brick wall of a boarded up store. He reached around me then pulled my legs around him. I held onto his muscular arms for dear life. I felt his dick shoot up my hole. Then he started fucking me hard. No one really cared–they either watched or moved on! He kissed me deeply and I closed my eyes. “I love this!” I whispered. “I know!” he chuckled. Steven fucked me for another ten minutes in that position, then carried me to the car and plopped me there. On my back and on the trunk of the car, I pulled my knees to my chest and spread wide. He moved in and drilled into me. I was so high on the experience. There I was getting fucked in public! People everywhere! A couple of dudes stopped to watch. They had on jeans an no shirt. Each of them unzipped their pants and started to whack off while watching us. Soon, we drew a crowd of about ten people–men and woman. When I realized Steve was cumming, the feeling in my ass triggered my orgasm. I shot volley after volley of cum on him and me. As our cum winded down, a few people clapped. Then I noticed half the people were taking videos of it on their phone or wrist pads! Steven roughly pulled me off the back of the car and told me to get inside. I opened the door and sank in my seat exhausted. He got inside and turned the exterior lights on. “So, you enjoy that?” “Oh fuck yes!” I cooed. “But those folks were recording it!” “No worries man…I’ll just say it was undercover work!” He put the car on AUTO and drove to the driverless lane. We kissed and fooled around until the car reached my neighborhood. We separated, but he held my hand. Once at my house, he kissed me good night and drove away. I walked up to my front door with cum leaking down my ass. I wondered what naked adventures I’d have next! To be continued…

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