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Subject: Fun Behind the Barn This story is 100% fiction and is for mature readers only. If you are under 18 please leave now. Please note that all my stories are written for enjoyment only and not intended to give anyone ideas on what to do, what to try, or who to do things with. The actions taken in my stories should stay in your mind only and not expanded to real life situations. This story is a fantasy involving a young man and two young boys. You can see a list of all my stories on the authors page under the author, Playtime69. All comments are appreciated and can be emailed ard. Please identify what story you are talking about when you send me a message. Even though I do not respond to all emails I do read them all and have used some of your suggested ideas in my stories. I also will write new stories with your suggested ideas. Just send me your ideas to address above with as little or as much information as you want to tell me including names, ages, sexes, positions, relationships, and what section on Nifty you want the story to go, etc. I will see what I can do with it. If you want to name the story that is fine too. Just make sure the information is yours and not from someone else’s story. Thanks for reading. Please, find it in your heart to donate to fty/donate.html without them we would not have a safe place to deposit and read such great stories. This story came from one of my readers. I took their information and edited it for them and am publishing it in my name for them. I hope you enjoy this story about a man, a couple of young boys, and their sexual adventures. Fun Behind the Barn by: Playtime69 Nine year old Billy’s parents had recently bought a farm and he was excited as there was lots of land where he could run and ride horses. He had a few chores to do before and after school, but he didn’t mind. It meant he could hang out with Zak, the 21-year-old farm hand his parents hired. Zak was tall, a little over 6 feet, and towered over Billy’s 4′ 3″ frame. Zak had brown hair with flecks of gold and deep ocean blue eyes. When he smiled it melted Billy’s insides especially when that smile was aimed at him. Zak had muscles and a tan from working hard on the farm and his sparkling white even teeth really showed up when he gave a big smile. He had full lips that Billy wondered what it would be like if he were to be kissed by Zak, but the thought surprised Billy since he had only recently begun thinking about sex. Billy realized he had a major crush on Zak and often would follow him around like a love sick puppy. Billy had recently made a new friend at school names Cam. Cam was almost a whole year older than Billy but in the fourth grade, which was the same as Billy. Cam was blond, tan, and had blue eyes, which was a contrast to Billy’s dark hair and pale complexion. Billy was hoping he might get a tan come summer if he played and worked outside enough. Maybe even someday develop muscles like Zak. One afternoon Billy asked Cam if he would come home with him after school to play. Cam got permission from his parents and soon Billy and Cam headed to the farm for some fun. Billy’s mom served them fresh baked cookies and fresh milk before they went out to play. Since it was Friday there was no immediate homework that had to be done, so they could spend the rest of the day outside. Cam and Zak were introduced by Billy as they walked around. Cam seemed to be as infatuated with the 21 year old farm hand as much as Billy was. Even worse, Zak seemed to pay Cam some special attention. While riding horses, Cam got to ride with Zak but Billy had to be his own horse alone. Billy could have sworn he saw Zak’s hand go down to Cam’s crotch while they were riding, but Billy was not sure. “Why would a grown man like Zak want to do things like that with a kid like Cam?” Billy thought to himself. Although Billy was sure Cam was better looking and felt himself to be plain, it still hurt and made him jealous that Zak would prefer Cam over himself. His heart felt like it was breaking and the longer he thought about it the worse the feelings got. He tried not to show how he felt but it was difficult, especially when Cam was invited for dinner later. The next day Cam was back to play some more which included riding the horses. Billy was excited, having mostly forgotten his jealousy, but it reared up again as Cam and Zak were spending a lot of time together which left Billy out. After lunch Billy felt some relief because Cam said he had to go home. Cam walked out the back door and Billy followed but stopped on the porch as he watched Billy walk toward the road. Billy observed Cam and Zak talking. Cam seemed excited by something Zak had said and they walked off together towards the barn. Being curious, Billy decided to cautiously follow them. As he approached the back of the barn he heard Cam giggle, “That tickles.” That perked Billy’s interest so he decided to get closer. “This will feel even better.” Zak balıkesir escort said. Then a moment later he heard Cam gasp and moan. “Oh wow!” Billy peeked around the side of the barn and his eyes grew as big as saucers. Cam stood there with his pants and underwear pulled down. Zak was on his knees with Cam’s dick in his mouth. Zak’s own jeans and underwear were pulled down with his long thick dick in his own hand jacking off. Billy felt a couple of emotions all entwined. First, he felt jealousy. Proof that Zak really liked Cam better. Second, he felt aroused by what he was seeing as his little dick got hard in his pants. This was the hardest his little dick had ever been. Billy watched as Cam’s eyes rolled back in his head and his breathing got faster and faster. Zak played with Cam’s little balls as he sucked him off. Cam squirmed and moaned. “I’ve got to pee! I’ve got to pee!” Cam called out. Instead of stopping, Zak sped up. Now going lightning fast as Cam held on to Zak’s head for dear life as he screeched and hollered and shook all over. When it was all over Cam relaxed and Zak let the boy’s still hard dick slip from his mouth. From his observation point, Billy saw Cam’s dick was red, swollen, and covered with saliva. “Why didn’t you stop?” Cam asked. He then continued saying, “I just peed in your mouth.” Zak shook his head and smiled. “You didn’t pee. You had a dry orgasm.” “Wow!” Cam yelped. “That was the best feeling ever!” “Yup, maybe we can do it again sometime.” Zak said. Billy watched as Zak stood up and jacked his gigantic cock until he spurted something that was thick and white looking. Both Billy and Cam were in awe. Cam and Zak got dressed before they got caught or at least they thought. “I guess I had better get home now.” Cam said and off he went. Billy hurried back to the house feeling deflated and unwanted. After what he witnessed Saturday afternoon, Billy felt awkward about having such a crush on Zak, especially when it seemed Zak liked Cam better, so during the week Billy tried to keep his distance from Zak. At school Billy would talk to Cam, but was more quiet than usual. Finally at the end of the week, Zak confronted Billy and asked him if he was mad about something. Billy tried to put on a brave face and told him everything was fine, but Zak could tell something was off. Zak pushed the issue until Billy admitted what was wrong. “Do you like Cam more than me?” Billy finally asked. “What makes you ask that?” Zak questioned. “Well, you seemed to spend a lot of time with him when he was over last weekend.” Billy stated. “Well, I like him of course.” Zak said. “But I like you too.” He then added. Zak pulled Billy into a hug, saying, “You’re my buddy, aren’t you?” “Yeah, sure.” Billy hesitantly affirmed. Billy was not sure he believed Zak after what happened the last weekend. Cam called and asked if it would be alright if he could spend the night on Saturday night. Billy was not sure he wanted him to. He was still sore with jealousy, but he asked his parents and they said it would be alright. Saturday night in Billy’s room, Cam confronted him about being so quiet lately. Billy decided to clear the air and tell him everything he saw. “I saw you and Zak. Last Saturday behind the barn.” Billy explained. Cam’s face turned bright red and he sputtered as he spoke. “You…you did? Everything?” “Everything.” Billy confirmed.” Even the part where you peed in his mouth.” “I…I…didn’t actually pee in his mouth.” Cam said. “Oh yeah. What did he call it?” Billy questioned. “A dry orgasm.” Cam answered. “Did it feel good?” Billy asked. “Oh man, that was the best most intense pleasurable feeling I ever had. It did feel like I had to pee at first but then this electric pulse ran all through my body and touched upon every nerve ending. It was…wow…just wow.” Cam explained. “Sounds awesome.” Billy said. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?” Cam quietly asked. “No! Of course not.” Billy said a bit sourly. “You’re mad, aren’t you. Why?” Cam wondered. “Because Zak was my friend before he was yours. And I really liked him.” Billy admitted. Cam sat there stunned. Finally, he said, “Do you mean you really like him?” “I have a crush on him. Okay?” Billy admitted. “I was able to live with it because I didn’t think he would play with little boys like that. And then I saw you and him doing it behind the barn. It made me feel like I was worthless because he didn’t like me like that.” He explained. “Maybe he didn’t think you wanted to do it.” Cam suggested. “No. He thinks of me as his little buddy. That’s all.” Billy looked at Cam suspiciously. “Is that why you wanted to spend the weekend here so you could do it with him again.” Billy questioned. Again, Cam blushed which answered Billy’s question. Cam tried to explain more by saying, “That’s not the only reason. True, I liked how it felt, but it’s not like I’m in love with him or anything. Maybe if he knew how you felt it would help. I could probably find someone bartın escort else if you want. I could even ask Zak if he has friends who might be interested…” “Don’t do me any favors.” Billy growled. “Just forget it. Let’s go to bed.” After the lights went out, Billy laid in his bed thinking of Zak and what it would be like to be with him. But every time he tried to picture himself with Zak, Cam ends up in Zak’s arms. The next morning Billy saw Cam and Zak go towards the barn. This time he didn’t follow. Ten minutes after he saw Cam and Zak head for the barn, Cam came inside and said he needed to go home because he had a bad stomach ache. He claimed he ate too many sweets the day before. Billy’s mother drove Cam back home while Billy stayed behind. Later at lunch, Zak kept giving Billy odd looks which made him uneasy. He wondered if Cam said anything to him about what they talked about the night before. He hoped not because it would be embarrassing if Zak knew how he felt. Especially if Zak did not feel the same way about him. After lunch Billy went outside to play. Feeling lonely, he kind of wished Cam had stayed after all, even though he was still jealous of him and Zak. It would be something he would just have to get over if he wanted to be friends with Cam. It was not Cam’s fault that Zak liked him better. “Maybe I could find another man that is just as gorgeous as Zak.” Billy thought to himself. “I will probably have to wait until I am all grown up.” He sighed. “Maybe I will be better looking when I get older.” Billy finally thought. Zak ran up to Billy as he was pondering this on an old tire swing that was hanging from a tree. “Hey, Billy. Can we talk?” Zak asked him. “Sure.” Billy answered. “Um…not here.” Zak looked around nervously. “Follow me.” He then said. Billy followed Zak as Zak lead him behind the barn. Flashes of memory still haunted him as he remembered that day he found Zak and Cam. “Cam told me you saw us last Saturday.” Zak said straight off. Billy turned pale, well, paler than usual. He stood frozen with wide eyes and a beating heart that felt as if it would burst out of his chest and do summersaults. Was he in trouble for spying, Billy wondered. Was Zak going to let him have it, or worse, was he going to lose his friendship. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spy.” Billy said. “You’re not in trouble.” Zak was quick to say seeing the horror in Billy’s eyes. “I just didn’t realize you saw what happened. Is that why you’ve been so distant toward me? Because of what Cam and I did?” He asked. “I’m sorry. I was surprised you did that to him and I was…well…I was kind of jealous.” Billy said. “Were you turned on by what you saw? Me sucking your friend’s dick?” Zak wondered. Billy nodded his head, “Yes.” He felt ashamed. First he spied on them and then he got turned on because he imagined it was him and not Cam. “Cam’s dick tasted real good you know.” Zak said huskily. “I enjoyed sucking it. And when he had a dry orgasm, I could feel it twitching in my mouth, pulsing with his heartbeat. Does that turn you on, thinking about that?” Zak questioned. Billy blushed a bright red color on his cheeks resembling ripe tomatoes. He then realized his little dick was getting hard, which made things even worse. Zak stepped up to him and spoke in a low voice in his ear. “If I had realized you’d be into it, I would have done the same to you.” Billy gasped when Zak grabbed hold his hardening dick through his jeans. “I think you do want it too, right now. Don’t you little boy.” Zak hinted. “Ye…yes Zak.” Billy begged. “You’d like to have your little dick in my hot wet mouth. Sucking you until you scream.” Zak continued to tease poor little Billy. Billy did not say a word as Zak pulled down Billy’s jeans and underwear and his dick popped out and pointed directly at Zak. It was just begging for his hot mouth. They both watched as his dick throbbed in anticipation. “What a beautiful dick you have Billy.” Zak commented as he touched the head and softly ran his fingers over the shaft. Billy felt shivers running all through his body. Zak stepped back and swiftly lifted his pullover shirt over his head revealing a magnificent muscular chest. His chest was hairy but not overly hairy. Just the right amount of hair, Billy thought. He was also very tanned and well toned. He continued to think. By now Billy was practically drooling. “You like?” Zak asked, running his hand down his torso and towards his jeans where he slowly unbuckled and unzipped then. He pushed them down along with his underwear and his dick was as big as Billy remembered, but even more impressive up close. Zak had a nice brown bush of hair just slightly darker than the hair on top of his head. And Zak’s balls were also huge and hung low. Billy couldn’t believe this was happening. “Am I dreaming?” Billy thought to himself. Zak smiled his dazzling smile. The smile that caused Billy to melt. “No. This is really happening. I am about to be sucked off by this gorgeous batıkent escort hunk.” Billy continued to think. Zak got on his knees and began to suck Billy’s hard dick. Instinct then took over and Billy began to pump his dick in and out of Zak’s hot mouth. Zak just stayed in one place and allowed his little friend to pump in and out until Billy achieved the goal of an electrifying orgasm. It only took about ten minutes of pumping before Billy arched his back, curled his toes and instantly became rigid. Zak could now feel Billy’s hard dick pulsing inside his mouth as he wondered what his cum would taste like in a few years. Zak pulled back allowing Billy’s now semi erect dick to fall across his plump lips. “I think you liked that, didn’t you?” “Yes! That was fantastic.” Billy answered. Then after a brief pause he asked, “Are you now going to do the same with your dick that you did after you did Cam?” “Would you like to see me shoot my cum?” Zak excitedly asked. Zak was already in the process of stroking his dick when Billy quickly said, “I…I…I…was kind of hoping you would let me suck you off. I would love to taste you cum and have it fill my belly.” “I would love that. Let’s go into the barn where you can sit up higher and get at a good angle.” Zak suggested. They pulled up their pants and underwear and waddled into the barn where Zak found some bales of hay just at the right height. Billy sat down and Zak proceeded to feed Billy his hard oversized dick. Billy’s mouth was just barely big enough to get the head of Zak’s dick and a little of his shaft inside. Zak let out a loud moan as Billy’s hot mouth and young tongue went to work on his dick head. Billy remembered what he had seen Zak do to Cam as he pumped his mouth to and from Cam’s body. Billy did the same and in no time he had the perfect rhythm going. “Fuck you are good!” Zak yelled out. “My little boy cock sucker. Where have you been all my life.” Billy continued to suck and eventually began to fondle Zak’s big hairy balls. This was too much for Zak to handle. As much as Zak wanted to last for hours as his little boy friend sucked his hard dick, he just could not hold back any longer. “Billy, get ready. I am about to blow. Swallow what you can but if you get choked then just pull back and let the rest hit the floor.” Zak said as he could feel his cum making its way from his balls to his dick head. Within seconds of warning Billy, Zak exploded with one of the best orgasms he had ever experienced. Zak’s cum blasted the back of Billy’s narrow throat and dripped down to his belly. He swallowed as much as he could but there was just too much for the young boy to consume. About half of Zak’s cum was inside Billy and the other half was on the floor of the barn. Zak wanting all the pleasure he could get grabbed Billy’s small fingers and placed them on his dick and showed him how to pump the remaining cum from his balls. When Zak’s balls were drained and their sexual needs had been fulfilled Zak said, “Thanks. That was the best orgasm I have ever had. You can suck my dick anytime you want.” Then after a brief pause he added, “I can’t wait till you have cum and I get to drink it like you did mine.” “How long will that be?” Billy eagerly asked. Chuckling, Zak answered, “Not for a couple more years at least. But until then I will be glad to suck you like you were going to give me a taste anyway.” Billy stood up and in a single move wrapped his arms around Zak’s naked body as he pressed his hairless dick against Zak’s legs. Zak returned the hug grabbing Billy bare ass with both hands and pulled him into his loving embrace. “Zak. I love you.” Billy lovingly said. “I love you too Billy. Are we friends again?” Zak questioned. “Sure. And now knowing how you feel about me I do not care if you suck Cam’s dick or not. Just one thing though.” Billy replied. “What’s that?” Zak asked. “Your dick is mine and it better never go into Cam’s mouth.” Billy threatened. “Not a problem. Why would I even want anyone else with your perfect mouth around.” Zak responded. They got dressed and just before they walked out of the barn they hugged and kissed one last time. Zak could taste his own cum on Billy’s tongue as they had a last passionate kiss. They headed out of the barn like nothing had ever happened. Over the course of the next few years, Billy and Zak had oral sex multiple times a week inviting Cam in on a few sessions. One time Zak sucked Cam off while Billy watched. Then Zak sucked Billy off while Cam watched. Finally Billy sucked Zak off while Cam watched. Once Billy had all he could drink he then pointed Zak’s dick at Cam and blasted a few streams of cum on Cam’s face. Cam lapped it up enjoying every drop. Zak and Billy used the “69” position and later down the road they began to have anal sex with Billy poking his hard shaft into Zak’s asshole. It was a long time before Zak was able to get his huge dick inside his little friend’s hole but eventually Billy enjoyed the feeling of hot cum being deposited inside his butt. Eventually Billy and Zak moved in together and had a life of love, sex, and joy. They stayed together even inviting Cam to visit from time to time but by then Cam had his own boyfriend and was happy too. The End

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