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Subject: Foul Ball Part Two Chapter Two Everett barely made it to class on time, a fact that was not lost on Mr. Blackthorn. Mr. Blackthorn was one of those teachers that should have been a coach. He was wide and muscular, built like a linebacker with arms that looked like they had been sculpted out of stone. The slacks he wore gripped the man’s thighs like a second skin, a fact Everett had been paying more and more attention to lately. “Mr. Palmer, if your prowess on the field was comparable to your academic scores, you coming in late wouldn’t be an issue.” Everett paused on his way to an empty seat, “Um, what?” The whole class laughed, “If you were as smart as you were athletic then coming in late would be fine. But since you aren’t, see me after class.” “Awww shit,” he said, louder than expected and once again the was surrounded by laughter. He found a seat in the back and slid down, hoping not to be noticed. Once Blackthorn had gone back to lecturing his mind wandered to other things. Normally Everett’s thoughts were of three different camps. There was baseball, a topic he loved to go around and around in his head about. Everett knew the stats of nearly every major league player in the past five years, with some he could tell you what they hit on a particular night. But it wasn’t baseball he was thinking about. There was also food, easily top three. Thought Everett had a body that looked like it had never gone near actual food, the boy ate like it was always his last meal and he wanted to taste everything before he went. His metabolism was famous with his friends, most who were on a low carb, high protein kick to shed the last few pounds to make them truly a beast on the field. On a dare, Everett had wolfed down five double cheeseburgers from Sliders in less than five minutes. Not only had he won that bet but finished his and two orders of fries the guys hadn’t touched. He got a ribbon from the owner and everything. But though Everett was starving, food was not on his mind. As his hand snaked under the desk and gave his dick a squeeze, the only thing on his mind was Jack’s mouth on his cock. Just thinking about it made his blood rush, quickly followed by a bucket of cold water composed of everything he had been taught growing up. He had been taught that guy on guy stuff was against Jesus and that God was ALWAYS bursa escort watching so he better make sure when he had sex it was with someone God would approve of. Growing up nearly all of his friends fooled around with him. One look at his dick and even the straightest of guys would bring up jerking off together just to see Everett stroke it. His dad had caught him and a friend in junior high and he had set Everett down and told him, being curious about boys was natural. Growing up he had a group of friends that would get in on circle jerks, a term Everett had his dad explain, and that was fine. What was wrong, again according to his dad, was having actual feelings towards guys. That was a sin and Everett desperately didn’t want to sin. Though he had been wondering why sex with a guy is bad but sneaking into a girl’s room and fucking her silly was ok. It was too confusing for him so he just focused on erection and the taste of Jack that was still in his mouth. “Everett?” The boy looked up and found the class empty and Mr. Blackthorn looking at him, “Can you pack your stuff up and come down here?” Everett shoved his books and folders into his backpack, noting that he had not touched them the whole class. As he walked towards Mr. Blackthorne glanced down and raised his eyebrow. Everett looked down and the outline of his cock was clear through his jeans. “Shit,” Everett thought, “I knew I should have found a jock to wear!” “Yes, Mr. Blackthorne?” The beefy teacher sat on the edge of his desk, “I’ll give you twenty bucks right now if you tell me what today’s class was about.” Everett’s face reddened in embarrassment. “You can’t can you? Can you tell me what we have been covering this week?” “No sir,” the jock mumbled. Sighing the teacher got up, “Look, Mr. Palmer, I accept the fact you are an athlete so your main focus is on the game and keeping in shape but you do know your scholarship depends on you keeping a 2.5 GPA?” Everett nodded. “Do you know what grade you have in this class so far?” Shake of his head. “An F, a complete zero. You turn in assignments late, when you show up to class you are unfocused and if this is any indication I can tell what you’re focused on.” Mr. Blackthorn tapped Everett’s dick as he spoke. “I-I’m sorry sir,” Everett stammered as he felt his dick start to chub up again. Blackthorn bursa escort bayan just stood there watching the length of the boy’s member slide down the inside of his jeans. Just the fact the older man was watching made it even harder. “If you thought with this head you’d be a genius,” Blackthorn said, again tapping the stiff cock. Everett jerked at the contact and a small stain of precum stained his jeans. “You’re going to need to put more into the class and to do that you need a tutor to make up for what you’ve skipped.” Everett nodded, wishing his dick would go down. “I’ll make you a deal, you get out of practice when around 6-7?” “Mostly sir.” “Ok, on the days we don’t have class you show up at my house and I’ll try to get you up to speed and when you’re in class, no playing with this.” Blackthorn now cupped his hand over the width of the swollen cock and Everett’s eyes closed and he instinctively leaned into the contact. “You have class right now?” Everett shook his head. “Come into my office,” he said to the boy, still cupping the monster dick. Everett was led into the older man’s office, door closed and locked behind him. “You can’t walk around like this,” Blackthorn said, popping open the first button on Everett’s jeans. “Sir I…” the athlete began to protest when the teacher’s hand pressed harder against him. “Shhh…”, another button gone, “Just go with it, you need this.” Everett bit his bottom lip as another button was undone. The boy’s cock sprang up, it’s thick head smacking his stomach with a solid thud. “Such a healthy boy,” Blackthorn said, slowly stroking the jock’s dick. “S-sir…” he said tried to protest again. “Pull up your shirt.” Everett paused, not sure if he should or not. “I said pull it up, boy!” His cock leaked some more as he reacted to the stern tone of voice. Slowly, Everett raised his t-shirt, exposing his tight abs, the definition clearly showing every deep cut. Blackthorn let the donkey dick go and the sound of it slapping against his abs filled the small office. Blackthorn pulled the dick again, leaving a small smear of precum on the hardened ridges of his abs. “Play with your nipples,” the man commanded. Everett looked down in confusion. The teacher let go of the boy’s cock, another wet slap against his stomach and pinched the boy’s quarter-sized nipples lightly. Everett escort bursa moaned out loud as a direct line of sex from his nipples to his cock. Not even aware of it Everett fisted his cock and began to slowly stroke it. “Yeah that’s it,” Blackthorn said, twisting harder. The pain was one of the most erotic things Everett had felt and he could feel his dick throb in his hand, another glob of precum forming at his tip. Blackthorn saw the drop and leaned forward to lick it off. Everett jumped as he felt the tongue move across his sensitive tip, “S-sir?” he asked The teacher let go of the nipples and said, “Keep playing with your nipples.” Everett released his dick and began to twist his own nipples as the older man put his middle finger in his mouth and slicked it up with spit. Then, leaning forward, Blackthorn engulfed the jock’s dick with his mouth, as he moved his finger under the huge, swaying balls. Slowly the teacher spread the boy’s legs, opening up his tight, muscular ass. It was the second time his dick was being sucked by a guy today and it was just as exciting as when Jack did it. His mind was flooded with new sensations, his nipples, the mouth and then the finger. Blackthorn slipped his oversized finger into the virgin ass and suddenly Everett was cumming. Load after load spilled out into the teacher’s mouth, the overflow of the massive load dripped out of the corner of his mouth. Everett’s ass clenched around the finger, as the cum just kept flowing. Part of him wanted to push the digit out, another part wanted it to go deeper. Finally, the spurts slowed and Everett felt his legs go weak from the orgasm. Blackthorn had never swallowed such a load before, but then again he’d never seen a cock on someone so young before. Removing the finger he let Everett step back, jeans around his ankles, swollen, red cock defeating inch by inch. Blackthorn wiped his mouth and smiled as the teen tried to gain focus again. “Better?” he asked. Everett had a dopey grin on his face as he nodded. “Ok then, get out of here, and remember, private tutoring two nights a week.” The athlete nodded again as he pulled his jeans up, tucking his now, soft cock to the side. “T-thank you, sir…” Everett said, not sure if this was something you thanked someone for. “I was young, I remember what it’s like to have a dick with a mind of its own.” Everett could understand that. “See you tomorrow night,” the boy said, walking out of the office. He picked up his backpack and wobbled out of the room. Did that just happen? More importantly, did he want it to happen again?

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