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It was a few days after I’d returned to work from maternity leave. My breasts were swollen and producing a large amount of milk, much more than I actually needed. Every day at lunch, I would retreat to a small storage space just off the break room and use the breast pump while I ate. The employees and temps shared the break room with tenants, and there were often corporate visitors in and out for coffee, so I needed the privacy. Everyone on staff was very gracious about it.

Today, though, the boss lady intercepted me and told me she had arranged a more convenient space for me. We don’t call her “The Boss Lady” to her face, of course, but it’s an appropriate description. She’s a tall, imposing blonde, very no-nonsense. Corporate loves her results, so they give her a free hand when it comes to running the office suites. As intimidating as she can be, we’ve all learned that she’s fair and will stand up for us when we need her. She doesn’t let upper management disturb her henhouse.

She has a reputation for professionalism among the tenants, and any visitor can see it in her manner of dress: blouse buttoned to the neck, crisp suit jacket, pencil skirt, low heels. Her hair is kept in a tight bun, never a strand out of place. She wears stylish black-rimmed glasses when she reads. She speaks with clarity and sports a firm handshake. The word “businesswoman” was coined for her.

If she has any personal relationships, we don’t know about them.

She led me down the hall to an unrented space that had a desk and chair. I sat down and started unbuttoning my blouse. I was saying something about how considerate everyone was being, when I noticed she hadn’t come all the way in. She glanced quickly up and down the hall, then ducked inside and flipped the lock.

Before I could process any of this, she rushed over to me, bornova escort bent over at the waist, cupped my breasts through my bra and pressed her face into my cleavage. She took a deep breath, in and out, through her nose. I felt the moist heat deep between my breasts.

“Hey… Wha…?” I started to say.

She pressed her left index finger against my lips and whispered, “Shhh. Shhhh.”

She quickly jerked my left feeding flap open… AND HER LIPS WERE ON MY LEFT NIPPLE!

OH MY GOD! She was sucking on my left nipple and… and…


I was frozen. Every hair was standing up on my neck and arms, and I felt a wave of goose bumps rush over me. My eyes must have been the size of dinner plates. I had NO IDEA what to do!

Her lips were pursed in a light kiss, gently wrapped around only the nipple. But that was enough. She was getting milk! I could feel it!

I breathed in as if to speak, but again her finger pressed to my mouth. “Hmp-mm,” she mumbled.

With her left hand still gently warning me silent, her right hand cradled my left breast and lifted slightly. Her puckered lips parted just a bit, bringing the entire areola into her mouth. I felt the nipple move inward.

I gasped.

I was still paralyzed, but my impressions were vivid. She was standing to my right, bending across my body. I could smell her cologne, and I had a close-up view of her left ear and neck. She was making no sound, but I could FEEL every rhythmic suck. My heart was racing so fast and hard I could feel it in my ears. I felt like I would fall over. I hadn’t experienced that kind of total body fear since I was a child, and I remember thinking back then, “This is what a frightened rabbit must feel like.”

I was shaking uncontrollably, but I managed bostancı escort to whisper, “B-boss lady, please…”

Oh, WHY did I say that??

She momentarily stopped sucking and I saw her left eye look up at me.

She responded by pushing my knees apart and kneeling in front of me. She wrapped her arms around my waist, pressed her face to my breast and opened her mouth wide, sucking in as much flesh as would fit. She sucked HARD. I felt my nipple yanked into the back of her mouth, where it was squeezed tight by a muscular tongue. A great surge of milk spilled out.

My shaking voice quavered, “Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh….”

There was no sound in the room. I could hear her breath rushing in and out of her nose, and I could hear her throat swallow with each suck. Oh my god! She was sucking SO HARD! It made my nipple sting. And there was SO MUCH MILK!

She didn’t move. She just sucked and sucked and sucked. My poor, swollen nipple surged in and out of her throat like a piston, pouring out its secrets.

I was breathing heavily, and starting to come down from my adrenalin rush, but I was still in a total panic. I felt weak.

Then I noticed my right nipple was standing up hard. It wanted some attention, and it was leaking milk on its own.

The boss noticed, too.

She pulled open the right flap, and her mouth latched on hard, leaving my reddened, squirting left nipple to point into the cool air.

She squeezed and pulled the poor thing as she greedily devoured my right breast. Milk sprayed with each pinch.

Again, the boss sucked hard, in silence. Suck. Suck. Suck. She was FEEDING on me.

She switched back and forth a few times, sucking earnestly, making a POP or SMACK when she pulled loose, pinching and pulling the other. buca escort My chest and belly were covered with milk.

I came to a sudden realization: This felt AMAZING.

I made a decision… to just… let it happen.

I lay my head back.

She sucked.

And sucked.



It seemed to go on for hours.

But of course, it didn’t. Lunch break ended, and we went back to work. I stumbled through the rest of the day, and at home that night, my husband couldn’t figure out why I was so sleepy.

The next day, it happened again. We didn’t say a word. I just opened my blouse and she fed.

We meet every day for lunch now. We’ve switched to an unused reception room on another floor. It has a couch, so I can cradle her head while she feeds contentedly. We never speak.

We going to try meeting on a weekend soon.

I don’t know what to call my new relationship with the boss. I mean, it’s not a lesbian affair. I admit to having the occasional orgasm while I feed her, but I don’t want to have sex with her. That’s not what it’s about.

I certainly haven’t told my husband about it. I wouldn’t know how. It’s been going on so long now, where would I even start?

It’s not as if it’s made problems for us. In fact, it’s totally revived our sex lives. I get home from work before he does, and every evening when he arrives, I pull off his pants and DEVOUR his cock. I can’t get enough! I suck him as if my life depends on it. I swallow his cum, then I keep sucking till he’s hard again, then I swallow more cum.

I didn’t enjoy oral sex before. I saw it as a chore, just to make him happy. But now, I’m FEEDING. Just that little change of perspective makes all the difference. I suckle at his cock every chance I get. Some days, I get 3 or 4 loads of cum at a session. We don’t go out, he doesn’t watch TV, I don’t call my friends… all because I’m on my knees with his cock in my mouth.

I’m content at work, and I’m content at home.


(cc) Lisa M. Hayes

This story may be reproduced as long as credit is given and nothing is changed.

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