Voyeur Sex


Subject: Family Puto 3 Disclaimer: This story depicts sex between family members. If you are under the age of 18 or if this offends you, leave the page. That night I was so excited when my parents said it would be cool for me to be able to live part time at the campo which ment spending more time with Cheto. The next morning when we I all the grownups were heading out to the fields to work, as the last car pulled out is when my clothes were pulled off. Cheto couldn’t wait he started forcing his tongue down my throat my little pito got real hard leaking after 5 min. He pushed me back and started getting naked as soon as his shirt came off he pulled my head to his big brown nipples with some hairs sprouting around his nipples and told me to suck it little putito holding my head down on it, and had me sucking it like a baby on a bottle it was driving him crazy back and forth between the 2 at the same time he reached down and started pinching and pulling on mine at the same time telling me he was gonna stretch them so I can grow a nice pair of tetas like my amas. He had me licking my way down when I got to his boxers which I seen a big wet spot he made me pull them off with my teeth his verga popped out and slapped my face I went down on it trying to get the whole thing in my mouth. Oh putito you are so good at it mijo pulling back on his foreskin told me to clean up his queso it was like crack I couldn’t get enough, he pulled me off telling my he was gonna cum to fast. Suck my huevos putito you şişli travesti are so good at it mijo driving down on one of his huevos at a time he was moaning even louder. His verga was leaking his precum all over my face down to his huevos he grabbed me and pulled me back up and started to lick it all off my face and then he rammed his tongue into my mouth feed it back to me my little pito was so hard and leaking I reached down and started to jack off he pulled my hand off and said putitos you aren’t ready for it yet telling to grab his verga and make him shoot his meccos instead getting him close to shooting his load. Cheto spun me around and bent me over looking to see how much damage he had done to me sticking his tongue into my culito eating me out. Oh my god you are driving me crazy primo making me beg for his verga in me. Please fuck me primo , my culito needs you in me fucking me please I’m your little putito . Opening up my ass he started driving his tongue in deeper and faster driving me more crazy. Putito I really want to fuck you bad but your culito needs a rest, you are still red and swollen and my big verga will really tear you up mijo I can’t my putito. Wanting him so much and begging he started to grab my faceand started driving his hard verga in my mouth driving it down my thoat. You want my verga here it is putito gagging for breath trying to pull my head away he started laughing putito you want my meccos don’t you. With tears running down my cheeks starting to beylikdüzü travesti black out he pulled out a little so I can catch my breath. Breath putito your not going to died on me with that he shoved it back in deeper down my throat and was fucking me as hard and fast as he could. Oh putito, putito I’m gonna shoot my meccos down your throat, when he started to shoot his hot meccos he pulled out and was covering my face I tried to get it in my mouth but he pulled my head back and painted my face with his hot meccos. You begged for it putito here it is as he threw himself on the sofa. After a few minutes he pulled me up and took me to the bedroom. Throwing himself back and lifting his legs up. Starting to pull the foreskin back and running my tongue around the head of his verga had him moaning again. No putito get down and as he pulled his ass open and pulled my head deeper. It was like heaven trying to get in there as deep as I could. Putito my putito you were born to do this which made me to try to get in deeper into him trying to make him feel good started to stick a finger and driving it deep and pulling it out slowly and ramming it in hard adding a second finger and hitting his prostate. Oh pinche putito don’t stop cabron its so good. Then Cheto pulled me up to suck on his nipples again as he was breathing heavy moaning for more. Getting up higher he raised his arms and I seen the most beautiful arm pits they had a big patch of hair which made me want him even more. Still istanbul travesti working my way up we started kissing again driving tongues in each other mouth battling when we broke the kiss. Putito spit in my mouth mijo feed me please when I hocked up a big loogy he was in heaven still moaning how he loved me. It’s your turn putito. What do you mean Cheto? I cant fuck you so I’m gonna take your meccos I want you to fuck me putito. He pulled his legs up and opened his culo now stick your little pito in me. My hard pito started to work its way slowly it felt great nice soft and warm. Faster cabron fuck me harder make you big primo puto I laugh but he kept begging for harder I was fucking him as fast and hard as I could he reached down and started to play with his verga. Stop that puto that verga is mine for the faster I fucked him the harder grip I had on his thick hot verga jacking him pulling him as insinc with the pounding I was giving him. Cheto couldn’t handle he let out a load moan and started to shoot while I jack his verga harder. The first shot splashed on his cheek the second and third made into his open mouth the last couple of shots were on his stomach. Licking it all up I fed his meccos back to him. After laying there for a few minutes he went to the living room to get his boxers and cleaned me up. When I was getting dressed he walked up to me gave me a kiss on the forehead. Thank you putito I needed that, now go out to play while I clean up all this mess. As soon as the heat hit me when I opened the door my 3 cousins stood there laughing giving me a high five, but you are still Juanito the putito. If you really like this story leave me an email ail. Don’t forget to donate to NIFTY to keep this great website going.

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