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Subject: Family Cabin Seed And Feed. Chapter 12 All the usual disclaimers apply. Nifty needs our financial support to survive. Please support Nifty and the hardworking Nifty Archivist. ASAP. Thank you, guys ! https://donate./donate.html Send constructive comments to hoo Family Cabin Seed And Feed Exactly one year later the men and boys of our family were buzzing with excitement. Brody and Baker, our hot twin, soccer stud cousins were gonna get the full Sex treatment at their 13th birthday party. Their Star Wars pool party was hella fun but now that they were 13 and fuckable, the Family Seed and Feed would be a fuckin’ epic family orgy blow out. The family made sure the boys had butt plugs and a double headed dildo for private practice in the month leading up to the big event. My little bro, Lando and our cousin, David, report the twins are super horny and ready to go all the way with all of us family guys. Bake and Bro were asking about eating seeds at the Cabin. One twin wanted sunflower seeds and the other requested pistachios. Hahaha. Not those kinds of seeds, you clueless little fuckers ! I texted directions to the Cabin to our second cousins, a hot couple, Mark and Andrew. Insatiable. Creative. Well hung. Sexually generous. Andrew is a Master Power Top. He gives Mark and other lucky guys what can only be described as Analgasms. When his hard dickhead bangs your sensitive P-Spot over and over, it will send your ass to the moon. For Realz !! Huge thanks to Mark and Andrew who will park their luxury motor home close to the Cabin. Their shower with douching hoses and extra beds will istanbul travesti make this a much better weekend. Lucky for them, both had dads who shared Sex knowledge and positive Sex experience with their sons. In that family of men, everyone got what they wanted and needed. Daddy Dick and Boy Butt. And Cum. That’s right. Mostly Cum ! Lots of Creamy Cum. ! After we got all the provisions in the Cabin, we fueled up on Turkey jerky, beer, redbull and Gatorade Two and three at a time, Guys went to the RV to clean out. I personally made sure the twins, 13 year olds, Baker and Brody, stars of tonight’s show, were squeaky clean and ready for big ole Daddy Dick. Fuck yeah ! At this point, everyone was showered and lounging, cuddling, making out on the big bed and on the wrestling mats on the floor of the main room. A small fire burned but it was male family body heat that will warm the Cabin tonight ! And it’s about to get a lot hotter. Uncle Tate stood up in all his naked glory and addressed the B***** family of Men. His muscles shone in the lantern light and his moderately hairy, working man body and big pecs looked so powerful and sexy. But all our eyes were on Uncle Tate’s rapidly growing bone, a solid 7.5 inches cut. The big tip was wet and looked sticky. “Men, you all know that when I turned 13, I told my dad I refused my Sex Initiation because I learned in Sunday School and Church that Sex stuff is wrong and only for married couples, a man and woman to make their children. Well,as I got older and watched my sons grow, I started to second guess my decision and knew I did not want kadıköy travesti to short change my boys. We had so much fucking fun at the Star Wars pool. Party. And the boys spent the past year impressing me with their maturity and their desire for this Family Seed and Feed. I know they are ready !” Uncle Tate put out his arms and the birthday boys ran up to do pull ups on their dad’s powerful arms ! Both soccer studs had high and tight bubble butts. So cute. So fuckable. Bake and Bro were rocking hard, 3 inch spikes, smooth balls and a wisp of blond pubes. The boys had A little blond hair on their tan soccer legs. Tate got his sons into the middle of the bug bed on all fours and told the boys to arch their slim backs. So fuckin’ sexy. Uncle Tate licked and tongue fucked each boy and got them moaning with lust. They were warming up like horny dogs in heat. The sexed up dad ate out his young boys tight assholes like a demon. A father possessed by lust Then Tate lubed up and aggressively finger fucked his twin sons. It was a hot and depraved show of Father / Son Sex. Tate remembered this is a birthday party and he told each of us to spank each twin twice. After each swat we rubbed the boy butt cheek to take away the sting Gramps Sonny and Gramps Donny passed around cupcakes. Now the twins were warmed up and lubed up so the fucking of the stud sons by the hot dad can begin. “Dad, we are ready for you to Seed and Feed us. We know we won’t be eating any Seeds tonight.” Said Bake. Bro continued, “After you Father Fuck us, we want you to Feed us the spunk from your Daddy Nuts the cum bakırköy travesti that made us ! And we want every family guy here to bone the fuck out of us and feed us all their semen. Because cousin Tobey Wan Kenobi told us spunk from men and older boys will give us muscles and bigger cocks. Right ?, he asked. All of us shouted, “Yes. That’s right. Uh huh !” Uncle Tate told his boys to suck the cocksnot off his dickhead and his horny sons eagerly cleaned up the sweet and slippery mess. Then Tate got into fuck position behind his boys. He slid his big dad Dick into Bake, telling the boy to relax and push out. He used two fingers of his left hand to finger fuck his hot son, Bro. The rest of us watched and stroked as dad Tate fucked his sons, trading off cock and fingers to give each kid his full attention. And Mr Church Guy. Uncle Tate is a good dirty talker. Who knew ? “You horny little fuckers love my big daddy Dick, don’t ya ? Both of you studs love my big cock pounding out your tight boy holes ! The rest of us joined in. “Fuck your sons, Uncle Tate. Pound those tight holes, brother. The two grandpas pitched in. “Son, fuck your boys hard and deep. Blow your big creamy load of daddy cum. Pound it some more. Rabbit fuck those boy holes and get that hot cum all frothy, like cotton candy. Get down and Felch it. Suck that Dad Cum out of those Boy Holes. Right now Collect all that cum in your mouth, Tate. Boys, flip onto your backs and open your mouths wide. Tongues out ! Tate, move up and feed half to each of our grandsons. Feed them that mix of spit and spunk. Now Donny and I will suck off our grandsons and feed it to you. Then you will snowball their spunk back to them. Three generations of semen sharing. Our Family Traditions of Sex and sharing lives on. Our male ancestors can be very proud of us !” Please support Nifty ASAP fty/

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