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Subject: Doctor Who, Jeremy and Jesse 168 YOU are not trapped in another time, even living 353 years in the past and no, none of us 353 years to donate to Nifty at this page, fty/donate.html …so do it now before it is too late and these stories vanish into time… LOVE ACROSS TIME Pioneer Cemetery, Forth Worth Texas… November 12, 2008… “Three hundred and fifty three years?” Greyson asked. He was looking at Theon’s grave in a Fort Worth cemetery. It was wide open, angular and with a lot of trees, that held leaves even in November. Jesse and Jeremy had backed off and returned to the TARDIS to give Greyson time to be with the grave stone of Theon, which was in Fort Worth, Texas. Even their looks couldn’t get the Doctor to leave Greyson alone out there. It was a bright, crisp but not very cold November day. “Yes, well, you see, Theon traveled in the TARDIS for a little time. That added onto his life. It works this way…” “I don’t care,” Greyson said. “He…did have a long life.” “And a good one, sir,” the Doctor put a hand on Greyson’s shoulder. Greyson took the hand off to the Doctor’s dismay. “Is the same thing happening to me?” “Happened, happening, will happen. TARDIS sort of suspends your aging a bit for every cell and that transfigures to new cells and so forth. You’ll live a long life, Greyson, well, barring accidents. No one can ever tell for sure though, can one?” Greyson frowned. “You can.” “Not always. None of us know if we’ll live to 100 or beyond the next hour, most of the time. Yes, I have a special relationship to time and the future and the past but…” Greyson wanted to bring it back to Theon. “So, for a time, he spent his life on the family farm.” “Yes —wellll, before it became the family farm, then his grandfather was a farmer, but his father and his father went into construction. Somehow, they didn’t want to farm any longer. Perhaps business dried up? And Theon, he thought, rightly so…and I told him so when I gave him my package…” Greyson stood up. “You’re what?” “Oh, I…each person the angels k…took…I left them materials to get…a life basically… where they were. Theon became an organic farmer in…where was it again? Here. But when? I forget. So many…” “Try to remember!” Greyson snarled. He made fists. “It’s all in the TARDIS…in the databank. I don’t have to remember. It can take us there any time …well, after time stabilizes.” Greyson sighed. And turned his back to the Doctor. “So you say.” The Doctor turned Greyson back to him, putting hands on his shoulders. “Greyson. I meant it. Time for Theon is going to stabilize. There will be opportunities to see him.” “Just not now.” “Just not now.” The Doctor dropped his arms from Greyson’s shoulders. He bent over and picked a daisy. “Cheer up. There are some times for some people that have gone back that can never be visited. Frank, for instance. We can never see him again.” “Why?” “Time. It’s complicated. There are these Reaper things if we try to see him. Not to mention other things that we might cause an unbalancing of. Some people can never be visited on. Amy and Rory for instance. But they had…have each other. You see, Theon is still alive…” Greyson shrugged and made a superior face and gestured toward the grave. “In his own time, he’s there now and we can see him someday soon. Somewhere someone is always still alive. And even after they depart the body they inhabit now…” “Oh, okay, I get it. It DOES make the hurt a little less…I dunno…hurtful.” Greyson took the daisy from the Doctor and picked at it, too. He moved away from the grave but then turned back to it. “The dirt’s still fresh…” “They only just buried him.” “He must have looked very old.” “Not really. The, ahh, the TARDIS…Well…that’s relative. He was by your standards. When compared to me…there’s very few who reach my age…” “Does it always have to come back to being about you?” “I…I didn’t realize I did that.” “You kinda do.” Greyson half winced, half screwed up his face. “I’m sorry, Greyson.” “For?” “That. All of it. Theon being taken this way. I didn’t want any of it this way. That way.” Greyson put an arm around the Doctor’s arm. “I know. I know you didn’t. It’s just…it’s going to take a bit of time to adjust to it all.” “You mean you forgive me?” “Not sure.” “Oh.” “Not sure there’s anything to forgive. I’m just not happy about the circumstances.” “Yes. No, me, too.” The Doctor nodded and patted Greyson’s hand on his forearm. “What’ll I tell his parents?” “I already did.” “What? When? How? Where? Did they take it?” “Whoa. In order, I explained what really happened. A few hours before we left. With my mouth. At their house. And better than if they just thought he vanished. Did I get all your questions?” “Yes,” Greyson smiled inwardly and somewhat outwardly. “You. You’re amazing.” “I am, am I?” “Yes.” “Oh, that was statement.” “No, it wasn’t.” Greyson let go of his arm. He turned back to the grave as they had been walking away from it. “So, I suppose, I supposed they never want to see me again?” “No, no. Quite the contrary. They want you over for dinner next week. And for Thanksgiving. They said to tell you to call them.” “Why didn’t you lead with that?” “I…I don’t really know. I guess I wanted to hit you with the good news last.” “Typical.” Greyson came closer to the Doctor, getting to his front and reached his smaller body up to the Doctor’s. He looked into the Doctor’s eyes. “You really are an alien, aren’t you?” He half laughed it. “You know I am. Of all people, you know I am.” “I know here.” Greyson pointed to his head. “But here…” he pointed to his heart. “I guess it never really registered…” “Yes, it did. I saw it do.” The Doctor smiled and took both Greyson’s hands and put them over his two hearts. “Take a look at me. I’m exactly what you see and what’s in your head and heart. I’m a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. I might be sometimes half human, sometimes not. My mother might not be a companion. My father, who knows? My past’s fucked up a lot…but who’s’es isn’t these days or for that matter, past days and future days. I love. I feel. I try. I succeed. I fail. Sometimes, like with this angel business, I do both. There are not always easy answers. Sometimes there are. Sometimes. But like now, no choice among two choices or more choices seems to be the right one. But most of the time I have to act and act fast and sometimes deliberate or more will die, more will lose their timelines, even their very birth, and their very existence if I don’t. So I saddle down, buck up, or is that saddle up and buck down…I never could get the hang of those two expressions…” “Doctor,” laughed Greyson. “You’re incredible. Absolutely incredible.” “Maybe not this time but I am some of the time.” “Did he…did he have a lover?” “I imagine so. He was…is very good looking.” “Mmmm. And sexy and sexual. When he was nursing you in that other timeline did you and he…?” “Yeah. Is that okay?” “Not really.” Greyson stepped away and turned. “You’ll let us all know when we can visit?” “Yes.” The Doctor said. “I also promised his parents I would take them to visit, too.” “That’s…” Greyson tried not to sound sarcastic. “…very kind of you.” “We can go together or separate. I’m not sure which would bursa yabancı escort be more awkward.” “We’ll…talk about that…another time.” “What are they going to tell everyone else?” “That he moved. To…Jamaica.” “Yes, that’s a good one. He always went on about how he was going to go there and stay there. Every time he went, he stayed that just a little bit longer. He liked it there. It was laid back.” The Doctor rounded his body on Greyson. “Greyson,” he leaned down to see eye to eye to the boy singer. “He was going to…be with you if he could.” “How do you know that?” “I know, that’s all. He said…” “Who could possibly know what a free spirit like Theon was going to do next. He said a lot of things.” “Greyson, it wasn’t just what he said. I saw a possible…” “Well, don’t stop there.” “I don’t want you to feel even worse.” “I don’t think I can.” “Okay. A possible future. AND in another universe, you and he…” “Okay, stop. I get it.” Greyson put his hands up to stop the Doctor. “If things were different here… with other forces…” “Meaning the fucking Weeping Angels…” “Yes and the stalker…that girl…” “I get it. We would have been…together.” “Married. Maybe with children.” “He hated babies.” “People change, Grey.” “We’ll never know though. If our Theon…” The Doctor interrupted. “Don’t, Greyson, don’t. He was going to marry you. You and he…I know it. I know his heart. I know your heart. I know both mine.” “If you say so. It’ll never happen now, will it?” He turned to go back to the TARDIS. “This time you got us in the same time zone but a different place. Right on target.” “Grey, there’ll be others. One other in particular.” Greyson turned to look at him. “You know more.” “I…I don’t want to ruin your future.” “Oh, no, ha?” “That’s not fair. It’s not about me. Or you, this time, either…” “Maybe Jesse’s right you really are a fuck. Or is what he said a bitchin bastard or a bastardized bitch? Or all three?” “You said it’s more about him. Theon, I believe he started an organic farm here and there, on Long Island and Texas, long before it was the vogue thing to do. He had lovers and one in particular…he helped a lot of people from what I gather. At first, he lived alone, for a few years. Then, he met some of the local Indians, natives. He and one of them…” “I get the picture.” “By the 1800s, he had to move on so no one suspected him of being…” “…the real life Dorian Gray?” “Something like that. No, not really. He aged but very, very slowly. He met a farmer boy, one of the sons of a prominent governor. Just before that, the English took over the lands of the Dutch. He knew a lot of both.” “I bet he did.” Greyson forced a laugh. “He moved around a lot, came back to Long Island, and eventually ended up here in Fort Worth.” The Doctor smiled. “He’s okay. That’s what matters, isn’t it? You’ll be okay, too.” “I know,” Greyson said, “Look, can you just take me home now?” A few weeks later, it was Thanksgiving. Greyson had it with Peter and Lois, Theon’s parents. They let him roam out back by the swing, near Theon’s apartment attached to their home. The Doctor had been right. Theon’s parents didn’t blame him at all for what happened. They gave thanks that Theon was still alive somewhere. Every day, though, they told Greyson…they were tempted to go find him and see him. The Doctor didn’t tell them where he was the last ten years…if they contacted him, it could cause untold, unheard of damage to the causal nexus or something and that would be bad for the universe. Theon roamed out the expansive back yard where the swing was, the large tree, the river/lake. He was reminded of Theon in every second. He found himself singing his feelings. “My heart beats a little bit slower…these nights are a little bit colder…now that you’re gone…” As he sang, he walked to the swing. 1655: Theon walked to the swing. He held onto the rope and stared out at the lake. They both thought about… There was a large tree that was between green ground end and lake start. More explicitly, a large tire hung from a thick knotted rope that was tied tightly around a tree…to Greyson it looked as if the tree branch the rope was tied around had begun—-a long time ago—to grow around and into it, make it a part of itself. Theon lifted Greyson bodily before he could protest and put his feet through the tire and his butt landed on the tire. Theon pushed him and Greyson felt himself leaving the ground. “A tire swing.” “Cool, huh? Nature-y.” He told Greyson. Greyson looked out on the serene lake, the duck, the green grass meeting it at the end and the trees all around. The summer was warm and hot but it felt good. He shut his eyes. For a time, he didn’t feel Theon pushing him so he opened his eyes. “What are you doing?” Theon had found a facing, smaller tree that was also overhead…almost as far overhead as the tree supporting the tire Greyson was on. He had, in no time, fashioned his own swing. “If this works…I’ll show you…” Theon’s swing was made of an old wooden swing. “Had this as a kid when my parents told me I was too young to go on the tire.” “You listened to them?” Greyson didn’t believe it. “Course not,” Theon explained, “But we all had to keep up the pretense, so I had one.” “Be careful, dude…” “Did you just call me dude?” “Yeah. Will that shit hold ya?” “Yeah, cause I weigh so much?” Theon said as he tied the rope to itself above the swing after throwing it over the branch. “Tried to gain more but thought, fuck it, I might as well accept myself for the lean ass twig I am.” “Theon, you’re no twig.” Greyson corrected. “No, I know.” Theon was in his swing in no time. He stood in front of it and swung it from ahead of it. The swing, as it raced toward his butt, found him in it in seconds. To Greyson, the view of Theon standing on the swing, serene shiny lake behind him, duke sailing on it, with the sun silhouetting him, long hair waving in the still summer breeze…Theon looked just about perfect. “If you do that…” Greyson had started to say, “…you’re gonna collide with…NOOOO!” “Chill out and chillax, boy!” Theon swung at Greyson as Greyson’s swing took him right to Theon himself. Theon grabbed Greyson’s face with two hands and kissed him and then…away he went. The swing met a few times like that. “Chillax?” Greyson looked up. “That rope is NOT gonna hold!!!” Theon looked up and smiled and looked back at Greyson and flung himself off. “But yours will!” Greyson gasped as Theon landed, the Theon swing falling off behind him, detached from the branch, and Theon legs around his legs and tire but on leg inside the tire hold with him. Theon laughed in his face and kissed him before he could recover from the move or take in what Theon had done. He breathed out when he could. “You’re just too much, Theon! I fucking find you exciting as fuck!” “You, too. I mean I find you as exciting as fuck, too.” “Yeah.” “Let’s get off…” “The tire?” “No, each other on the tire.” It wasn’t a stretch. Theon’s crotch was already rubbing on his own as they swung. The penis never seemed to dilute. It was stiff and up and feeling Greyson’s right thigh bursa sınırsız escort as Theon’s left leg was inside and right leg was outside. Theon stood up a bit and the dickhead was almost at Greyson’s mouth. He gummed it but had to move a new way to do that so almost let go. He laughed at his near miss and the dick almost hit him in the right eye. He gummed it anyway and felt Theon’s strong hand on the tire behind him and holding his head briefly. Theon gathered up momentum and sat back down. They twisted their bodies—-Theon was more adept at this than Greyson and so did it more and longer—-so that their dicks met and swung on each other. This urged their balls to let go of their man cream. They cam together in the tire. Then, Theon stood up and stood on top the tire. “Come on.” “Aren’t you tired?” “Is that supposed to be funny?” “No, I’m tired.” Greyson puffed. Theon held his hand out. “Come with me, then.” For a moment, he saw the Doctor standing there, nude, and looking just as good. He blinked it away and saw Theon, proud, vibrant, eager, and thrilling. Slick with sporty sweat. Hard nipples. Dick sticking straight up. Great teeth. Great jaw. Great hair. Great everything. Greyson put his hand in Theon’s hand. Theon pulled him up and Greyson’s bare feet felt rubber. Hands over head they held onto the rope as their bodies met underneath, dicks fighting for control, involuntarily. They shot loads again that way and laughed about it and as the shots fired, burning sensations, jerking, uncontrolled spasms, they almost let go. It was morning when they started but by the time they stopped to go get dressed, the sun was going down. Behind them the sun shone off the lake surface and going down, the rays illuminated the bare, tanned hotties. “I need some sleep,” Greyson said. “I do, too. Bed?” “I said sleep.” “Bed.” “Bed.” Theon pushed his tire back far for some stride. He stood on the tire and turned it toward Greyson’s tire. Greyson was doing the same on his side, jokingly wincing. “You …” “Stop. I’m not gonna get hurt. If you say it again…” “Not just you. I could get hurt, too.” “Then, don’t do it.” “Yes, oh cap’i’tan.” Theon tried to hide the fact that Greyson was lowering his tire and getting down off it. “Then, get out of the way.” “Keep your muscles in a tightness, Theon bitch,” Greyson snapped in a joke. “I’m gonna do it.” “You bastard,” Theon laughed at him. Theon, in 1655, found the woods thicker than in his own time, than in the time Greyson was in, now. “My heart beats a little bit slower…” Greyson touched his chest. Theon touched the area near where Greyson’s chest would be some 353 years later. Greyson felt something. He put his other hand over his first hand. “These nights are a little bit colder…” The sky was sunny for a crisp November day and yet the temperature was warm. It was colder in 1655. The sky however, also held some growing clouds and different colors as the sun hit them. Colors graced the horizon. Spreading out like a living thing. There was not much scatter yet as the sun was high in the sky, yet the sky varied from Theon’s time to Greyson’s time. Yet, it was the same sky. Greyson imagined what Theon’s sky looked like. He wondered if he were telepathically linking to Theon, even that far off in time. “Now that you’re gone…” It was full day again. Total blue sky, no clouds. Greyson rounded on the tree near the swing. “My skies seem a little bit darker…” Greyson stayed until the sun began to go down. Theon’s mom was at the back door to Theon’s apartment and watched him. She didn’t have the heart to tell him to leave. He had been out there a long time and he didn’t realize it. “I hate when you’re gone.” The swing swung empty. Greyson put his hand on the tree and looked around it toward the apartment door. He thought he saw movement there. Curtains swinging? Theon? His mom? Whomever it was, was gone. “Everyday time is passing…” It was early morning. Rabbits were everywhere. In farm clothing, Theon was picking corn from the field. Barefoot, Greyson walked through the same field. “Take me away to where you are.” Theon stopped and went over to the tree. There was no swing there. No tire. He wore his hair back tied, and was in a different time than 1655. He was in different clothes. It was late 1800s. He took off his shirt and went to the door of the wooden home that would one day be built around and become his parent’s home. He rolled a fresh tire to the tree and shimmied up the tree, both legs around its less than thick trunk. Greyson put his arms around the thicker tree, the same tree and sniffed. He thought he could smell the freshness of Theon there. “Where we used to be…” Theon looked down. Greyson looked up. “Baby you and me…” Theon smiled at Greyson. “Just so I can see you smile…” A tear was in Greyson’s left eye. The right eye soon followed suit. “Feels so far away when you cry…” Theon finished the tying of the rope around a thick branch. He wiped his eyes with his forearm. He was crying, too. “‘Cause home is in your eyes…” Theon looked down and winked. “Your heart beats a little bit faster…” Theon held his chest with one arm. With the other he held onto the tree branch. “There’s tears where there use to be laughter…” Greyson looked down and started to cry more fully. “Now that I’m gone…” Theon looked down at the empty space. He used both hands to shimmy down to the tire. “Things take a little bit longer.” He tied the rope around the tire, wondered how good the tire would smell to Greyson in the present of 2008. To him, it smelt brand new. That brand new rubber smell. He would have enjoyed it if the smell of the entire area didn’t smell better. Nature in his time, even the late 1800s smelled better than the rubber…than manufactured synthetics. “You hate that I’m gone.” Theon recalled when he arrived at 1655. He was bewildered and felt bewitched. He was definitely bothered. He found a note. “Look in the tree bark to the right. Do what the packet says. Use it well. The Doctor.” Theon tossed a stone into the lake, angry. He found the bark of yet another tree that had fallen during a storm. It had obviously been hit by lightning. In the bark, he found a packet of materials, which, in anger, he threw all over the yard, quite a huge area. His heart raced and his chest heaved. When his panic subsided, he quickly gathered all the materials up. He would need them in order to fit in here, to survive, to eat, to mingle, to not look like a warlock or a witch. He cursed the Doctor. “If it weren’t for you…I’d never have met Greyson.” 1655…1687…1692…1713…1795…1840…1897…1966… “Everyday time is passing…” Theon packed up on a cart and horse, traveled to New York City of a past year. He backpacked across Pennsylvania. Theon on a river boat. It was named the River Queen. He looked over the side of the river boat and at the darkening sky, and inviting, calm waters of the Mississippi. “Growing tired of all this travelling…” Theon closed his eyes, standing on the same spot Greyson was standing in his old backyard in 2008. Greyson felt Theon inside of him. He tingled. He shut his eyes, too. “Take me away to where you are.” Greyson put his görükle escort left hand on the right side of the rope attached to the tire swing. “I wanna be holding your hand…” Greyson’s bare feet moved through the sand as he stood there and consciously moved them, wiggling his toes. Sand went through. He thought he saw a third foot appear toes mingled with his own. Then, a second foot. “In the sand…” Theon’s moved his toes through the sand in the same spot. He wiggled. He moved his feet around, to wrap them over and under Greyson’s, separated by time. “By the tire swing…” Theon put his hand on the left side of the rope. “Where we used to be…” Theon slowly moved his hand around to Greyson’s and Greyson slowly moved his hand to meet Theon’s. “Baby you and me…” Hands touched. Greyson looked at his hand. He could feel Theon’s. “I’d travel a thousand miles…” Theon looked at his hand, too. He felt something. He knew it was Greyson’s. Was this one of the powers of Greyson’s evolved brain? Telepathic? He didn’t know. Perhaps it was love. “Just so I can see you smile…” Theon smiled. Greyson turned to see it. He smiled, too. He put his mouth to kiss… “Feels so far away when you cry…” Theon cried as he kissed Greyson’s lips with his own. Greyson wiped what he thought were his own tears away but found… “‘Cause home is in your eyes…” Nothing. He looked up into Theon’s eyes. Theon’s eyes watered. “If I could write another ending…” Greyson laughed. Theon laughed. “This wouldn’t even be our song…” Greyson hugged Theon. Across time. They were in the same space. “I’d find a way where we would never ever be apart…” The boys felt themselves meld into each other. Bodily. Spiritually. “Right from the start…” They both recalled, as their heads met, forehead to forehead, front to front, side to side, when they first met. “I’m Theon.” “Yeah, I know. Jeremy, Jesse and the Doc’s talked about you.” “All good, I hope?” “Yeah…” Their hands gripped each other. Both hands. Right to left, left to right. They held each other so hard…they got hard… “I wanna be holding your hand…” “In the sand…” As they kissed, they moved in a circle, feet moving through sand, swirling. Perfect feet, perfect toes. Sand sifting. “By the the tire swing…” Through the tire swing, they looked at each other again. They merged. They kissed. For a long time. “Where we used to be…” Tongues. “Baby you and me…” Then, there was the second meeting… Theon was also scanning the audience. He never drank but he was leaning on the bar and drinking something brown colored. He thought it was liquor. He thought to himself, “Better watch it. Never drinking can get you drunk fast when you do.” He wondered where Jesse was. He also looked for Jeremy and the Doctor. “Where have you guys gone? Disappeared off the face of the earth?” Then he heard the angelic voice singing. He focused on Greyson and caught the younger boy staring at him. Greyson tried to turn his gaze away from Theon but found he could not. He was caught. Theon gazed right into his soul, he felt. Then, Theon smiled. A wide, big grin. Greyson smiled back and held the stare. Theon knew of Greyson, of course, even saw the Doctor and Greyson asleep together not long ago. They had not really talked. He wasn’t sure Greyson knew him. After his set, Greyson moved through the crowd and purposely went behind Theon, who purposely tried to ignore him. Greyson kept on the lookout for the Doctor. Theon said, without turning around. “Looking for the old boy, are you?” “What? Me?” Greyson settled into a spot alongside Theon but found a bar stool to sit on rather than take a stance leaning on the bar like “cool” Theon. “Who?” “You know who I mean,” Theon said, still not turning to him. “At this point, I’d settle for any of the three of them.” “At this point? You can get any guy in here. So can I.” “I love me. Who do you love?” Greyson joked and told the bar tender, a skinny youthful looking blond, named Benson, who came by, and nodded at him, “Just a water. Thanks.” “You always so polite?” “I’m from the West. I was raised right.” Theon turned to look at Greyson who tried not to look at him but failed. His heart melted as he caught the handsome face. He felt very warm all over suddenly. “You’re a funny kid. You’ll do.” “Do what?” “Me.” Theon laughed and stared for a reaction. That smile. “Yeah, if the Doc’s not around…he and I got up to a lot when he was last here…” “I bet. Jesse and I, too…” Theon was not sure he should have said that. “Jesse, huh?” “Yeah. So, between us we’ve tried out two of the three…” “Yeah maybe together we can try out the third…” Greyson laughed now. “Tonight, before I saw you come on, I’d have even settled for that asshole Jim.” “No, you wouldn’t have.” “Whatever’s available, right?” “No, Theon, you wouldn’t have. Nor would I. He’s a sort of homophobic homo. A real shallow jerk who’s gonna end up…well, I hope not.” “You have a good heart, Greyson.” “So do you.” “I do. Deep down.” “I’d like to find that in you.” “I thought you had.” “I mean deep down. I’d like to get deep down in you.” “You know you look like this innocent kid but you’re a beast deep down yourself.” “You have no idea. The Doc and I did it all over the place. Standing up, rolled up, cuddling…” “Saw some of that. Not the sex part, just you and he cuddling. It was real cute. Want me some of that.” “From him?” Greyson seemed a bit jealous and protective. “From you.” Theon’s eyes sparkled in sexuality as he connected his eyes to Greyson’s. Greyson felt the seduction. In fact, he thought Theon was seduction brought to life as a human. That look in his eyes. Joy. Pleasure. He knows he’s hot and he thinks I am, too, Greyson thought. Amazing. “Just so I can see you smile…” They were both crying. “Feels so far away when you cry…” “‘Cause home is in your eyes…” “Till we meet again, Greyson.” “I’ll look forward to it. Or backward to it. I love you, Theon.” “Ditto.” His song ended, Greyson could feel the space between them being less and less, however, the time…grew further and further. Did he imagine touching the former trainer’s hand, kissing his healthy lips, gripping his back, cheek to cheek, fondling his nether region? Time pulled Theon away from him, symbolically. He seemed to be withdrawing into a vortex. To Theon, it was Greyson who withdrew. They came together. Figuratively and literally. Their clothes were off. Greyson hoped Theon’s parents were not looking out the window. Their erect shafts stood monumentally front to front, their hands nearly not have been there, supporting. Fountains of youth rose up between them. The smell of youth, boy, cum, pungent and sweet rose up and hit them on the chins… Clothes on. Bodies melt. Hugging. Cuddling. Sitting in the tire swing, swinging for hours. It was not time’s time. THEY would be the master of time for now. They knew it would end sooner or later but they would be the ones who… …and then it was over. Greyson was standing in the dark backyard of Theon’s former apartment. Theon’s lab dog came to his side and licked his bare leg. Greyson pet the dog. Theon was standing in 1897’s time…in the same place as the sun set. A horse came to his side. It nudged his side. Theon put his hand on the horse’s side. The sign on the chained up door of the Bunkhouse read, “CLOSED FOR REPAIRS. GRAND OPENING ube/watch?v=hVcATeAlkcM Donate to Nifty, fuckers. fty/donate.html

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