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Subject: Day at the club Day at the Club Please keep this site alive by donating to Nifty. http//donate./ My phone rang. I looked at the screen. Mike. I had been hoping he would call. Mike and I were young fourteens Summer was a time for play when we were not delivering our daily newspapers. We both had morning routes and had finished earlier. He had some chores so I went home. “What’s up?” John and Paul are over. They want to know if you want to go swimming?” “At the club?” “Course.” “Give me five. Bring a towel for me.” I could not leave home with a towel or my mom would know something was up. And if she knew I planned to swim at the club which was a men and boys only club, well no way. “No son of mine was going to swim nude with all those other boys and men.” Mom had some issue with the club’s no swim suit policy but I thought that policy was made for me and my friends. I loved seeing their cocks and sometimes their bones. Sometime older teens swam nude or even men and their cocks were so nice looking. If they were boned up, I watched closer. I would see them in a group in the pool splashing or wrestling. Then I would try to join then and feel the hardness of their cocks. A couple of those times, someone grabbed mine and held it. Once an older teen, I recognized him from my school pulled me to him holding both our hard cocks in his hand and rubbed us. I got the tingles and he moaned, stiffened, and I felt warmth on my belly. “Thanks kid,” he said. “Maybe next time we can get a room here.” I wondered what we would do in a room. I felt embarrassed. “I’d like that I stammered.” I told my mom I was going out to play. I met my three buddies at Mike’s house. We grabbed a bus and rode to the club We all had member cards. We checked in and went to the locker room to undress. I watched Mike as he pulled off his underpants. He was facing me. He had a cock about as long as mine Both of us were cut. Our hair had not yet curled. The longer I looked, istanbul travesti I felt myself getting a boner. Mike was getting one also. We kept looking and soon were full hard. Mike blushed but smiled. John and Paul had their backs to us as they undressed. When they turned around and saw us, they smiled too. Hidden from the rest in the locker room, Paul reached over and tugged at my tip. John said, “Let’s go swim. We showered. Mike and I were still hard. We walked to the pool area like that. The life guard eyed us to see we had showered. He smiled at me and at Mike. The four of us put our baskets on the shelves and jumped in. We splashed and tickled and swam for about half an hour when I saw the teen from last time enter. He had a young, preteen looking boy with him. The young boy was super hard. Both boys looked alike, blond hair, freckles, and tan skin, all over. The older boy saw me and waved. He and the other boy jumped in and waded over. “Remember me,” he asked looking at me. I nodded. “I’m Jerry and this is my brother Charles.” I said, “Hi” Then I introduced Mike, John, and Paul. None of us were embarrassed to be nude and introducing each other. “I’m glad I saw you again and you have your friends with you. I know we all just got here. Charles and I are staying the night. Our mom said we could. We got a room. You want to see it?” “We don’t want to get dressed. We just undressed,” I said. “You do not have to get dressed. There is a back stairs to the rooms. Grab your clothes basket, dry off, and follow me. I looked at my buddies. They all seemed to be okay with this. After we dried, we followed Jerry to the room. He had a smooth butt, as smooth as Charles’. “We are all fourteen,” I said. “How old are you?” “I’m thirteen and Jerry is sixteen. Yesterday was my birthday. Jerry got this room as a present. He said we would spend the day and night and we would have fun.” “Here we are” Jerry used his key and the door opened. kadıköy travesti I followed Jerry and Charles inside followed by my buddies. “Stack your baskets in the corner and have a seat.” We did. I looked at Charles sitting next to me. He might be thirteen but he had no hair around his penis which still had its foreskin. Jerry was the same, uncut but he had lots of blond hair around his penis. Charles saw me looking and gave me a shy smile. Jerry sat next to his brother. My buddies sat across from us leaning back with their legs spread. In fact, John had his right leg draped over Paul’s left leg. Paul was idly stroking John’s thigh. Mike’s ball sack was round and full. His cock drooped over it. I loved seeing all my buddies naked like this, fully on display. Mike I liked seeing most of all. Jerry smiled. “I was going to ask you if you wanted to do anything. I can see you all want to do something. Maybe you can help me give Charles a most memorable birthday present.” He put his face next to his brother and kissed his neck. “I want to help me teach my brother how to be a man.” Charles looked like he would combust. His face and torso were red. “Stand up Charles,” Jerry told him. Charles stood. His cock stood straight out a full three inches and it throbbed. “Charles walk to each guy. Guys. You can either stroke him once or lick him once. Charles, keep your hands behind your neck.” With his hands behind his neck, Charles torso revealed his early teen shape, His nipples were light brown, small, and tips just pushing out from the center His armpits showed he might have hair starting but if so, they were so light given his blond head hair, I could not tell. Charles walked to me. His cock was a stiff three inches. I put my hand around it and gave it a stroke. His skin was soft. Underneath was a hard core like a bone. Charles presented himself in front of John, Paul, and Mike. Each of them stroked Charles. I could see Charles was bakırköy travesti getting red blotchy skin around his chest. When he reached his brother, Jerry told Charles to lay on the bed. Then he directed us to choose a side and kneel beside the bed. “Do what you want to Charles. Rub or suck him. This is his present from me. When you are done, I have a special gift for him. He leaned over and kissed Charles. “Enjoy. I love you.” I held Charles’ head and kissed him. My tongue dueled with his. I tasted his saliva and swallowed his moans. My arm over his chest felt his body twisting and his hips thrusting. My friends were doing their job. Charles was a mess. His moans became a string of curses until he screamed and stiffened. We did not stop but continued until he had a second release. Okay, my turn,” Jerry said. He took a tube of lube and began to rub his brother’s, before this day, untouched hole. Mike and John pulled back Charles’ legs. Paul rubbed his nipples. I breathed gently into his mouth. We all knew what was coming. Jerry’s six inch hardness nuzzled at his brother’s hole. He leaned forward and kissed Charles at the same time pushing ever so slowly. Charles stiffened. Then as Jerry entered him, Charles began to relax. Jerry never stopped his kissing and telling his brother how much he loved him. I saw all six inches now inside his brother whose moans had increased. I heard him telling Jerry that he loved him and thanked him and begged him for more. I knew from stories I read, that some boys pounded their partner. Not so Jerry. He just kept kissing Charles and stiffening and relaxing. The two brothers began to do a sort of soft tango. Neither one doing more than thrust release until Jerry gave a groan, clasped his brother’s head, and kissed him deep. I could see Jerry’s buttocks quiver and I knew his seed was entering Charles. The brothers lay together a long time. My friends and I had had our own release rubbing ourselves on Charles. “Jerry thanked us. Charles kissed each of us. Jerry and Charles were staying in the room tonight. We were going home. I hoped we all would repeat what we did with Jerry and Charles. Thanks for reading. Please keep this site alive by donating to fty/

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