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Subject: Danny and Daddy First and foremost, make sure you donate to Nifty! It survives thanks to readers like you! Anyway… What’s up, pervs? 😉 Here’s part two of Danny and Daddy’s Saturday morning. If you remember, Danny was told to go get the door after they heard the doorbell ring. Well…Danny didn’t clean up like he was told to. Can you guess what probably happened? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I watched Danny’s cute little ass leave my room and gave my cock a few quick tugs. Damn it if I wasn’t the luckiest guy a live. Beatiful boy for a son and a beautiful son for cock-hungry slut. Seriously; the kid loves getting all his holes filled. One of these days he’s getting gangbanged. Sure, he’s young, but he could handle it. Maybe for his birthday. …Or maybe tomorrow depending on how full my nuts feel, heh. I go to my dresser to grab some clothes, pulling out one of my favorite white, athletic jockstraps to start. It’s a little tattered and I only wash it once a week (that’s how Danny likes it), but it makes my package and ass look amazing! I also grab a pair of nylon basketball shorts and throw those on too. I realize though, Danny hasn’t come back yet. “Must not have been important then…” I leave and make my way downstairs to the living room and stop in my tracks. What do I see? My co-worker Anthony, shirt off and pants down; his fat uncut Mexican cock shoved balls deep down Danny’s throat. His hand are on the back of Danny’s head, holding him down so he can’t get off. It’s really hot seeing my boy struggle a bit, beating on Anthony’s thighs. He struggles, but I know he loves it. My friend let’s go of my son’s head and Danny pulls off slowly, face covered in pre-cum and spit. “Anthony! Nice to see ya, man,” I say as a I walk over to his side, dropping my shorts in the process. I rest a hand on his shoulder and stare down at my son. Like a good little cock-slut, he’s gone back to working on my friend’s 8 and 1/2 incher. He’s focusing on Anthony’s heavy, low-hanging balls now, just letting the Latin meat rest on his face. “I forgot you were bringing over the files I needed from work. Thanks again!” “No thanks required, bro! I’m always happy to come by if I know this little slut’s gonna be around!” He growls and grabs the back of Danny’s head, “Bitch, I came here to have my cock sucked, not my balls played with. Suck. My. DICK.” He hefts that fat cock in his hand and slaps my boy’s face with it as Danny struggles to catch it in his mouth, his eyes filled with lust and longing. “You little slut, come on. I know you want this cock! It’s covered in your daddy’s cum from earlier istanbul travesti too so it’s even better!” With that, he takes his dick and begins to forcefully feed Danny. Meanwhile, Danny is using his other hand to release my meat from the jockstrap pouch. He gets it out and begins to furiously stroke it. I groan and grab Danny’s hair, not giving him a chance to pull away from Anthony. “Baby, we have a guest so you gotta focus. Take his cock; I know you can!” I push his head further down until Anthony’s balls are at Danny’s chin and his nose in nestled in Anthony’s pubes. Danny’s coughing around the thick dick in throat, but he eventually stops struggling. He hasn’t stopped working on my cock either. I move my hand down to Anthony’s ass and find his hole, teasing it with my finger. Our eyes like and he leans into a kiss with me, our tongues fighting for dominance in each other’s mouths. “You want Danny to do something about this?” I say as I slowly push the tip of my middle finger inside him. He jerks forward, making Danny’s eyes bulge (and it should be said the the little champ doesn’t pull away) and another muffled cough escapes his lips. Anthony’s eyes fill with lust and he licks his lips. He rubs his chin and stares down at Danny who’s still choking on his Mexican fuck-stick. He pulls his cock from the boy’s mouth and Danny looks up. Dazed, slightly swollen pinks lips, tongue out tasting the air for more man meat. Almost as if he’s having an out-of-body experience. Anthony chuckles and obliges, pushing forward a bit. Danny begins to suckle on the head, getting his tongue under the foreskin, tasting all the sweet cock juice that he wasn’t getting earlier. “I dunno, bro. I don’t have much time, but the little bitch really got a load churning on my nuts. I think I’d rather make a deposit in that sweet pussy of his.” He grabs Danny’s shoulders and turns him around, pushing him forward on the living room floor, albeit a bit roughly. “Face down, ass up; just how I like my own boys,” he says greedily. Danny obediently arches his back, giving Anthony access to his perfect little ass. Anthony kneels behind him and places his hand on one of Danny’s smooth ass cheeks. Spreading his cheeks apart, showing that still moist hole from my earlier tongue-fucking, Anthony gives it a sharp, loud smack. Danny lets out a little squeal and a whimper. “Shut the fuck up, bitch, or things will start to hurt more than thought. Some people might look at this scene and wonder: How can I, Danny’s dad, let this hot-as-hell Mexican stud like Anthony treat his son this way? I look at Danny, squealing and kadıköy travesti moaning as Anthony uses a couple fingers to open up his hole. Anthony’s being very generous with the ass slaps, turning that sweet little ass red. Yeah, it looks rough and maybe a *little bit* painful, but you know what else I see? I see Danny, vigorously stroking his hard pre-pubescent cock. Those aren’t moans of pain, but moans of ecstasy. I see an obedient slave, hungry for the cocks and cum of grown-ass men and teenagers. He likes being manhandled, being treated like nothing more than a cum dumpster. And again, judging from his rigid little rod, I’d say he’s not doing anything he doesn’t want. How he got this way is another story, for another time, but he loves what he does and what we do to him! Anthony, by now, is has his cock-head gently pushing at my boy’s entrance. Danny is stroking his dick, but using his other hand to grip what he can of the carpet. His eyes are shut tight and his lips are pursed, preparing to get split in half by the massive rod that waits to do so. “Here it comes, puto, here it comes!” With a grunt, Anthony shoves his cock in Danny’s pussy. Danny let’s out a high-pitched scream that turns into a moan as my friend begins to mercilessly fuck my baby boy. “AH! AH! AAAAHHH!” Danny’s screaming in pleasure, but a bit loudly. Knowing exactly what to do, I move forward, grab my baby’s hair, lift his face up and shove my cock in his mouth. I wince a bit and give his face a light slap. “Watch the teeth! You know better, baby,” I say sternly has Danny looks up, eyes filled with a longing for cock that, presently, is being taken care of. “Anthony, hold on to is waist, I have an idea.” Anthony grabs Danny’s waist and I his arms. With a wicked grin, I begin to stand up and Anthony does the same. Now, I’m about 5’10 and Anthony’s about 5’11; Danny? No more than 4’1. So right now we’ve got Danny between us, arms and legs just hanging in the air, spit-roasted by the two of us. Anthony is still pounding that pussy like there’s no tomorrow and I’m making sure to give my boy the daddy cock that he wants too. The screams have turned into quieter, weaker moans, but I know Danny’s enjoying it as much us guys are. Anthony’s guttural moans and growls, the sound of his heavy ballsack slapping against my baby boy’s skin is almost enough to make blow my second load for the day! My nuts begin to churn and I can feel them tighten a bit. I’m getting close. It sounds like Anthony is too! “Aye, dios mio…Quieres mi leche, puto? Quieres mi leche?!” Anthony pulls out almost his entire fat cock and then bakırköy travesti slams it back into Danny’s pussy one last time with a loud growl. “Fucky yeah, you little whore! Take that fucking load!” With every shot of cum, it’s like Anthony gives Danny’s hole a pounding. I can’t hold back either; Danny moans and push against my thighs, trying to get away, but I don’t let him. My balls tighten up and I let loose another load of cum, this time down Danny’s waiting throat. Shot after shot, Danny still beating on my legs. I pull my slimy cock out Danny’s mouth and give him a look that says ‘Swallow all that cum or else.’ A look of fear mixed with hunger and lust is in his eyes and he obediently swallows. Anthony, sinks to the floor, Danny still impaled on his cock leans back and lies on his chest. All of us are sweaty and exhausted, the room having taken on the musky odor of sex and man. I move forward, my cock still level with Danny’s face. I take it one hand and give him a stern look. I slap him across the face with it. “You (slap) need to (slap) watch (slap) your teeth! And you know how daddy feel’s about you trying to pull of when he’s cumming your throat,” I say, as I give him one more slap leaving the final dregs of cum from my dick on his cheeks and chin. “But besides that…you did another really good job, baby!” A weak grin appears, soon turning into a full fledged ear-to-ear smile. “That was so much fun, daddy! When can you come over again, Uncle Anthony?” Anthony starts laughing, his softening cock spilling out of Danny’s hole. He leans forward gives Danny a kiss on the lips. “I’m not sure, mijo, but soon, I think. I’ll let your daddy know!” I reach out my hand and help Anthony to his feet. He gets his clothes on and Danny and I walk him to the door. “Let me know when you got the time and you can come over. I know Danny loves your dick!” “Danny loves anyone’s cock, man,” Anthony says with a laugh, “But yeah, I’ll let you know. See you on Monday!” He gives my ass a smack and I open the door for him a minute Danny and I stand there, naked to the world as Anthony makes his way to his car. That’s when I see Bill, Danny’s friend Andy’s dad, staring over at us, eyes wide; Danny sees him too. I give Bill a slow lazy wave and Danny licks my cock from head to root. Bill’s jaw drops and I just laugh and close the door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part two! I’m surprised I managed to get it out that fast, but with the inspiration I got from a few folks who sent me feedback today and yesterday, I was able to do so! Again, anything is welcome: feedback, legal pics, stories you might have about your lives…anything! I like to engage so don’t be surprised if I respond to your emails fast! And don’t worry, you pervs, I already have an idea about what to do with part three. Danny had to find his love for cock somewhere, right? 😉

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