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Subject: Dane-Dane Cody and Friends pt. 21 This story is heavily connected to DAVID-A BOY’S STORY that is posted in the adult youth folder 4.11.04 and references to THE PLAYER-Mainland Sojourn-posted in adult youth 7.21.05. I’m also introducing characters from MIKEL the Mercedes Limo by that time living at the Kohala house in Hawaii. Jim was happily ensconced in the caretaker’s house, John and Erica having moved on in September. Gerta was working out fine. She didn’t live with us but had a home she had rented for years, about five miles or so from us, so was in the house from six in the morning until six at night. As a cook she was almost extraordinary, fixing a wide variety of meals from an equally wide variety of cuisines, and as a person she was a frickin blast. Nothing, at least up until that time, seemed to shock or surprise her. She and Dane accidentally ran smack dab into each other one morning as he was leaving the master suite, heading back toward his own room. Needless to say he was naked. The only thing Gerta said about it was, “Well, I see they haven’t changed any since the last time I saw one.” If she wondered what Dane was doing coming from our room at that time of the morning, and naked to boot, she never said a word about it. It did prompt the suggestion that it might be easier if she would avoid the upper levels of the house while we were there to which she countered with, “Easier for whom.” She went on to explain that growing up in Sweden nudity was fairly common place letting us know that she hadn’t always been an old overweight woman. So, Gerta continued to do her job, upstairs and down and it fell to us males to try and stay covered, although I think that Gerta rather enjoyed catching glimpses of us. She wasn’t put off by the art collection either, a great deal of which had been spread out throughout the house, mostly in places where the average guest wouldn’t see them. Gerta had asked me if in fact the model in the “Boy” series was David and when I said it was she said, “Well, aren’t you the lucky one,” and wandered off clucking. Among other changes had been the conversion of one end of the upper level of the garage into a studio for David. The large, wide-open and well-lighted space was at the end of the original garage where it abutted the kitchen and mudroom. An open but covered walkway had been built above the mudroom and a door into the house had been added to allow easy access from the hallway outside our room, which was obviously also at that end of the house. A kennel had been built for Baron and a female Great Dane had been added to keep him company. We had considered breeding them but didn’t have any papers on Baron so were cautioned against it by the kennel where we acquired Sheba, the kennel owners saying that we were more than welcome to breed her to one of their studs. School started and David drove to and from Bellevue every morning with Dane riding shotgun. On the first day I had commented on how cute they both looked in their uniforms and Dane added that they looked cuter out of them. I agreed. As beautiful as both of them were, it wasn’t their looks that caused most of the stir when they started school. As children of wealthy families, most of the students at the Academy were very pleasing to the eye, the product of good breeding and money. What caused most of the stir was the truck and not because of it’s custom paint and rims but the fact that it was a big ole’ truck. In a student parking lot filled with Beemer’s, Mercedes’, Jag’s, NSX’s, and other high-end luxury and sports cars, the bright red Viper schemed truck stood out like a proverbial whore in church. The Montana plate’s only added fuel to the fire causing many snickers and a fair amount of pointing, everybody wondering whom the “cowboy” was. Prep school kids can be real snobs. The next day even more people were outside waiting for the truck to show up, having heard about it the day before, but they were disappointed, or perhaps not. David elected to take the Rolls Saloon Coupe. The day was clear and promised to be warm so the boys went to school with the top down, the deep burgundy paint and excess of chrome glimmering in the early morning sun as they drove slowly up the long driveway amidst other luxury cars to the student parking lot. Again, the Montana plates attracted attention but this time a number of upper classmen came over to admire the care, surprised that the “cowboy” was driving it. They were even more shocked to discover that David owned the car. Just to shake things up a little bit I let them take the Corvette the third day, the throaty roar attracting as much attention as the previous two cars. On the fourth day most of the student body, and a few teachers, had found a reason to be out in front of the school, everyone wondering that the boys would show up in next. They weren’t disappointed and when the Silver Wraith pulled in through the front gates everyone just assumed that it was David and Dane. Jim stopped the car in front of the main building where other students were being dropped off, got out of the open drivers compartment and opened the rear door, and people actually clapped as the boys stepped out. There was no doubting that the old Rolls was definitely a class act, earning the respect of even the more jaded teens that populated the Academy. So that was David and Dane’s introduction in their new school. As they moved through their classes and people got to know them, the “cowboy” nickname was dropped. David’s popularity would eventually become much greater but the first few months were pretty much quiet. Then there were the boys. “Oh man Cody you should see em. There’s tons of boys that are so cute and I already think I figured out a few who are gay boys,” to which David laughed. We were sitting around in the living room, the three of us cuddled up on a twelve-foot sofa just chatting. Jim, who took most of his meals with us, had left to return to his house down the driveway. It was the evening of their first day at school so Dane felt he needed to regale me with everything that had happened. “They even have a gay alliance club. I was thinkin of joining it Cody. What do you think?” “Are you sure you want to be out at this juncture in your life baby boy?” I answered him. “Life could be rough even in a somewhat exclusive private school like the Academy.” Dane said he’d give it some thought. He felt he could handle most situations unless things got horribly physical but even then he felt confident. We had been pretty consistent about training every day, even if it was only to stretch out or go through some of the self- defense moves. David had been studying Aikido with Andy since he was thirteen so that, combined with my experience in Karate and Kung Fu, had given Dane more than enough skills to take care of himself. Of course my wish was that he wouldn’t have to but like most wishes, that one wouldn’t come true. As far as our little m^�nage a trois went, there were no problems at all. Dane had a good sense about giving David and I private time, sleeping in his own bedroom about fifty percent of the time. David and I included Dane in almost everything that we did, not that we did much of anything. And sex, well, there was plenty of that to go around with no one left wanting. Between us, we’d managed to christen just about every place imaginable on the property. Not each of the entire two hundred and ten acres of course, although we did manage to play outdoors as much as possible, but of course the entire inside of the house and garage and storage shed had been played in. With David’s help both Dane and I became adept at horseback riding, starting out riding just on our property but eventually venturing out onto the country road that we lived on. It wasn’t unusual to see people on horseback on our road as the road wasn’t all that traveled except for those of us who lived on it. Just an old country lane, it didn’t really go anywhere in particular, wasn’t a shortcut to somewhere. It did provide access to numerous farms, or ranches if you will, and as such was used for horseback riding and was temporarily closed from time to time as one farmer or another moved his livestock across it to another field. The county had posted numerous watch for livestock signs as well as signs depicting riders on horseback. It was on one of those Saturday morning rides that we discovered that the property next to us was going to be put up for sale. Frank Ostrum, the crotchety old guy who owned the place, was out hammering FOR SALE signs on a few of the fence posts that bordered the road. John had introduced us to Frank right after we’d moved in and we saw the old coot from time to time in passing, and, while Frank wasn’t exactly the open armed neighbor type, he was nice enough to us and had seemed to take a shine to Dane. He knew we weren’t city slickers, having come from Montana and that almost made us salt of the earth type of people. The short story was that he was going to move back to North Dakota where what remained of his family lived. “Gittin to damn crowded around here,” he’d told us, so the three hundred and sixty-five acre property was going up for sale. David asked him how much, Frank told him, and David asked him if we could look the property over and Frank shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. As we led the horses up the dirt drive to the older two-story farmhouse David explained that after living on the ranch in Montana, he’d grown used to being able to go for miles in any direction and still be on his own property. “Besides, you can’t hardly ever go wrong with land,” he said and Frank, who was walking with us, grunted an agreement. Frank told us that a good seventy-five acres was open field that produced enough hay to keep his livestock through a winter, although he hadn’t had any livestock for three or four years. He still grew the hay however as many neighbors would always buy it. Another hundred acres was open grazing land and the rest of the property was trees, most of which bordered the sides of his property for privacy although our open pasture abutted his with nothing but a barbed wire fence separating them. “Course, some of the fencing needs repairin. Since I ain’t had livestock, saw no need to go about fixin em.” “The widow Hawkins is selling her place too,” he informed us. We didn’t know the widow Hawkins or anything about her other than the fact that she had the property on the other side of us. Frank cleared that up for us. Amelia Hawkins owned the property that abutted the back side of both ours and Frank’s property as well as about a three quarters of a mile of land on the other side of ours creating a sort of upside down L with our place enclosed on two sides by her property and Frank’s on the third. She also owned two hundred acres of open field across the road from our property. All in all her holdings were a total of just under six hundred acres. It had once been a working dairy farm but hadn’t seen an ounce of milk since her husband, who had died in the late nineteen seventies, gave up on dairy farming in the late nineteen sixties. I thought it strange that both properties were coming up for sale at the same time, wondering if there was something we should know about the area. I voiced that thought to David and Frank cleared it up for me. “‘T ain’t” no mystery. She’d moving to North Dakota with me,” the old farmer said and I thought I detected a slight blush to his wrinkled and weathered face before he turned away. We discussed the house and outbuildings, their overall worth and condition not much. We discussed money and since we were neighbors Frank said that he’d drop the price by four hundred an acre, that was, if David was interested. “I know you ain’t gonna develop it and that rests easy with me.” David was very interested. “So what about Mrs. Hawkins property?” David asked. “Can you arrange for us to go look at it and talk to her?” Frank said he could do that and if we’d excuse him, he’d go in the house and phone her. No cell phone for this old guy. He came out in less than five minutes and said she’d be glad to talk to us. Dane climbed up behind David and Frank rode Dane’s horse so we continued to talk about the property as we rode. Fifteen minutes later we met the widow Hawkins, a sweet, white haired old woman who didn’t appear to be the least bit frail in jeans and western style work shirt. She ushered us into the living room of her home, a building of similar age to Frank’s but of better condition. She showed us pictures of the farm when it was in its prime and told us about the property while she fed us strong hot coffee, chocolate milk for Dane. The Hawkins property was mostly open pasture, the gently rolling hills providing spring and summer grazing land for the hundred plus head of dairy cattle that had lived there for some forty years, the back side abutted state forest land. Like many working farms theirs had housed chickens and pigs, the latter long since gone but Mrs. Hawkins still kept a few penned chickens stating, “I don’t know why I keep em, it cost more to feed them than the eggs are worth.” Virtually all of the out buildings were beyond salvage, being old for starters, but also has lacked any kind of maintenance for the better part of twenty years. “The creek that runs through your land and Frank’s, feeds and drains from a large pond that’s about like yours,” Mrs. Hawkins told us. “My land across the roads abuts the river for a good thousand feet and it’s also the property line on the west end of this parcel. I have both water and mineral rights for all of it. It’s good land, could easily be put back to use for someone who wanted to farm again, although that isn’t likely these days.” She finally finished talking and David took up the conversation. “So, what do think Cody,” David asked after a half hour of talking. “Its up to you of course David,” I responded, “I think Bill would approve and I think it’s a sound investment. We may need to look at getting a properties manager however,” I added with a smile. “Well I think you should do it David,” Dane interjected. I agreed with him. “I guess it depends too on what we’re talking for money,” David answered, although it didn’t really depend on that. David could afford it unless it was priced outrageously high and considering what Frank had said earlier, I doubted that would be the case. Frank nodded his head and said, “How about if you guys set out on the porch a spell and let Amelia and I talk.” The three of us went outside and sat on the covered veranda style porch and I called Chamberlain, putting David on the phone when he picked up. He agreed with the soundness of the purchase saying that anything in the two million dollar area would be a fair asking price. Five minutes later the couple came out. “Well,” Frank drawled, “considering that none of the buildings except maybe this house are anything to crow about, and considering that it could take months to sell one property let alone two, considering that we can skip the real estate brokers commission, and considering that we would like to move on with what’s left of the rest of our lives, if you’re willing to buy both properties, and if you can just cash us out, how does a million two sound? That would include water and mineral rights for both parcels of course.” Of course. I was stunned. The price wasn’t quite incredible but it verged on it. The land was worth half again that much, at the very least. Both Frank and Amelia must have figured that we thought they’d gone round the bend for they both started to speak at once before Amelia took over. “David, Cody, let me be honest with you. Both Frank and I are in our mid-seventies. He has no children and I have two that I see maybe once a year if I’m lucky and they aren’t in the least bit interested in the place. We both have enough money to live on so money from the sale of the properties isn’t a real big issue or need for either of us and as it stands, most of our money will go to charity when the last one of us dies anyhow. Now, Erica was a dear friend of mine Cody and she explained to me a little bit about your situation and about Dane,” here she nodded to the boy and offered her condolences about the loss of his family before going on. “She also told me, as John told Frank, that you all are nice, respectable people and from what I’ve seen so far that seems to be true. Frank believes that you would keep the land as agricultural and not develop it, is that true.” Both David and I nodded our heads and David went on to give the old woman a brief history of his stay in Montana, including his decision to move to Washington. If either of the old couple gave a rat’s ass about our being gay they didn’t give so much as a hint about those feelings. “So, I like having lots of my own space and so does Cody and no, there isn’t a chance in the world that we would develop the property. Lord knows we don’t need the money. What we would most likely do is combine the properties and see if Dane’s grandfather would be willing to sell the piece that we’re on.” Frank and Amelia were nodding their heads and when David was finished Amelia said, “So, do we have a deal?” David nodded his head, “We have a deal.” And extended his hand to shake on it, with both Frank and Amelia. We talked awhile longer, discussing the basic details. Neither of them had a steady attorney so we called chamberlain and he agreed to fly up and handle all the legal paperwork for us. The purchase gave us almost a thousand acres of land, just about a mile and a half of road frontage, a property line that extended in back of us for almost another two miles, and a great deal of river frontage. It was a lot. “You know what Cody? I could make a grass landing strip over there and keep a plane on it.” We had been lying in bed talking about the day’s events, a small night-light on to see by. “What plane?” Dane asked as he came through our open bedroom door, naked of course, coming right on over and climbing in under the covers alongside David. He laid his head on David’s chest while looking across at me. “Oh nothing really, just talking,” David said. “I was thinking that I could land a plane on the property across the road and wondering about creating a grass landing strip.” Dane asked if David was planning on buying a plane and David responded that up until that point in time, no he hadn’t. I saw that Dane’s hand had gotten busy under the blankets and the look I got from David confirmed that our boy was exploring the territory. I decided that further talking at that point was probably a waste of escort izmit time so moved closer and began kissing my lover while my free hand rubbed gently on Dane’s head and shoulders. David responded with enthusiasm, his tongue snaking out to meet mine and do a low keyed battle first in my mouth and then in his. I felt Dane slide out from under my hand, heading south under the blankets I was sure and a slight gasp from David a moment later told me that Dane had found and was consuming his target. I pushed the blankets down and watched for a moment as my baby boy bobbed his head on David’s cock, taking in a good three or more inches of the thick shaft. Since Dane was so busy at the lower end, I decided to give David something to do at the upper end so got to my knees and leaned over his face, my hard cock bobbing in front of him like so much bait. And he took it, swallowing about two thirds of me, and bobbing there as Dane was bobbing on him. David cupped and fondled my balls as he sucked me, allowing his other hand to knead my butt where a finger eventually found my center and rubbed on it. Dane moved and began pushing on David who eventually rolled to his side with one leg bent up at the knee. Of course I had to move as well, electing to sit with my back to the headboard so David could continue what he was doing while Dane went to work, peeling David’s firm cheeks apart and diving in, licking and slurping his way all around the tight puckered muscle. David went back to licking on my balls and my cock, sucking my cock being out of the question, as it wouldn’t bend that far down. Finally David told Dane to quit with the foreplay and get his cock inside of him, which our boy was more than willing to do. Dane grabbed the lube, slathered his cock, which I swear had gained about three quarters of an inch or so in the time I’d known him, then smeared David’s hole before getting on his knees, straddling one of David’s legs. David scrunched down a little bit, raising his ass in the air about five inches. That move freed his cock up some so I moved into more of a sixty-nine position, which gave us both access to some hard cock while Dane fucked David, which Dane had begun to do. David really liked having Dane fuck him like that cuz it created such different angles inside of him and of course Dane loved it too but truth be known, our boy liked it almost in almost any position. I couldn’t suck on David too awfully long because Dane’s driving in to him also shoved his cock forward and down my throat so I elected just to lube up his dick and hold onto it while Dane fucked him, thus creating a jacking off sensation. I enjoyed being that close to the action, my face only about six inches from where Dane’s hard young cock was sliding in and out of David’s ass. I loved watching Dane be sexy, having sex. It was hot for me. The double action was hot for David as well because he took time out from sucking on my cock to verbally encourage Dane onward in their quest for orgasm. It didn’t take long for David to get to peak, Dane right along side of him, as it were. The breathing got heavier, Dane slammed harder into David’s tight ass and I held David’s cock head tighter. “Oh fuck, there it goes,” Dane groaned out and hammered even harder into David then slowed some, pushing fully into him and grinding his slender little teenage ass in circles, up and down, sideways, every which way. David came as well, having handed me a cum towel from the headboard just before he squirted. Thank god for that cuz we would have had to change the sheets. Things finally slowed to a halt and we were all quiet except for the breathing. I hadn’t cum but that was okay. We had all gotten to a point where orgasms weren’t always the end goal to our sex play. Dane finally softened and squished out of David’s ass eliciting a slight groan at the loss. Dane moved off the bed and David moved off right behind him, not wanting to leak out onto the bed. The both headed off toward our shower and I decided to join them. It was such a lovely playground. Since I still had a hard cock Dane took it to mean that I needed to cum and so assigned himself that task by soaping me first then rubbing his body against mine. I do enjoy frottage from time to time and in the shower especially. Dunno why, I just do. And doing it with a cute teenage boy has to be the best in the world. Dane remained teen age boy hard so both hard cocks rubbed against each other as he held my hips and I held his slender little butt and we did the vertical bump and grind. “Jeez Cody,” Dane said through heavy breathes, “I think I’m gonna cum again.” “There’s a surprise,” David added, “then went back to kissing me.” It didn’t take long and the familiar feelings started sending signals to my brain, Dane right along with me. “Oh gosh oh gosh oh go.” he groaned out as he came, his head rested on my chest and he fucked his boy cock against my belly. I felt my own dick pulse out a good six or seven jets of cum to mix with Dane’s warm young sperm and the soap on our tummy’s. “That’s a so much fun way to cum Cody, don’t you think?” Dane asked when we finally came apart. I agreed with him and told him it was especially fun doing it with him. “Is it time to get you some new clothes Dane?” I asked him. The boy was growing and I noticed it most when he was close to me like that in a standing position. “Yeah, I think so Cody. Not so much in the waist of my jeans but the legs are getting short.” I reached down and grabbed onto his cock and balls, his shaft having returned to its default state. “Need new underwear too? I asked him. “This seems to have grown some as well.” He chuckled and said his underwear were still okay but that if I kept on holding him like that it was gonna grow much more. “Well, we can’t have that can we?” I said and let go of him. We finished drying off and headed back into the bedroom just as the phone rang. David and I looked at each other wondering who would be calling at nine thirty on a Saturday night. I picked up the phone to hear Bill DeMarc asking if it was too late to be calling and I told him it was fine that we were up. It would be nudging on noon in Switzerland, assuming that was where he was. It wasn’t as it turned out. “I hear David made a hell of a real estate deal today.” I told him he had and gave him some of the particulars. “Well that’s great Cody, just great. Tell you what. I’m in New York so I’m thinking that I’ll fly out and meet Chamberlain then come up to Seattle with him. How’s that sound?” I told him it sounded great and asked if he’d be staying with us or at a hotel. He hemmed and hawed then said if it was alright, he’d stay in a hotel. It was weird having him ask our permission, although he wasn’t really, just not wanting us, Dane in particular, to feel badly if he didn’t stay with us. “We’d be happy to have both you and chamberlain stay here if you change your mind,” I told him. He said that was fine, he’d see us in a few days then asked to speak to Dane and while the two were chatting I told David what was going on. He smiled and said that it would be nice to see Bill again. Dane hung up and we all three tromped downstairs to the kitchen to find something to snack on, and thanks to Gerta there was always something home made to eat. She didn’t go much for store bought things. As we were snacking on a German chocolate cake and ice cold milk and commenting how cool it was having Gerta work for us, Dane piped up with one of his timely thoughts. “You know what David? You should have Gerta move into Mrs. Hawkins house. That way she’d be close, wouldn’t have to drive in the winter when it snows.” Dane was assuming we’d have snow when the reality was that it wasn’t all that common, although it did freeze a great deal. “Maybe even plant a vegetable garden for her with herbs and stuff. I know she’d like that. She’s said she wished she had one.” David and I looked at each other, then at Dane. “Not a bad idea,” David said. “She could live there and not even pay rent. She’d actually be doing us a favor cuz that way someone would be in the house. Great idea Dane; we’ll ask her tomorrow.” We continued eating, Dane seemingly lost in thought, then he said, “You know what else? There’s an old overgrown path that looks like it used to be a road through the woods to Mrs. Hawkins’ property. We could clear it off then Gerta could get back and forth on an ATV. It would be way much easier than going up and down the driveways, opening and closing gates and all that stuff.” I laughed and Dane asked why. “I can just picture Gerta on an ATV,” I said, mimicking a person riding one and trying to get a “Gerta look” on my face. Both Dane and David laughed at that. “Another great idea Dane but I’m thinking though that Gerta might be more comfortable in say, a golf cart, than on an ATV.” That assumption would prove to be as wrong as the idea of her moving into the Hawkins house was right. Chapter II The next day was spent walking both properties with their owners, with us electing to take the dogs out with us, allowing them roam free. While each of our three properties were fully fenced with four strands of barbed wire, there were barbed wire gates separating them. Frank explained that at one time the entire area was one large farm that was almost three times the size of the parcels that David would soon own. “Even after the land was split up, the gates were kept up because one farm might lease their neighbors field and besides, there was no need to tear them down. The gates were simple affairs made of pecker poles instead of regular cedar fence posts. Pecker poles were generally no more than about three inches through with the end of the barbed strand attached to it. Where the smaller pole met the regular fence line, a loop of regular wire or even rope was set at the top and the bottom of the post so that the smaller pecker pole could be inserted, holding the gate in place. It was a cheap and fairly lightweight method of gating and all you had to do was let it lay on the ground and drive over it. There were usually at least one, sometimes two, additional poles in the middle of the gate to keep the wire from sagging or tangling when it was opened. The gates were wide enough to get a tractor and baler through, for the land was used for growing hay as well as for grazing. All in all there was over four hundred combined acres of open pasture, Amelia’s a little more rolling hills at the back, where ours and Franks were more flat, prompting David to mention that an airstrip could go up there instead of across the road. That prompted a discussion between all of us about an airstrip, the old timers surprised that David had his pilot’s license. “It’d be better up here than across the road David,” Frank said, “more private and less of a problem in the winter. Sometimes the river floods and even when it don’t, being that close to the river the field tends to get mucky regardless.” He went on to say that if we decided to log the property it would most likely produce enough timber to almost pay for it. All of the property, with the exception of where the river was, was protected by a tree line generally about two hundred feet or more deep and the far end of Amelia’s property the land was separated from its neighbor by the slow meandering of the river. Even then, there was a considerable stand of Alders that bordered most of the river on both pieces of property. “Have you given any thought to what you might want to do with the property David?” Amelia asked. We were back at her home, drinking coffee and talking. “Other than maybe have our housekeeper move into your house, no, we haven’t. Why do you ask? Have some ideas?” David responded. “No not really,” she said. “So you are going to have your housekeeper move in here?” David explained that we were considering making her that offer then went on to explain Dane’s other idea about the old road. Amelia told us that there had been a road that connected the two properties but hadn’t been used for years. That was before the house we lived in was ever built. “I was planning on giving most of the furniture to charity but if you want, you can bring her over and she can see what she might want, that is if she decides to move in.” David told Amelia that was quite kind of her which of course she waved off. “You know, practically all of the buildings on my place should probably be knocked down,” Frank chimed in, “same goes for the dairy building,” he said, referring to the dilapidated milking house about a hundred yards from where we were sitting. “But the concrete slab under the one end is in good shape. A fella could build some thing on it that might be useful.” When asked what he would suggest he shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno, maybe horse stables. There’s plenty of city folk who want a horse but got no land to put it on. Might want to consider a horse stabling business.” And with that simple statement came the germination of an idea that would prosper into something far and away beyond anything we had considered although to be fair, we hadn’t had time to consider much of anything. About an hour after dinner that night David went to his studio, which left Dane and I to our own devices and Dane decided that our own devices should go for a swim. We striped our clothes off and tossed everything onto a poolside lounge chair and in we went. We rarely wore swimming apparel, choosing nudity over clothing whenever possible. I admired Dane’s body on a regular basis but never more, it seemed, than when he was engaged in some form of physical activity. I really loved watching him move; the play of growing muscle under his smooth skin, the dimples in the cheeks of his slender little butt when he walked; the flex and relax of his abs, which seemed to becoming more defined. And I loved watching his soft young cock move as he moved, gently swaying when he walked, flying about when he ran. I would have made one hell of an ancient Greek. That night at pools edge, as I watched him run to the diving board and execute some perfect maneuvers-David had been giving him lessons- I actually acknowledged to myself that my baby boy was growing up. He was taller, his body much more defined, virtually all of what little baby fat he’d had when we first met was now gone. His face was beginning to take more of the shape that he’d have as an adult, and a handsome man he would definitely be. His cock had definitely grown, his pubic hair now a nice sized and thicker patch of fuzz that was creeping toward the creases of his hip and pubic bone. He had started sprouting hair under his arms and on his lower legs and of course his tight little butt hole. I had taught him to shave that area early on then left the choice to do so or not up to him. I preferred rimming a smooth hair fee area but it was his body to do with as he chose. He chose to keep his bottom shaved. I shaved, as does David but Dane got a taste, if you will, of unshaven holes with the older boys when we were in Mexico. He preferred smooth to fuzz although he wouldn’t refuse to rim a hole with hair. Dane’s balls had gotten a little bigger as well and hung nicely between his still smooth and creamy thighs. He’d started growing hair on his sac but elected to keep that area shaved too. He had reached full sperming maturity as well I thought, creating a fair amount of liquid most of the time as well as some pretty nice shots. Dane was somewhat of a shooter, generally hitting his nipples or somewhere in that vicinity when he came. I felt my heart swell as I watched him play, my love for him as strong as it ever had been, my love for David not diminishing my love for Dane one iota. And he was a sweet boy, my Dane. With an extremely mellow disposition, he was very slow to anger, honest to the core, generous to a fault and almost always put me, or David ahead of himself. I was extremely proud of Dane and while I had no desire to see him grow up to soon, I still looked forward to interacting with him as an adult. “Watch this Cody,” Dane yelled across the pool to me. He backed up to the edge of the diving board, paused, then sprung into a beautiful front somersault and entering the water with barely a splash. My mind went briefly to David mentioning the installation of a five-meter springboard and a ten-meter diving platform and wondering if we should go ahead with that. Dane surfaced close to me, excited about his dive and what I thought. I told him it looked perfect to me. He got in close and wrapped his arms around my neck, his legs around my waist and snuggled his slippery body in as close as he could get. I reflexively put my hands under his slender butt to hold him in place and take the strain off of my neck. He was gaining some weight as well and wasn’t the diminutive little ninety-nine pound boy I’d first met. I’m getting big huh Cody?” he asked with a smile, water running down his beautiful smooth face. “Yes you are baby boy, yes you are. Have you decided on the swim team at school yet?” He said he was still thinking about it. He leaned in and kissed me. “I like you holding me like this Cody. It makes me feel like I’m still little.” I kissed him back and told him I loved holding him, that it was one more thing that reminded me that he was still my baby boy. “I still love it when you call me your baby boy Cody. It makes me feel all warm and cuddly,” and he snuggled closer, as if that were possible, laying his head on my shoulder. I allowed one hand to move upward, across his back, rubbing gently as I went, up to his neck and then his head where my fingers ruffled through his soaking wet hair, all of which caused Dane to hug me tighter. “Will you love me Cody? Right now, here in the pool room.” He moved his head and looked me in the eyes. “I want your cock inside of me Cody. I just feel like it’s what I want and what I need right now.” Who am I to refuse a cute young teenage boy? Dane did this every so often, this urgent need to be made love to. I figured that it had to do with those moments when he really felt the loss of his family and his need to somehow confirm that I was there, that I was with him, that I wouldn’t leave him too. I turned and started toward the steps out of the pool and Dane laid his head back on my shoulder and held me. At times like this there would be no foreplay, which could be a little bit painful for Dane but what he wanted was an immediate connection to me as though he feared losing me as well. That put the onus on me because unlike young teenage boys, I couldn’t just conjure up an erection out of thin air. Well, at least not every time. Fortunately for both of izmit rus escort us, this was one of those times where I could, and did. I guessed that it had to do with my own ruminations about Dane from a few moments earlier because by the time I made it out of the water I was almost full on hard, my cock bobbing as I walked to the pool cushions where I deposited Dane. I took the half dozen steps to the towel cabinet, grabbed one, along with the lube that we stashed in there, and headed back toward where Dane was lying on the pool cushions. I gave myself a quick cursory toweling as I walked, making sure my cock and my balls were dry. As I approached him and knelt down, Dane pulled his legs back, opening himself up to me. At times like this, face-to-face was the only way Dane wanted to be. I quickly ran the towel over his hole, clearing off the moisture, as intercourse tends to be difficult when the area is soaking wet. I smeared lube on my fingers and rubbed it all over the surface of my intended target then slipped then both of them inside of him. Naturally, under other circumstance, I would use a finger at a time but this was a situation where Dane didn’t want to wait. On the other hand, as it were, I refused to just slam my thick cock into the boy without giving him some preparation. Dane allowed me that, and as I moved my fingers in and out of the tight confines of his butt hole, I poured lubed on my cock head smeared it down the fully hard shaft at least half way. With my fingers still inside of him, I got into position and held my cock downward almost next to his hole. I pulled my fingers out and put my cock head in, all in one swift motion and once firmly connected, I held his legs out of the way. Dane grimaced at the change, his tight little hole now stretched twice as wide as it had been only a second before. He didn’t tell me stop so I slowly moved forward, inserting inch after thick inch of my cock inside of him until my pubes were against his smooth flesh. I loved being connected to Dane this way, buried deep inside the very tight confines of his asshole, looking down on his beautiful face and body. Dane’s cock lay across his pubic bone, still soft, for this wasn’t about his having an orgasm. It was about being connected. I draped his legs across my upper arms and moved forward, placing my hands on the bed next to him and rolling more onto his back and slowly pulled out of him about half way then slipped back inside. I picked up a slow steady pace, wanting to get Dane up to a heat level that would produce pleasure and not pain, and as Dane’s breathing started to come faster, I knew that I had achieved that goal. I started moving harder, pushing into him and causing his body to move on the cushions while low grunts issued forth from his throat. I leaned down and kissed him and he opened his mouth wide to receive me. He’d had his hands on the concrete at his sides but put them around my neck as I kissed him. Movement against my belly told me that he was getting hard and when he broke the kiss, his head fell to the side and he groaned and grunted even more. “Oh god fuck me harder Cody,” he moaned softly, “fuck me harder.” I did as he asked, ramming into him hard enough that my balls started making a whacking sound as they slapped against his butt. “God I love having you fuck me Cody. You’re the best,” he said, his eyes still closed, his hands resting on my forearms. Sometimes I can last forever, sometimes I can cum pretty quickly and there isn’t always a determining factor, that I can see, that influences that. This was one of those times when I got there fairly quickly, that being about eight to ten minutes. “I’m ready to cum baby boy,” I said as I panted. “Okay my sweet man,” he responded. “Put your sperm in me Cody; ram your cock in me and squirt out all your juices into me.” I pumped, driving everything I had into him, slamming down hard and then I was there. “Oooh fuck baby boy, I’m there I’m there.” I felt the tingle, the thickening of my cock, the first jet of sperm rushing headlong up my shaft and out into Dane’s bowels. I growled as I came, pulse after pulse of life producing liquid leaving my balls and making the useless trip to a non-producing death. Poor things. Underneath me Dane began moaning out that he was cumming as well so I did what I could to help make it a good sperming although, as Dane would say, “There’s no such thing as a bad cum.” I tended to agree. He clung to my neck as he came, trying to move his butt up to meet my thrusts as much as possible and I took time from pumping to stay inside of him, moving my ass in circles and grinding around in there in an attempt to create different positions and thus different feelings. I finally slowed my motion to the type of rhythm I had in the beginning, a slow purposeful stroke. And then it was all over. Without asking, I started the movement to pull Dane up onto my lap while I rocked back onto my knees. Dane knew what I was doing because it’s what he would have requested as soon as he caught his breath. It was our afterglow position, hugging each other and kissing, still connected with my cock deep in his ass. Sometimes we would stay like that for a while and if my cock remained hard we would fuck again in the position, sometimes staying there seated and sometimes with me maneuvering onto my back so Dane could control the action. That was not to be the case this time. After a suitable amount of kissing and hugging Dane asked if I was still hard. I said I was. He asked if I wanted to try something. I asked what that was. “Can you stand up and still stay inside of me Cody?” he asked. I said I could try, and try we did. Dane wrapped his legs around my waist while I cupped his butt cheeks in my hands, all to support him and keep him in place. “Ok,” he said once we were upright, “now lets go to the diving board.” Well! I didn’t need a diagram to figure out what he had in mind and it seemed like something unusual enough to be worth a try. I walked as fast as I could to the board and carefully made my way up the two steps then slowly out to the end of the board. “Now what baby boy? Do you want a bounce, a cannonball, just a jump in? What?” I could feel myself starting to soften so whatever it was it needed to be done in a hurry and I think Dane could sense that. “A bounce and go in feet first,” he said, holding me tighter. I pulled Dane’s ass tight to me; let my knees bend then sprung upward and outward. The excess weight in front of me pulled us over slightly so that as we hit the water we went more onto Dane’s back than mine, or even straight in. Once we started to come back to the surface we came undone, the natural reflex to use hands and feet to get back to air overcoming everything else. In time we would overcome that natural urge. We broke the surface, Dane laughing out loud. “That was so fun Cody. Can we do it again?” “No bone baby,” I told him. He got a faux sad look on his face then came to me. “Thanks for loving me Cody. I don’t know what came over me but all of a sudden I just missed my mom and Leeza and stuff.” I hugged him and kissed and told him I understood, that I figured that was what was going on for him. “You know me so well Cody. And understand me. I love that.” We kissed and hugged some more then climbed out of the pool and dried off then went into the kitchen for a snack then went into the media room where I watched the news while Dane checked his email coming over to the sofa to join me when he was finished. He said Shannon was doing well, school was great and he was looking forward to seeing us soon although we actually got together at least once a month either in Montana or Andy flying the boy over for a weekend. We watched Saturday Night Live, time moving toward one afterwards, time for Dane to hit the sack. He didn’t have a set bedtime, that being his own choosing, but he usually chose well. David hadn’t left his studio by that time so I went to bed without him, figuring that he was busy with some project. I rarely disturbed him when he was working and didn’t feel the need to do so just then. I got up on Monday morning to find a somewhat downcast Gerta in the kitchen; David and Dane still upstairs getting ready for school. She told me right off what the problem was as she poured me a mug of coffee. The people who owned the house she was renting had sold it, and along with other property in the area, were planning on tearing it down and putting in a small strip mall. Nothing big mind you but the fact was that she was going to have to move within thirty days and she had no idea where. “Well Gerta, that makes our offer much more timely,” I said, and went on to tell her what David done over the weekend and our plan to offer her residence in the Hawkins home. Her face lit up like a kid at Christmas and I thought for a moment that she was going to hug me or cry or both. She did neither although she did have to sit down. I went on to explain the idea of a garden as well as the golf car ATV idea, both of which she endorsed, as well as Amelia’s offer to visit her and see what, if anything, she wanted to keep. Gerta was elated but then her tone changed a little bit and she asked about the rent and how much that was going to be. David walked in at that point and informed her that there would be no rent that she was doing us a favor by living there since we didn’t want the place to appear vacant. We weren’t overly worried about vandalism but it happened more frequently that we liked, if the news was worth believing. “I don’t know what to say Mr. Sampara, Mr. Collins.” We had yet to get her to call us by our first names, except for Dane. “Well, you can start by saying yes,” David told her. She did just that. After the boys had gone to school I called Amelia and asked if Gerta and I could come over and was told that we were more than welcome to do so. The two women took to each other right away and it was decided that Amelia would leave the house mostly intact, taking with her only those things that had very personal significance. Chamberlain called about ten to let me know that he would be in town about two and Bill was going to be with him. They would be staying at the Bellevue Club Hotel in Bellevue and use the same limo service that we’d used the first time we visited Seattle. I reminded chamberlain that they were more than welcome to stay at the house. “I know that Cody but don’t take it personally. Bill prefers hotels for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that he has other business to attend to this trip. He would like the three of you to join us for dinner tonight, if that’s possible.” I told him that we didn’t have any plans and he said that he’d have the limo pick us up about five it that was okay and to wear sports jackets, which also meant slacks and dress shirt, tie optional. Of course both Bill and chamberlain would be dressed to the teeth. As promised the limo was at the gate at exactly five and we were at the hotel by five thirty. Chamberlain met us and ushered us up to the suite of rooms that Bill was in, very impressive I must say. Dane was thrilled to see his grandfather and the feelings were clearly mutual so the two of them chatted while David, Chamberlain and I talked about the purchase of the property. At six thirty we all piled in the limo and headed into downtown Seattle to the Columbia Tower Club on the 75th and 76th floor of the Bank Of America building. The elevator ride up was the fastest I had ever gone while still inside of a building. The club was exclusively private, expensive, with incredible food and a cr^�me de la cr^�me member list of which, Chamberlain informed us, the three of us were now members of thanks to Bill’s sponsorship. We all thanked Bill of course but I didn’t see us using the facilities anytime soon. Dinner was okay, fancy meals don’t particularly impress me, and we dropped Bill and Chamberlain off about nine, with the promise of seeing us in the morning to finalize the property transfer. We were happily ensconced in our beds by ten o’clock; Dane sleeping in his own room that night. Everyone met at our place the next morning at nine and by ten o’clock the paperwork had been signed and David owned almost a thousand acres of good farmland. Bill had dressed down for the occasion, the first time any of us had seen him in casual wear: jeans, boots and work shirt while Chamberlain remained in a three piece suit. Bill wanted a tour so we fired up the ATV’s and did just that and when it was over he told David that he’s made a very wise investment, asking us what, if any plans we had for the property. David told him about the stable idea, along with the plans to move Gerta to the Hawkins place, both of which met his approval. Both he and Chamberlain said that making the property a working farm would probably be advantageous both from a tax standpoint as well value, although for the price we’d bought it there was no way we could have gone wrong. Bill said there was a property that interested him out on the Olympic Peninsula and invited us to go along with him to look at it, both David and Dane having been kept out of school for the day. With nothing else pressing we accepted the invitation and an hour later were on a car ferry crossing part of Puget Sound to the little town of Kingston, which rang a bell but neither of us could put our finger on it. The boat ride was nice as was the drive to the little settlement of Gardiner where the property was located. Although Bill knew what to expect, the three of us were totally blown out as we approached the main house. The property was fenced on both sides of the very tiny country road, each of the fence posts carved with faces of Orks or trolls, or a Viking or some such thing. It appeared as though no two posts were identical. The entry to the main house was guarded by a ten-foot tall; carved troll head that sat in the wooded garden next to a very elaborate entry gate. Fifty feet farther down, a two-story one-eyed troll guarded the other end of the front part of the main house property. Kitty corner from that stood a huge home that had been designed as a castle with turrets and the whole nine yards. Next to that a set of double gates, both made of dragons. There were carved oddities all over the place, the four corner supports for the hay barn also huge carved trolls depicted as holding the roof up. There was really too much to relate but like Bill had done, the site can be found by doing a Google web search for Bandy’s Troll Haven. Check it out, it’s pretty incredible. We came away from the place amazed by it but Bill decided that it wasn’t something he wanted to own. We ventured further west to the small town of Sequim and ate at a gourmet breakfast place called The Oak Table that serves breakfast until it closes at three. We didn’t come away from there disappointed in the least. On the ferry ride back home, as we were heading into Edmonds it finally hit me why the name sounded familiar. “Remember D, our real estate guy that sold us the Kohala house?’ I asked David. “How could I forget,” David responded with a smile. I went on to say that he had told us that he had grown up around here in a huge old house on the hill overlooking the water. As we got closer to Edmonds we scanned the hilltop while we stood on the boat’s observation deck. The entire hillside and crest were covered with houses but we did see one that stood out from the others, its size more reminiscent of a public building than a residence. “That’s gotta be it. I wonder if we can get Bill to go out of our way and see if we can actually find it?” I wondered out loud. Back in the limo I asked, Bill said yes, the limo driver was given directions and after fifteen minutes of driving on the curving twisting streets that inhabited the hillside we found it. The front gate was open and a man who appeared to be in his fifties was polishing a really nice looking older Rolls in the large courtyard. So we pulled in, the man looking up as we entered his domain and came over to the car. “May I help you?” he asked. “This may seem like a silly questions but by any chance is the this home that Derek grew up in?” A frown played across his face and he asked why I wanted to know. I went on to quickly explain the connection and he then explained that yes he had spend his teenage and college years living here, that the residence was still owned by Derek’s aunt. We left, asking the man to tell him that we’d stopped by and to give him our regards the next time he was in town or talked to him and the man said he would be glad to. Gerta prepared dinner that night, taking great pains to please Bill, who had agreed to eat with us, and who pronounced the end result more than adequate, to Gerta’s infinite delight. After dinner Dane went out to play with the dogs while the four of us talked in the den. Bill asked if I’d given any more thought to what I wanted to study and in truth I had. Bill suggested a general course in business management, that is, if I had an interest in helping David or eventually working for Bill. Chamberlain seconded that suggestion. We revisited the original plan to be with Bill in Switzerland for Christmas and were still on track with it. “Do you still have that house in Barbados?” Bill asked David who said no, he’d sold his share to the twins, who owned the other two thirds, just before he turned seventeen. “Never even saw the house Bill. Didn’t seem like there was much reason for keeping it.” “So.” Bill finally said after a moment’s silence. “Everything seems to be going well with the three of you. Do either of you anticipate any problems?” David and both shook our heads. In fact things were going very well. Bill nodded his head and went on. “What do you say about possibly incorporating this property into your holdings David, maybe sort of a limited partnership? It would give you a single solid piece of property as opposed to what it is now, a large parcel with a chunk taken out of the middle.” Chamberlain went on to explain how it would work, that I would be a co- partner with Bill, that David would still retain sole ownership of his parcel. I was quite surprised at how I’d gotten pulled into it and my face showed it. Bill explained. “At some point Cody, this parcel is going to belong to you. Overall, incorporating it makes sense. Besides, it makes it easier for you David to feel free to makes some changes or use the property in conjunction with any business you might decide to start.” We both were a little confused so Chamberlain explained. “You have what, a mile and half or so of road kocaelide escort frontage David, that is broken up in the middle by this piece. Just suppose you wanted to put up a nice fence. It would look a little ridiculous having a chunk in the middle of it that didn’t match. Sure, Bill would probably let you do what you wanted but it would still be your investment in time money and up keep with no guarantee of a return on your investment. This way you can do pretty much what you want and protect your investment. In essence, Bill is giving you permission to do that.” Put that way it made sense so David and I agreed on the spot to go ahead with it and in typical Chamberlain fashion, the attorney pulled out a contracts that had already been prepared in the event we’d need them. The three of us signed the one contract while Bill and I signed the second one and in that moment I became a landowner, sort of. And CollinsWood Farm was born. Chapter III We celebrated our new partnership that evening with a rare bottle of wine, the rarity being that we seldom drank, our wind cellar practically empty of anything costing more than ten bucks a bottle and those being very few. In any case we settled down in front of a crackling fire and talked about things we might do with the property and sipped a Riesling, Dane being allowed a celebratory glass along with David and I. We all came up with a variety of interesting ideas but it was Dane who suggested that we do what Andy was doing with the Ranch in Montana. We both agreed that might be fun but that it was impractical on a variety of levels and went on to explain why it wouldn’t work. Dane had finished his glass of wine as we finished, saying that it would be fun though. “It would be hot having naked boys around all the time, dontcha think?” He began a slow undulating movement as he took his time pulling his t-shirt up and over his head and twirling it around before letting it fly off to land on the floor. He kept up his litany about naked sexy boys and how hot it would be as he sensuously stripped down to his red boxer briefs, taking his sweet little sexy time as he went. Once he was down to his briefs, Dane used the bench on the flagstone wall as his stage. The wall was at least fifteen feet long with the fireplace about a third of the way from one end and another large recessed opening along side of it for firewood. A thick mahogany bench, that was level with the fireplace and storage area, ran the entire length of the wall and was more than deep enough to sit on and in fact what it was designed for as was witnessed by the cushions that were stacked on the opposite end from the fireplace. Once he was down to briefs, Dane sat on the bench and went through a variety of seductive poses, attempting to move from one to the other with some kind of fluid grace as though a photographer were recording his every move. He lay in his back, one foot draped over the side of the bench and the other foot propped on it. He lay on his side with one foot planted flat on the bench, his hand rubbing up and down his thigh, and his fingers sneaking in underneath the waistband of his underwear. He moved to a sitting position facing us, his legs splayed wide open while he rubbed at the front of his underwear and his obviously very hard cock. He got to his knees on the floor and lay his chest on the bench and pushed his slender little ass at us while looking over one shoulder and licking his lips. Staying in that position, he reached behind himself with one hand and started slowly pulling the underwear down, exposing first his crack and eventually his tight puckered hole. With his ass exposed, he got up and sat back on the bench, his boy stuff still confined in the fabric, barely, his cock tenting it upward. Dane used his hands to enhance the entire thing, pressing down at the base of his cock and holding the fabric enclosed appendage straight up in the air. With his feet up in the edge of the bench, he pulled his underwear down, actually up, along his thighs and exposing his smooth balls as they hung between equally smooth thighs. He put his feet on the floor and slipped his underwear down to his ankles and then his toes. After freeing one foot from the clothing he used his toes to stretch the fabric, letting go with one foot and using his other foot to sort of slingshot the underwear in our direction before leaning back against the wall. He went through a variety of motions, stroking his cock, tugging and fondling his balls and both at the same time. He pulled his feet up and back again, resting on the edge of the bench, his hand underneath and pulling his cheeks open to expose his hole to us once again. “So big boys,” he said in his best imitation of a siren, “Anybody here want to fuck a boy? Anybody willing to stuff my tight ass with his big fat hard cock?” David and I had been casting glances at each other and chuckling at our boy’s antics and while I found them entertaining, it wasn’t a huge turn on. Apparently David felt the same way because he answered first. “No but I wouldn’t mind watching you do whatever you’re gonna do, hot stuff.” “Me either,” I said, “I just wanna watch. Give us more show.” Dane dropped his legs to the floor and began rubbing on his balls again while playing with a nipple. “Are you sure? I’m hot to fuck a big cock. My tight boy’s ass wants a big cock in it.” David and I shook our heads and had another sip of wine. Dane got up on the shelf and stood facing us, slowly stroking his rock hard young cock a few times before turning around and pointing his butt out at us, moving it in circles as he did. He reached up and pulled a square piece of stone from the wall and reached inside the small recess that was hidden there and pulled out a bottle of lube. John had shown us the hidey-hole right after we’d move in. Completely surrounded by stone, it was quarter inch thick steel box, open at the front end, whose inside was lined with a thick carbon fiber coating. A foot deep by six inches high and six wide, it was one of those things the owner had installed as a sort of backup or emergency box, although for what no one seemed to know. The owner had only told John about it just before they moved and put the house up for sale. We used it as a lube stash for just such occasions as this one. We had the slippery stuff stashed all over the house. One never knew when a bottle would come in handy, the episode in the pool a few days before being a classic example. The big problem was putting it in places where Gerta wouldn’t find it. Despite how accepting Gerta was of us, we felt that lube bottles lying about was probably a little too much, not to mention tasteless. Dane turned around and looked at us while rubbing the bottle like it was a cock then licking up and down its clear plastic side before taking the top of it into his mouth. It was a brand with a rounded top that is sort of reminiscent of a dick. He suckled the bottle as he stroked his cock then removed it from his mouth and popped the top with his teeth. He then poured some onto his cock head then sensually smeared it up and down the length of his rampant shaft. He managed to get lube onto the fingers of his other hand then squatted on the bench and, still facing us, reached down between his legs and slipped a finger up inside his ass. The cute young thing closed his eyes as if in ecstasy, and maybe he really was. About a minute of that and he removed his hand and sat down, again leaning his back against the wall and putting his feet up on the edge of the bench. He splayed his legs open and reached back down to insert his finger back inside his ass, the difference being that now David and I would watch as he finger fucked himself. He held his rock hard cock upright so that we could see him stroke as well, the moans coming from him an indication that he was getting heated up. Turns out he wasn’t the only one. My cock was getting hard and a glance at my lover told me that he was getting turned on by the show as well. We both unbuttoned our jeans at the same time and hauled out our cocks while shoving our t-shirts up to our chests. Dane smiled at us when he saw that he’d managed to get us into the same frame of mind, and body, that he was. He took his finger out of his ass and moved to the floor, grabbing a cushion as he went. Dane placed the cushion up against the edge of the wood shelf, laid in the floor next to it, then lifted his entire lower body up and swung it around so that his lower back was resting against it with his legs in the air. After some maneuvering around only his upper back and shoulders were on the ground and he raised his head to meet his hard cock half way. We watched as he got closer and closer then eventually stuck his tongue out and licked at his cock head. I had seen David do that before, lick or suck on his cock, but his was four inches longer than Dane’s. This was a first for both of us I think, watching my baby boy do himself. He didn’t stay there long, the pressure on his body must have been difficult for him, but it didn’t stop him from continued to jack himself off and I could see what his eventual goal was; to cum on his face. I looked at David then stood up and shoved my jeans and boxers to the floor, stepping out of them while I took my shirt off. David was right on my heels. I knelt down next to the boy, found the lube and slathered my cock and then the middle finger of my left hand. Done, I slowly stroked on my cock while I slipped a finger down into Dane’s asshole and started to finger fuck him. David knelt on the other side and stroked his cock while leaning over and licking at the underside of Dane’s sensitive balls. We’d done a lot of stuff over the year that I’d known Dane but this was something totally new, and thus, hot. “I’m gonna cum you guys, God I’m really close,” he groaned out as he jacked and tried to get his mouth back to the tip of his cock. I found his prostate and massaged it, which helped take him over the edge. “Oooh god, oooh God, Ooooohhh,” he moaned and I watched as his cock erupted, globs of cum spurting out onto his face. He’d opened his mouth and so managed to direct at least one or two squirts into the target, the rest of his offering landing all around his mouth and running downward across his cheeks. I felt myself reach my peak and directed my flow to his face as well. “Here I come baby boy,” I grunted and as his cock slowed, mine started up. He’d turned his head and leaned toward me slightly and my first shot got him on the cheek. I tried to re direct the spray and managed to blast his nose, lips and open mouth. As I was finishing David started cumming and his first three shots smeared the other side of Dane’s smooth face in thick white cream before Dane got his head turned the other way. David’s cock continued its eruption, spraying Dane’s nose, cheek and hair. Try as they might, they couldn’t manage to coordinate head and cock head so nothing went into Dane’s mouth, which was about the only place it didn’t go. Things slowed to a dribble, I removed my finger from Dane’s butt and both David and I moved back to allow Dane to get back on the floor, which he did. “Damn Dane, you almost look like a frosted cookie you got so much white on your face,” David said. I had to agree. It was a pretty thorough facial from the eyes down. “On man you guys that was really hot. I didn’t need to get fucked on that go around,” the boy said as he wiped some of the goo from his face and smeared it on his torso. “I’m gonna jump in the pool,” he added, as he stood up and headed in that direction. It seemed like a good idea to me too and David made it a third. We’d discovered that sperm didn’t seem to clog the system. After a couple of dives we sort of floated around and Dane told us how hot it was doing the strip thing and the little show for us then having us be a part of it with him. I asked him if he’d ever sucked his cock before and he said he hadn’t ever tried it but he’s thought about it. Just never thought about it when he was all hotted up. He wondered if it was possible to get fucked when he was like that, his leg tossed over his head like that. I said it was probably a doable thing and the glint in his sweet blue eyes told that we’d be trying it out before long. Dane was a very sexual and sensual boy, always looking for something new to try, willing to try things that someone else may have thought up. We swam and played for another half hour then went inside, the boys to tackle their homework and me to continue do research into what the hell I was going to do with the rest of my life. Professionally that is. A few days later Dane came home from school in extremely high spirits. He and David both had taken to coming in through the kitchen as Gerta always had something prepared for a snack. I had taken to meeting them and partaking in the snack while listening to the day’s adventure. “Oh man Cody you won’t believe what happened today. I met these two boys and they are so, so cute and they’re like boyfriends Cody, they’re gay.” David was right behind Dane and chuckled as both boys sat down at the kitchen table to a plate of warm Macadamia nut cookies and ice-cold milk in chilled glasses. “It’s all he talked about on the way home,” David added. “It’s true,” Dane insisted through a mouth full of cookie. “Together they started the gay alliance club at school and since they’re so popular, hardly anybody ever gave them crap about it or about being gay. Mikel, the cute blonde boy, is also on the swim team. I think I’m gonna join it. The swim team I mean.” Both David and I chuckled about that. “And Anton is on the school track team,” Dane went on. Gerta, meanwhile, went about her business, not in the least perturbed by the talk. She had gotten use to us, use to our openness about our sexual orientation. “They are cute, no doubt about that,” David chimed in stating that he had been asked to join the swim team because of his experience and had agreed to it. “Can I invite them over sometime Cody?” Dane asked and of course I gave him permission. We finished eating and Dane said he was going to change then take the dogs out for a run, maybe go over to see Amelia and Gerta reminded him that dinner would be at six sharp. David, Jim and I grabbed a couple of chain saws and tossed them into a cart with a tree trimmer and other tools, hooked the cart to our little tractor and went out to start cleaning the connecting road between the Hawkins property and ours. It would be awhile before we started calling it something else other than the Hawkins property. Neither David nor I were strangers to manual labor and enjoyed the physical activity of clearing the trees and brush. There were a great many Alders growing in there and because of their size Jim suggested keeping them to replace some of the aging pecker poles on our field gates and stack some of the rest of them for cutting and splitting in the spring when they were cured. A fast burner, Alder was great at the start of a fire to get up a hot coal base that would more efficiently burn the more dense Fir logs. The weekend rolled around. Saturday morning was the time that Mikel’s mother was scheduled to drop the boys off and at eleven sharp a yellow Rolls pulled up under the portico in front of the house. The day was overcast, drizzly, gloomy, and cold so those factors, along with the boy’s visit, induced David and me to be in the house when they arrived and not working on the Hawkins access path, which was close to completion. In order to not overwhelm then, David and I were in the living room reading when Dane led the boys, along with Mikel’s mother and a younger boy, into the house. To say that our guests were beautiful people would be an understatement. At fourteen years old, they were both very close to Dane’s overall dimensions, any differences minimal. Mikel was platinum blonde, his hair seeming to have more body to it than say, Nikki’s, whose hair was almost stick straight hair. His deep blue eyes, framed by thick lashes and brows, were a splash of color against his smooth porcelain skin. An aquiline nose and perfectly shaped, lightly rose colored lips, balanced beautifully his oval face. His hair a darker blonde, with bangs hanging almost in his large hazel colored eyes, Anton was equally as beautiful. His face was a little more round than Mikel’s, his brows and lashes were darker and fuller, the latter long and luxurious, the kind that girls cry for. Anton’s nose was smaller and just a little turned up at the tip, his skin tone was a little darker than Mikel’s, and he too had perfect lips. Both boys had photo perfect smiles and perfect, crystal white teeth. Their handshakes were ones of confidence and their voices were a lot like Dane’s; struggling to enter into adulthood. I had been around beautiful boys before but these two were chart toppers whose combined beauty when standing next to each other seemed more than their individual beauty. And it didn’t end there. We were introduced to the strikingly beautiful woman with them as Mikel’s mother Janice. Heels made her stand a couple of inches taller than the boys, but it was very clear where Mikel’s beauty came from. Janice could easily have stepped off of the cover of any fashion magazine from anywhere in the world. Her grip was light but firm as she greeted us then introduced her younger son Jamie, a shorter eleven-year old boy whose beauty was on par with the rest of the family. If these people weren’t modeling they should be. “You have a lovely home,” Janice said after all the introductions were made. “I would love to be farther away from the rather cramped environment of Edgewood,” she added, referring to the very upper crust, gated and guarded residential area located at the beginning of our country road. An area of sometimes, elaborate mansions, the large homes were all situated on one and two acre plots so I guess compared to our place it might seem crowded. She wasn’t being snobbish when she said it either, just making an honest statement. We all chatted awhile, the boys getting a little antsy to get busy with their day, and then discussed the boys return home. We’d agreed to take them home, and although the time was set for after dinner at our place, the option was open for them to spend the night. Dane had broached the topic and Janice’s response was to call her and let her know. We all walked her and Jamie to their car and while David and I watched them head back down the drive, the boys were already on their way to do whatever they were going to do. “What do you think?” David asked me when Janice was gone and the boys were out of earshot. I blew out a breath of air in that sign that sort of represents a “WOW”. “Extraordinary,” I said, and David nodded his head in agreement. “It could prove very interesting indeed.” That would prove to be an understatement.

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