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Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 46 Dad Loves Me Part 46 James hoo) When I awoke, I found that we had shifted positions in the night and instead of being in the middle, Tim was now in the middle. The twins were so sexy sleeping there so I grabbed my cell phone and pulled the covers down and snapped a picture to share with Paddy later. I thought back to last night with how Jim seemed to be the more aggressive and dominate of the brothers, but then when I came out if the shower, seeing how aggressively Tim was taking Jim, I thought “Randy would love having sex with these two.” I also remembered how tenderly they kissed me as well. I was trying to process their duality when Tim started stirring thus waking Jim. It seemed the two were each half of a whole. They each got out out of bed and on the way to the bathroom, they each gave me a kiss filled with the tenderness that they showed before their aggressiveness showed in their sex play. I told them I would be waiting in the kitchen. On the way, I passed the spare room. I decided to peek in and saw daddy and Uncle Marcus laying together on top of the covers. I took my phone and snapped a picture and closed the door and continued to the kitchen. I started a large pot of coffee and I knew the aroma would wake daddy soon. The twins walked in and took a whiff and said the coffee smelled so good. I told them that making coffee was my usual breakfast duty and that daddy loved making breakfasts. It wasn’t much longer until daddy and Uncle Marcus walked in with their arms around each other. I admired both their bodies, the similarities and the differences. They walked over, gave each of the twins a kiss and then they both kissed me. Daddy said he thought he would make pancakes but he asked if they’d like fruit inside. They all agreed on strawberries so daddy added strawberry compote to the pancake mix. The coffee was done and I got 4 mugs for the others and poured their coffee and put out the cream and sugar. Very shortly, daddy had the first few done and kept cooking. It didn’t take long for daddy to have all the pancakes done. I got out maple syrup and strawberry syrup. We all ate our fill and with the help of the twins again, we had the kitchen clean as always. We went to the family room to sit and just have some pleasant conversation until grampa came over for our men’s day. As the time approached for grampa to arrive, we moved the furniture out of the way so there would be plenty of room for all the sex that would be happening. 3 adult men and 3 horny teenagers in various acts of love and sex. When grampa arrived first istanbul travesti off, he stripped his clothes and then he gave very intimate kisses to all his progeny. We knew that grampa would probably wish to have some time with his own sons first, giving me a little more time with my sexy cousins. As grampa started with his sons, I think they pretty much already had an idea of who would be doing what. Daddy and Marcus both sank to their knees and proceeded to work grampa’s cock and balls. He placed a hand on each son’s head and rubbed seeming to relive memories from when the men were young boys servicing their father. After what seem to be a relatively short time, daddy got on his back and raised his legs in the air. Marcus crawled down between his butt cheeks and started tonguing his butt searching again for the prize spot. When he found it, daddy gasped and Marcus really went to work. While Marcus was working daddy’s butt, grampa went up to daddy’s face, kissed him and then placed his hard cock on daddy’s lips. Daddy followed the silent command and opened his mouth as grampa sank his cock deep into daddy’s mouth. As usual, daddy had no troubles in sucking on a large cock and grampa was about as long as either of his sons, but was a bit thicker. Grampa was certainly enjoying the attention his younger son was giving him. After many moans and groans of pleasure from all 3 men, grampa pulled his cock from daddy’s mouth and pulled Marcus from daddy’s butt. “Hold his legs up for a moment Marcus.”—“Yes sir.” He held daddy’s legs up and spread while grampa moved around behind him and lined up his cock and shoved in all the way to the root. As soon as grampa started his thrusting, he said “Get your cock in my ass Marcus.”—“Yes sir.” He immediately grabbed some lube we brought out and coated his cock and shoved a couple fingers into grampa’s butt and then as grampa pushed all the way into daddy, Marcus rammed his cock all the way into grampa’s butt. After a short while he forced Marcus from his butt and pulled from daddy’s butt. He ordered Marcus to his hands and knees. He sank his cock into Marcus’ butt. He ordered Marcus to suck daddy’s cock. As grampa proceeded to pound Marcus’ butt, daddy put his hard cock in front of his older brother who immediately opened his mouth and swallowed daddy’s cock to the root. They went like that for about 20-25 minutes until grampa said he was about to cum. Daddy started thrusting into Marcus’ mouth faster so he could try to cum at the same time as his father. “Oh fuck son, here it cums.” Just as he said that, daddy kadıköy travesti could see that his father was going to cum and he timed it to let out a grunt and cum at the same time grampa did. They filled Marcus on both ends. While they were having their sex, Jim wanted me to top him while he topped Tim again. While the men were rimming and sucking each other, the same thing was happening with us. I was rimming Jim and he was rimming Tim. As such as we were ready, Jim rammed his cock deep into his brother’s butt and held deep when he said “Fuck me cuz.” I slammed my cock into his butt remembering what I learned about them last night. We slammed and rammed our cocks into each other’s butts. We were moaning and groaning as much as the men. About the time grampa and daddy were filling Marcus at both ends, Jim yelled “OH FUCK!” and started cumming in Tim’s butt and his orgasm caused his butt to spasm triggering my orgasm and with a very audible grunt, I started cumming in Jim’s butt. All 6 of us were panting and breathing hard in post orgasmic bliss. After we all got some drinks to rehydrate ourselves, we split into 2 new groups. Grampa was with the twins and I had another set of brothers. I was happy to be with two such sexy men. Before we started, Marcus grabbed a cigar and told him to light up because he was going to fuck me while he fucked daddy. Daddy said he didn’t need cigars to fuck, but it enhanced his experience. He added that I was one he needed no such enhancements with. I got on my hands and knees and daddy got behind me and started rimming me while Marcus rimmed daddy. When we had enough rimming, Marcus surprised us and said he wanted the two of us to double-fuck him instead. We were taken back a little but were thrilled to try something like this. I got especially hard thinking about rubbing my cock with daddy’s inside Marcus’ butt. Daddy layed down on his back and Marcus approached, and bent down and sat down on daddy’s cock all the way until his butt was resting against daddy’s pubic bush. I came up behind after adding a generous amount of lube to my cock. I pushed and found it hard to gain entry but after a few attempts and different angles, my cock finally popped into his butt and I felt myself sliding in rubbing against daddy’s cock. Marcus and I were doing most of the work so we could maintain our 3-way connection. This new type of ecstacy was a lot to deal with and because I had never felt anything like it, I was having trouble holding back my impending orgasm. Daddy sensed it and reached behind Marcus and rubbed my cheek. bakırköy travesti He winked at me and I felt my orgasm approaching even faster. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I just grunted loudly and let loose a torrent of cum and my cock pulsing caused daddy to orgasm also with an equally loud grunt. We were simultaneously shooting our loads into his butt causing some cum to leak out of his butt between our cocks. I pulled from his butt and he pulled off of daddy’s cock. We all collapsed together. While we were having an incredible double-fuck, grampa decided to let the twins do the same to him. It must gave been a really sexually powerful, porn worthy scene for two sets of men engaged in double-fucks. They were just as committed to having the same result as us. Right after we collapsed, we heard Jim yelling “FUCK! HERE IT COMES GRAMPS!” And just a few seconds after Jim yelled, Tim screamed “I’M CUMMING TOO! OH FUCK!” Their cum was leaking from grampa’s butt just like it did from Marcus’. What happened then was Jim clamped his mouth to grampa’s butt and Tim came over to his dad’s butt and they started rimming the men’s butts sucking as much cum as they could. It was now going on 5 o’clock and grampa decided to take a shower bad clean himself before going home. After his shower he got dressed and kissed each of us as passionately as when he arrived. He bid us goodbye and said he would see us tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner. We decided we would order pizza and daddy asked what kind of pizza they liked and Marcus said anything was good as long as there was no little fishies. We ordered 3 large of our favorite pizzas and 4 beers and 4 liters of soda. Daddy got a good tip ready and he found out Steve and Bill were delivering. He wasn’t sure who would be there, but he knew they were going to get an eyeful. About 45 minutes later a car pulled up and I called out “It’s Steve.” Wgen he rang the bell we let Marcus answer the door. Steve’s eyeballs popped out and we made introductions all around. All the guys stepped forward and Steve got to get a handful of all the extra cocks. He got an extra large tip because of the order size. Daddy also gave him two envelopes with Bill’s and Randy’s names on them. A little Thanksgiving bonus. Daddy told him to wish them Happy Thanksgiving from us. Steve left but before he turned away we could tell he had one hell of a hard-on. After we all ate, we watched a couple movies and we all just snuggled together on the floor after bringiing in some pillows and blankets. It was really hot the way we went to sleep. Marcus was spooning daddy, dady was spooning Jim, Jim was spooning me, and I was spooning Tim. We slept very comfortably. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. 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