Voyeur Sex


CucksCucksShe had been home from her travels for a couple of weeks and I was lying on her bed. Absent-mindedly turning the pages of my magazine, she walked in, reached in one of her draws and retrieved a tube of lubricant. My heart pounded as she applied generous amounts to both of her hands, page 41 of the health section instantly forgotten. She smiled that wicked smile she sometimes has, slow, curving, dangerous and deliberate.Honey, I have some stories to tell you of some naughty things that I got up to while I was away, but don’t you think you would be more comfortable if you took all of your clothes off for me? I was dumb-founded, too shocked to do anything but obey. I scrambled my clothes off quickly and clumsily, as she smirked at my eagerness to please her. Good boy.She wrapped her hand tightly around the base of my cock, careful to avoid the sensitive head and include my aching balls, and told me to start thrusting. Now, she said, I’m going to tell you a story and I want you to come. Then I’m going to carry on telling stories of my adventures until you’re hard again, because I need some sex and let’s face it, you’re not going to last very long first time round are you?! I nodded my head vigorously in agreement as she smiled up at me, watching me squirm and thrust under her grip. She called me a good boy again and I groaned without holding back – she knew it drove me crazy when she called me that – and she looked down at my throbbing, pulsing dick. Feels like you’re close already, she said. Now, where do I begin… She sat back and clicked the lock into place, admiring her work. There was a sharp intake in breath, a gasp, as she held me in the palm of her hand, the shift in power, control and emphasis finally, and fully, dawning on her. A slight moan escaped from her lips. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, she whispered, almost in a trance. She dragged her fingernails across my naked and shaven crotch, feeling the weight of the plastic that enclosed the plumpness of my balls. She kissed me deeply, and fully on the mouth, cupping my soft, small package still in the palm of her hand, almost as if she didn’t want to let go.She looked me directly in the eye, stroking my face, her gaze full of love, trust and affection for me. Thank me, she whispered softly, focusing on the sensuous movement of my lips as I thanked her.I’m sorry that we had to resort to this baby, it’s just that you’re so much more attentive to me when you haven’t come, she said playfully, reaching for her phone – taking a picture – as the routine of daily masturbation flashed through my mind, those days now long gone. Are you going to show that to somebody?! I protested, panic rising in my voice, standing there helplessly. Maybe, she replied, giggling at my obvious discomfort. Imagine if some of my friends knew…You’re mine now, and mine alone, she said, glancing downwards, almost to confirm that the cage was still there, still attached, that this was really happening.That’s all I ever wanted, I replied, my heart pounding in my chest, naked and vulnerable in front of her, ready to give myself completely, my chest heaving with excitement, the terrifying thrill of having given up control coursing through me. A strange sensation washed over me, of love and desire, and I realised that I wanted to make love to her. No sooner had I identified this urge, I acknowledged that at this moment in time I was not capable of doing so. So I just kissed her instead, and kissed her more deeply than I ever had before, melting into her mouth and encasing her with my arms, pressing my entire body up against hers. When we eventually broke away from each other, catching our breath, unable to break eye contact, she said quietly, we’ll start with a week, and see how you handle it. She knew of my desire to be cuckolded, but told me that she liked it as a fantasy, not a reality. She told me she just didn’t think she was that type of girl. sakarya escort I’m happy with you and just you, she insisted. She would occasionally indulge me in some dirty talk and role-play during our sex, but despite my persistent encouragement, nothing ever came to fruition – until one weekend, after months of deliberation. Her message was clear, stunningly simple and jaw-droppingly arresting: I’m ready to have fun. I want to dance, flirt, and drink wine. This is what you asked for, isn’t it cucky? Let’s be clear on one thing though: I’m doing this for me, not for you. Are you sure you want us to go through with this?I almost came right there and then. There was only one way to find out. I love being ordered around, I love being dominated, humiliated, controlled. I want to give you all the pleasure I can, with my tongue and mouth, with my hands, and be denied all else until I have done enough for you to decide I’ve deserved it. I love pleasing you, I love hearing you groan when I use my mouth. When you come, all I want to do is make you come again. I’m an addict when it comes to hearing you climax. I want to be used, abused, spanked, pinched, groped and gripped, I want to be suffocated with your scent and I want to lap you all up. My biggest turn on is you being turned on, and I will do anything you ask of me. Anything. I want you to be loving, demeaning, and superior toward me, I want to be your toy, putty in your hands that you can play with, whenever and wherever you like. I want you to show me affection for doing well and show me punishment when I don’t succeed in giving you exactly what you want, and need.We were at her younger brother’s for a barbecue. One of his friends was there, a big and muscular boy, who would always stare at her and ignore me completely. We came in, dripping from the pool and her brother went for a beer run. Whilst I was in the shower upstairs he came up behind her and whispered to her, Your brother and boyfriend would kill me if they knew what I was about to do to you. Ripping her towel from her, he slid two fingers into her instantly wet pussy, and she groaned, opening her legs for him and whimpering, instantly under his control. Spinning her around, he looked at her for a second and kissed her deeply and passionately, before jamming his hand over her mouth to keep her from making any more noise. He lifted up her leg and slid into her, pounding her urgently, knowing either of us could walk in any second.I came downstairs and froze as I walked into the kitchen, the sight of my girlfriend being bent over the kitchen table and his glistening, moist muscles glinting under the kitchen light. He slowed for a second, the sound of his cock sliding out of her, but she looked at me and said over her shoulder to him, don’t worry – he’s too pathetic to try and stop us or tell my brother. You’re just going to sit there quietly and watch aren’t you baby? I nodded, transfixed, mesmerised as he slammed into her once more, whilst she stared into my eyes and told me how fucking good he was making her feel. He grunted and slowed, and I could tell from her face that he was coming inside of her as I stood there helplessly with a stiff prick in my trousers.A few minutes later her brother arrived home, and asked what we had been up to. She shot a warning glance at me, and I went bright red. Lloyd pointed at me, laughed, and said he was being a complete arsehole to your sister so I had to step in. For the rest of the evening I was treated to cold shoulders and glares from all three of them, but later she would pat me on the head and call me her little alibi, and tell me what a good little slave boy I was. We were invited to a party with friends; I knew from the look on her face as she was getting ready that this would be a new step in my humiliation. She chose a very special bra; one that gave her support but absolutely no protection: I spent the entire night trying not to stare adapazarı escort at the outline of my girlfriend’s nipples – as did the majority of the males there that night. And then he turned up: the smarmy, confident one. I groaned inwardly when she caught his eyes – if I knew my Mistress well she would delight in choosing him. She had me in agony most of the night, drawing her lips tantalisingly close and pulling away subtly at the last moment, as if our game could slip through the public eye. By the end of the night, when the party had died down and most of them had left, our true colours came out. I sat on the adjacent sofa and watched him pull her top off, eyes widening at her glorious breasts, his eager mouth eagerly and instantly engulfing her hardened nipples. She gasped and groaned, grinding against his suit trousers before fumbling them down to his ankles, releasing his cock and moaning at the sight of his cock: which by now was engorged and leaking ample amounts of pre-come. As she pulled her knickers to one side and sank down, further into his lap, she told me to fetch a martini for her and a beer for her new lover.She lay back on the bed and ordered me to kneel at her feet, her legs tantalisingly closed, hiding her bare sex. I wanted nothing more than to touch her, climb on top of her and feel her wetness on my painfully stiff member. Play, she ordered, her nipples tightening, her chest rising and falling more quickly as she watched me gather pace frantically. It had been so long since I had been permitted to masturbate, and I felt my orgasm rise almost instantly, the smell of her swollen and wet sex lingering in the air. My breathing became laboured as I furiously drove my fist up and down the length of my cock, panting like a dog as her teasing smile played on her lips. I was doing this for her amusement and nothing else – where her lovers would have enjoyed the freedom to roam her body, this is what I’d been reduced to – a quivering, kneeling horny slave boy, eager to please and obey. I grunted and spurted my load over her stockings, whimpering as she let out a moan. Clean, she smirked. I have a date to get ready for. She drew her stocking slowly up her long, luscious legs, teasingly, playfully grinning at me as I knelt at her feet, desperate to touch her. How do you think he will like my outfit hubby? She asked, with that knowing smile on her face – knowing what he would think, knowing what I thought and knowing what I wanted to do. My erection was leaking pre-come onto the wooden floor as I struggled to keep myself focused and restrained. I’m looking forward to tonight so much she said, curling her soft hair around one finger and staring past me, somewhere, envisaging her romantic dinner with her boyfriend. She spread her legs wider, revealing her glaring lack of panties, her smooth and shaven sex, swollen with lust already. I groaned, and she laughed, slapped me playfully. Not for you dear she patted my head patronisingly. Maybe when I get home – don’t wait upI had to send her a picture proving my loyaltyWe had chatted on line and IMed for months and I found that as she toyed with my fragile ego she kept me in an erotic frenzy. I answered all her queries truthfully as she seem to know when I lied and I learned early on not to upset the Goddess. She wanted to know about me and my sexual failures and other humiliations in my life. She laughed at my admissions and called me a silly fool. As for my questions to her I learned nothing as I was either put off or completely ignored and I guess that when your are dealing with a Goddess that is how it should be. I knew I was in over my head but there was nothing I could do to stop it. Just to see her name blinking in my IM with a new message would give me an erection. Then one night in a moment of irrational thinking I told her that I played with myself as I fantasized that I was her personal slave. She answered me back and in all sakarya escort bayan caps that she would have nothing to do with perverts and that she no longer wanted to talk with me on line.I was devastated, as my messages and my emails went unopened and ignored. As time went by with no word from her, my life started falling apart. I began to have trouble sleeping, I couldn’t keep my mind on my job and was given a poor performance report. All I could think about was how I had failed my Goddess and what I could do to make it up to her. I tried one more time in a email and I begged her forgiveness and swore I would do anything to please her.You can imagine my joy when I received a reply. It was curtly worded and it instructed me that if I ever wanted to be in her good graces again I must follow the instructions to the letter. I was told to go buy a chastity devise called a CB2000 and then install it on my genitals. As soon as I was locked in place I was ordered to send the keys to Goddess at a mail box number in her home town. I was so elated I did as ordered at once and as soon the keys were mailed to her I IMed her to let her know. Her answer was for me to take a picture of my confinement and attach it to an email to her. It was only after doing as instructed that the realization that I had no knowledge of my key-holder’s whereabouts, not even her name and that I could now be in real trouble.My next email from her talked about another test of my devotion. I was to fly to her hometown and check into a certain hotel. Once checked in I was to IM her with my room number. If I failed to achieve this by noon of the following day she said she would return my keys and never talk to me again. I had to hurry, I called in sick and rushed to the airport without even packing. Somehow I was able to convince TSA that I wasn’t a terrorist but just a man in a chastity cage and I was allowed to get on a flight and checked into the hotel on time.I used my phone to IM her that I was in my room, she replied with more instructions. She was coming to visit me but when she knocked I was to have my door unlocked and to be standing, naked, facing the wall where I would be unable to see her. When the knock came I hurried to my position, so nervous I could hardly say come in. She came up behind me and slipped a leather mask over my head, there were no holes for my eyes but there were for my mouth and nose. I of course could not see her but the scent of her perfume lingered in my nostrils and sent electric shock-waves to my groin. She said nothing as she turned me around, after inspecting my cage she used it as a leash leading me to the bedside. I felt her sit down and then with a downward tug I understood I was to kneel before her. With her hand on the back of my head she guided me to that most reverent place between her legs and I payed homage with my lips and tongue. I have no idea how long I stayed at her altar or how many orgasms I gave her but I didn’t care for I was as close to heaven as I had ever been and I wanted it to never stop. When she was finally sated she merely pushed me away and as I fell to the floor on my back she got up and left the room. It took awhile to learn how to release myself from the mask but once freed the first thing I saw were the keys to my cage lying on the table. I had been so close to the Goddess that I still had her taste on my tongue and her scent in my nostrils but I wasn’t allowed to see her or even to her her voice. I was elated and disappointed all at the same time and only after taking the keys to unlock myself did I find out that I had climaxed along with the Goddess.Once back home I emailed Goddess and thanked her for my audience with her. I once again swore my allegiance to her and that I would gladly do anything she wished. She replied that she was pleased with my performance and that someday she may allow me a return visit. And just what more could a mere mortal desire.This is what you wanted, to give up your free will and yet now that it is happening you begin to fear what she might make you do. You are about to find out how big a leap it is from fantasy to reality but no matter if you love it or hate it you now belong to her.

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