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“Don’t worry, honey,” Corliss said as she got into her short dress, “In another week you’ll know what it feels like to NEED to cum. Maybe then you’ll commit to eating my pussy when it has sperm in it.”

Matt knew that begging his sexy, dominant wife to remove the cock cage would not accomplish anything but leave him more humiliated. He looked longingly at her bare legs and short dress, and wondered why she was dressing so sexy for work. Or, maybe after ten days so far of being locked in a cock cage, anything she wore would look sexy.

A couple of months ago Matt had confessed his fantasy to Corliss about eating her messy pussy after he ejaculated inside her. It had taken a lot of courage to admit it to her, and he was relieved when she told him how erotic the idea was. Moments later, after his wild and profuse ejaculation, she was disappointed when he couldn’t bring himself to follow through. After the scenario was repeated a few more times, she got frustrated and told him he’d have to wear a cock cage until he could commit to eating the pie.

After he had worn the device for a week, she raised the stakes by telling him that he was going to have to lick her pussy clean of another man’s sperm AND commit to eating the pie after intercourse with her. They had serious discussions about her having sex with another man, and she assured him that she didn’t want to have the complications of a second romantic interest. She knew, however, that the looks she got from the males at work meant that she could have her pick of guys with whom she could sport-fuck. But the complications from THEIR expectations could mess up her work life, so there had to be another way.

The ten days of Matt’s chastity had been difficult for him. He suggested that she bind him for intercourse and straddle his mouth after his ejaculation. On one level that idea appealed to her, but she said no. “I’ve never bound you for our spanking sessions and I don’t want to for sex play either. This has got to be about YOUR mastery over yourself.”

In the intervening week in which Matt’s denial had an increasing effect on him each day, Corliss got an answer to her dilemma of fucking another man without the accompanying complications of his expectations. She just had to wait until Matt’s need would exceed his endurance for chastity.

That day came when he had been in the cock cage for three weeks. “Okay, I’ll do it,” he said one morning as he knelt at her feet before she got dressed.

“You’ll lick another man’s sperm from my pussy?” she queried.

“Yes. I can’t stand any more chastity. I need to cum, Corliss!”

“And you’ve given it enough thought that you can commit to it?”

He bent down to kiss her feet. “Yes, Corliss!”

“And you’ll clean me of your own sperm after intercourse? Every time?”

“Yes, Corliss. Please!”

“I’ll call you with instructions later on. Maybe today, maybe not. It depends on what I can arrange.”

They both felt their insides quaver for different reasons. Matt, from the uneasiness of knowing that another man’s cock would spew inside his wife’s magnificent pussy, and Corliss from the excitement of the hunt.

They dressed and went to their respective jobs.

Once at work, Corliss sent a meeting invitation to Rob, a quiet young IT minion who had fixed her desktop computer on several occasions, and who she thought was rather cute. The meeting was for 5:00 PM. When she saw the acceptance, she smiled to herself.

Rob wondered why he was being asked to attend a meeting with the director of his division. He had an uneasy feeling. Although he regarded her as very attractive, he reasoned that a woman as young looking as Corliss has an immense amount of power in the corporate world to have the position that she held. She had a reputation as a charming, articulate, no-nonsense female who couldn’t be fooled.

And then there was her attractiveness. Rob often daydreamed about what Corliss’s sex life was like, what her pussy was like, how it would feel to be inside this woman of immense personal power. What is her husband like? And what was their wedding night like?

The day dragged on, and at 5 PM, with butterflies in his stomach, Rob made his way to Corliss’ office. “Hello, Rob,” she warmly smiled, “please come in and close the door.”

Although she had him stand before her desk, and she remained seated, she aydın escort put him at ease and made conversation for several minutes. In her roundabout discreet way of asking questions, she learned that he was single, living alone, had no girlfriend, and mostly immersed himself in work and other IT pursuits. Her heart raced, though she did not show it.

Finally she closed in for the capture. “Rob, the reason I wanted to meet with you is that there is strong evidence that you have been taking printer paper home. I know that sometimes you have to work from home and print out an occasional document, but a ream of paper every couple of days?”

Rob’s insides trembled. He concluded that he was going to be fired, and fired by this attractive woman, no less. For a couple of long minutes no one said anything, and Rob looked down at the carpet.

“Rob, the value of the paper isn’t the big thing, it’s the act of wrongly taking from the company. I’ve been asked to determine how to handle this.”

Another awkward silence.

“Now Rob, I want to be assured that your behavior from now on is going to be impeccable. I’m not keen on dismissing people, but if there is any suspicion in the future I’m not going to have any choice. Do you understand me?”

“Yes… Yes ma’am.”

Inside herself, Corliss was pleased, but presented a stern demeanor. “I’m temporarily changing the organizational structure so that you will report directly to me. You will still perform your job as you have, and take direction from your current supervisor. I’m going to tell the powers that be that I counseled you, that you’ll reimburse the company, and that I’m going to personally keep a very close eye on you.”

Rob sighed with relief. “Thank you. I won’t let you down.”

“Do you commit to doing everything I tell you?”

“Oh, yes ma’am!”

“Strip completely.”

Rob was baffled. He didn’t think that he had heard right. “Uh, you want me to, uhm…”

“Strip, Rob. Take off all your clothes. Now.”

Corliss leaned back in her executive style chair as Rob fumbled with his clothes, still disbelieving what he had heard. He stood nervously in front of her desk when he had shed his clothes. His anxiety was at a high level, which accounted for his not being fully erect.

“When was your last ejaculation?”

He hesitated again, and stammered, “Oh, about, well, a couple days ago.”

Corliss got up, and, in front of Rob, removed her panties and wiped them on her pussy. Then she held them up to Rob’s face and said, “Inhale my scent.”

After a moment Rob’s member was fully erect. Corliss had been profusely lubricating from the excitement of carrying out her plan, and the abundance of her sweet nectar on her panties was like an aphrodisiac.

She hiked up her short dress to bare her hips, and seated herself on the edge of her solid desk and spread her legs. “Put your hands behind you, Rob, and keep them there.”

She grasped his erection and guided it to her sweet opening. “You may enter me, Rob. When you are inside, keep still.”

Rob, unable to believe his good fortune, had never seen such an enticing pussy. He thrust once, and whispered, “Oh God.”

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Rob, this is totally confidential. Breathe a word to anyone, and you’re history. Keep it to yourself, and this could be a regular thing. Do you understand? And call me Corliss.”

“Yes, Corliss!”

“Thrust slowly, and stop when you are close to ejaculating.”

Rob pumped his hips, and after about twenty thrusts, stopped. “I’m almost there, ma’am – I mean Corliss,” he panted.

“Good. Just keep still and enjoy the sensation.”

Corliss enjoyed the feeling of a male cock in her pussy. She had not felt her tight pussy being stretched since she put Matt in his cock cage. It took a couple of minutes for Rob’s impending orgasm to subside, and Corliss instructed, “You may thrust again until you are close to cumming. The sensation will be more intense, so be sure to stop in time.”

It took only two thrusts and Rob stopped. “I- I’m close, Corliss!”

“Just stay still; you’re doing good,” Corliss said. Her pussy was constantly tingling and it was only from her control over her body that she refrained from wiggling and squirming. She waited longer than before, and knew that Rob was at the end of his aydınlıkevler escort endurance. “Okay, Rob, you may resume thrusting. And you may ejaculate inside me. Don’t slip out when you’re spurting.”

Rob began to pump again, and the sensation was even more intense than before. He approached ejaculation quickly and surrendered to it. “Oh! Ahh! Uhhngh! Ohh! Ah!”

Every spurt was ball-wrenching in intensity, and finally he settled down. He was panting heavily.

“Was it good, Rob?” Corliss teased.

“Oh, Corliss, I’ve never felt anything so good before!”

“Stay inside me if you can. You don’t have to keep still.”

Rob slowly plowed, and when Corliss sensed he was fully erect, she said, “Same rule as last time, Rob. Pump until you’re close to ejaculation and stop.”

Rob approached ejaculation and stopped four times before he was at the end of his endurance again. Then Corliss gave him permission to cum. She smiled to herself as Rob’s cock spewed and spewed, to the accompaniment of his exclamations and frenzied pumping. When Corliss was sure that he had no more sperm to give, she told Rob to pull out and get dressed.

“You may go home now, Rob. Don’t ejaculate without my permission. It could be a couple of days, it could be up to a week or more between sessions, but I expect you to save all your sperm for me. Is that clear?” She knew it would be difficult for him if the wait was more than a few days but she reasoned that this was the best way to keep her control over him.

“Yes, Corliss. And thank you.”

When Rob left, she called Matt. “Hi honey, I’m leaving work. I want you in the bedroom, on your knees, completely undressed when I get home. If you do well licking me clean, I’ll unlock your cock cage tomorrow evening.”

Matt was disappointed that he had to endure another night of chastity even if he performed well. But he knew that Corliss was in a position to call the shots and that he had best comply with her wishes without argument. His need was all the more intense, knowing that some lucky male got to stick his cock in her sweet pussy and ejaculate without having to worry about cleaning up the mess.

He heard Corliss come into the house, and she went directly to the bedroom. Matt was on his knees, naked except for his cock cage, as she had instructed. Without saying a word, she took all her clothes off and seated herself on the edge of the bed with her gorgeous legs apart.

“Okay, Matt, stay on your knees and come clean me.”

He drew close to her and saw the white translucent sticky cream that another guy’s cock had spewed. It was at once disturbing and oh, so sensuous. In his aroused and denied state, he did not find the scene in front of him as distasteful as he had remembered after he profusely spurted inside her.

While visualizing the scene of the anonymous cock entering his wife and pumping inside her gorgeous pussy, Matt reverently put his mouth close up and licked. There was a mixture of his wife’s tasty pussy scent, a salty taste (was it sweaty pussy or sperm?) and viscous, sticky semen.

Hmmm, not too bad, he told himself. In his mind, the guy’s cock continued thrusting and taking pleasure that he had been denied for three weeks. The guy’s cock was rock hard and throbbing, and in his mind’s eye he saw the glistening texture of his wife’s arousal on it as it pumped in and out. He licked again and got more. He made contact with his wife’s pussy and kissed the honey hole into which another cock had spewed. More sticky, salty mixture. He swallowed, and became more aggressive in his licking and kissing.

Still imagining this unnamed guy’s cock thrusting deeply within her, he hardly heard her moans of pleasure. Corliss rocked her hips as her excitement heightened, and after a moment Matt felt the intense contractions of her pussy as her orgasm took hold.

With her mouth open, eyes shut, and head back, her whole body trembled as she exclaimed, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!” over and over. Her intense orgasm caused more sperm to come forth, which Matt eagerly licked up.

Finally, he backed away. Her stress completely relieved, she lay back on the bed, her spread legs still hanging over the edge, and gave sighs of contentment. After a few moments Matt gingerly placed his mouth on his wife’s used pussy and licked her to another intense ayrancı escort orgasm.

After dinner they went to bed, and Corliss had Matt lick her to orgasm once more before going to sleep. Matt was restless all night, unable to get the image of someone else entering and ejaculating inside his wife.

The next day dragged on for Matt, and finally, Corliss led him to the bedroom. Before unlocking his cock cage she said, “This is OUR fantasy, Matt. It’s not just yours. Last night’s experience was incredible. I know you’ve been in chastity for more than three weeks, but I still want you to go slowly and stop when you’re near ejaculation like I’ve been training you.”

Matt didn’t know if he could enter his wife’s pussy without immediately ejaculating. He felt keen relief when Corliss unlocked his cock cage; and he felt truly naked for the first time in a long while.

Corliss, with all her clothes off, lay enticingly on the bed with her legs slightly spread. Matt, his cock harder than it had ever been, gingerly got between her legs and entered his wife. God, what a sweet feeling, he said to himself. His cock screamed at him to thrust wildly. He had to use all of his will to keep still and simply enjoy the sensation. Because of his arousal combined with the long period of orgasm denial, his cock seeped profusely. When he was sure he wouldn’t pop off immediately, he pumped ever so slowly, much to the delight of his wife.

Corliss loved knowing that Matt’s balls painfully ached for relief, and that he had to bring all his will to the fore to retain any self control. He pumped slowly for a couple of minutes, then stopped. He felt her chest rise and fall with her breathing, and she heard his ragged panting. “Corliss,” he whispered.

Matt’s cock was super sensitive. He resumed pumping for a moment, and stopped. A long wait. Another moment of thrusting. He realized he could not hang on much longer, and imagined what it was like being the other guy who was given free rein to fuck his wife.

He took long, powerful thrusts, and his cock erupted inside her. “Yes, yes” she whispered through his exclamations and frenzied pumping and twisting. His ejaculation felt as if it went on for a full minute, and his wiggling delighted her.

Over the next few minutes Corliss contracted her inner muscles and milked the residual sperm from his cock. Then she giggled. Matt knew that it was time to follow through on his commitment.

Having extracted another guy’s sperm from her pussy the night before, he reasoned that it should be easier now that it was his own. He had thought about it endless times during his cock’s three week captivity, and now there it was – a fresh serving of his own sperm, mixed with his wife’s arousal, about to ooze from her well penetrated pussy.

He told himself that he really didn’t have any choice – he HAD to follow through, no matter how he felt about it. He didn’t want to incur his wife’s disappointment again.

Just as he had done with the other guy’s sperm in her pussy, he gingerly licked a couple of times, and then became more aggressive in extracting the pungent salty mixture from his wife’s honey hole. When he swallowed the first time, Corliss climaxed. Her legs closed around his head, her pussy convulsed, her hips pumped, and her repeated exclamations of “Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhh!” filled the room.

A while later, Corliss was on top of Matt, riding his cock. Her inner pussy was sensitive and she could tell when he was approaching ejaculation. Several times she stopped and kept still to let Matt’s throbbing erection recover enough for more fucking. He begged her to let him cum, and she just giggled each time. Then she slowly and steadily pumped her hips for a while. “On Monday I’m going to bring home another serving for you,” she taunted.

He spurted uncontrollably, and spent the next twenty minutes licking her cum-filled pussy and giving her orgasms.

Rob’s insides trembled with excitement when he got a meeting notice on Monday for 5 PM. It had not been easy, but he had refrained from solo relief over the weekend. He knew that Corliss would test his resolve sometime by making him wait a week or longer.

At 5:15 PM, Rob was completely naked, his denied cock erect and throbbing. Corliss stayed dressed except for her panties, and with her skirt pulled above her hips, she had Rob lick her to orgasm before guiding his cock inside her. After several times of keeping still from getting close to ejaculation, she told him to resume pumping.

“My husband licked your sperm from my pussy when I got home the other night,” she said, and Rob immediately spurted and spurted inside her.

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