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Hello friends, fellow readers, and exotic sex craved animals. I wrote a story about my first time. I hope you all enjoy my tale of what happened to me. I assure you it has everything from suspense to hardcore fucking.

My name is Baby or at least that’s what everybody calls me. I’m 21 years old, legally blonde, with looks to die for. I have always been used to guys hitting on me from all different directions trying to get a taste of my sweet “strawberry wine”. This one time was different though. This time I gave in. He was like nothing I have ever seen before.

His name shall be Joe. That of course isn’t his real name. He had muscles, looks, and incredibly soft looking blue, tender eyes. He was heaven to touch, and he was heaven to fuck. We’ll worry about that later on. I had to meet him first…

I was working late in a small mid-western town one cold, December night. I was fairly new at my job as a gas station/convenient store clerk. It was around about seven o’clock that night. The store business was getting slower and slower. I had my boss in there with me that particular evening. The clock had struck seven. You know seven is a lucky number. Little did I know how lucky I would be that night? Joe walked in.

I noticed those big, blue; tantalizing eyes right off the bat. For one thing, he looked directly at me as he walked in, and headed towards the cooler of drinks. He had a slow strut; a big built muscular body, and a nice ass as a matter of fact. I wasn’t real busy so I was definitely looking at him from behind the cash register. It was like Time stood still. He took my mind to another place.

We were on the beach, hand in hand. We both had pina’ colatas. It was around sunset. The nice orange colors decorated the water; we were lying on a blanket in front of the sun. I laid myself down first. He laid himself on top of me. Then he forced himself into the deepest part of my soul, and we fucked all night long.

“HEY!, may I please get checked out pretty thing?” Joe said as he had a Mountain Dew on the counter.

” Oh, I’m sorry. I must have been dreaming” I said as I fumbled around trying to get back to reality.

“…. And a pack of Marlboro Reds, in a box.” Joe told me in a very seductive voice. I felt his eyes looking through to my soul as he looked at me.

I quickly somehow, made sure he was satisfied and he went on his merry way. A few minutes later, I noticed my boss was about to leave. I remember asking him what the guys name was that just came in with those incredibly, gorgeous blue eyes. I remember my boss telling me Joe was his name as he put on his coat and left me on my own to close the night.

About two hours later, I was busy doing my chores; making sure all the racks were pretty much full, and stuff like that. The phone rang. I usually got phone calls all through the night so I rushed to the phone hoping it would be my main squeeze. It wasn’t. He said his name was Clint Eastwood and asked me if he could come show me his gun. I told him to come on. I never expected him to show up. Most guys are all talk. I was expecting this one to be also. He showed up about thirty minutes later, banging on the already locked doors. If there is no business, I usually locked the doors by ten, so I can leave on time. I let Clint and his buddy in, not recognizing them right off. However, once Clint looked at me with those soft blue eyes, I knew who it was. It was Joe and one of his friends.

We quickly started pendik escort talking like we were friends. After a few minutes, I went back to doing my duties as we continued to talk. His friend left us not too long after he got there. Joe and I didn’t mind at all being the only ones there.

Joe stood in front of the counter as I filled the medicine rack from behind the counter. I remember he knocked over some candy that was beside the cash register. I turned around. I knelt down starting to pick it up when I felt his hand on my right, tender butt cheek. I have never felt like that any time beforehand. When he touched me, it was the most electrifying sensation you could ever want to have ladies. I felt everything from being aroused to being scared half to death.

Anyway, I turned around real fast to acknowledge his hand was on my ass. Take into consideration that I did not allow any mans’ hand to be on my ass unless I tell them to do it. I didn’t tell Joe to do it. I don’t think my body told him to do it, never mind the fact that I wanted him to make a move. However, I turned around, and much to my enjoyment he was standing nose to nose with me. We were so close you couldn’t even fit paper between our faces.

It was only then that I felt something happening to my body I have never felt before that night. I wanted him. I wanted him bad. My whole body wanted his. I began to shake as he started to kiss me on the lips so softly. I first thought, ” This isn’t right ”

… Then I just closed my eyes and told myself it was wrong, though I didn’t want him to stop. He embraced me. I embraced him. We embraced each other until I suddenly found myself sitting on some boxes in the cooler with Joe in front of me taking off my clothes bit by bit, as he was kissing me. He was totally taking control of the situation.

I liked it. I wanted him more. I wanted him like you want a ten-inch dildo after Watching porn. As I gave in and laid down letting him seduce me with his lips, I noticed flashlights. From the backdoor, those flashlights walked in.

It was about three of them with badges. Joe and I were totally speechless as they talked. I guess the situation was self-explanatory. We were both in the cooler of a store I ran and we wanted to fuck.

Well, I sure as hell did after he sent shockwaves through my body. The cops kindly walked us outside. I guess I’ll remember to set the alarm next time so they wont be worried about my safety anymore. I was being very well taken care of though.

The cops wasted no time escorting Joe and I outside. They gave us the usual lecture ” knowing better than to have the doors unlocked”. After that, they were ready to head for their homes and settle in for the night.

I could see in their faces that they were amused. Mr. Smith, the chief, wasn’t suprised at us. He was an older man with a little gray in his hair.

I’m pretty sure that he was young once and he’s been through some of the same type of stuff. ” In our day, we went down to the river.” Mr. Smith said with a smile on his face. He opened his driver side door.

We carried on a social type of conversation to mellow out the situation. I needed it too. Although, I was pretending to be mature, I couldn’t hide the embarrassment.

” Now, you kids be good.” Mr. Smith said as he got in his car and drove off with a smile. He was the last one to leave.

I was still worked up from what Joe did to tuzla escort me earlier. I turned around to face Joe.

” So, what now? ” I asked him with a smile on my face.

” We can go back to your place.” Joe told me. He had this assuring look on his eye. He took my hand.

” We don’t have to. ” he said as he gazed into my eyes.

” I want to. ” I told him. However, I couldn’t think of anything better than the thought of Joes’ cock in my tight pussy. I wanted him. I had never wanted anybody that much before.

He was the first guy to make me moisten my cotton thongs. Everything inside me was calling his name.

” Let’s go then. ” Joe said. He had a small grin on his face. He had this amazing confidence. He knew he lit my fire and he wanted to put another log into it.

We got in my brand new Camaro. He said that he’d drive so I handed him the car keys and we got in the car.

The ride to my apartment seemed like forever. Every minute lasted an hour to me, both in my mind and in my pants. I think Joe noticed my hand shaking.

” Joe, I’ve never been this far before.” I said.

” You want to, don’t you?” he asked.

I didn’t really know what to say. I’ve never wanted anybody as much as I wanted him. I admit I had doubts about what to say because I didn’t want to sound “easy” . However, I didn’t want to scare him away either with playing too hard to get.

” Don’t worry sweet cheeks, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to, right? ” Joe asked. It was like he knew exactly the right things to say. I’ve only known him a few hours but he knew exactly what to say and do to make my soul scream.

” True ” I said with reassurance. I had this crazy confidence about him all over again. I knew that he was what I wanted and I wanted him right then.

We finally got to my apartment not a moment too soon. For a moment that is supposed to take your breath away, the anticipation seemed more agitating.

I did not waste any time at all. We got out. I walked to my door, turned around and noticed Joe. He took my breath away again for the ten-billonth time that night. He was standing right behind me. He was so tall and so firm. Yet, when I looked into his eyes, I knew my body was his for the taking.

I had spent my whole life turning down men but I wasn’t going to even try to resist Joe. To be honest, I had my doubts still, was this the right thing to do or not? I remember asking that to myself a lot.

Joe took the key that I had in my hand. He looked at me. He told me that it was forty degrees and he wants in because it’s cold. He wanted to get warmed up.

” I am already. ” I said with a crazy smile on my face. I even said it without hesitating. After I said what I did, I was shocked. I remember blushing so red. I was bold. I was daring. I was a real sexy bitch.

After I thought about it, I was perfectly comfortable. I was going to let the man with the sexy blue eyes invade my soul and hold my heart captive.

” Are you coming in or you like standing outside your door daydreaming? ” Joe said in his usual sarcastic, manly voice.

He was inside in the living room waiting on me. He seemed agitated. I guess I haven’t been a good girl. I went on inside to my thermostat.

” Let’s get it real hot. ” Joe told me with a firm, deep, manipulative voice.

He was standing right behind me at the time, leaning over my shoulders. I could feel his kartal escort warm breath on my neck. He was beginning to rub his hands down my shoulders so slow. It was getting real hot, real fast.

I didn’t waste any time. I slowly reached over my shoulder, took his hand, and began walking to the bedroom. I stopped right in front of my nice queen sized bed. He walked over to the nightstand so slowly and turned the switch on my lamp. I remember just standing there with a virgin grin on my face.

He took two steps over to me. We were face to face with each other. I never wanted anything more at that moment than to feel his warm lips on mine. That’s when it happened.

He put both of his hands on both tips of my shoulders, and he began kissing me. It was soft enough to want more, and firm enough to make me grasp his forearm. His kisses didn’t end at my lips. He gave me kisses everywhere from my lips down all over my neck. While he was making love to my neck, he began unbuttoning my shirt from the top down. I was getting weak at the knees and more helpless as the night was going on. He had total control of my body for however long he needed.

He proceeded to take my shirt off. He began kissing my hands so softly. He began massaging my back with the tips of his fingers. It was nice and slow. That was when he picked me up, and threw me on the bed. I was just laying there smiling looking into those big, gorgeous, blue eyes. He reached behind me, yanked my bra off like a pro, and grabbed my breast like they were a piece of chicken. It felt so good.

He began doing things to my body that wasn’t heard of. I’m not talking about from the outside. I’m talking about from the inside. My heart was racing. My body was shaking. I couldn’t help but throw my arms around him at the time just to hold on. He was definitely sending me down a roller coaster emotionally. If he wanted me hot, I was hot, and getting more sensations every second from my wet pussy.

As I was saying, I had my arms thrown around his head. He had his hands on mine. He was kissing my breast. I was getting slippery everywhere. He had me all wet and juicy already. He took his hands, and slowly pulled off my pants. He took his fingers and caressed my panties until they just slid off my body. He couldn’t stand it anymore. He took his head down south. He began licking my clit slowly not to miss an inch, getting deeper with every stroke. I couldn’t do anything but try to breathe. He then began to do that shit with his tongue that most men do, that wiggling motion. Oh, I just had to scream. It felt damn good. I was surely having an orgasm. I couldn’t stand it.

” Take me. ” I yelled. ” Take me now. ” I yelled even louder. I’m sure the neighbors heard me. At that point in time, I didn’t really care.

Meanwhile he was pulling me closer. He pulled his pants down and he began to stick his fat, juicy cock right where it needed to be. First, he just tickled my pussy with it, teasing me. He let that go on until I grabbed his hair. I told him to fuck me. He then stuck the biggest, most juicy cock in me. He began to fuck me, kind of slow at first. It didn’t take him long to get harder and faster. The rest as they say is history.

The next morning I woke up to find a paper made rose and a note by my bed on the nightstand. It read ” Thanks for the good time. Sincerely, Joe ”

I’ve lived a lot since then and realized what he meant. I don’t regret it. I loved it. I still think that my first time was the best time. He gave me a feeling I have never ever yet matched.

In conclusion, I would like to thank everybody involved. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t be able to share my life with other people. Thank you all. You all know who you are.

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