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Well, to be honest, I really have no one to blame but myself. After accepting a job that kept me out of town 5 days a week, I feared that my wife’s needs weren’t going to be met by me coming home only on the weekends. After doing this routine for over 2 years, our relationship had changed over time, and I sort of thought for the better, as we were having some pretty great sex on the weekends. But what I was soon to come to realize was that during the week, my wife began to turn work appointments into much more than work.

Now, I’ve always encouraged my wife to dress sexier than what she would choose to on her own, because she has a beautiful face, a great smile, but she has amazing tits, which gets her lots of attention. There have been times when we go out of town and I try to get her to wear short skirts and no bra or panties, so I might be able to get her drunk enough to flash other guys. My biggest secret fantasy is to see a young black guy fucking my wife and making her cum until she is completely exhausted, but normally she is pretty conservative and in her job, she needs to keep a very professional image. I recently told her about a certain blue dress that I love, which is short and sparkly and I told her about a dream that I had about her wearing it with nothing at all on underneath it, which I tell you, would make those spectacular tits just mind blowing luscious to everyone that got to see her in it. But I doubted that would ever happen.

So, a few months ago, I get home on Friday night at about 10pm, and I expected to be greeted by my wife, as normal. Have a little dinner, a glass of wine, watch a little TV, go to bed. But when I get there, there is a note for me saying that she was meeting a potential client for dinner and that she might be a little late but to wait up for her, so I did. At just before 1am, I hear a car door close outside and I can hear the click of shoe heels coming up onto the porch and walking towards the front door. So I’m sitting there on the living room couch and she walks in, kisses me on the top of my head and dashes past me for the bathroom, saying she really has to pee. By the way she’s walking, I can tell she’s had a few drinks and is a little tipsy. So after a minute or two, she pops out of the bathroom and heads straight into the bedroom, without saying a word. So I give her a minute or two, I walk into the bedroom, hoping that I might get lucky, and ankara escort find her under the covers rolling over away from me, saying that she drank too much and needed to get to sleep.

So the next morning, after sleeping in quite a bit, she explains that she lost track of time after a few too many drinks with her dinner. After her meeting, she said that she ran into a friend and stayed and hung out with him. I asked her if it was someone that I knew, and she said no, that he was a colleague that I had not met but once they got talking shop, time just flew by and she knew that she had too much to drink and asked him for a ride home so she didn’t have to risk a DUI, which he was glad to do. So later in the day, after going to pick up her car together, she started to hint around that her friend that she was hanging out with was flirting with her a little bit, which she blamed on the drinks. Since I think it’s kind of a turn on seeing guys flirt with my beautiful wife, I wasn’t going to give her a hard time about it, and told her that was no big deal with me, that she’s a beautiful woman and I can’t blame him for flirting with her in those kinds of circumstances, since I know that she would never cheat and that our marriage is strong.

About 2 or 3 weeks later, I get a phone call while I’m driving home and she tells me that she’s going to have dinner with another prospect and that she shouldn’t be late this time. I say “no problem”, of course and look forward to seeing her when I get there. But when I get there, she’s still not back. So I wait up as long as I can and start to fall asleep on the couch, when I hear a car door slam and heels coming up with walkway again. I hear her fumbling with the key in the door lock for like 30 seconds, like she is having a problem and so I get up, unlock the door for her, open the door and there she is pretty drunk again, coming in past midnight. And to top it off, she’s wearing that really hot blue dress that I told her that she would look totally hot in without anything else on underneath. She gives me a little peck on the cheek and races past me to the bathroom. But this time when she comes out, she comes back to give me a big hug and kiss. I can clearly see that she’s pretty drunk and I ask her what happened to her getting home on time so we could hang out. She says that she didn’t want to talk about it because she was really horny and wanted to ankara genç escort make love, right then!

Well, that sounded pretty good to me, especially since she’s wearing that dress. So, we sit down on the couch and start kissing and touching and I discover she’s not wearing a bra, which was awesome! Then as things move on, I discover she isn’t wearing panties either! So at this point I’m totally hard and we get into it hard and heavy. We take turns going down on each other, her first, then me on her, and she’s totally wet. I mean really, really hot and wet. More wet than normal, is what I thought to myself, but I wasn’t going to complain and I start eating her out, and we get to the rest of it and collapse after some really hot sex.

The next day, I get a chance to ask her why she was so late, and she tells me that her appointment called and cancelled at the last minute, but as she was leaving the restaurant that they were supposed to meet at, she ran into her colleague that gave her a ride a couple weeks ago at the bar on the way out and offered to buy him a drink to thank him for the ride. She said that they had a few drinks and thought it was a good idea to eat something too, so they grabbed dinner too. Then she told me that after a couple more drinks with dinner, he told her how hot she looked in that blue dress and was starting to flirt with her again. And she said “since you said that you didn’t mind him flirting with me, I didn’t discourage him either, so as dinner went on, we sat closer together and kissed a little bit, which started to get me pretty wet.”

Well, that surprised me quite a bit, but not as much as what she was about to tell me. She said “I thought about your dream that you told me about how really hot this dress would look without a bra and panties, so I excused myself, went to the bathroom and took them both off and left them in the bathroom.” She said that the excitement of walking through the entire restaurant in that tight dress without a bra and panties was getting her wet and made her nipples extremely hard and they stood out very obviously. When she got back to the table, she could see that James couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits, which bounced a lot and her nipples were totally hard. He immediately told me that he thought I looked hot as hell in that dress, so once she sat back down, she leaned over to him and whispered antalya escort in his ear that she left her bra and panties in the bathroom to make the dress look even better for him.

I was blown away and rock hard by that point.

She said that they sat even closer, she let him rub his hands wherever he wanted and she didn’t stop him, and she could see that he had a very large bulge in his pants too. So as they finished drinks and dinner, she told him that if he could give her a ride home, she would be very, very appreciative. I asked her exactly what that meant, and she said that when they left the restaurant, she had intended to give him a blow job in his car, but that things kind of got out of control and they ended up fucking.

Fucking, I said!! Yes, she said, and that he had cum inside her too. Then she looked at me and said, “Did you realize last night when you were eating my pussy, that you were eating his cum leaking out of my pussy?” I didn’t know exactly how to feel. I was equally repulsed and turned on. I couldn’t believe my sweet faithful wife fucked another guy and I ate his cum out of her. I asked her why he didn’t at least use a condom, and she said that most black guys don’t like to use them.

WHAT? I ate a black guy’s cum out of my white wife’s pussy? Now, I knew that I was going to freak out or something, but I didn’t. I was even more turned on, knowing that my wife finally got some black cock in her, and I was really hoping she liked it. I asked her how that was for her, and she said that she loved it, and wondered if I wouldn’t mind too much if she went on another date with him. After giving this all a minute to sink in, I told her that if she was going to see him again, that 3 things had to happen:

1 – that we had to get her another dress for her to wear for him that compliments her figure.

2 – that she wasn’t going to be allowed to wear a bra or panties from the moment she left the house.

3 – that she needed to come home with another load of his cum in her for me.

Well, needless to say, she quickly agreed to those terms and we went shopping for her dress. The very next Friday night, she called me while I was driving into town that they were going out that night and that she would be sure to bring home a prize for me, and she did.

Two weeks later, when she came home, she told me that when she met James, he had a friend along with him and that she let them both use her as their white wife slut, and that she had 2 very big loads of black cum in her pussy for me to clean up.

So, I guess I got what I asked for, by telling her that I liked it when guys flirted with her and now I am her clean up batter!

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