Chemical Romance: A Day Out Ch. 02

Voyeur Sex


The breeze of cool air that greeted them as they entered the shop was fresh and relaxing, even after walking only two blocks. They were met by an older looking gentleman with a dirty uniform and a scruffy mustache. He tipped his hat to the gang, “Howdy, what can I do for you lovely young ladies?”

“Um, I had a car that got picked up this morning to get fixed and wanted to see how it is coming along.” Alex showed the scruffy man the report from her phone which had all the details from this morning.

He instantly recognized it, “Ah, yep. We actually got that done already, had one of our best technicians work on it. They’re finishing up now if you just fill out this short form you can go in and get it.” It took Alex less than 5 minutes to finish up the paperwork, it seemed to be a company that was too good to be true with their service. The back was cluttered with vehicles being worked on filling up the entire area. They watched workers wipe sweat from their brows before getting back to work as they passed.

They came up to Alex’s car and a figure that was bent over exposed engine, wiping down some parts. And the scruffy man came up to tell them that they were here to pick the car up.

Cat assumed it was a guy from afar, but as they got closer, the hips that were filling out the uniform seemed wider than average.

The worker, obviously a woman, turned around to tell manager she was wiping down the last of the parts and the car was ready. While doing so she caught eyes with Alex and let out a small gasp.

“Alex! Is that you?!” she seemed quite delighted seeing her and Alex responded the same way,

“Jo! You work here now?!”

“Yea, I just started a month ago!”

Audrey and Cat weren’t sure what to say as the Alex and the mechanic woman started talking up a storm and catching up.

Cat couldn’t help noticing the gorgeous hips this woman had, she wondered how a woman with such a great body would want to work in a dirty, greasy auto shop. She decided not to question it, but Audrey wasn’t as .

“Hmm she talks a lot but she does have some nice features,” Audrey whispered to Cat while keeping her eyes locked on the woman’s frame. “It’s a shame she’s in that dirty uniform, I wish we could see her out of it.” Cat wanted to resist the thoughts, but she had already gone over the edge of being horny. She surprised herself saying back, “Well I mean it’s cool in the front room but this area is just as hot as outside if not hotter. I wonder if she’ll peel away at least the top part.”

Audrey was happily surprised with this response from Cat. “Oh, I see you can’t help yourself any longer hmm? Well, I think I just might mention the heat.”

Alex then rejoined the two, “Hey guys, I know we’re really trying to get some food, but she’s on break now that she’s done with my car, do you think we could stay for just a few minutes to talk? She’s an ex of mine but we’re still good friends, and it’d be nice to catch up.”

Audrey and Cat didn’t object and followed the two to a break room off to the side, which wasn’t much cooler than the rest of the backroom. Alex and her friend began to talk about recent events and ended up discussing the heat outside eventually, and Audrey easily spotted her opportunity.

“Yea I didn’t expect it to be so hot today, I can’t imagine how you guys feel with those thick one-piece uniforms on.” Audrey butted into their conversation, “If I was you I would’ve already taken off the uniform.”

The woman laughed, “Ha, you know I might just for now, I wore too much under it today, didn’t know it would be sweltering out. I mean we’re all girls here, I don’t mind.” With that Cat had her eyes locked on her as she unzipped her uniform and peeled it down her arms, then back and finally wide hips. Audrey and cat watched like two pre-pubescent boys while inch after inch of the uniform peeled off the sweaty, glistening skin underneath. She said she put too much on but all she had on under the uniform was a pair of shorts and a tight t-shirt.

Audrey was quite pleased with what she saw. The woman didn’t have very exemplary breasts but her hips were perfect. They bowed out in a perfect curve, stretching her shorts

Cat initially wondered why athletic shorts had been the undergarmet of choice for her, then the woman turned to face Alex and she saw the reason, a large, familiar reason. There was a bulge barely poking out of the fabric. She couldn’t believe it, she met two futas in one day?! This woman must be the one ex that Alex had mentioned last week. Then the futa woman turned again to bend down and get her food from the mini fridge in the break room. Cat again had a supple butt staring her down and her member started to grow as she thought about it. The futas boxers raised up a bit as she bent over and her butt was nearly visible. Audrey was hoping hard that she would get to see something, but alas nothing showed. The woman stood back up and realized as she had been looking at Alex’s body, sweaty from the heat, she had begun to grow a little herself and quickly covered her crotch.

“Oh ankara escort bayan crap I’m sorry, I didn’t say, I kinda have both ‘you-know-whats'” She seemed rather nonchalant about this, but luckily everyone else was familiar.

“Don’t worry I’m the same, actually it’s nice to meet another futa.” Cat, embarrassed, let her growing member show a little through her pants. It impressed the other futa, “Woah! That’s huge! Although I like not being too big.” she laughed more, “With these hips and this thing between my legs, I can take OR receive it, and I like it that way!” As she said this she turned around and patted her butt then turned back and made motions of thrusting her hips. Not quite consistent with her figure and looks, she seemed a bit of a butch type.

Cat was enjoying every second of this, but she started to grow more and more, and the headband she had put on might not be enough. Alex saw this and tried to hurry along the conversation. “Well it was great seeing you, hehe, still looking good, but we have plans for the day. We’re going out to eat right now.”

And the futa was understanding, “Oh, hey, good food sounds like what I need right now, this measly sub isn’t quite enough, and I’m off work now. Think I could come with you guys? I’ll get the car pulled up for you.” Alex looked over at the other two and didn’t need to ask as she simply saw both of their eyes ogling the futa’ body.

It sounded brand new as they pulled it up and Alex was excited to drive as she got behind the wheel, “Thanks for the fix! See you again soon!” and Audrey shouted, “Next stop, fooooooood!”

They whizzed through the traffic to get to the restaurant they had delayed so long. Alex was driving erratically, but was only rushing to get to the place. “Where is it again?” she asked Audrey.

“It’s the Crest Vista on the North side of town, just get on the highway and it’ll go almost right to it.”

The drive would take a few minutes and Cat was sat in the back with the other new futa, with Audrey helping Alex navigate to the restaurant. She was still trying to keep her cock in her pants and adjusting the new band she got, but the rubbing only made it worse.

The other futa noticed quickly, “Dang that thing is unreal! It’s so long, I bet you all can have a lot of fun with that.” she gave Cat a friendly pat on her thigh obviously trying to get a feel of the thing. It sent a small shock up Cat’s spine. She wanted to keep it down but everything today, one thing after another was making her want to give in.

Cat didn’t want to resist and gave her a pat back on her own thigh, close to where she had just recently seen her bulge. The butch futa was hoping she would do this and held Cat’s hand in hers as she began to talk. “So we didn’t properly get to introduce ourselves. My name is Jen, I went out with Alex quite a long time ago, at least it feels that way. It was before I was as comfortable with my body as I am now.” She stared down at her crotch where her hand holding Cat’s was only inches from the bulge that Cat saw had begun to grow.

Cat was sweating, Jen’s cock grew another inch, hers grew three. She was quite hungry and wanted to be able to go into the restaurant but this woman was successfully pushing her to give in to carnal desires. Her hand was still on her thigh. It felt firm and strong, not just toned like Audrey, but real muscle hiding beneath the curvy facade. It was wide and her working pants were stretched thin over them.

The feeling of just her thigh was getting Cat off more. The sight and feel of Jen’s body as they continued to talk about their own relationships with Alex was a lot to handle. She might’ve put Jen’s hand on her own upper thigh if not for Audrey asking them about the meal.

“So are you guys up for getting a dessert together? They have amazing stuff here, I go all the time. There are cakes and pies, puddings and custards, like anything you could want!”

Cat snapped her hand off of Jen’s thigh when Audrey had turned around, now glad she would have time to cool down before getting there. “That sounds great, yea. I’d love something sweet afterwards.” She said this but hoped she wouldn’t have to eat much of whatever it was because it would just add to the load that had been starting to build inside her since this morning. Regardless of how much she could keep her erections to a minimum, the amount of semen being stored up was consistent. Maybe, she thought to herself, if they can just get through the meal, she could relieve herself in the bathroom before they left for the movie.

The Crème Vista was a restaurant that attempted to appear as having competitively high standards. In actuality, it wasn’t the high-class place it aspired to be, but for what it was, it had class. They were met with a group of well-dressed waiters as they walked in the building and were promptly taken to a booth in the back.

Alex and Audrey had gone in slightly ahead of Cat and Jen who were each fixing up their lower halves before entering. Luckily they had both calmed down enough and soon found mersin escort bayan Audrey and Alex sitting down in the same side of the booth, leaving Cat closed in the other side with Jen on the outside.

They each took a menu as their server came over to the table. A woman with smooth mocha skin and a big, bushy head of hair amount of hair came up to the booth, introduced herself as Annie, and begun taking their orders.

“Oh yes, I’ll take a Caesar salad with ranch and the honey dijon chicken.” Alex ordered first

Audrey hadn’t gotten to interact with Cat for a little bit so she looked over at her as she ordered next, “that sounds good, I’ll take the salad too, but with extra of that thick, creamy ranch.”

She emphasized the last words directly at Cat, whose member promptly sprung back up now.

Cat, trying to focus as she ordered fettuccine with chicken and dry sauce.

Jen saw what Audrey was doing and wanted to join in on the fun, “Well, the small sirloin looks super good and juicy. Could I have that with extra steak sauce; I like my meat nice and moist.” She was almost going too far, then she did, “Oh, ma’am, I think you dropped your pen behind you.

The naive woman turned around and bent over looking for a pen. Jen took in all she could while Cat seriously pondered if God was testing her with a barrage of butts today. The woman obviously didn’t find anything and went back to give the orders.

Audrey loved having someone with them that did things like she would too. “Man, I’m glad you came along Jen, you’re someone I feel like I could really get to know.”

Jen took that seriously and teased with her, “Well, be careful what you wish for.”

Audrey couldn’t see it, but Cat, in the same booth, saw Jen’s hand massaging her crotch as she said it. Geez! This woman even beat out Audrey at being a pervert it seemed. Cat had to clear her head of this stuff lest her pants get ripped again, so she decided to ask Jen about her relationship with Alex.

“So… Jen, you and Alex know each other well?”

Jen came back to the conversation after thinking about their waitress undressed and pressed up against a wall, “Oh, yea, Alex and I were in a relationship a couple years ago. We had met at the beach south of here, and well, I got one good look at her body and knew I needed to talk her.” She laughed some more, “Well I didn’t know she wasn’t interested in much physically, but we connected and had a good time. But you can tell what I like, I had needs, and because of them, we drifted away a bit. But it wasn’t sad, we remained friends and talked every so often. It wasn’t bad ’cause our relationship was more like a close friendship in the first place so it wasn’t much different.” She looked back at Alex, intently, “Part of me wonders what it would’ve been like if we stayed together but…” she trailed off but quickly tried to get back in her confident mood, “Ha but that’s in the past I suppose.”

Alex looked back at her as if to say ‘I wonder too’, but Audrey butted into their moment,

“Man Alex, maybe you should’ve gone a bit longer to see what that thing she’s packing feels like.”

Jen looked at her now, “Oh that would’ve been nice to see. Mmm, I know this girl has a personality that is eager to please, but I don’t know how well she would’ve handled this thing.”

She again put her hand on her huge bulge, giving it a slight rub, “But geez, don’t tell me you went and started off with her monster of a cock.” Now her left hand was on her own lap and her right was on Cat’s.

‘Oh fuck’ Cat thought, ‘At this point I’d almost rather she jerk me off under the table so it would be over.’

“Oh no I haven’t ever been on the receiving end of that thing,” technically Alex was true in saying this, “I’m not sure if it would even be possible.”

“Oh, it’d be possible,” Jen had given Cat another quick squeeze as she said this and Cat was too far gone to oppose it. Her throbbing member had been leaking minute amounts of precum into the shaft and now this squeeze pushed them out the tip. Jen carried on then stopped, “It’d just take a lot of doing but… oh, it looks like you’ve ‘spilled’ something, let me help you.” She took the cloth napkin and started to rub around the tip of Cat’s bulge, disregarding the fact that they were in a decent restaurant, and took her time as she soaked up the liquid.

Cat just wanted to let her do it, that’s all her mind could focus on right now, but she knew that the amount would just keep increasing and her dick would keep growing, “Ooph, I’m sorry thanks for helping Jen but, oh gosh, that’s just going to make it worse.”

“Well if that’s how you want it.” Jen pulled back and folded the napkin in her lap despite that the corner that was soaked in precum began to permeate the rest of it.

Audrey was loving the atmosphere they were in right now, it got her thinking about how Jen would be like in a more private situation and now she directed herself towards her, “Well I’ve dealt with Cat before, I haven’t been on the receiving end, that’s just madness, izle but if I can handle her, handling you would be a piece of cake.”

“Ho ho, is that a challenge? Cause…” Jen was interrupted by the waiter coming back with their food.

“Hello, I’ve got all of your orders right here.” She placed down all the food and as hungry as she was, this pulled Audrey away from the flirting with Jen. It seemed to have the same effect on Jen too as she stared down the sizable chunk of sirloin before. It was indeed smothered in sauce as she had requested and in her current excited state even this gave her a twitch down below as it made her think of all the juices Audrey might produce. Cat was relieved at the arrival of their meals, she wanted more than anything to relieve herself now but there was no way she could even get up to leave without causing a scene.

So the four finally had a bit of calmness to their meal, apart from Audrey moaning way too much at the good tasting food. Jen got to recall more of her and Alex’s time together, noting several occasions where she strained herself not to try anything with Alex while she was changing or taking a shower. But also times where they spent intimate moments together and connected.

“That night under the stars in Florida….” Jen looked off into space as if she was in that moment right now, “It was beautiful being there with her, we just cuddled all night and laughed a heck of a lot.” She trailed off for a bit.

They had all been so hungry that their food was eaten in no time, and sat resting after they had devoured the last morsels. All four were slouched down, lazy, enjoying the tastes and their full stomachs. Jen, however, wasn’t fully sated and had an idea.

“Hey guys, do you know about the cavern cake they have here?”

Everyone else looked at her in confusion, “No” Alex started, “never heard of it.”

“Well that’s ’cause it’s a secret item on the menu, and you have to ask directly for it. It’s the best cake you’ve ever had, it’s fluffier than cotton and it’s absolutely coated in cream and icing. But the secret is, the ingredients used to make it are delicate, so they have a special backroom that you eat it in. It’s really dark to help protect the cake from light. And it gives you a better sense of taste and touch since you aren’t using your eyes as much.”

Cat wondered if she was right about this, but more so she wondered about the cost, “That sounds great but also expensive, I’m not sure if we can afford it.” She was also hoping the cost would make it so she wouldn’t have to eat any more sweets.

“Nonsense! I’ll pay for it myself, I love them way too much and can only rarely get them cause, well, you of all people should know what sugar like that does.”

Cat was unsure how she knew this but apparently, it must have the same effect on Jen as well. She was about to object, but Audrey and Alex seemed all too excited to try it, “Yeah! Cat let’s do it!”

Before Cat could say anything Jen had the waitress over, spoke with her about it, and the four were getting up to go to the backroom.


It certainly was dark, there were none but a couple lights placed around the small, nearly cramped room. A single, round wooden table filled up the middle and they gathered around it. Jen planned carefully to be right next to Audrey and while she went behind her to get to her spot, she let her hand drag across Audrey’s butt, which almost seemed pointed out for that very reason. She looked back, slyly at Audrey, and Audrey gave her the same look. Luckily it was dark so the others couldn’t see it but Jen’s cock was as hard as it could get and trying to escape its prison in her pants. A bead of wetness dripped down from her crotch and ran along her inner thigh while she fantasized about Audrey and getting her hands on her butt again and more.

However, a moment later their waitress appeared carefully maneuvering a tray covered by a large lid into the room and gently set it down on the table. The waitress slowly lifted the lid away and revealed a succulent looking dome of pure dessert. The entirety was slathered in thick frosting and cream, with a few exotic fruits at the top of it. What little light was in the room shown off the reflective coating of the cake and made it look wondrous.

“All right, I hope you enjoy it, just remember not to let too much light in the room.” And with that, the waitress passed out their plates and left.

Jen immediately cut herself a hefty slice, with Alex and Audrey soon following suit, eager to taste the glorious cake they were promised. Cat started down at her bulge then back up at the cake, unsure if she should partake.

Jen’s eyes rolled back, and she let out an erotic moan as she piled the first bit into her mouth, “Ohhhh, this is heaven.”

Alex and Audrey let out the same moan as they bit into the fluffy, creamy goodness.

Audrey then saw Cat hadn’t indulged yet, “Cat what are you doing? You HAVE to try this!” Audrey then went back to stuffing her face. Even Alex was enamoured by it and patted Jen’s arm while telling her how a good an idea this was. However what she didn’t see, and that Cat did, was that while the other arm was shoveling cake into her mouth, the arm she touched was pressing hard against her crotch.

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