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Subject: SMUSH QUICKIE: Caribbean Cruise Control My content is ALWAYS for mature audiences 18 and up. NO EXCEPTIONS! Chocolate-flavored erotica all day! SMUSH QUICKIE: Cruise Control Part One I’m on this seven-day Caribbean cruise, chilling in the cabin adjacent to mine. This nigga I’ve gotten acquainted with had invited me over to his room to fuck. We’re tipsy after taking some shots of Bacardi at the tiki lounge on the main deck below. He’s licking his lips and staring me down. I could see it in his eyes he’s ready to pounce. I pull down his swim trunks, and what slips out has left me utterly speechless as fuck. A colossal size dick that’s as hard as a gem. It’s certainly a hidden treasure. A rare black diamond. He slams it on my face and then orders me to kiss it. I kiss the head while looking up to gaze upon his beauty. He strips out of his tank top, showing off his manly chest. It’s tatted up with nipple rings and bulging like his penis. In a deep velvety baritone, he orders me to suck his raging black dick. I’m on my knees, slurping and gagging like a bitch. He palms my head and roughly fucks my throat. Every time I gag I feel his dick harden. His dick is coated with tons of my spit. I’m still looking at him as he indulges in the warmness and wetness of my experienced mouth on his shit. I savor the flavor of his throbbing manhood oozing with the thickness of bittersweet pre-cum. I experience a case of lockjaw firsthand. One must learn to suffer for a taste of good dick. He orders me to strip out of my new swim trunks so he can feast on my ripe, plump, juicy, fat ass. I pull them off in a blink of an eye and position myself to get my ass eaten out. His long stiff tongue is teasing my hole, gliding on the rim and causing it to pucker. A less than humble moan manages to escape. Damn his tongue is so motherfucking deep. It’s tickling my walls but I don’t plan on laughing. I plan on getting my shit gutted out. Part Two I’m dining in between his asscheeks, sampling his foreign cuisine. The shit tastes good. He’s showing off his octave range as he continues to beg for the dick. Oh, he’s gonna get it. My tongue is swirling inside that ass, making him lose a large portion of his marbles. I command him to spread his asscheeks apart so I can split that shit like Moses did the Red Sea. He parts those cheeks to let me spit in his hole, getting that shit lubed up and ready. I press the head of my dick against the opening, charging my way inside of his ass. He’s already screaming. I barely slid the head in. I order him to shut the fuck up and relax. He deeply inhales and grants me access. I let his ass know what a good boy he’s being. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. I pile on the compliments as I inch myself in. I’m putting his rectum at ease so I can fuck it. Half of my dick is stained with his ass milk. As far as the other half, I’m working on it. I’m almost there kocaeli escort and then he leapfrogs off. He curls up like a child, trembling and shit. I order him to bring his ass back over here. He’s taking his sweet-ass time, so I tell him to stay right there that I’ll come to him. He’s up against the headboard with nowhere to run. I spit on my dick then order him to spread `em. Eureka! I’ve rediscovered the point of entry. I’m sliding into his midsection, forcing him to cry. I taste his salty teardrops and console him through the process of getting that ass tapped again and again. I’m nibbling on his earlobe in hopes that it’ll open his boy-pussy up to my self-entitled dick. I love a challenge and I don’t ever back down. I’m pushing forward, and he can vouch for that shit. Part Three I can smell the rum and my bootyhole on his breath as he’s thrusting his dick into the pit of my ass. It feels like a sword is slicing me in half. My internal organs haven’t felt anything like it. I’m screaming at the top of my motherfucking lungs, crying out for some goddamn alleviation. He offers none at all as he proceeds to drill into the soft foundation of my second hole. Then he strikes gold by finding my G-spot. I reach for the nearest pillow, planting my face. I’m praying to God that He gives me the strength to overcome the task of being this nigga’s bottom. The louder I scream the rougher he gets. My asscheeks are clenching with so much pressure that it has the potential to produce diamonds. He tells me that I mind as well give my ass up that he’s going to end up taking my shit anyway. I tell him to go ahead that my shit belongs to him. He’s robbing me of every ounce of my integrity. I ask him to let me ride his dick so he can celebrate being inside of me all night long. He tells me that’s the spirit and then exits out my shit. My hole feels emancipated from all of my anxiety. He’s got my bootyhole, wide open for business, and I’m about to make him a loyal customer to my brand. He rolls over on his back, and his erection is waiting as it’s in desperate need of my services tonight. I slowly sit my ass down upon it while contracting my anus the entire way down. To show him that I’m truly serious about fucking I slide my ass down to the base of his dick. He looks so proud as his dick swells with pride. He grips my ass and then tells me to giddyup. I begin spinning like a lit carousel. Back and forth, up and down, getting myself lost. He’s on a vacation within a vacation. My boy-pussy is paradise, hidden in my valley. Palm trees, ocean breezes, all that good shit. I bet my hole tasted like a piña colada. Time to get this motherfucker drunk off my shit. Happy hour begins now. It’s five o’clock somewhere. Part Four It took a little bit of adjusting on his part, but he’s finally getting used to me being inside of him. Now he’s looking like he’s in his element as he rides the fuck kocaeli escort bayan out of my swollen penis. The bed is rocking while the boat is swaying. I hope we don’t get seasick while we’re fucking. I reach for his nipples. They’re smooth and hard. Reminds me of the pebbles near the shores we docked on. I can imagine us fucking on the beach as the waves crash onto our naked bodies. Sugary sands, pristine waters, and a glorious sunset as I stroke his bootyhole. I’m thinking only if, but I’m satisfied with this whole situation currently taking place. I sit myself up and wrap my arms around him, embracing the true sexiness of his body. He’s moaning as I suck on his nipples like a bottle. His hole’s hot and humid with my dick still inside. I roll this nigga over onto his back while humping in between his warm, tender thighs. He wraps himself around me and says to go slow that there’s no need to rush. He’s right about that. I look him in the eyes and tell him not to worry. His hands got a strong firm grip on my ass. He pulls me in closer and kisses me deeply. My strokes are becoming more lethal by the second. He’s having slight convulsions, and I can feel his thighs tensing. He tells me to pause that I’ve discovered a new spot. Then he confesses that I’ve exceeded his expectations. His nails are buried into the wings of my back. I’m kissing on his neck, breaking down his defenses. I tell him to relax and to let the dick flow. His legs are holding me hostage by my torso. I’m still on my grind pulverizing his pussy. I tell him it’s okay to go ahead and scream. He yells in my ear almost making me deaf. I don’t give a fuck who hears us out there. I want to make it known that I’m laying down that pipe. He’s such a crybaby and it’s turning me on. I like to see emotion when I’m fucking some ass. My heart is as big as my massive ding-a-ling, and according to this nigga, that’s pretty damn huge. Part Five He removes his dick and then licks the sweet nectar dripping out from the inside of my hole. I’m holding my legs back, watching him lick me, and I must admit, his tongue game is sufficient. I close my eyes and imagine him between my Egyptian cotton sheets, giving me that dick. I’ll cook and clean while he keeps his shit hard. That’s what the fuck I need in my life. I’m sitting on money so I won’t be needing his. He’s probably got a spouse, or a range of groupies, waiting on him to get back from his trip. With dick that good, there’s no way in hell this motherfucker is going to convince me he’s single. Of course, a nigga like me knows better, but I honestly don’t give any fucks whatsoever. He sneaks his dick back inside of me and then orders me to keep my legs raised to the sky. He does it so fast I had no time to think. All I can do is just nod my head yes. His long strokes dominate my mind body and soul. I can’t even close my motherfucking mouth. He unexpectedly hawk-spits izmit escort inside of it, then labels me as his nasty little bitch. I co-sign, confirming I’m very much that as I tell him to fuck my bitch-ass even harder. He’s ramming his dick inside my boy-pussy, making it splash like the pool downstairs. Then he triggers my newfound spot. I cross my legs mid-air as I tremble. He holds my legs close and goes to town on this ass. I’m gripping the sheets and shouting profanities. He warns me that I better not dare push him out. I assure him that I wouldn’t dare do such a thing before encouraging him to keep doing what he’s doing. He orders me to spread my legs open for his dick. I spread them shits wide like an oriental fan. Wow, I feel that dick so fucking deep. I let him know he’s the fucking man right now, and I’m officially his ho for the remainder of this cruise. Like I told this nigga, my shit is paradise. A quaint little getaway for him to enjoy. Part Six He’s considered lucky my niggas couldn’t make it. They would’ve had a blast spit-roasting his ass. Seems like the type to enjoy that shit. I can smell the sluttiness emitting from his pores. The stimulating odor of lube and ass, a familiar stench from fucking hoes back home. His bootyhole has a new feel to the shit. The tightness, the grip, the depth, all of it. He’s beating his meat and gripping his sack, enjoying the elongated elegance of my dick. He looks defenseless as I choke his ass. I spit in his face for being a punk-ass bitch. He happily smears my loogie, which reeks of Bacardi, all over his beautiful face. He says he can’t wait for my cum to splash on him. I’m brewing a fresh batch in the pit of my sack. It’s roasting real nicely in between those asscheeks. My unborns are close to fucking hatching from my dick. He lets me know he’s on the verge of climax. His dick’s locked and loaded, prepared to fire shots. My long stroke keeps on disturbing his trigger, and I’m hoping to see a friendly-fire take place. Though rare, sometimes niggas give themselves facials or pearl necklaces from skeeting too hard. Their nuts compile an assortment of pressure, then once released, they’re smothered in baby gravy from the face down, feeling so fulfilled. I predict that’ll be the fate of this smut as I continue to pound his guts to oblivion. His bootyhole’s saucy like blue cheese dressing smothering his tossed salad, keeping it drenched. The thickness of his juice drowns me in ecstasy. I sink to the bottom like most heavy objects, anchoring myself to his pelvic floor. A geyser of cum shoots out from his dick, spraying his neck, chest, and belly as one. He caresses the semen on his body like lotion. I quickly pull out and then flash flood his face. His whole shit is laminated with warm wet semen, germinating my seeds in the soil of his pores. I dick down his throat to get my shit squeaky clean. He devours my dick on some professional shit. Guess me and this slut is shacking up until we port. Then we’ll part ways. Story of my sex life. If you enjoyed or have feedback, hit up my email. [email protected] ALWAYS KNOW YOUR zon/author/lawrencelaghost

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