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Subject: Cadence – Chapter 8 This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and is protected under copyright laws. The author retains all rights. No reproduction is allowed without the author’s consent. Conversations and feedback are appreciated to Greyson B. via email ail. The emails I have received thus far are greatly appreciated. If you enjoy this story, please support the Nifty archives today with a thoughtful donation by visiting fty/. This story will contain graphic depictions of sex between males of teen and adult ages (M/m, m/m). If this is an issue for you or the laws where you live, you are obviously in the wrong place. Also, this is a story with plot, not merely wank material. You have been warned. I have begun posting a new story in the Gay / high school section, called A Ghost Finds a Body. Feel free to check it out. Cadence Part 8 Cade felt awkward when they first started coming over, because every week Mr. and Mrs. Sendic would provide snacks and drinks, and would always order dinner for everyone, usually pizza. As much as he and Jordan scraped by with food, having so much pushed on them felt like too much. At one point Cade even said something to that effect. Respectfully, of course. Another week he had begged some extra cash from Duncan and tried to pay for the pizza. But Mrs. Sendic made him put his money away. Cade was pretty sure she knew they weren’t too well off. It didn’t take long before Jordan was coming over with Cade, and he and Brian got along famously. One week the two boys were invited to spend the night after gaming. Then another week. Soon that became the normal routine. Now it was habit. Friday after school they both went there, and didn’t go home until after dinner Saturday. It always gave Cade something to look forward to, a guaranteed bright spot in every week. It even gave him a way to start getting out again, since most Saturdays he and Nathan would try to find a skate park to hit up for a few hours, depending on the weather. On rainy Saturdays they would stay in and do video game marathons. That night’s game was awesome. Some weird evil knight was following them around, and even though they killed him twice, he kept showing back up. Epic times were had by all. It did get a little abnormal after the game, when it was mentioned that Simon was also spending the night. A bit after Cade heard this, he managed to find a moment to pull Nathan to the side. Usually someone else staying over involved an event. Like, a birthday or something. Or a problem being worked around. “Is everything okay?” asked Cade. “Simon isn’t usually one to stay overnight.” Looking a bit confused, Nathan said, “It’s not a problem is it? Do you two have a problem I don’t know about?” “No, nothing like that,” said Cade. “It’s just weird, is all. Simon’s stayed over, what, once? Is everything okay?” Nathan laughed. “I think somebody is a little jealous!” he poked Cade in the side. Cade twitched away at the tickling. “Am not,” he giggled, but then added more seriously, “I just know when something unusual happens, there is usually something wrong.” “Well I can’t say that there is or is not something problematic going on,” said Nathan. “I also can’t say whether our resident Dwarf could or could not really use a friend to ask him that exact question.” “The Dungeon Master never interferes, right?” said Cade with a grin. “You got it!” The next hour was spent goofing off with a variety of Nintendo party games, stuff that all three boys could play together. Brian knew full well that if he ever wasn’t up to company, Jordan would stay downstairs with Cade in the basement, but tonight, he had grabbed Jordan’s hand the moment the D&D game was over and they had raced upstairs to Brian’s bedroom. Duncan had said his goodbyes very soon after, when his dad came and izmit sınırsız escort bayan picked him up. After that, it was all trash talk and laughter. “You guys want anything to drink or anything?” asked Nathan as he tossed down his controller. When both of the other boys said no, Nathan stood up and said, “Well I need to go check in upstairs on some stuff and go grab a shower.” Simon was concentrating on the game, so when Cade looked up at his friend, Nathan pointedly nodded toward their friend, basically ordering him to talk to Simon. Cade nodded, and the older boy headed up the stairs. The room was quiet for a bit, with just the sounds coming from the video game on the TV. Finally Cade spoke up. “So my guy, what’s up with you and Dwarves? They’re like, the grungies of Faerun!” “What?” laughed Simon. “Dwarves are awesome. You’re just jealous because they’re taller than you!” “Every race is taller than me,” giggled Cade. “Brian’s Gnome is taller than me, and he’s 11!” “Yeah, what’s up with that?” “Uh uh,” said Cade. “I asked you first. Me being shorter than a Goblin can be discussed later. Right now, spill. What’s this thing with Dwarves? Nathan said your last character was a Dwarf, too.” “I don’t know,” said Simon. He was still watching the screen, keeping most of his attention on the game. “They have all the best abilities and stats. Aaand they have awesome backstory!” “If you say so!” “Hey, you asked, numbnuts!” Simon was sitting on the floor, back against the other end of the couch that Cade was sitting on. Cade looked over at his gaming buddy, kind of half studying him. Simon was a year older than Cade, but also a freshman, attending the same school as Nathan. And even being a year younger, he was taller than Nathan. That was why Cade found it so funny that Simon played a Dwarf, when he was already over six foot tall. Still, the ice was broken. It was time for Cade to go in for the kill. “So you and I are friends, right?” Cade asked cautiously. “Yeah, of course,” said Simon, still distracted with his game. “So what’s going on? Is everything alright? I know you sad a few weeks ago that Phil was being an asshole.” Phil was Simon’s stepdad, and was a real piece of work, from what he had told the group. He was a deacon at Simon’s church, and yet couldn’t stay sober, among other issues. It didn’t sound like Phil was mean or anything, just selfish and hard to get along with. Simon pulled his legs up to his chest, wrapping his arms around his knees. “Yeah, I suppose everything’s fine, I guess. Why?” “I don’t know,” said Cade. “I just can’t remember the last time you stayed over here at Nathan’s.” “He told you, didn’t he.” Simon made it a statement, not a question. “Nathan didn’t tell me shit,” said Cade. “In fact, he was very adamant that if I had questions, I should ask you.” The room was silent for a good minute. Finally, Simon said, “Yeah, I think everything’s alright. They are doing some kind of a couples therapy thing, trying to make up for being assholes to each other or something.” Cade paused, waiting to hear if Simon wanted to say more, then said, “Well, maybe something good will come out of it, right? So that’s why you are here? They needed you gone so they could make kissy-face?” Simon chuckled dryly. “Something like that. But yeah, that’s why I’m here.” “Cool,” said Cade. “Glad you could hang out with us.” “Since we’re asking questions and finding out stuff, can I ask you something back?” “Of course,” said Cade. “Anything. You know Caliban’s an open book.” Simon didn’t laugh at the lame joke, instead pausing the game and setting the controller down beside him. However, instead of turning to look at Cade, he continued staring at the paused game. “You said you are, like, gay, right?” Cade looked at Simon to see where he might lead with this. Cade had made no attempt to hide his sexuality evinde görüşen escort from his gaming buddies. In fact, the first time one of them had playfully asked what kind of girls he liked, he nonchalantly responded with, “The kind that have matching plumbing to me.” It took a couple of them a few minutes to get it, but the harshest reaction Cade had had to endure was an occasional crass joke about their characters being afraid Caliban might hit on them. None of the guys had seemed to give it much importance at all. It as just one of Cade’s features: short, total nerd, good skater, killer grades, liked cock. “Yeah,” said Cade. “Why, what’s up?” “So then, if you like dicks, then could I ask you something?” asked Simon. “Something just between us?” “Of course. Just you and me. What’s up?” The atmosphere was taking a turn in a weird direction for Cade. He had never really detected any vibes off Simon that he might he gay as well. In fact, as far as Cade knew, he was the only non-straight guy in their gaming circle. Maybe Simon was thinking he might be bi or something? Simon pulled himself up off the floor and kind of flowed up onto the couch. He was really tall, but he wasn’t heavy, wasn’t big. Simon had a good, average build. A good, average built that he then scooted down the couch until he was right up against Cade. “Well, I was wondering,” said Simon, looking down at his lap, ” if it might be possible…” Really? Was Simon about to come out? Was he about to confide in Cade? He braced himself, already thinking about how he might respond. Thinking through ways he could offer encouragement, even support, to his friend. He thought it an honor that Simon would think enough of him as to come out to him first. Wait, if he was coming out, was he about to try to ask Cade out? How should he handle that, if that was indeed what Simon was about to say. After all, if Cade was the only gay teen Simon knew, then it might seem obvious to ask him out. Ugh, that would be a mess. Cade already had a dream boyfriend he was saying no to, James of the third period office assistance, and of course, Duncan. “Alright,” thought Cade. “We got this. Encouraging and supportive, but let him down easy.” Simon appeared to steel himself to say what he wanted to say. “So I was wondering, since you are gay,” Simon looked up to glance at Cade’s eyes. “Would you suck me off?” “What? Why would you ask that?” Simon looked confused. “Well, you’re gay, right? You like sex with guys. So help me out. I gotta know what it feels like to get sucked off!” “But are you gay?” asked Cade. “No way!” exclaimed Simon. “But that doesn’t matter. A mouth’s a mouth right? You like dick, I’ve got a dick. Win-win, right?” “You’re a moron,” said Cade, shaking his head. “You know that, right? Are you just going to jump on any girl that asks?” “Hell yeah,” said Simon excitedly. “I’m not going to be picky at all. I’m asking you, aren’t I?” “Really? What about…” Cade racked his brain for an example. “What about the girl in Shallow Hal?” They had just watched that movie a few weeks ago.” “Hell yeah! Gwyneth Paltrow’s hot!” “No, the chick she’s playing. What about any of your teachers?” “Hot older woman? Bring it on! Everyone else in class would be jealous.” Cade was getting a little frustrated. “Fine, go ask your mom.” “Ew. I’ve been in her vagina once! That was enough!” Simon said with a laugh. “Besides, I’m only asking where there’s a chance they’ll say yes.” “Well I’m not saying yes,” said Cade. He pulled his knees up and hugged them to his chest. “But you’re not saying no,” said Simon, putting his arm around Cade’s shoulders. “Come on, help a buddy out. It’s not like I’m gonna tell anybody.” Cade say there trying to figure out the situation. What the hell was going on here? Was he really some slut, running around chasing dick? For real, it was true that kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan all the sex Cade had had so far was stuff he hadn’t chosen. Kevin and Duncan both were not exactly steady boyfriends. Would this really be any different? No, both of the people Cade has slept with had been situations forced on him. Simon wasn’t forcing himself, at least not yet. And here, he should be safe. After all, Nathan was right upstairs, along with his whole family. Even if Simon got mad, he couldn’t do anything. “Are you trying to force me here?” “What? Hell no!” said Simon, once again confused. “I’m offering you a free dick to suck. Free experience! I’m doing you a favor, my guy.” “Yeah, right. I’m good.” Cade tried to shrug Simon’s arm off his shoulders. “Awe, come on,” said Simon. He pulled the smaller boy to him in an awkward attempt at a side hug. “Please? Help me out. Balrog will owe Caliban a favor.” “Come on, yourself,” said Cade as he tried to slip out of Simon’s grasp. “Please Simon. You’re making me feel really weird here.” “How am I making you feel weird?”asked Simon as he let Cade go. “I’m the one getting turned down here. And you’re all acting like I’m forcing you to do something you already want to do.” Cade slipped off the couch as soon as Simon let go of him. He backed away from the couch cautiously, keeping his eyes on Simon the whole time. “So just because I’m gay, I’m supposed to jump at any dick flashed at me?” “Dude, I’m sorry,” said Simon. “Clearly I’m overstepping. I just thought, I mean, since you’re already helping out Nathan, you might help me, too.” “What the fuck makes you think I’m doing anything with Nathan?” asked Cade incredulously. “Where did you get an idea like that?” “Isn’t that why you are over here all the time?” asked Simon. “The fuck is wrong with you?” Cade had quickly moved from confused to pissed. “We can’t possibly just be friends, right? I don’t get to hang out with my best friend unless I’m blowing him?” Simon started waving his hands, trying to motion for Cade to lower his voice. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Simon said in a stage whisper, clearly trying to get Cade to match his volume. “Obviously I’ve misunderstood.” “You fucking think?” “Not often enough, apparently.” “Huh?” Simon cracked a grin. “You asked if I think. Apparently I don’t think enough.” “Oh, hah hah.” Cade wanted to relax, but first wanted to make sure the situation was actually de-escalated. The two boys stared at one another in silence. Finally Cade spoke up. “Well I’m not sucking any dicks tonight. So now what?” “I’m sorry,” said Simon. “What can I do to apologize?” Cade didn’t answer right away, doing a quick mental evaluation to determine how he was really feeling. He was pissed at Simon’s assumption. He was really embarrassed about being put on the spot. But even more so, he was mortified by the idea that giving away sex was what he was here for, what he was good at. He almost worried that the idea of getting to have a relationship of his own choosing wasn’t something he was worthy of. So Cade did what he always did, he shoved his own opinions and emotions down, and he put up a joking front. Cade put on a grin and said, “I think a real apology would be for YOU to give ME a blowjob, don’t you think?” It took a second, but then the look on Simon’s face was priceless. “What? Oh, har de har.” He reached down and grabbed on of the controllers. “How about another game of Smash Brothers?” Cade grinned and walked back over. He grabbed the other controller and sat at the opposite end of the couch. “Sure,” Cade said with a smile, “but no blowjobs.” “Not even as a bet on the game?” joked Simon. “Yeah, right. What are you going to do when I kick your ass?” “I’m sure we could find the right bet,” said Simon. “I win, I get my dick sucked. You win, you get to suck my dick!” Cade laughed. “I’m kidding!” laughed Simon. “Of course I’m kidding.” They started up a new game, and silence reigned for a time. The quietly Cade said, “Of course I might have said yes if you had offered to bend over for me first!” Simon sputtered and laughed, messing up a combo and allowing Cade to get a solid attack past his defenses. “Asshole!” “Damn Dwarf” Cade laughed back.

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