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I remember that it was about a month before summer vacation started when I saw the moving van arrive next door. Everyone was curious about this new couple was moving into house next door to ours. I was outside playing in the street with my friends when my mother called me to come back home.

I waited as she combed my hair and straightened my clothes. She said that we were going to be neighborly and go introduce ourselves. That’s when I met Tina for the first time. She wasn’t your traditional “knockout”, but she was cute and very friendly. Standing at 5’4″ tall and 130 or so pounds. I could tell under her grubby moving clothes that she had a nice body. Her breasts appeared to be perky and about a size 34B.

As my mother stood there making small talk with Tina, I couldn’t help but slowly and discreetly drop my gaze down her legs to her feet. Tina had nice legs that ended in white ankle socks and running shoes. Having a foot fetish ever since I can remember I became very intent on wondering what her feet were going to look like.

My mother offered my services to help them carry in boxes, which I was happy to do in order to get to know Tina better. There was something about Tina’s personality that was very warm and inviting. Listening to her talk I got the feeling that she would be someone that I’d like to get to know better. She seemed unassuming and open-minded.

I spent the better part of the day carrying in boxes for Tina and her husband. Her husband was polite but didn’t pay nearly as much attention to me as Tina did. After a few hours I was helping Tina put items on their large screened in porch out back when she talked to the edge of their new pool. I could tell Tina was very excited about having her very own pool. We walked to the edge and Tina said, “Oh I wonder how the water feels?” in a very excited tone of voice. She walked to the edge and pulled off her right sneaker with the toe of the left foot. Reaching down she stripped the sock off her right foot and dipped her toes into the light blue water.

When I saw Tina’s naked foot for the first time, I knew I was in trouble. She had the most perfect looking feet I had ever seen. The appeared to be a size eight with a narrow heel, slightly high arch, and perfectly graduated toes starting from the big toe all the way down to her pinky toe. Her toes had a fresh pedicure and were painted a lovely fire engine red. This color contrasted perfectly with her creamy white skin. Tina paddled her foot slowly back in forth in the cool water. From what she was doing I was able to see the sole of her foot that was by far my favorite. The coloration on the sole of Tina’s foot was amazing. Pink toe pads and balls leading to a milky white arch before slowly turning pink again around the heel.

Needless to say, that day started an obsession for me.

My bedroom window was positioned just right. There was a small three-foot metal linked fence that separated their back yard from ours. Tina’s house had an enormous screened in porch out back and my bedroom window looked right into it. Looking further to the left from my bedroom window, I could see their pool. For a week or so following their arrival to the new house, I didn’t see either of them very often. It was during that first week that I made up my mind that this summer I was going to have to have Tina’s feet. Since realizing that I had an intense foot fetish, my desires for always for older women’s feet. Prior to Tina moving in, I had drooled over my English teacher’s feet for an entire year. How to make the move and go from staring at their feet to actually having them in my lap was something that seemed almost impossible.

To make matters worse Tina started a new routine. About the same time every morning she would come on onto the screened in porch and have her morning tea and read the news on her laptop. This was halkalı escort something she always did wearing her pajamas and was always bare foot. She would sit with her feet propped up on a chair with her soles facing my bedroom window. I would sit there in awe as I watched her slowly flex her feet and rotate them at the ankle.

On one of these mornings, I saw Tina go back inside and come out wearing her bathing suit. My parents were both gone at work and I decided to go out in the backyard and pretend that I was going to mow the lawn. It wasn’t a second after I walked out that Tina called me to the fence. She seemed in a very happy mood and asked if I wanted to come over for a swim. I told her I’d love to and jumped the fence after changing into my bathing suit. We spend almost the entire day in the pool talking. Tina was asking me all sorts of questions about school, the neighborhood, etc. She told me that she hadn’t found a job yet and that they had moved here because her husband got a job transfer. He was on the road for work and away from home for four to five days in a row then home for two or three days.

I loved hearing this because it meant that I’d have a lot of alone time with Tina. Our swimming sessions became a daily ritual. During this time we really got to know and feel comfortable with one another. In the afternoons she would bring out some music and open a bottle of wine. I always loved it when she did because she would always start very interesting topics of conversation. Talking about things I don’t think she would have if it weren’t for the wine.

One afternoon Tina was on a float in the pool. It was a long float and her feet were up out of the water as her legs were stretched out in front of her. Not wanting to get her hands wet she asked if I would drag her to the shade. I swam over and went for it. I grabbed her by her feet and swam her back to the shade. She didn’t think twice about me touching her feet and was still lying there with her eyes closed. Once I got her to the shallow and shady end, I didn’t let go of her feet. Instead I began to slowly massage them. Tina purred and made a remark about what a nice treat this was! I couldn’t believe my luck!! I was positioned so that her soft soles were less than a foot away from my face. Lucky for me that the water hid the extremely rigid erection in my swim trucks.

My hands massaged very inch of her perfect feet. My eyes were clued to her pink soles. I slid my finger between her toes and she giggled and shook her foot back and forth slowly.

“Oh that tickles. I’m sorry, but I have very ticklish feet.” She whispered with her eyes still closed. The combination of the wine and the music with the foot massage had her just where I had wanted her for weeks.

I loved seeing her react to me tickling her feet. Little did Tina know, but I also had a very big foot-tickling fetish. I had spent many nights thinking of what it would be like to tie my English teacher up and tickle her feet without mercy. I placed Tina’s feet side my side on the float as I continued my massage. Looking at her soles sitting tightly together was almost too much for me. Tina had no idea that I was placing them that way to see what they’d look like tied up. As I massaged, I imagined ropes encircling her narrow ankles. Seeing Tina’s soles presented so nicely and so helplessly. Fantasies of Tina laughing and begging me to stop tickling her flooded my head.

Tina commented that this foot massage thing was going to have to be a daily ritual. I was having the hardest time not confessing my foot fetish and how much I loved her feet. It was killing me! Lucky for me, Tina’s phone rang which ended the foot massage. The next day in the pool I went right back to her feet and the massage. When I first grabbed her feet she laughed and told me that I really didn’t have to massage her feet and başakşehir escort that she was only teasing yesterday. I told her that I didn’t mind and that I wanted to. I could see the wheels turning in her mind thinking,

“Okay so why does he actually WANT to give me a foot massage?” Tina wasn’t sure what was going on, but it was a harmless foot massage. I think it was at that point she first realized there was something about feet and me.

I tried to play it off as best I could. I limited the amount of time I massaged her feet and right before I was done, I’d tickle the hell out of her soles, but only for a second. I loved seeing her laugh and jerk around calling me a little sadist. She was joking of course, but little did she know. By this point Tina also had no idea that I was masturbating to thoughts of her as much as five times a day. My fantasies about Tina grew more and more intense. She had settled into the idea that I was going to massage her feet everyday. It became this unspoken thing between us. When she went and got a new pedicure Tina would make sure to point it out to me.

As much as I loved the chance to touch such amazing feet on a daily basis, I was getting tired of massaging them in the pool. The chemicals in the pool made her feet feel dry and killed any hint of a smell. I really liked the idea of knowing what Tina’s feet smelled like. I didn’t want or expect a gross smell, but the smell of a foot mixed with a bit of sweat and whatever shoe she was wearing was highly erotic. Many times while Tina lay there on her float with her eyes closed I would inch my nose right under her nose and try to see if any scent was there. She never noticed me doing this.

One afternoon I was doing this and caught the very slight sense of a smell. Tina had stripped off her shoes and socks after wearing them all day before getting in the pool. As my hands pulled and compressed the skin of her dainty feet, I leaned in for another smell. I was looking at Tina’s face the whole time to make sure her eyes stayed closed. Her facial expressions made it seem as if she were enjoying this foot massage more than she usually did. Maybe it was that she had more wine than usual.

Her hips ground slowly from side to side as I became more aggressive with the pressure I was using to massage. Tina purred softly under her breath that it felt amazing. The tempo continued to build. I found a pressure point in her left arch that when pressure was applied, you could see that it caused an electrical surge between her legs. When I pressed it, her hips would grind harder and she would moan slightly. I worked that spot over and over. My face was less than an inch from her soles. I could smell them slight hint of sweat under her toes. Her right foot relaxed a little and ended up lightly brushing my face. I nearly freaked because now she’d know how close my face was to her feet.

There was a very intense couple of seconds, but Tina didn’t open her eyes. I leaned in a little further and the tip of my nose made the slightest contact with the undersides of her toe stems. The toes on that foot spread ever so slightly. I nearly had an orgasm. She purred that I gave the most amazing foot massages and I couldn’t hold back any more.

“It’s easy Tina, ” I whispered “You have the most beautiful feet I’ve ever seen.”

I couldn’t tell if she was on the verge of going to sleep because her motions made it seem that she was. The foot not being massaged intentionally brushed against my face, but very slightly.

“I would massage your feet all day if I could Tina.” I whispered just barely loud enough to be heard.

“Yea, I get that sense.” Tina moaned with a slight chuckle.

I positioned her feet side by side again in the “tied up” position. I held them tightly as I moved my nose back under her toes. I kadıköy escort bayan made sure my thumbs were working the pressure point on both arches. I asked her to spread her toes a little and she did without question. I continued smelling under them but I really don’t think she knew what I was doing at this point. My desire to confess had hit a boiling point.

“Your feet are so beautiful Tina, I’d love to tie them up and tickle them.”

Much to my surprise, she only laughed softly and kept her eyes closed as her fingers tapped out the beat to whatever song was playing.

“That doesn’t sound like very much fun for me!” she laughingly joked.

Had she really heard what I had just said? Surely if she did, she didn’t understand it nor think I was serious.

I was so lost in the moment that I wasn’t thinking clearly. I leaned in and pressed my nose under her toes and smelled them as hard as I could. This placed my lips against the tender balls of her feet to which I promptly kissed. Before she could react, I licked from the ball of her foot up to her toes and took both of her big toes into my mouth. I felt her feet come alive and move around, but my grip on them was too tight. I heard Tina moan for a second then laugh. The moment was broken when she forcefully removed her feet.

“Okay, okay… slow down there. Look, I don’t mind if you rub my feet, but you can’t do that. It just isn’t right.”

I apologized over and over. Terrified that she was going to tell my parents what happened. I begged her not to tell my parents. Tina being the wonderful person she is wasn’t angry with me.

She said, “Don’t worry, this will stay our little secret. I was wrong because I knew you had a foot fetish a while back. I shouldn’t of let you rub my feet knowing what it was doing to you. I thought it was all harmless, but sucking my toes is taking it way too far.”

The next couple of days were weird between us. I didn’t leave my room out of shame. Well that and the fact I couldn’t quit masturbating to what had happened. Tina finally saw me in my backyard and told me to go get my suit and come over. I was nervous, but did as she asked me to. Her posture had changed and she was no longer using the float that showed her feet. She floated over and talked to me.

“Look, it’s okay. I’m not mad at you. I think you have what’s called a foot fetish and one day you’ll meet a woman with whom you can do all of that stuff with. It’s just not right for us to do it. Does that make sense?”

I nodded and tried my best to be good. We started hanging out with no foot contact whatsoever. That only fueled my desire for her. I HAD to have those feet. I HAD to tie her up and tickle her senseless.

Then one night I heard noises outside in Tina’s back porch. I looked at my clock and saw that it was about one in the morning. She was sitting out back on the porch talking to someone. The lights were off but there was enough light to see that it wasn’t her husband. It was a man and they both seemed to be drinking. My room was dark and they didn’t hear me crack my window open. They were laughing and drinking.

Soon the laughing stopped and I saw that they were making out. I could see Tina out there bare foot and wearing jeans. His hands were all over her. They made out hot and heavy. Tina sank to her knees and I could see her kneeling between his legs as he sat there. Her head was bobbing up and down as he moaned and had his hands on her head. I heard him say,

“Ummm your are such a bad girl Tina. I’m going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop. Unless you’d like that, you naughty little slut.” He chuckled.

“No sir, I want your cum inside me.” I think I heard her say.

With that he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. The bedroom window faced mine, but the shades were drawn and I couldn’t see inside. I heard all I needed to as he fucked Tina for all she was worth.

Now my devious mind started hatching a plan. I’m sure Tina would be none too happy to know that I had seen her. I was equally sure that she wouldn’t want her husband to find out!

To be continued….

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