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Subject: Boy Gloryhole by Adam Patterson for adult/youth Boy Gloryhole by Adam Patterson This story features a few characters from another story of mine “Aiden’s 11th fty//gay/adult-youth/aidens-eleventh-birthday) You don’t necessarily have to read that story to enjoy this one but it might be more fun if you do. On with the story! It was such an obvious idea that I was mad at myself for not thinking of it sooner. A small building on my property that had two separate rooms with gloryholes. One for adult men and teens and one for my preferred boy age group of 9 to 12 years old. I’m not a wealthy man; I’m just an elementary school bus driver after all, but I had some extra money from an inheritance so I drew up some blueprints with a fellow boy perv who also happened to be a contractor. The design would be simple. Two blank doors on the outside of the small building and a numeric keypad in the center of them. If you entered the code for the men’s gloryhole (that you might have seen written on a men’s room stall or told to you by one of my town’s many horny married men) the left door would buzz open. You would walk into a plain gray room with a beer can sized hole cut into the back wall at just the right height for an adult man or teen. It was surrounded by soft material to make it nice to put your cock through, as well as some hidden sliding panels for extra kinky fun. There would be a small television with a panel with red buttons next to it. I bought one of those porn booth systems that lets you cycle through several porn videos as you got sucked — straight, bi or gay, your choice. Just relax, watch your favorite type of porn and let me drain that cock that your wife doesn’t want to touch anymore. Fun for everybody! If a 9 to 12 year old boy entered the code they had, the right door would buzz open. It was a separate room from the men’s room, one specifically designed to appeal to boys in that age range. There were Star Wars lightsabers and Minecraft swords pointing to the gloryhole that was conveniently placed at the perfect height for a ten year old’s erect penis. I had skateboards hanging up and signed posters of Shang Chi and Doctor Strange. The tv in the boys’ room had different options from the men’s one. The same straight or gay options, but this one offered some boy on boy pedo videos or man/boy sex videos to watch as the kid got his hairless penis serviced by an experienced mouth. There was also the option to watch himself getting sucked via the cameras I had on both sides of the gloryhole. He could see himself pushing his 3.5 inches through the hole and then watch the feed on my side of the wall as I took him into my mouth. That was the one I expected to be the most popular. Boys love their penises! The best feature of my gloryhole system was that while the two rooms appeared to be separate, in reality they were in one big room. The area behind the wall where I sucked cocks was a large space where I could move between both holes to service both sides as needed. The issue was letting boys know about my special gloryhole and getting them the secret entry code. Here’s where my special helpers come in. I had been sucking an 11 year old boy slut named Aiden on my bus route for a few years now and considered him a friend. He agreed to help me out in exchange for allowing him to help me service some of the man and boy penises. That boy loved some cock! I was happy to agree! Aiden and his 9 year old best friend Rory agreed to help spread the word about my boy hole to any cute boys in their elementary school who they thought could keep a secret. I wasn’t sure if Aiden and Rory were boyfriends but they sure acted like it! They had their mouths all over each other every chance they got. I knew Aiden preferred the company of men to boys of his own age but it seemed like he really loved this younger boy! A proper pedo in training! So the week before the grand opening of my gloryhole, Aiden and Rory went into action. They passed out cards I had made up that had my address on them and the code 7519 on them to get into the boy’s side. Aaron targeted the older boys of the school, the ones in fifth and sixth grade while Rory passed his out to the cute boys of third and fourth grade. They didn’t specifically mention what went on at my place but said it would be fun and not to tell their parents. Boys love a good secret from their parents! As for me, I spread the word among the horny men of the town that there was a new spot to get a nice loving blowjob when their wives refused. They told some friends of their own and soon the hushed word had spread to the ones I wanted to attract. So now here it was, opening day of my dual gloryhole. All my hard (wink!) work was about to pay off! I cut a red ribbon with big scissors and the high school marching band played a tune in front and… ok no, those things didn’t actually happen, but I was as nervous as any new business owner opening his doors for the first time. Would anyone show up? What if the codes didn’t work? Would I get busted by the police? Who could say? So many ways for it to go sideways! Aiden, Rory and I were all inside preparing when we heard the first code being entered. The door buzzed on the boy’s side and from behind the gloryhole the three of us saw a 9 year old boy come through the door. “Um hello?” the boy called to the seemingly empty room. “Anybody here? I don’t really know what to do.” Rory leaned over to me and whispered that the boy was a kid from his class named Simon. “Go demonstrate for Simon,” I told him. anadolu yakası escort Rory put his face to the gloryhole and called to his friend through it. “Hey Simon! It’s Rory! I’m coming out.” The gloryhole walls had several secret features that you couldn’t see from the other side. One of them was a secret door that opened next to the hole with no handle or hinges. Rory came out of the door and closed it and hugged Simon. “I’m glad you came!” Rory chirped in his high pitched voice. “You’re the first one!” “What do I do?” Simon asked. “You put your dick into that hole and get it sucked. It feels really good!” “It does?” Simon asked. “Getting it sucked?” “Watch this!” Rory told him and pulled down his own shorts. His 3″ penis was already hard and sticking straight out. Simon stared at it wide-eyed. Then Rory pushed his hard penis through the hole and Aiden began to suck on it, making his sucking sounds extra wet and sloppy for Simon’s benefit. I looked through another small hole and saw the brown haired and slim Simon rubbing his crotch as he watched his friend get sucked. His little penis was already hard in his Little League pants. Rory moaned and whimpered as Aiden brought him to the edge of a dry cum. “This is the best part,” Rory told Simon. “When it tingles and you feel like you’re gonna pee, just let him finish. You’ll have the best feeling you’ve ever had, ok?” Simon nodded. Rory had his first cum of the day, his body shaking in ecstasy as Simon watched with amazement. I don’t think the lad knew that his penis could be used for anything other than pissing. “Who’s sucking you?” Simon asked Rory. “Doesn’t matter,” Rory replied. “That’s the fun of a gloryhole. You never know who’s on the other side of it but you also don’t care as long as they know how to suck your dick. And if you put your dick through there, whoever sucks it REALLY knows how to suck a boy, so don’t worry about it. Just enjoy!” Rory withdrew his penis from the hole and pulled up his shorts. Simon moved into his place, and behind the scenes Aiden and I switched places so I could suck the kid. Simon was clearly still nervous. Rory unbuckled Simon’s baseball pants for him and pulled them down and pulled his white briefs down too. Simon’s hard boy penis was about the same size as Rory’s but he was uncut. I like cocks of all types but I especially enjoy a nice uncircumcised penis on a young boy! Rory guided Simon’s erection to the hole and he pushed it through. When my lips first made contact with the boy’s foreskin, I heard a very satisfying boy sigh coming from the other side of the hole. I kissed and licked his head through his skin and swirled my tongue around inside his foreskin, dabbing at his shiny red head and running the tip of my tongue up and down his piss slit. I heard Simon panting and saying “Oh god oh god oh god” in his soprano little boy voice. I sucked his little penis so hard and felt it twitching against my tongue. On the other side of the hole, Rory had put his hands on Simon’s naked butt and was encouraging him to thrust his hips. “Like a dog does,” Rory said to his friend. “Dogs shake their butts like this?” Simon asked, thrusting his erection in and out of my mouth at a furious pace. “Yeah,” Rory said. “My dog Butterscotch pumps his hips when I rub his dick.” Simon didn’t question this and he thrust while Rory manipulated his smooth cheeks. Meanwhile, Aiden had moved over to the men’s gloryhole side. The door had buzzed and I saw Aiden drop to his knees in front of the hole, waiting for the hard cock of a man or older teen to come through the hole. He had his pants off and was jerking his 11 year old penis in anticipation of getting his favorite treat. On my side, Simon shuddered and cried a high pitched wail as he had a dry cum in my mouth. He pulled his deflating penis from the hole and collapsed into Rory’s arms, totally spent from his very first orgasm. “That was epic!” Simon panted. “Toldja” Rory said. I stroked my own cock watching Aiden go to town on a married middle-aged cock, savoring the taste of a grown man on his preteen tongue. Aiden had sucked me off before of course, but it was erotic to see how much pleasure the boy slut got from milking a big cock. He licked it and paid loving attention to the man’s flared red mushroom head. Simon left and there was a moment of quiet on the boys’ side. Rory came back to our side of the gloryhole and stood next to his boyfriend and jerked off watching Aiden service this man. The door buzzed on the boys’ side and two identical small brown haired heads peeked into the room. “Whoa, there’s lightsabers!” the one with the red shirt exclaimed. His twin brother, dressed in a yellow shirt happily burst through the unlocked door and the boys took in the fun room. They helped themselves to some M&Ms and wandered over to the gloryhole, peeking into it. But they couldn’t see anything since I kept it so dark on my side. I didn’t want the boys or men to see who was blowing them. It was part of the fun for me. “What’s this hole for, Kyle?” the yellow shirted fourth grader asked his twin. “This is what I wanted to show you, Ben!” Kyle chirped with excitement. “You know how much we like putting our weenies in each other’s mouths?” Ben nodded with a shy smile. “Well if you put your weenie through this hole, somebody else will put it in their mouth and make it feel good! Cool huh?” “Cool, I guess,” Ben said without conviction. Clearly Kyle was the leader of the two and the ankara anal escort more adventurous. “You don’t have to be scared dude,” Kyle said. “I’ll go first.” Kyle pulled down his sweat shorts and plaid boxers and his cute little 2.5 inch hairless penis popped out, already rock hard. Ben reached over and stroked it. That was clearly their routine. “Now watch this!” Kyle said as he put his stiffy through the hole. I started licking and slurping on his cut boy penis, circling his pink head with my wet pedo tongue. Ben got real close to the hole to watch me service the weenie he usually took care of himself, possibly getting some pointers on how to better satisfy his brother the next time they played. “He really likes licking your weenie!” Ben said, awed. “He sure does!” Kyle answered. “And he’s gonna like licking yours just as much!” I began sucking Kyle in earnest, giving him the wet sloppy blowjob of his dreams as he sighed and moaned little whimpers. “My weenie is hard,” Ben told Kyle. “Good,” Kyle said. “Cos you’re next.” As the boy’s penis went in and out of my mouth, I made sure to tongue the sensitive underside of his weenie, running the tip over his tiny circumcision scar, earning me a full-throated “aaaaahhhhhhh!” from the lad. Then I slid open a panel that widened the gloryhole. “I want to suck you both at the same time,” I said. “Ben, put your penis in the hole next to your brother’s. Ben did as he was told and pushed his little hard weenie through the hole. I got extra hard as I saw the brothers’ identical penises pressed together. I knelt down and sucked both of their little boy cocks into my mouth, sliding the tip of my tongue between them, bathing their erections in my warm pedo spit. I heard little Ben gasp as his penis was engulfed, pressed right next to the one that belonged to his beloved twin brother. I rapidly bobbed my head up and down on the brothers, sucking them both extra hard. The boys were panting and moaning as they experienced the joy that a man can bring them. “It tickles, Kyle!” Ben chirped. “He’s gonna give you an orgasm, bro!” Kyle replied. “You’ll never want it to stop!” The brothers thrusted into my mouth, greedy for intense dry cums that I was only too happy to supply. “I’m getting the feeling!” Kyle shouted. “Do you feel it?” “Yeah!” Ben breathed heavily. “I feel it. It feels so good!” Then the young boys shuddered with simultaneous dry cums. I felt the heads of both of their penises inflating and twitching against my tongue. Their immature spasming almost gave me a hands free cum of my own. I continued bathing the heads of their penises with my tongue, knowing they would be too sensitive now. Sure enough Ben whimpered and pulled his deflating penis out of my mouth. His brother followed suit and then they both laughed as they got dressed again. I was pleased that the brothers had a good time and I was sure they would be return customers. While the brothers were leaving, I heard the door buzz on the men’s side. Aiden and Rory pressed their eyes to the holes to see who was coming in. “Holy shit!” Aiden whispered to Rory. “That’s your dad!” “Shit!” Rory said. “Do you mind if I suck your dad?” Aiden asked. “Nah it’s ok,” Rory said as his dad approached the gloryhole. As I said, I kept our side of the gloryhole dark so guys couldn’t see who was sucking them. Aiden put his mouth up to the hole and wiggled his tongue at Rory’s dad. “Fuck yeah!” the man said, looking at the inviting mouth and unzipping his pants. At the last second before Rory’s dad pushed his cock into the hole, Rory pushed Aiden aside and took his place. As his dad inserted his 7 inch dick through the gloryhole, his 9 year old son took it into his mouth. I heard Aiden breathing heavily as he saw his boyfriend swallow the penis that made him. Rory was really turned on, giving his dad the blowjob of his life, certainly better than any that his mother had ever given the man. His dad was moaning and thrusting as, unbeknownst to him, his fourth grade boy slurped and licked his aching cock, working to earn his hot and creamy reward. But before his dad could cum in his mouth, Rory stopped sucking and pulled his mouth off his father’s cock. Remember the secret sliding panels I was telling you about? Rory and Aiden slid open hidden panels on either side of the gloryhole. “What the fuck?” Rory’s dad whispered. Then both boys stuck their hairless young asses through the holes and wiggled them enticingly. Two naked boy butts for the taking! Aiden passed a small tube of lube through the hole and Rory’s dad took it and smeared some of the goo on his hard cock. Then he thrust his throbbing erection into Aiden’s boy hole, pushing his entire 7 inches all the way into the boy. He started thrusting and pumping his hips, slamming his baby maker in and out of the boy, who was giving off high pitched moans of ecstasy. “Fuck me too Daddy!” Rory whimpered, shaking his naked ass. His dad stopped for a minute. “Rory? Is that you?” “Yes. Please fuck me daddy!” I could practically hear the man’s thoughts. He knew it would be wrong to fuck his own son but it would feel so good to be balls deep in his flesh and blood and he wanted it! So he moved to the other hole and started fucking his son, energized by the fact that he was engaging in the ultimate taboo. “Fuck Rory!” he moaned. “You feel so fucking good!” He sped up his thrusts. “You like your daddy’s big cock in your fourth grade pussy?” his dad grunted as he thrust ankara anal yapan escort even harder and deeper. Rory was in such sexual nirvana that he couldn’t even answer. He just thrust his behind, driving his dad in deeper, filling up every centimeter of his anal cavity. Aiden wanted in on the action too and pushed his quivering erection into Rory’s mouth as he was being fucked by his dad. Rory sucked like a proper boy whore, moaning and whimpering aa his dad slammed into him. His dad couldn’t take much more and growled that he was about to cum. Aiden reached down and jerked off Rory as his dad spewed a huge load of sperm deep in the bowels of his baby boy. Between his dad rubbing his prostate with his thrusting cock and Aiden’s expert stroking, Rory had a massive dry cum just as his dad blew a load inside him and Aiden had his own dry orgasm in his mouth. As Rory’s dad and the boys came down from their orgasms, I was checking out the video camera I had installed outside my gloryhole shed. Approaching the building was a pack of six middle school track runners, dressed in very short green nylon shorts and tight yellow t-shirts. They were out on a practice run, panting and wheezing after their run. A 13 year old boy who led the pack pointed to my shed. “Here it is!” he announced to the gaggle of 12 and 13 year old boys. “Who wants a blowjob before we head back to the school?” There was a unanimous chorus of “MEEEEE” from the boys. The leader punched in his code for the boy side and the door buzzed open. The entire crew of boys came pushing inside, all jostling to be the first to get sucked. The 13 year old leader was the first to yank his shorts down and thrust his hard 4.5″ penis through the hole. Knowing I had to work quickly to service all these boys, I immediately swallowed his cock whole, not taking the time I normally would to gradually turn him on. No, I had a whole team of boy penises to get to. No time for dilly dallying! As I sucked the lad, the other runners shucked their shorts and stroked their young preteen cocks watching their friend get a nice sucking. One blond boy who looked younger than the rest (maybe short for his age? Maybe someone’s little brother along for the run?) dropped to his knees and started sucking the cock of a brown haired boy as they waited. Soon I heard the sound of multiple penises being sucked outside the gloryhole. The horny boys couldn’t wait their turns and were taking matters into their own hands. Er, mouths! As the 13 year old boy shot a watery load into my mouth, I heard the sounds of high pitched boy orgasms as the mini boy orgy went on on the other side of my wall. “Fuck this!” I muttered. “I’m not missing this! Aiden! Rory! Put on some Chap Stick! We’re going out there and sucking lots of boy dicks!” They yelped with joy as the three of us came out of the secret door and were greeted with the sight of six naked adolescent boys sucking each other on the floor. Being gracious hosts, Aiden, Rory and I threw ourselves into the midst of the sweaty boy orgy, grasping hard dicks, sucking hard dicks, rubbing hard dicks against our faces. I looked over and saw Aiden greedily sucking the penises of two sweaty skinny boys who were kissing. Rory was eating the sweaty asshole of another boy while a African American boy sucked Rory’s 3 incher. The Asian 12 year old I was sucking was a very horny little guy, and after a few minutes of being sucked, he turned to me with pleading eyes. “Please fuck me mister! Please! My brother used to fuck me but he moved away and I need it real bad!” Always one to oblige a boy’s heartfelt request, I lubed up his hairless little hole with my tongue, getting it nice and slippery. Then I held his slight little Korean body (couldn’t have weighed more than 80 pounds) and thrust my leaking pedo cock into his beckoning boy pussy. Several of the other boys gathered around to watch their friend getting fucked by an adult cock. One golden tanned boy with long brown legs and surfer blond hair jerked his 4 inch boner and shot his teen load on me and the boy I was fucking. That turned me on so much that I smeared some of the boy spunk in the Korean boy’s hole to lube my hard cock. With my own precum and the golden god’s sperm lubricating my boy, it felt so amazing that I shot a thick load of cream deep inside him. His ass muscles clenched my ejaculating cock as he had a dry cum underneath me. All around me, I heard moans and curses as the track team (and Aiden and Rory) had massive orgasms in each other’s mouths. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a breaking boy voice croak “Oh my god! I’m cumming again!” The air was ripe with the smell of teen cum and all the boys and I were panting on the floor, our naked legs and arms entwined in a perverted heap of flesh. My Asian boy had my sperm leaking out of his gaping asshole. I have a boy foot fetish and sucked his tiny brown toes as he recovered from his cum. After everyone had gathered strength to get up, the track boys started cleaning up and making their way out the door and Aiden, Rory and I closed up shop for the night. It had been a long day of sucking and fucking and the three of us were exhausted. The two boys and I shared a group tongue kiss as we locked up. Even after all the boy sex we had just had, it was still so erotic to have our tongues rubbing against each other and dueling in these preteen mouths. I could taste cum on their tongues as we swapped spit. I grabbed both of them by the butts and pulled them in closer to our little circle of whores as our tongues licked and probed. It was a great first day of business and I knew the three of us would sleep well that night! More gloryhole adventures with Aiden and Rory to cum! If you enjoyed my story, please contact me and let me know! And don’t forget to support Nifty with donations! Email: [email protected] Wickr: lemondingo

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