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Subject: Boy From The Shed – Chapter 1 Thank you for taking time to look at my story “Boy From The Shed” This is my first story with sexual content, it is all loving and gentle. If intergenerational themes are not for you, then you make not like this story. This is a work of fiction. �. If you do like it I would love to hear from you, you can email me at: ail Please support , as it supports us. I’ve already written quite a lot, so will try to post regularly. Like most people at the moment I have a lot of time on my hands, corona, so if the story is well received I will keep writing more. Boy From The Shed – Chapter 1. By Sparky Mike and Leo met in high school, they joined year 7 at age 11, together and became best friends. Mike lived with a foster family, in fact many over his high school years, he knew little about his biological family, only that they were not able to look after him from a young age. Being in care, other children treated him differently and he didn’t have many friends. Leo lived with his mum, but she had problems with alcohol and very much neglected her son. Neither had any siblings and felt very lonely in their lives. Both were good looking kids, mike with dark hair and a sporty build, Leo with blonde hair and a little skinny because him mum did not feed him well. When they met aged 11, they found they had much in common and their neglectful lives had left an emotional hole in their young hearts. They spent much time together and became very close, soon they felt comfortable to start some sexual experimentation with each other. By the time they were twelve this had grown into a full blown relationship and they were as much as they could understand, in love. Their love filled the emotional hole they both felt, and they grew stronger as individuals because of it. In year 12 they came out as couple. They were 16 and very much in love, mike moved in with Leo and his mum and there relationship grew year on year. Mike studied hard and became a nurse while Leo became a site safety consultant working for himself from home. There love for each other and their backgrounds drove them to work hard and be successful, it kept them sensible when others around them were partying and getting into trouble. Despite there different and difficult starts in life they had made a nice life for themselves and enjoyed each other as much now as they had ever done. When they were 22, 6 years after mike moved in with Leo and his mum they could afford to buy their own house, because mike worked for the national health service he was able to get a good mortgage and with their combined income the repayments were easy to manage. They bought a three bedroom semi-detached house with a driveway and garage and a 20m long back garden. Their house was in a cul-de-sac with 20 others homes around them. It was a nice house and they had done quite a bit of work on it to get it looking even better. The back garden was a mix of lawn and bushes with a few trees at the bottom, it also had a shed at one side half way down next to the neighbours fence, a fence that they were hoping the neighbour would replace soon as it was falling down and missing in some places. Their neighbours were mainly old people who they rarely saw, which made the cul-de-sac very a quiet place. The old man next door in the house connected to theirs was never seen, carers would come twice a day to check on him and feed him and then one day they stopped coming. Leo being at home more than mike was the first to notice, then one day some people came and cleared the house out. Leo went to talk to them and found out the old man was in a hospice and wouldn’t be coming back. The relatives explained that they were going to rent the house out to help pay for the old man’s care. Leo offered his best wishes for the old man and left the relatives to finish up. “What’s with the movers?” mike asked as he walked in from work “the old guys in a home and not coming back, so the relatives are going to be renting it out” Leo explained. “that’s a shame,…. hope they choose their tenant carefully, we don’t want some idiots moving in next door” mike lamented. “we’ll just have to wait and see” Leo stated As the weeks went by the house remained empty with just a few contractors going in to fix the place up a bit. No new fence though… A month after the old man left a van pulled up outside the house next door, boxes and some furniture were taken in by some men. It was a Saturday morning and mike was at work at the hospital and Leo was writing some safety reports in his office, which was in the third bedroom. He kept an eye on the activities hoping that the new neighbours would be nice people. Eventually a car arrived and a woman about twenty five years old got out followed by a boy of about ten. The boy was blonde and skinny, he reminded Leo of himself at that age. Leo figured that one of them men with the van must be her husband, they looked a little rough but certainly not the worst kind of people. As the day wore on he saw the van leave with both men, the car had left after dropping off the woman and the boy. When Mike got home Leo filled him in on the days events while making dinner for the two of them. Leo did most of the cooking as he was home more that mike, he liked cooking too! Into the evening they didn’t see anyone else arrive next door so they decided that she must be a single mother and the men with the van were just movers. The next day as mike and Leo erzincan escort were getting into the car to go out for the day they saw the boy come out from next door, Leo waved and said hi, but the boy just ignored him and went back inside. “not very sociable, is he” Leo moaned “maybe he’s just shy and they just had the trauma of moving house, remember what we were like when we were moving?” mike said. “fair enough, it was pretty stressful” Over the next few weeks they saw the boy a few more times but he continued to ignored them so they gave up saying anything to him. They only saw the mother once coming back from shopping and she to had nothing to say either as she deliberately avoided looking at them. They did notice that most nights different cars would pull up outside and stay next door for a few hours then leave again. At first mike and Leo thought maybe she was selling drugs from the house, but with the amount of time the men stayed in the house, that led them to realise that she was selling something else. Being modern people, they ignored what was happening next door, deciding that she was doing what she needed to to survive, but also feeling sorry for her and the boy. Leo had noticed that foxes were starting to appear in the back garden, being interested in wildlife and nature he decided to set up a motion camera in the back garden to observe them. He linked the camera to his iPad so they could watch the foxes live in the back garden. The camera picked up the foxes playing in the back garden night after night, it was a young family a vixen and two cubs. After a week of the camera being in Leo moved it to see where the foxes were coming into the garden. He angled it more towards the fence with next door as that seemed to be where they were coming in. Just after 9pm the iPad pinged and Leo looked at it to see the foxes, only he did not see foxes, but the boy from next door climbing trough the gap in the fence and going into their shed, shutting the door behind him. “mike… come and look at this” Leo called. Mike came in from the kitchen and sat down next to Leo “hang on while I replay the last minute” Leo said he replayed the footage while mike looked on, the image was in black and white as the camera was in night mode, but the picture was clear and surprised him with what he saw. “so…is he still in the shed?” mike asked “yes…should we go out there?” “no… lets see what he does, he might be just exploring” So they sat the iPad down on the coffee table in front of the sofa and watched TV while they waited to see what the boy did next. Two hours later the boy finally came out of the shed and went back trough the fence to next door and disappeared. “well… he wasn’t carrying anything, so he wasn’t stealing” mike concluded “so why was he out there for two hours?” Leo asked “maybe he just wanted some time alone” This pattern continued for a few weeks before Leo finally realised why the boy was going into the shed. “I’ve figured it out” Leo said solemnly to mike “figured what out?” “why the boy is using our shed” “OK Sherlock, what’s it all about then” “he goes to the shed when is mum has customers in the house, I noticed he’s out there when there is a car outside, then he’s going back home when its gone” “ohhh… that makes sense” mike said sadly Both mike and Leo were saddened by this realisation, but didn’t really know what to do about it. “we can’t just ignore it Leo, we need to do something, I have a duty of care because of work too” “but we could end up making things worse for them too, we wouldn’t want him to end up in care like you did” Leo reasoned “i agree… but we can’t do nothing…and they won’t even talk to us anyway, so what can we do?” Leo pondered the problem before having an idea “what if we left him a note in the shed, telling him that we are OK with him being out there and if he wants to talk or needs help he can come to us anytime he wants” ” I suppose that’s a start, it might break the ice a bit, maybe leave him some snacks in the shed too, anything to start some communication, but if it doesn’t work and he won’t talk soon I have to report it to social services” mike replied “OK…. I agree, we’ll leave a note tonight and snacks, I’ll put a pen with the note so he can write back if he wants” “good idea…lets see how it goes” Mike was torn between the nurse side of him knowing he should report the situation to the authority’s and the child who grew up in care side of him wanting to keep the authority’s out of it. Leo wrote the note and placed it in the shed with a packet of biscuits and a can of coke, he also put a travel rug out there too. The shed is were they kept the decent garden chairs, which is what the boy must be using when out in the shed to sit on. He also put a battery powered camping lantern out there with the note. Leo had done all he could think of to try and make the boy more comfortable and hopefully earn his trust so they could help him. Mike and Leo settled down in the lounge and watched TV and waited to see what would happen. Around 8pm the iPad pinged, alerting them to movement in the back garden. Mike and Leo were sat on the sofa and held the iPad between them so they could both see. They saw the boy from next door enter the shed, they waited anxiously to see what happened next. Would he run back next door after reading the note, knowing that they had erzurum escort caught on to what he was doing? After a few minutes the boy poked his head out of the garden shed door and looked around. “maybe he’s looking to see if we are out there watching him” mike suggested After looking around the dark garden and at the house the boy went back into the shed and remained there for the next two hours. Mike and Leo were somewhat relieved that the boy had not just run back next door, so perhaps there was a possibility they could help the family and not get the authorities involved. Leo is a very caring person, something that mike loves about him, but mike also worries that sometimes Leo puts himself in difficult positions trying to help people sometimes. He is the sort of person who would pick up a stray dog even if it bit him and try to find it a new home. After seeing the boy go back home around 10pm they decided to call it a night and check the shed for a reply to the note in the morning. Once up and dressed they headed out to the shed to see if the boy had replied, they entered and saw the biscuits were half eaten and the drink had been consumed. One of the chairs had been moved but had been folded and stacked back with the others. The original note was under the camping lamp and Leo picked it up. There was no reply. “well at least he accepted the snacks… that’s a start don’t you think?” Leo said “yes its a start, but its a shame he didn’t reply” “maybe he’s to shy or feels embarrassed” “maybe I suppose” “why don’t we leave another note saying if he doesn’t want to talk that’s OK, as long as he is safe. Then maybe if he doesn’t feel pressured to reply he might want to at some point” Mike placed his hand gently against Leo right cheek and gave him a quick kiss on his left cheek. Leo looked at him puzzled and asked “what was that for, not that I’m complaining?” “that was for just being you, caring about someone or something when you don’t really have to, it makes me so proud of you” mike gushed Leo blushed a little “aww come on, I do it every now and then but you do it all week at work!” “but I get paid to do it, its my job, but for you its like a higher calling” mike joked Leo laughed along too and they returned to the house. Leo wrote the new note and restocked the snacks in the shed and mike headed of to work. Leo headed out late morning to survey two sites and spent the rest of the day writing risk assessments and method statements for his clients. In the evening the boy entered the shed a usual and stayed there for two hours, then went home. In the morning Mike and Leo check for a reply, but there wasn’t one. So for now they decided to just leave him snacks and no more notes. The routine continued for many weeks, in fact into months and just became their new normal. In October mike and Leo went on holiday for a two weeks to Spain, they left enough snacks and drinks for the boy to last till they returned and left him a note, the first since this all started, explaining that they would be away and to make the snacks last. The first night in Spain mike and Leo were sat in the lounge of the villa and drinking wine and enjoying the fine weather. But Leo was I little quieter than he would normally be. “you worrying about the boy?” mike asked Leo “yeah… sorry I can’t help it” “i know Leo, it’s just the way you are, it’s one of the reasons I love you” “thanks mike, I love you so much, I’m so lucky to have you” “we are both lucky to have each other… you know the camera in the garden is on the Wi-Fi right?” “yeah…so?” Leo replied confused, “that’s means you can access it anywhere you have the internet and the iPad..including here!!” “really? I thought it would only work at home” “no… it will work here, so why don’t you put it on and make sure he’s OK, then you won’t have to worry so much” Leo followed mikes suggestion and loaded up the camera viewer and sure enough the view of the back garden came up. He searched for triggers and saw first the boy going into the shed and then second a few hours later the boy going home trough the gap in the fence. Leo smiled with relief. “all good?” mike asked “yeah, he’s been and gone, thanks mike” Their holiday continued with Leo being more relaxed and they both had a great time. When they returned home it was nearly the end of October and summer was well and truly over, mike returned to work and Leo resumed doing his safety consultancy work. Leo visited his mother the first week back, she lived on her own some distance away, he went more out of duty than anything else. He hadn’t had a good childhood with her and the only good thing she had done for him was let mike move in with him at her house, although he suspected the rent mike paid her had a lot to do with that decision. It saddened him to be reminded of his childhood and it reminded him of the boy next door. Would the boy feel the same way about his mother in the future as Leo did about his. He supposed neither mother really understood the damage they were or had caused to their sons and it convinced him further that he really wanted to help the boy next door. But even after nearly three months the boy still wouldn’t talk to him and mike. The last weekend of October was Oktoberfest at a country pub/restaurant that the hospital staff go to every year. All the staff looked forward to it, as they could let their hair down and esat escort party hard. As with all work events family and partners were welcome and Leo joined mike at such events. They were both popular with the hospital staff especially the females. Its one of the oddity’s of being gay, you attract more women even though or because your not interested. Leo not being a big drinker was driving them to and from Oktoberfest while mike would surely get quite drunk. Leo didn’t mind it was only once in a while and he liked to see his man happy. After many hours of doing the conga, dancing and being quite silly the heavens opened as a storm came in. The marquee they were in was getting battered but held up to the storm, some were so drunk they probably didn’t even notice. At midnight the party came to an end as the pub had stop making any noise, everyone said their goodbyes and went home. The drive home for Leo and mike was wet and windy with the odd tree branches laying on the road in the country lanes, but they got home safely and Leo helped mike inside. Mike was gushing emotions telling Leo how much he loved him and he would always love him. Leo used to mikes drunken emotions smiled and thanked him, telling him he also loved him too. Leo helped mike up stairs and put him to bed, he smiled looking at his sweet lover and mike fell asleep almost instantly. Leo returned down stairs to get a mug of tea and chill before going to bed himself. As he sat on the sofa he saw the iPad and decided to check the camera trigger log, as he did most nights, before turning in. The iPad light up as he pressed the home button and he open the camera app. He looked at the triggers and only saw one. He opened the file and saw the boy next door heading out to the shed with a bag. But there was no more triggers, Leo sat there wondering if the camera had missed the boy going home, but it had never missed him before. Then he felt an uneasy sicking feeling in his stomach and ran to the front window, he had missed it when they came home because of the rain and having to help mike, but sure enough there was still a car outside next doors house. The realisation hit him hard and made him feel sick, angry and sad. The boy from next door must still be in the shed and thinking about the bag he saw the boy take with him, he probably was going to be there all night. Leo knew he couldn’t allow this, it was one thing to spend a couple of hours in the shed, but not all night and not in this weather. He made his mind up and went out to the shed. Leo felt a pang of nervousness as he approached the shed, it was still raining but it was stopping and starting. He reached out and slowly opened the door hoping he was wrong and the boy was not in the shed. Using the torch on his phone he looked in and there he was, sleeping in the chair. The boy was in a sleeping bag with his head poking out the top of the bag. The boy looked cold and Leo felt so sorry for him. He pondered what to do next, he couldn’t leave the boy in the shed so he decided to try and wake him up and convince him to come inside the house. “hey…” Leo spoke softly as he shook the boys shoulder. The boy didn’t respond. “hey…wake up” He said louder this time, but still no response. He remembered what mike was like when they were younger, he could sleep trough anything, so Leo guessed that the boy was probably the same. Again after much internal debate he made a decision and decided to pick the boy up in his sleeping bag and carry him into the house and if he woke he would just have to convince the boy he was trying to help him. Leo turned on the camping light and put his phone away in his pocket. Gently he placed his left arm under the boys legs and his right arm around the boys back and lifted him of the chair, he pulled the boy up to his chest and held him like a baby. He looked at the boys face to see if he was going to wake, the boys dirty blonde hair hung over his eyes a little but Leo could see enough to know the boy was still sound asleep. Leo pushed the shed door open gently with his foot and carried the boy out, he walked quickly to the back door of the house before the rain started again. He opened the door with his left hand still under the boys legs and carried him inside. Leo moved into the lounge and gently laid the boy down on the sofa, making sure the boys head landed on a cushion. Once safely ensconced on the sofa Leo put a lamp on and turned of the main light to darken the room. He stood back and watched the little boy sleeping. Thoughts of his own childhood clearly driving his emotions as he felt a deep sorrow for the boy. He realised he couldn’t leave the boy alone in the lounge, if he woke he might be scared not knowing where he was so Leo decided to sleep on the other sofa. He went upstairs and got the duvet from the spare room and settled down on his sofa leaving the lamp on just in case the boy woke. As Leo lay there looking across the coffee table that was between the two sofas at the sleeping boy he wondered what he and mike would do about this latest development, he knew mike would want to report this to the authorities and that would be the sensible thing to do, but he still had reservations about doing it. He wondered how the boy would react when he realised where he was, would he be upset or scared or even angry, whatever happened he knew that sleeping in the shed could not happen again, ever!. His last thought was about the boys mother, how could she let the boy stay out over night, she was truly an unfit mother, maybe even worse than his own. Sleep eventually took over Leo, but it was a disturbed sleep with dreams about his childhood and mikes. Chapter 2 soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you liked it. Sparky

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