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Boy Code, Part III � Family Secrets, Continued


Author”s Note: This story is a work of complete fiction. It contains graphic depictions of sexual encounters between adult men, adult men and teenage boys, and between teenage boys. Do not read this story if it is illegal in your jurisdiction to do so or if you have any moral objections to the content. The author does not advocate, nor condone in any way, sexual activity with, or the sexual exploitation of, minors in real life. This is fiction, and is a protected form of expression. Nothing said in this story should be taken to indicate any form of support for sexual conduct with minors nor for child pornography. Anything sexual involving minors should be constrained solely to the world of literary fiction, where the characters exist only in the minds of the author and readers, never acted upon or condoned in real life.

As well, this story is set in a fictional environment in which sexually transmitted diseases do not exist. As always, in real life, please practice safe sex with consenting, adult, partners. This story is purely a work of fiction, and any similarity between real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

Finally, this series explores themes of love, friendship, belonging, and sexual development. While nudity and mild sexual elements will be present in every chapter, not every installment will have graphic sexual scenes. If this is not what you are looking for, you may wish to find a different story.

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For my 21st birthday, a college friend took me to a place called Bear Grove. It was an all-male, nudity-mandatory, campground. Once you checked in and set up your tent, you were expected to be nude. There were tennis courts, hiking trails, a lake for fishing and swimming, a hot tub, even a small gym with sauna and steam room. It was like any other amenity-laden campground, except that everything was done fully in the nude.

For four days and three nights, we hiked through the forests, swam in the lake, and enjoyed the company of several hundred other naked men. Since it was all-male, no one cared about the errant boners which are common to all of us. There were men and boys of all ages, all free to enjoy the feeling of the sun on our bare bodies.

Though the entire extended weekend was fun, what I found most enlightening was the conversations I had with the other men and boys there.

One older man of about sixty-years-old told me that he had been going to that campground for a week every summer for nearly 30 years. He always timed it for when his wife and her sister took their annual trip to New York City together to see Broadway shows. When I asked him what his wife thought of him spending a week naked in the woods with other men, he just laughed.

“Son,” he said to me as he handed me a beer, “she doesn”t know. For thirty years, this place has been my little secret. She”d just never understand the need to be around other men or the need to just let it all hang out.”

This sentiment was echoed by a group of sixteen-year-old boys I got to know. Jonathan and David, twins, were there with their two best friends. The boys had told their parents they were going camping, they just didn”t say where.

“Mom and Dad would never get it,” the twins confessed to me one night as they, their friends, my friend, and I all sat around our campfire. “They would think we were perverts or something. We just like being naked together. It”s not sexual or anything.”

Though, I suspected it was sexual for one of the twins” friends, who stayed hard through the whole conversation and was leaking so much precum that there was a puddle in the dirt beneath his chair when he left.

But, that”s not the point.

Man after man, boy after boy, seemed to all confess the same thing. They didn”t feel as though the people in their lives could understand their need to be naked with other men and only other men. For some, there was a fear of being labeled a pervert. For others, it was a fear of what a girlfriend or wife would say. For one man, a young priest, it was fear of what his congregation and the diocese would say. I wondered what they would say about him fucking me in my tent while my friend watched and jerked off.

I suspect, if you were to survey men around the world, the majority would say the same thing. They enjoy being naked, enjoy the nude company of other men, but are afraid of the judgment which could come their way from others.

That”s the boy code at work, my friends. This code teaches men and boys that we need to be ashamed of our bodies, ashamed of our sexuality, and ashamed of enjoying the freedom and openness that comes from being with other naked men and boys. I don”t care if you are eight or eighty, thin or fat, smooth or hairy, or are endowed with the largest or smallest penis in the world. We are men and we should celebrate being men together.

Sadly, most don”t ever learn to accept that.

The Whitmores, however, did.

Sean Whitmore had instilled in his sons � Travis, Carter, and Mikey � a fundamental appreciation for their bodies. He taught them to not be ashamed of being male, of having a sexual body, of being naked with other men. He taught them that being male is a wonderful thing. He spent many years teaching that to me, too. Beginning with that sleepover my freshman year, I spent nearly every Friday night until college naked in the Whitmore house. I learned more about what it means to accept other men from the Whitmores (and the myriad of other Whitmore friends and family members who visited over the years) than I ever did from my own family.

But, back to the sleepover.

After Sean had poked his head in to the bathroom to announce dinner, Mikey and Logan quickly turned off their showers and grabbed towels. Carter and I finished showering, washing the smell of sweat and wrestling practice from our bodies.

“Jonah,” Mikey said as he hung up his used towel, “I”m sorry I commented on your dick. I hope you”re not mad at me.”

“I”m not mad,” I said, a bit self-conscious to be the center of attention. “It”s okay. You have a nice dick, too.”

That seemed to satisfy that younger boy who turned and, with Logan on his heels, headed out of the bathroom and upstairs for dinner.

“Sorry about that,” Carter said as he turned off the water. “Mikey really likes it when older boys compliment şişli escort his body or his dick. I”m sure he likes your dick…I mean, it”s a nice dick…but, that was his way of fishing for a compliment, too.”

Holy shit, Carter just said I have a nice dick! That”s twice he”s complimented my dick!

“Oh, uh, it”s okay,” I stuttered, “My dick isn”t that big. I mean…I didn”t mind that he looked at it. And you have a nice dick, too. I mean, so does Mikey…well, I mean all of you do…not that I was looking…or, not looking…but, I mean they are out there, and it”s hard not to see them…”

I could feel my body flushing and my skin starting to glow red. I wasn”t sure what I was even saying anymore.

Carter laughed and handed me a towel.

“You”re really not used to being naked with people, are you?” he asked as we dried off.

“No,” I said sheepishly. “I”ve never been naked with anyone before, other than the locker room at wrestling practice.”

“It”s cool, man,” he said, calmingly. “Everyone has to have a first time, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Does it bother you, being naked with all of us?”

“No,” I said honestly. “I mean, not really. It”s a little strange for me, but I kinda like it. It feels kinda freeing, really.”

“Yeah,” Carter said as he toweled off his body, “it really is. And it”s nice with other boys around and no girls, so you know you won”t be judged.”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

We stayed silent for a minute, but the pronouncement Mikey made was gnawing at me. I had to ask.

“So, umm…” I started, then stopped myself.

“You wanna know about what Mikey said, don”t you? About me playing with his dick?”

I nodded. I could tell Carter was embarrassed that Mikey had said that right in front of me. Logan hadn”t seemed to care, which made me wonder if he knew about it.

“Yea, I thought you”d wanna know. I didn”t tell you at first, because I didn”t wanna freak you out and I really wanted you to come over. But, yeah, sometimes me and Mikey and Travis, and even Dad, play with each other”s dicks. It feels good. Does that bother you? I mean, you don”t have to play with anyone or let anyone play with your dick, unless you want to.”

I thought for a moment, then smiled at my friend.

“Nah, it”s cool,” I said as I finished drying off. “I don”t mind. If someone wants to play with my dick, I guess it”s okay. I mean, it”s not like anyone but me has ever touched it before. This is all kinda new to me, so I”m not sure what to do.”

“There”s a few rules Dad taught us that should help,” Carter explained as he ran the towel over his cock and balls.

“What rules?” I asked, hoping for some sort of enlightenment in the situation.

“First, boys like to look. It”s okay to look at each other”s bodies or dicks, and it”s okay for someone to look at yours Don”t be embarrassed by it.”

That rule seemed to make sense. It put me at ease, too, about how much I knew I was going to be looking at the parade of cock around me that night.

“Second,” he continued as he took my used towel from me and hung it up, “we all get boners. Don”t get embarrassed by getting hard. We all get hard all the time.”

Okay, I could definitely see that one. It also made me feel a bit more at ease about the fact that I hadn”t been soft since I walked in to this house.

“Third, if you want to play with someone”s dick…or more…that”s fine, but only if they are okay with it. If they ask you to stop, then you stop.”

I knew that, if someone decided to touch my dick, there was no way I was going to tell them to stop.

“Finally, if you want to jerk off, then jerk off. Everyone masturbates and all boys need to cum regularly for our own sexual health. So, if you want to cum, just do it.”

“Wait, like jerk off anywhere?” I asked with a bit of skepticism as we left the bathroom and made our way upstairs.

“Yep,” Carter said matter-of-factly. “If you wanna jerk off, you can do it anywhere. We all do it all the time. It”s normal. Travis almost always jerks off while we watch movies.”

“So does Dad,” Travis added, coming up the stairs behind us. “He”s as big of a hornball as any of us.”

“Just make sure you clean yourself up and don”t get cum on the furniture,” Sean commented as we hit the kitchen. “Other than that, you can masturbate whenever you feel the need to. It”s perfectly natural and nothing boys should be ashamed to do in front of each other.”

Though my head was swimming and my heart pounding through my chest, the rest of the assembled boys � Carter, Travis, Mikey, Zack, Logan, and even Sean � all acted like this was the most normal thing in the world. Which, for them, I suppose it was.

What kind of world have I walked in to? I thought as I took my seat at the dinner table.

Our society, through it”s judicious application of the boy code, gives confusing messages to boys about their bodies. We need to be well-built and strong, but can”t spend too much time working out. If we do, we are a “gym rat” who is too obsessed with his physique. We all know that you cannot control the size of your penis, but we are still encouraged to judge one another on this trait. We are to be comfortable naked around other men and boys, but only in a locker room. We all understand that we all get erections we can”t control, but we have to hide our erections even around friends and family. We all masturbate, but must do so in private and not acknowledge that we were doing it.

There is a definite public persona men and boys are expected to maintain. What we do in private must never, due to the mandates of the boy code, alter our public persona.

“Come on, boys,” Sean said as he sat down at the head of the table. “Dig in!”

If you have never seen six hungry boys between the ages of twelve and sixteen go after food, it”s a sight to behold. Everyone was reaching for one item or another, passing quickly vanishing bowls of food around, and eyeing their dinner like it was both the first meal they had ever had and the last one they would ever have again.

Quickly, though, that began to settle as all of us filled our plates. We hungrily wolfed down the fajitas Sean had made for us while we made small talk. Zack and Travis talked all about the drama club and the musical they were auditioning for next week (The Music Man, apparently). Carter and I talked about sivas escort the wrestling team and how well practices were going. Logan gushed about getting a perfect score on his science test and how he was the only one who did while Mikey bragged that he was the best trumpet player in the seventh grade.

While all of us talked about our school lives, Sean listened intently. He may have only been the father of three out of the six of us, but he listened to all of us as if were all his kids. He congratulated Logan on his perfect test score, encouraged me in wrestling, and wished Zack luck with his theatrical audition. For a moment, I began to feel as though I were a part of the Whitmore family. I even began to forget, even though I could still see everyone”s shirtless body around the table, that we were all nude. In that moment, we were just a big family sharing details about our lives around the dinner table.

As dinner finished, the fears and apprehension I had been harboring diminished to the point of nothingness. Yes, I was less sexually developed than Carter, Travis, and Zack. Yes, I was, up until dinner, sporting a very obvious hard-on. And, yes, I was the only one there who had never been in the nude household before. But, none of that seemed to matter anymore. I was simply with my friend and his family, enjoying a nice night. The fact that we were all naked didn”t seem to matter.

While Sean cleaned up the kitchen, Travis, Zack, Mikey, Logan, Carter, and I all headed downstairs to fire up a movie. Thankfully, all the boys liked horror as much as I did and they were thrilled with the Hellraiser and Friday the 13th selections I had brought with me.

“Definitely Hellraiser,” Zack pronounced, plopping down on the large L-shaped sectional sofa.

While Travis put the movie in and fast-forwarded through the previews, we all got in to position. Carter took the corner seat. I sat next to him on his left while Mikey sat next to me with Logan on the end. Travis took the other end, which left Zack between Travis and Carter. We were all pressed against at least one other person, but no one seemed to mind. Mikey rested his head on my chest while Logan rested his on Mikey”s thigh. It was boy-on-boy nude cuddling and I couldn”t have been happier.

For the next half an hour or so, we all watched the movie in rapt silence. We were just six boys enjoying the blood and guts of 80″s horror. I had almost forgotten the fact that we were all nude, and in fact my dick had gone fully soft for only the second time since I had arrived (the first being during dinner). Then, I heard a low gasp and soft moan come from Mikey.

Glancing down, I saw that Mikey, whose head was still resting on my chest, had his eyes closed and was biting his lip. Looking down further, I saw why. Logan had Mikey”s cock in his mouth and was slowly sucking up and down his friend”s young dick. Mikey seemed to be lost in ecstasy as his friend sucked and licked his shaft.

I had never seen a blowjob before. I knew what they were from hearing boys talk, of course, but I had never seen one in person. Watching the youthful sexual display in front of me, though, had mad my own cock harder than it had been all night.

Just as I was processing what was happening, I was startled by a feel of someone wrapping his hand around my own hard shaft. I gasped out loud and looked to my right, only to see Carter smiling at me and, what I would learn is a Whitmore family quirk, biting his own lip just like Mikey had.

“Is this okay?” Carter whispered to me as he began to slowly stroke my cock up and down.

I nodded. I couldn”t speak. I could barely think. After years of lusting after him and wanting nothing more than to touch his dick, Carter was now touching mine. His hand was soft and felt amazing. I was scared he would stop, that he would change his mind, or that he would suddenly decide my dick wasn”t big enough for him.

But, he kept on stroking me. As he did that, I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. My cock, though it looked younger than it was, did make a plentiful amount of precum. I could feel the sweet and sticky fluid starting to flow from my tip and beginning to coat Carter”s hand.

“Sorry,” I whispered, opening my eyes and looking at my friend. “I leak a lot. I can”t help it.”

“It”s okay,” he replied in a quiet voice, “I like it.”

Hearing him say that he liked my precum made my cock twitch a bit, forcing even more precum to leak out of me. This was the most amazing thing I had ever had happen to me. After years of jerking off to the thought of Carter, the never-ending desire to touch him and have him touch me, it was finally happening.

The feel of his soft skin sliding up and down my cock was pushing me closer and closer to the edge. As a teenager, it didn”t take me long to cum and I worried that I”d blow my load too soon. I moaned softly as his hand moved up and rubbed some precum in to the sensitive tip of my cock. I gasped when his hand slid back down and the loose skin went taught with it. I was circumcised, but still had a bit of loose skin that, when my cock was soft, slid over the head and made me appear uncut.

“Fuck,” I moaned out loud, forgetting for a second where I was or that there were four other boys who could see Carter stroke my dick. But, when I looked around, it seemed the rest of the boys didn”t care. Logan was still sucking Mikey”s dick, with the latter boy moaning softly and rubbing a free hand over his smooth stomach.

Travis and Zack, however, were slowly stroking their own dicks while they watched Carter and I, and Mikey and Logan, play. Seeing them stroke their thick older dicks was such a huge turn-on to me. I began to feel like I was in some sort of dream. I was also getting close to blowing my teenage load.

“Can I taste it?” Carter asked, leaning in close and whispering in my ear.

Again, I didn”t know what to say. I nodded, my heart thumping loudly in my chest. I was sure he could hear it.

Carter smiled at me as he bent over, my leaking and precum-covered cock still in his hand. Without another word, and with only a loud gasp from me, Carter guided my cock in to his mouth.

I could feel the heat of his tongue caress the head of my sensitive cock. It sent pulses of pleasure racing through my body as my hormones went crazy. His lips were wrapped tight around my smooth shaft and, as Logan was doing to Mikey, he began to bob his head up and down. My cock slid so effortlessly across his velvety tongue as he gave me my first (and, to this day, most memorable) blow job. The fact that we were being watched only added to the excitement.

“Oh my God,” I moaned sıhhiye escort as I put my hand on the back of Carter”s head and began to run my fingers through his hair.

Suddenly, and without warning, I felt Carter”s free hand slip between my legs. His fingers began to caress and play with my balls. He fondled them gently, rolling them around in his hand for a short while before, to my complete surprise, slipping his finger between the cheeks of my ass. I didn”t know what was coming. I was not prepared for the moment when his finger found my virgin hole.

“What are…” was all I got out before two things happened almost simultaneously.

To my huge surprise and even bigger pleasure, Carter”s soft and thin finger slipped in to my ass. I could feel him stretching my hole open for the first time in my life. While many boys my age discover the joys of anal penetration, I had not yet figured out how good it could feel.

At the same time, or really only a few seconds later, I felt my balls tighten and pull up to my body. My orgasm was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“I”m gonna cum,” I panted, wanting to warn Carter so he could pull his head off my cock. He didn”t pull off, though. Instead, his pace quickened as his tongue massaged the underside of my shaft and coaxed my teenage cum free from my balls.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned again as my balls unloaded. Spurt after spurt of hot juice erupted from my dick and coated the inside of Carter”s mouth. I had never cum that hard in my young life, and certainly never cum in someone”s mouth before.

After a few moments of my balls draining in to Carter”s hot mouth and my body convulsing in the ecstasy that only teenage orgasm can bring, my friend slowly removed his mouth from my now-softening dick. Travis, Zack, Mikey, and Logan were all watching; the younger boys having stopped their own playing to observe.

“How was that?” he asked, sitting back on the couch and licking his lips.

“That…” I panted, catching my breath, “felt really good. Sorry I shot my load in your mouth.”

“No,” Carter said with a smile, “don”t be sorry. That was good. I liked it! Your cum tasted really good!”

“Yeah,” Travis piped in, his hand stroking Zack”s cock, “Carter likes the taste of cum. He always wants us to shoot in his mouth when he sucks us.”

“So, you”ve sucked them, too?” I asked, not sure whether I found that hot or if it made me somehow feel less special. I mean, I shouldn”t have been surprised. Looking back on that day now, as an adult, I should have expected that a boy who could suck cock that well and who swallowed my load without spilling a drop certainly had had practice.

“Yeah,” Carter said, blushing a bit. “I kinda like doing that. I like the taste of cum, too. Everyone”s tastes a bit different.”

“What”s this about cum?” Sean asked as he walked in to the room mid-conversation.

“You missed it, Dad!” Mikey exclaimed. “Carter just sucked Jonah”s dick!”

“How did it feel?” Sean asked, sitting down on the arm of the couch next to Logan.

“It…uh…felt good,” I replied quietly, suddenly a bit self-conscious now that an adult was in the room. I felt like I had done something wrong and was about to get punished.

“That”s good,” he said with a smile. “Have you ever had that happen before, someone sucking your dick?”

“Uh…” I stammered, a confusing m�lange of guilt, embarrassment, pride, and post-orgasm contentment mixing within me. “no, sir.”

“Oh, come on, Jonah,” he said with a friendly smile, “I told you. No `sir.” Any place with naked boys and blowjobs can”t be that formal can it?”

“I…I guess not,” I replied, assuming that was the acceptable answer. Sean just smiled at me; a warm, gentle smile that fathers use for their sons when they have done something special, something to make the father proud.

This is something else about the boy code. Or, maybe it”s not entirely the code as much as it is just natural human behavior filtered through the code. As boys, we instinctively want to make the adults in our life proud, particularly the men. We look at every adult male around us as a surrogate father, even when we have our own strong fathers. Be it our own fathers, the fathers of friends, or even teachers and coaches, we look to the men around us to validate our decisions and our actions.

“I did something. It was good, right?” is the question on every boy”s mind when an adult man is watching. Our coaches praise us for hitting a homerun, which often means more to us than the homerun itself. Our teachers validate us with a well-placed “good job” or gold star at the top of a paper. We seek approval and validation, while never acknowledging that is what we are after.

So, when Sean smiled at me after Carter had given me my first blowjob, I felt validated. I felt like what we had just done was not only okay, but was something that actually made Sean proud. I would learn, over the years of spending nearly every Friday night with the Whitmores, that Sean was proud of us. He not only accepted but actively encouraged us to explore our sexuality together. To him, and eventually to all of the boys who came to be his own surrogate sons, nothing sexual was taboo. Male sexuality was to be celebrated at every turn.

It was later that same night that I sucked my first dick, Carter”s of course. I wasn”t prepared for him to cum in my mouth just yet, so he instead shot his load on my chest and stomach. The next Friday night, we kissed for the first time. Two weeks later, I experienced Carter rimming me.

Things progressed for months. By the time the school year had ended, my parents had learned to not expect me home on Fridays. I would go straight to Carter”s, strip naked at the door, and not be home until Saturday afternoon. Sometimes, I would even stay until Sunday. Every sleepover involved a lot of erections, a lot of sexual exploration, and a lot of cum, be it mine or other boys”. Carter became my best friend. Travis and Mikey became surrogate brothers to me, as did Logan and Zack (who were there as often as I was). I also became close to several other friends of Travis”s and Mikey”s who came over. The story of Travis”s sleepover with the boys from the Drama Club is a story I”ll get to next time.

You see, what Sean Whitmore had set up was not just a place to be naked. It was a place where what it meant to be a boy was honored. We could be ourselves without fear of reproaching looks, without worrying that we were doing things right or wrong. We could be ourselves totally and freely; burping, farting, jerking off, making disgusting jokes, and accepting one another inside and out.

It was my sanctuary. Indeed, it was all of our sanctuary. There, we were free of the pressures of daily life. We were free of the expectations. We were free of the boy code.

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